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Harry Potter awoke in a cold, desolate land.

He had no clue where he was, and didn't know if he was even alive, after all, he had been sent through the Veil of Death, and it wasn't called the Veil of Death for nothing … although, considering no one knew what happens when one goes through the Veil, then maybe it wasn't actually a Veil of Death, but a … Veil of Transportation to a Frozen Wasteland?

Well, wherever he was, it was cold. Very cold. All Harry could see for miles around him was snow and ice. By the looks of it, he was in a snowstorm.

Harry tried to move, and winced. Clearly the Veil had taken its toll on his body, as he was sore. Oh, it wouldn't prevent him from moving, but it would make every step sting. Sadly, since Harry had been used to pain for most of his life, he could quite easily handle this, so it wouldn't really bother him.

The effect of his surroundings was having an effect, as Harry was starting to feel like he had frostbite, which he had experienced due to some Norwegian spells (the guy who had cast them at Harry hadn't been too happy with him, what with Harry having slept with the guys wife and all).

Harry pushed his hands against the ground, and used that to get up, which caused the snow which had started to cover him to fall off.

He shivered, but quickly got his wand out of the holster on his right wrist, and cast a warming charm at himself. With the cold temporarily dealt with, Harry looked at the watch on his left arm. The watch was a project Harry had worked on with some Yanks, based on his mother's work. It was one of the only working examples of electricity and magic working together, and its purpose was mostly for Harry to store stuff, like his clothes, money, and that cruise ship he had brought.

Harry still wasn't sure why he would need a cruise ship, but it was better to have something and never need it, than not have something and need it later.

At least, that was Harry's excuse for buying the ship.

Harry shook his head, and pressed down on a button on the watch, and scrolled through his inventory, and came upon a jacket. This jacket was designed to protect wizards against cold weather, and it was just what Harry needed.

So, pressing his wand against the watch, Harry got the watch to summon forth the jacket from the storage within, and promptly put it on (and removed the warming charm, as he didn't want to overheat.).

Now having dealt with the immediate threat to his health, Harry began looking around, hoping to see if there was anything. However, it was just the vast, arctic wasteland of wherever he was.

Harry then channelled his magic towards his eyes, thereby activating the wizarding ability known as Mage Sight.

Mage Sight was an ability which allowed one to view magic, whether it was threads, bonds, or wards (or any sort of magic, really). It was really useful, but required one to not only be magically powerful, but also to have real eyes that were healthy. Harry had only been able to use Mage Sight after undergoing an expensive muggle procedure to correct his eyesight.

Both Albus Dumbledore, Harry's former mentor, and the former Headmaster of Hogwarts; and Voldemort, the insane Dark Lord who murdered Harry's family; had been able to use Mage Sight, until Dumbledore became too old, and started requiring glasses to see (which had charms to replicate Mage Sight, although of a much weaker degree); and Voldemort died, and when reborn as a simulacrum, could not use the ability as his eyes were not … real (and that had not been the only ability Voldemort had lost by not having a truly living body).

But nowadays, the ability was rarer than ever, as most of the powerful magical users had died, whether in the British wizarding wars with Voldemort, the Wizarding World War against Gellert Grindelwald, or in the several other regional wars in China, Africa and Mexico.

Harry had, since Voldemort's final defeat, met only 3 other people who could use Mage Sight, and one of them was the reason Harry had gone through the Veil.

Harry sighed, as Mage Sight also showed that there was nothing major of note. Curiously, everything around Harry, even the very air, had was thrumming with magic, although it was nothing concentrated.

As interesting as it was, it only annoyed Harry, as he couldn't identify anything.

Harry closed his eyes, raised his arm to point ahead of him, and then spun round. Once he stopped, he opened his eyes, and decided to walk in the direction his arm was pointing in. It was a bit primitive, but Harry was all out of options at this point.

He technically could try to apparate to somewhere he knew, but long-distance apparition was quite dangerous. A point-me spell was another possibility, but those sorts of spells were the best with large amounts of magical activity around, and unfortunately, the simple fact of everything having magic here would stop that spell from working properly.

