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2. Peter Greene & Lucas Bier

"That brat," one of the prisoners grumbled. "He and this nutcase colonel are just unbelievable. How comes the military employs such idiots?"

"I was in the same situation, buddy," another prisoner, well-trained body but no brainless man who only relayed on his physical strength clapped John Harvest, who just told his story, on the back.

"Yeah," another guy said, younger and skinnier than the other, "he really screwed me 'n' the boss over." It earns him a glare from said boss, but it's not an aggressive glare so John allowed his curiosity to take the lead.

"Really? Do tell!" John asked, turning to the boss who he assumed wouldn't let the other tell the story, forgetting for a moment that he shouldn't sound so demanding towards a man who could effortlessly throw him to the other side of the courtyard. But the other man didn't seem to mind, instead, he started to tell his story, happy to share his frustration with someone.

Peter Greene was the son of the leader of one of Central City's few gangs. He practically inherited the gang when he was twenty-two and lead it without problem for another ten years. All the gang members loved their boss and their drug selling busyness flourished.

That was until Edward Elric more or less stumbled over them.

They had their little crystal meth lab down in a cellar that was connected to Central's sewer system, allowing them to transport the precious drug without getting caught by the Military Police who frequently controlled them when they saw them in the streets, desperately trying to prove their suspicions.

Problem was, that one day Edward Elric marched into their lab, demanding where they hid the chimaera. After a confused conversation in which they learned that the Fullmetal Alchemist was searching for some other crazy alchemist who was said to conduct chimaera transmutations down here in the sewers, some newly arriving gang member hit him over the head from behind while entering the room. They tied him up and when he woke the boy his first question was "Hey what was that for?"

"Well, we can't let you go now that you know," Peter explained.

"Know what?" the boy seemed honestly confused.

"About our lab."

"What about it, I don't care, I was searching for the chimaera lab!"

"But... we're producing drugs?!" Peter asked, slightly confused as well. A military dog who didn't care that he ran into a nest of drug dealers?

"Oh. Now that you mention it, it looks indeed like that. I just thought you were a cult who likes to pray in these catacombs..."

"A cult?! We look like a cult?!"

The boy shrugged, as well as he could all tied up and with his automail arm removed. "I've seen a lot of strange things."


They stared at one another for a while, then Peter and his gang huddled in the corner for an intervention.

"Oi boss, what will we do with him now?"

"We can't kill him, he's a just kid and the military will hunt us down with much more effort than now..."

Peter listened to his men's opinions for a while, then formed a plan. "The military doesn't know that we won't kill someone that young. So the best way of getting rid of him is to make him a hostage and demand money for him. They'll pay the money, we take it, get out of here and live a nice life somewhere else." So was the plan. Reality worked differently though.

"Hey boy, tell us the phone number of your superior in the military!" he demanded from the kid, who was wriggling on the chair, trying to get his arm out of the ropes. He stopped wriggling though when they turned to him and settled for an annoyed posture.

"What do you mean by superior? My direct superior or Führer Bradley? I can tell you I don't know the Führer's number," he said.

"Your direct superior will do."

"Fine. Uh... let me think..." It took half an hour until the boy had remembered all the correct digits of that phone number. They dragged a telephone from the house above the cellar down into their lab and Peter punched the number in and waited.

"Central City Military Headquarters, how may I help you?"

"This is..." he paused. He really shouldn't use his right name here...

"Sir? I'm afraid I couldn't understand your name."

"This is the kidnapper of the Fullmetal Alchemist! I call to negotiate his freedom with the boy's superior!"

"Does that mean you want to talk to his direct superior officer or Führer Bradley? I don't think the Führer will receive this call though-"

"His direct commanding officer is fine!" Peter snapped.

"Just one moment, I need to find out who his superior officer is. Unless you know...?"

"Hey, boy who's your superior?"

"Well technically it's Führer King Bradley..." the young alchemist said.

"Not the Führer, the other one!" God those people should get it by now that he didn't try to get the Führer on the line.

"Oh, that would be Mustang," the boy grumbled.

"His superior is Mustang!" the gang leader snapped into the phone.

"Hm, you mean Colonel Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist?" The secretary asked.

"Colonel Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist?" Peter echoed for the boy.

Fullmetal nodded. "Yes, that bastard."

"You need an identification code to call him from an outside line."

"Listen, woman, I am not military, I don't have a code!"

"Fullmetal's will do."

They needed quite some time for Fullmetal to remember that code. So much, in fact, the secretary asked them to call back later because they were blocking the line for an unreasonable length of time. Even punching the boy didn't help him remember faster, in fact, it only delayed their quest for the boy would rant and tell them not to pressure him or he'd never remember that stupid code. Finally, though they called Central HQ again.

"Central City Military Headquarters, how may I help you?"

"This is the kidnapper again."


"Of Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist."

"Ah, yes, one moment. I had a short conversation with Colonel Mustang five minutes ago when he came to get some coffee, and he said to put you through immediately when you called again. He said Fullmetal has some trouble remembering the importance of his code and therefore the code itself."

Peter slapped his hand against his forehead while the phone peeped once as he was connected to another office. "Those stupid-..."

"Colonel Roy Mustang speaking."

"This is the kidnapper of Edward Elric and you better don't ask for any stupid code again!"

"Fine, fine, I won't. But I do need to ask for proof that you indeed have Fullmetal with you."

"Hey kid, tell him-"


Peter stared at the screaming boy. "Huh what?!" he asked, confused.


"I didn't say-..."

"No one ever says it but he screams anyway. It's pretty funny, don't you think?" Mustang said on the phone, chuckling.

"Huh, I'm not sure..."

