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In their haste to get going, Harry never thought of where they were going. He hadn't needed to, as Sindragosa got him to ride on her back, which, according to her, was a great honour that very few people got to experience.

Harry was very glad he had gotten to experience this, as it was amazing. He had always enjoyed flying, feeling the wind in his face, breathing in the fresh air, but riding a dragon just made that all the more better.

The view of the ground as it passed was breath-taking, as always. Harry had come to love seeing the ground from such a height, and unlike most people, was able to not think of the fact that if he fell, he could quite easily die.

So far, however, it was still just ice and snow. They had seen one blue dragon, but unfortunately, that dragon had clearly been dead.

Sindragosa had briefly stopped to burn the body, to stop the Burning Legion, which was the official name of the demons she mentioned, from possibly using the body, which they had been known to do in the past.

According to Sindragosa, the Burning Legion were invading the whole planet, and were being helped by the Highborne under Queen Azshara. The demons were murdering Azshara's subjects, the Kaldorei, and Azshara was letting them, all in the name of power.

Harry sighed, realising he was getting involved in another war, and this one was a world war.

However, whilst explaining about the current war, Sindragosa practically confirmed something that Harry had started to suspect.

He wasn't on Earth anymore.

Harry wasn't entirely sure how he felt about that. On one hand, he had gotten away from his fame, which had only been useful for him in the sense of giving him an easy way to seduce witches, and he was away from all the issues that had plagued wizarding society, such as the Muggleborn protests and the House Elf revolution. On the other hand, Harry could never see his daughters again (even if some of them didn't know he was their father, he still cared) and he had gone from a mostly peaceful post-war Britain to a world that was in the middle of a world war.

There was also the fact that Harry did want revenge against the guy who had pushed him through the Veil in the first place.

In truth, Harry had never wanted to go through the Veil, especially since everyone believed that going through it killed you, and despite what some people had believed, Harry had never been suicidal.

The guy who had pushed him through had been Maxwell Stephenson, the leader of the Muggleborn protest movement. By what Harry knew of him, he was a Muggleborn who had been the victim of the junior Death Eaters at Hogwarts during the war with Voldemort. Now he wanted to revolutionise Wizarding Britain.

Only, his 'revolutionary' ideas included setting up a new government which, by what Harry had figured out, was a dictatorship in all but name, with Maxwell himself as head of state; breaking down the Statute of Secrecy (which protected wizarding society from a possible muggle attack); conquering Wizarding Ireland, the muggle Republic of Ireland, and the muggle United Kingdom; executing all Purebloods; and giving Muggleborns rights whilst also removing the rights for Half-bloods, magical creatures and muggles themselves.

Obviously, quite a few people disagreed with him, and although a new civil war had not erupted in Britain, it had only been a matter of time.

Harry however, hadn't cared, determined not to get involved, at least, until Maxwell tricked him into entering the Ministry of Magic, where he was captured and thrown through the Veil.

But now, although Harry wanted revenge, he couldn't get it.

But, back to the matter at hand, Harry still didn't know where they were going, and so, shouting over the wind, he asked Sindragosa "So where are we going?"

Sindragosa replied in a slightly deeper, but still feminine voice with "Shandaral, a Kaldorei city in Moonsong which was under attack by demons. When Deathwing used the Demon Soul on the demons, he also destroyed much of the city, as well as many of the Kaldorei within … It happened so fast that we were unable to stop it."

Harry grew silent at that. There was a chance, albeit a small one, that some of the Night Elves could have also survived. Harry was determined to help both dragons and elves that had survived.

Harry also wondered what happened to the other flights. Sindragosa hadn't known anything other than the fact they didn't attack Deathwing, and so, they might still be alive as well, but a cynical side of Harry thought that they could have been killed afterwards, or maybe, just maybe, they could have defeated the black dragon.

However, Harry found the possibility unlikely, as Deathwing had a superweapon that could take down whole demon armies and dragon flights with one use.

But whatever the case, they wouldn't know until they arrived.

As they got closer and closer to Shandaral, Sindragosa found more and more dead bodies of blue dragon's.

She wondered if she was setting herself up for heartbreak, what with herself having only survived by the chance arrival of Harry Potter.

She took a minute to think of the strange human that had entered her life.

A simple being, who didn't act like other members of his species, who were all simple savages in Eastern Kalimdor, and who had magic that she had never even seen before.

She couldn't help but compare him to the other male in her life, the dragon that was her lord and master, Malygos.

Her relationship with the Spell-Weaver wasn't exactly the best. She had become his consort only due to her magical power, as he wanted very powerful children. He was controlling, and quite cold to her, but he was also like that to the rest of the flight. To the rest of the world, he could be cheerful. He enjoyed discovering new feats of magic, and sometimes liked to entertain young children with feats of magic.

But to him, she was just a brood mother, there to pump out dragon eggs for him.

It wasn't an existence she had particularly enjoyed, but she loved her flight, and she was loyal to her flight, and so, she obeyed Malygos without question. But she wondered if that blind loyalty, and the fanaticism that much of the flight had towards the self-proclaimed Lord of Magic had contributed to their downfall.

Many dragons had devoted their entire lives to finding new forms of magic just to please their leader, hardly having lives of their own.

In fact, Sindragosa was coming to the realisation that if they had thought before leaping to attack Deathwing, then there wouldn't be dead dragons all over Northern Kalimdor.

Looking back at what happened, Sindragosa realised that swarming Deathwing had been a terrible idea. Blue dragons were able to attack from the greatest distance, without having to get too close, and yet, they all got too close to Deathwing, not even thinking about using tactics, not even thinking about their own lives.