And so, Harry started walking, although at the same time, he got out a small red pipe (which was so small in fact that he could close his hand around it), and channelled his magic into the pipe, which caused it to grow into a long metal staff. The staff was red, but only because the runes embedded into the staff were red in colour. On either end of the staff was a sharp dorsal fin-like knife, one at the top of the staff on one side, and one at the bottom on the other side.

This was the weapon Harry had used to kill Voldemort, and now, it was going to help Harry walk through deep snow, which was a much more menial task.

Harry had gotten help from some Japanese wizards to create the staff, which Harry had ended up naming (as the Japanese runic system used required a name for the runic set, and therefore, the weapon, to make everything function) Albion.

Albion was created simply to humiliate Voldemort, as wizards tended to hate the idea of being taken down by a blade, or a staff of any form, as it was considered too Muggle-like. Therefore, it was always considered an embarrassment to be defeated by one of these weapons, even if it was being empowered by runes.

It didn't work 100% as intended, but Voldemort still died. The only issue had been the Death Eaters not fleeing out of embarrassment of having served a lord who could be defeated in such an embarrassing manner (and that had only been because their dark marks were a slave bond to Voldemort, which would get them to become extremely aggressive to the point of stupidity if Voldemort ever did die).

But, even if they didn't flee, the Death Eaters still died in the end. Either that, or were captured. The dark mark didn't allow them to surrender or flee.

Clearing his thoughts, Harry found himself at a cliff, and despite it being cold, and Harry being in the middle of a snowstorm, he could clearly see how beautiful this place was.

Everywhere was still frozen, but now there were trees, and a frozen lake, which combined with how the sun was positioned, made the place look very wonderful.

Harry had not really gotten much opportunity in the past to appreciate the beauty of his surroundings, having spent his childhood as a slave to his own family, and after that with all the danger at Hogwarts … Harry had missed out.

In Hogwarts, he had been too busy saving Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets, and rescuing his godfather, Sirius Black, from the fate of having his soul sucked out. He had always been so busy and stressed.

But now, he could appreciate the scenery, and wasn't stressed at all. But he was alone.

Harry hated thinking about it.

His parents had died when he was one, Sirius had been sent through the Veil by Voldemort's lieutenant, Bellatrix Lestrange (although, considering what had happened to Harry when he went through the Veil, then maybe Sirius was still alive), and a couple of years later, Bellatrix had killed one of Harry's closest friends, Hermione Granger, as well. His other best friend, Ron Weasley, had avenged Hermione by taking down the insane witch, but had been injured in the battle, and died shortly afterwards.

Harry had gotten through his pain by sleeping with any attractive female he could, which was very easy for him, considering he was both a celebrity, and the guy who just liberated Britain from the rule of an insane Dark Lord.

Suddenly however, Harry sensed something, and turned his head.

Something was falling out of the sky, quickly crashing into the snowy valley below. Whatever the object was caused a massive crash, and Harry released the breath he had been holding, as he was on a cliff that could easily become an avalanche at a moment's notice.

Deciding to investigate, Harry first activated Mage Sight, and was shocked. Whatever the object was, it was incredibly powerful. The object was more magically powerful than Harry himself, in fact, it was more powerful than anything Harry had ever encountered.

Exiting from Mage Sight, Harry looked at the land around the object, and decided to risk it. He briefly closed his eyes, and apparated next to the object, which moved at the noise.

Suddenly, Harry realised that appearing next to the object was a bad idea, as the object was in fact, a dragon.


All Sindragosa could think of, was the pain.

It had all gone so well at the start, with Neltharion showing the power of the Dragon Soul, a weapon made from the power of all 5 Dragon-flights, against the demonic forces of the Burning Legion.

It had worked, but had also slaughtered the Kaldorei forces that the Dragons were allied with. This had horrified the Dragons, but apparently, Neltharion didn't care.

Instead, Neltharion turned the weapon upon them, and captured them all. Sindragosa had been unable to move, unable to attack, unable to do anything.

They had all been sitting ducks, and had watched in horror as Neltharion revealed his betrayal, and decided to rename himself Deathwing the Destroyer.