"Naw, it's pure entertainment when you're stuck in an office all day. But then you probably don't need that entertainment, I'm sure you have a lot of action going on, being a kidnapper and all. Ah, that reminds me! Falman!"

Peter heard a distant "Yes, sir?"

"I won the bet, Fullmetal didn't make it through the month without getting kidnapped again. That means I get the money!"

"Whaaaat?" someone else whined in the colonel's office. "Are you sure they got the boss? What if they're lying?!"

"They're not, I heard him yell. And it was too crazy to be faked."

"Aw damn it, here goes my lunch money for the week..."

"Hey you idiots, I'm still on the phone!" Peter yelled, not believing those guys. One of their men was kidnapped and they talked about bets like it was nothing special?!

"Oh, right, sorry. So what do you want?"

"I want to talk to you without interruptions!"

"I know, that's why I'm asking what you want."


"You're a kidnapper, kidnappers usually want something from the people they bother on the phone, right?"


"So what do you want from me?"


"How much?"

"Enough to last seven men a lifetime."

"So you have six accomplices?"

Peter slapped himself for his stupidity. "No," he tried.

"Aha okay..." the colonel didn't sound convinced but continued anyway. "So where are we supposed to exchange the money for Fullmetal?"

"COLONEL!" a panicked young voice shrieked in the background of Mustang's phone line.

"Oh, hold on for a moment please," Mustang asked Peter. "Yes, what is it Alphonse?" he then asked the newcomer.

"Brother and I investigated for that chimaera lab in the sewer system and I lost him and now I can't find him again!"

"Oh, I know where he is, I'm right now talking to the guy who kidnapped him."


"Don't worry, we'll get him out. We're negotiating the price right now."

"Oh. Sorry for the interruption."

"No problem...Mr. Kidnapper?"

"Yes?", Peter tried to be patient. It was clear to him by now that he wouldn't be able to have a normal hostage situation with those crazy people involved.

"So where do you want me to bring the money?"

"Leave it in a package at the base of the big oak tree in the middle of the southern park. Do not wait there or follow our courier, we will kill Fullmetal if you do. Only if the package arrives here not bugged, not followed and with the right contents will Fullmetal be set free." Peter nodded to himself. He also thought to himself that he handled this pretty well.

"Very well," the colonel said. "What time?"

"Midnight. If it's not there by twelve we might start sending the boy back piece by piece though." That is how people threaten in this situation, right?


"Good, get to work!" And Peter hung up. He ordered his people to start packing their stuff. They need to be ready to run whether the money comes or not.

Lucas walked down to the park, trying to look casual. It's not fear he tried to hide though, it's glowing excitement and pride at being the one chosen to get the money. Lucas didn't often get chosen for important stuff. But he was the first one done with the packing, so...

He found the oak tree easily, knowing it well from selling his charges of meth here, and there is indeed a package placed there. The dealer picked it up and started walking back through the dark park, only stopping when there was a rustling sound. He narrowed his eyes at a nearby bush, getting ready to run. But no MP or soldier burst forward, just a dog. It looked at him curiously, then cautiously came up to him, tail wagging slowly as it was uncertain of how he would receive its approach.

Lucas looked around. There was no dog owner in sight. No one was in sight. As the boss had asked, the military had kept clear of the park. He looked back at the dog, who looked a little lost and lonely and held out his hand. The dog, a He apparently, sniffed his fingers and barked enthusiastically. Lucas thoughtfully patted the dog's head. He always wanted a dog when little. And he would soon start a new life, so why not take the dog with him? It seemed so lost...

"Come, Buddy!" he slapped his hands to his thighs as he had seen dog owners do to get their pets to come along. Buddy, which was to be the dog's new name, looked around one last time as if to see if his previous owner would show up again, and then proceeded to indeed follow Lucas. Lucas smiled and, after checking the package for bugs, practically skipped back to the basement.

"No, no, no no, you are my dog!" he shouted, chugging the package at a table and pulling the dog off the tied up Fullmetal Alchemist. Buddy had happily licked the boys face. Fullmetal had seemed surprised but welcomed the dog. Boss, on the other hand, wasn't welcoming at all.

"Why the hell did you bring a dog!" he asked.

"He was lost and alone and I always wanted a dog!" Lucas said, patting the black and white fur.

"He's got a collar you idiot, do you want people to find us because someone somewhere recognized the dog?"

Lucas hung his head. "No boss."

"Get rid of him! You can get another dog from your part of the money soon enough."

"Right boss..."

He carried the dog back up through the sewers and set him on the street. "Sorry Buddy," he said. "But I'm sure you'll be fine, "he reached for the chip on the collar, "Black Hayate."

He slunk back down through the sewers to the basement, taking much longer than necessary, kicking a pipe here and there. Lucas knew the boss was still busy counting money, there was no need to hurry. When he got back he found the boy glowering at him.

"What did you do with him?" the tiny blonde asked.

"Brought him back up and let him go."

The kid narrowed his eyes at him. "You know, Mustang thinks there should be more dogs in the military. He says they make perfect soldiers. Not sure if that's why the lieutenant's dog is allowed in the office or because he's scared what she'll do if he doesn't allow the dog there. Anyway, he'd be really pissed off if you hurt the dog. I would be really pissed, too. But the one who will turn you into swiss cheese with her guns is the lieutenant."

"I didn't hurt the dog!" Lucas repeated, crossing his arms in front of him and staring the boy down.

"Good," said the boy. "The lieutenant really loves her Black Hayate."

Lucas had a moment of comprehension, a moment to stare in dumbfounded surprise, a moment let his mouth drop open and a moment to turn on his heels to the boss. He didn't, however, have a moment to yell a warning so they could all run from here, because the military already stormed through the door.

The dog, sitting next to a blonde lieutenant, happily barked at him as they shoved him into the MP car.