Frankly, Sindragosa was now doubting whether Malygos should actually be the Aspect of the Blue Dragon-flight when he allowed most of the flight to die in one battle.

However, if she came to this conclusion, what could she do about it? The Dragon Aspects were much more powerful than any other dragon in the flight, and even if the other flights agreed, they wouldn't do anything about it unless Malygos directly attacked them or what they stand for.

Why did it all have to be so complicated?

But before she could continue her thoughts, she felt Harry tap her, although he was probably hitting as hard as possible to get her attention, and looked in the direction he was pointing.

There was a blue dragon, only it was alive.

Sindragosa quickly descended, and landed near the dragon, who noticed her. She then quickly got to work, using her own healing magic on the dragon.

She felt Harry apparate, as he called his method of using magic to teleport, which was also different from anything she had ever seen, and noticed he had found another dragon, who had crashed under the trees.

Since she was also a dragon, Sindragosa's magic was actually effective, and she managed to save the first dragons life. She then quickly moved onto the second dragon, hope blooming in her heart at the thought that if these two had survived, there could be more survivors.

Apparently Harry was adopting the strategy of apparating around, looking for blue dragons, and then reporting them to her, which was very helpful. She supposed he was doing that as his spells didn't have much of an effect on dragons, which, although intriguing, was not Sindragosa's primary concern at the moment. Unfortunately for every one dragon that was found alive, they were finding four or five dead dragons.

But with a growing number of survivors in their group, they were not only able to cover more area, and therefore save more lives, but also burn the dead bodies.

However, after a while, Sindragosa noticed that something that was very interesting. The trees were all now glowing bright purple, and on closer look, it appeared that they were made of crystals. She had never seen anything like it before.

Not only that, but there was a major increase in bodies, a mixture of blue dragons, Kaldorei and demons.

Sindragosa looked around at her fellow dragons and Harry, a force of around 40, and warned "Be careful. Try to save as many of our kin and the Kaldorei as possible, but be careful for any surviving demons." and with that the group got to work.

She just hoped they were able to save as many as possible.

It was tiring work, having apparated repeatedly, and also casting healing spells on the Night Elven survivors. With their numbers increasing however, they were able to save more and more lives, and Harry wasn't going to allow his discomfort cause any deaths.

Harry looked around, still being stunned by what he was seeing.

When Sindragosa had described Moonsong, she had described it as a snowy forest, which had more magic than normal due to the ley line that was underneath the forest. There were beautiful lakes which reflected the moon in a way that could light up the Kaldorei city, Shandaral, which their most northern city in the whole of Kalimdor. She had mentioned that there were some really big trees as well, and a gateway to the Emerald Dream, which was the realm governed by Ysera the Dreamer, the Aspect of the Green Dragon-flight.

Obviously, something had changed, considering the entire forest was now made of crystals, and he could visibly see the magic glowing within them. It was both beautiful, and oddly disturbing, as this was not a natural sight.

Now, Harry didn't get this feeling when facing other sorts of magic, and Harry had a feeling that the crystallisation of the forest was irreversible.

"I'm not exactly sure what caused this ... the Demon Soul, the demons fel energy, the deaths of so many of our flight, the ley line underneath this place ... or maybe it was a mixture." he heard Sindragosa say to some of her fellow dragons.

By what Harry could guess, her hypothesis was most likely correct.

It didn't take them long to come upon Shandaral itself, however.

Harry reckoned that if he had visited the city before the battle, then it would have been beautiful, with many tall spires, and tranquil fountains, with many Night Elves living peacefully, coexisting with nature. Unfortunately, the Demon Soul had done a good job of destroying the city, and, as much as Harry hated to say it, the blue dragons falling out the sky didn't help either. The city was an absolute wreck, and if this had happened on Earth, then Harry estimated that it would take billions of pounds to repair.

Many of the towers had fallen over, and the temple which was, if Harry was reading the sign correctly, a temple dedicated to the Night Elven moon goddess, Elune, had collapsed upon itself due to a larger blue dragon, who was clearly dead, judging by the statue which was piercing its body.

The bodies of elves, dragons and demons laid everywhere, as well as the occasional body of an animal such as a deer or fox. Seeing all this death, and the wasted life, made him wonder why people had to fight.

Suddenly, one of the Night Elves they saved made a ruckus, pointing over to a blue dragon who was still alive. The dragon was looking at them, and they prepared to go over and help when suddenly, another dragon landed ... and crushed the blue dragon's head under its foot.

Harry looked at this new arrival, and heard intakes of breath from those around him.

The dragon was black, which was already a bad sign considering the fact that Deathwing was also black (and it was at that point that Harry realised how racist he sounded). This meant the dragon obeyed the Black Aspect, and considering he had just killed a blue, it was obvious he was an enemy. But the dragon was also quite large, nearly as big as Sindragosa herself, who was apparently smaller than all the Dragon Aspects save Ysera, who she was of equal size to; which was not a good thing.

"Hello, Sindragosa. Fancy seeing you and these pathetic fools here. I would have thought my father had already killed you!" taunted the black dragon.

Harry watched Sindragosa step forward and calmly reply with "Nefarian. I suggest you leave, otherwise we will attack."

Harry knew what tactic she was using, and had a feeling Nefarian did as well. She obviously didn't want to fight at the moment, as saving lives was more important, and they still had around only 55 dragons, most of which were quite weak still.

Nefarian chuckled, and mockingly replied with "No, my dear, it is you who should leave, for you are outnumbered. But even if you try to flee like the cowards you are, we will still kill you all."

Harry suddenly realised that the skies were filled with black dragons. There was at least one-hundred of them, and they were surrounding his and Sindragosa's group.