Sindragosa had wondered, as the newly named Deathwing laughed at his quick victory, what had happened to the noble and friendly black dragon that had been the closest friend of her lord and master, Malygos the Spell-Weaver.

Luckily, a young red dragon named Korialstrasz managed to free them. Unfortunately, Malygos, so angry that he forgot about the Demon Soul (as Deathwing had renamed it), and commanded his Dragon-flight, Sindragosa included, to attack Deathwing. The other flights hadn't responded as fast, and for that, they were lucky, as the Demon Soul annihilated them.

Sindragosa remembered the magical force hitting her, sending her flying for hundreds of miles.

But now, she had landed, and something was nearby. She was in so much pain that she couldn't move her head to check on the possible threat without feeling immense pain, and so, she was forced to wait, and hope that whatever it was would not hurt her.

Harry stood there for a whole minute, hoping to not become the dragon's latest victim.

He had encountered dragon's before. The first had been Hagrid's pet dragon, Norberta, who had been a baby when Harry last saw her. The next time had been more memorable, as that was in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.

The Tri-Wizard Tournament had been a competition that Harry was forced to take part in, and in the stupid death battle (because Harry honestly felt it was a death battle in all but name), Harry had been forced to fight against a dragon.

The dragon had been a particularly violent mother, and since Hungarian Horntail's were considered one of the most violent species of dragon (In fact, they were one of the most violent creatures – both magical and non-magical – to have been recorded), it meant that Harry had been lucky to make it out alive.

But that task had put into Harry a healthy respect for dragon's, and that meant Harry did not want to be anywhere near another dragon, even if said dragon looked nothing like any dragon Harry had seen in the past.

However, Harry noticed that the dragon, although obviously being able to tell he was there, was not moving to attack. In fact, if Harry looked carefully enough, the dragon looked injured.

Although, Harry thought, that was to be expected, considering that the dragon had crashed into the ground.

He wondered what could cause a dragon to crash, as, from what Harry remembered, the dragon didn't look like it was flying before it's arrival.

He sighed, knowing that no matter what, he was going to end up helping. He could never resist helping someone, and he wouldn't make an exception here, even if it wasn't going to help him to try to heal a dragon.

This was ignoring the fact that dragons were notoriously resistant to most forms of magic, which was why it took so many wizards to take down a single dragon.

If Harry was lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you looked at it), then the dragon would be able to be healed using Harry's magic, and this was a possibility, considering it looked nothing like other dragons. But then the dragon might decide to incinerate Harry right there, and he wouldn't even have a chance to escape.

For now, whilst Harry started testing his healing magic on the dragon, he could just wish that he was saving another little Veela girl from a lake, which would actually get him a reward other than possible death (although the reward for that came years later, from the now grown-up girl herself, who was named Gabrielle, as well as her older sister, Fleur, and their mother, Apolline. The fact Fleur was married, and had a daughter from their time together was something Harry tended to ignore, especially since legally, Victoire Weasley was Bill's kid, even if Harry was the biological father).

Sindragosa was able to tell that the creature was not attacking her, and seemed to have some magical ability.

This made her curious, despite the pain, as most magic users who weren't dragons were Highborne Kaldorei, who had let the Burning Legion come to Azeroth in the first place. None of them would aid a blue dragon, who was an enemy of their queen, Azshara.

She could tell they weren't using anything aggressive, as she was in less pain with every spell they cast. However, it seemed the creature wasn't able to actually heal her, only numb the pain.

But although they couldn't help her themselves, Sindragosa knew she could help them.

She was, after all, a member of the Blue Dragon-flight, and the Prime Consort of the Lord of Magic, Malygos himself. The Blue Dragon-flight were the premier users of magic on Azeroth, despite what the Highborne believed, and they knew many secrets of magic, which Sindragosa, as the highest ranking member of the flight besides Malygos himself, knew.

One of these was a method of utilising other creatures magical power to help her own magic to heal her, by establishing a temporary connection. This type of magic tended to be very quick and simple, as Azeroth was filled with magic, which helped to empower the link.

Basically, she used other beings magic to support her, so she could quickly recover from injuries.

However, what Sindragosa failed to realise, was that the being she was going to use to help her, did not have magic that was similar to the type of magic seen on Azeroth. But as she didn't know this, she began to concentrate on her own magic, and when the other being sent another spell at her, she got her magic to jump to the creature.

She was successful, and she got her magic to get in contact with his (and having her magic inside his body allowed her to tell it was a male, and that, curiously, this was not a dragon or an Highborne), and began using this connection to repair the damage to her own body.

The natural magic which surrounded them was being drawn in, like moths to a flame, and were being converted into healing magic which Sindragosa could utilise to heal herself.

This natural magic would quickly be replenished by Azeroth's own magic, so there was no permanent damage.

However, Sindragosa's eyes widened as she realised the male had his magic concentrated in one area, and her magic was now connected fully to this magical core. This was an issue, as for some reason, her magic was unable to pull back from the magical core, and instead, his own magic was strengthening their connection.

However, by this point, Sindragosa's aim had been fulfilled, so the magical link was meant to break. Unfortunately for Sindragosa, instead of breaking, it changed in a way she had never seen, and a magical backlash from the male quickly crossed over.

She found herself changing from her draconic form, into a form she didn't use as much, whilst wondering what had happened.

Harry took a deep breath, stumbling backwards.

He hadn't expected that to happen. In fact, he didn't even know what had happened, except he had felt ... something .. enter him, and go all the way to his magical core. Whatever it was hadn't left either.

But Harry had noticed that whilst he was being invaded (because honestly, he didn't know how to describe it as anything short of being similar yet different to the last time Voldemort had attempted to possess him, only not painful at all) that the dragon was quickly getting better. The damage on its body was repairing, and within 10 minutes, the dragon was completely healed.

Whatever had happened had been caused by the dragon, and most likely was the excessive amount of magic the dragon had. Only, Harry had never heard of a dragon which could use its magic to enter a human body, and the thought of this dragon having done that terrified him.

If a dragon could do this, what else could it do? Could it use the magic now in his body to hurt or control him, or even kill him?

It was at this moment, that Harry wished he had not helped the dragon.

Only ... something else was happening, as a bright blue flash occurred, and Harry covered his eyes. When he opened them. he was met with a shocking sight.

The dragon was gone, and in its place, was a very beautiful woman.

Harry wondered if the reason he had never seen a dragon like this one before was because it was an Animagi. They did tend to not look exactly the same as regular animals (although not too different. It was more the minor details that were different), and they could be magical creatures as well, as Sirius had been a grim.

But Harry had never heard of a dragon Animagus, and unless this woman had never told anyone, then it would be impossible for Harry to have not heard of this already.

Looking at her, Harry raised an eyebrow, and realised she might not be an Animagi, but something else.

The most notable thing was the fact she had horns on her head, like in her dragon form. Her hair, which seemed to go to her lower back, was a rich, vibrant blue of the likes Harry had seen in the sapphires he owned. The face of this woman looked posh, almost like that of a Pureblood, but softer, with creamy skin. Everything on her face was perfectly proportioned, and the only two things that were different were her blue eyebrows (with the exact same shade of blue as her hair), and her ears, which were definitely not human.

Harry thought they looked like cleaner and thinner versions of the ears of House Elves, and looked similar to that of fantasy elves from muggle pop culture (although Harry had only seen the pictures for those elves in promotional pictures and released pictures from stuff like Lord of the Rings or those Warcraft games. It had always made him feel weird seeing them, knowing the only real race of elves on Earth were slaves)

Shaking those thoughts off, however, Harry noticed that she had no shirt on, only a blue bra made out of metal, which covered possibly the biggest pair of breasts Harry had seen (besides some Veela and Nymphadora Tonks testing her powers out). On closer look (which was definitely just at the bra) Harry saw it was in fact chainmail. The leggings and gloves (Harry didn't know what else to call them) she wore were also chainmail, a mixture of blue and silver, as were her shoes.

Harry wondered how she found that comfortable.

She opened her eyes, which were also blue (although a much lighter shade than her hair) and spoke in a posh, yet clear voice "Hello, Harry Potter. My name is Sindragosa, and I thank you for saving my life."

Harry wondered exactly what he had gotten himself into.