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When Sindragosa had last seen Nefarian, he had been a charming and inquisitive individual. He had been so friendly, but very eager to learn all he could. To be honest, Sindragosa sometimes wondered if he had been born into the wrong flight, as his desire for knowledge was something that could easily match any in the Blue Dragon-flight.

However, above even his love for learning, was his protectiveness of his younger sister, Onyxia. This protectiveness had prevented her from finding a mate, as anyone who tried was scared of by Nefarian.

But as she looked into his eyes now, Sindragosa could see none of the charming and friendly dragon that she had known. Instead, she could see a cruelty and aggressiveness which was absolutely foreign to the Nefarian she remembered.

She could easily guess why he was here. His father, Deathwing, had managed to defeat her flight, but obviously hadn't stayed around to check for survivors. Nefarian was probably here to deal with any survivors so they couldn't fight back against the Black Dragon-flight later. Unfortunately for him, Sindragosa wasn't going to just surrender, and she would do anything to allow her flight to survive.

Sindragosa quickly looked around, and nodded at her fellow dragons. Suddenly, she transformed, and if her brethren understood correctly, they had done that as well.

"Oh really, Nefarian. We all know you couldn't kill a fly, let alone a dragon. After all, there is a reason you were unable to kill your sister's suitors, despite how much you wanted much you wanted to."

Nefarian growled, and Sindragosa smirked. She then mockingly continued with "Poor little Nefarian. Couldn't kill the big bad dragons that dared to approach your poor little sister ... and we all know why you actually hated that, don't we? After all, one could say that with how protective you are of her, that you might have less than ... innocent thought about your baby sister. Did the big bad Nefarian want his sister for himself?"

She could tell it had struck a nerve. Some had wondered about Nefarian's protectiveness of his sister. He had, in the past, chosen particular dragons to guard her. Some believed that Nefarian had incestuous desires for Onyxia, and Nefarian never liked to hear these rumours.

Nefarian's roar interrupted her thoughts, as he charged towards her, clearly not thinking at all. Sindragosa however, was thinking, and waited until he had almost reached her, and then charged forward, bringing her right arm up and smashing her claws against his face. He had clearly not expected the strike, and Nefarian went flying as a result.

However, with this attack, battle had begun, as blue dragons and Kaldorei fought against the numerically superior black dragons.

Harry immediately got to work, and fired spells at any black dragon that he could see. Unfortunately, most of his spells missed, as the dragons were mainly fighting in the sky. Some spells did hit, but they didn't do any effect either.

But it did get the attention of one of the dragons, who dived towards him, fire spitting in the dragons mouth as it prepared to fire. Without a thought, Harry fired a bombarda towards the dragon, and the unlucky dragon swallowed the spell, and promptly exploded.

No one noticed however, as the battle raged around him. If his estimates were correct, there was at least 99 more dragons left, although Harry knew he was being generous with that estimate of their numbers.

He saw one of the blue dragons get pinned down by a black dragon in the city square, and quickly used a levitation charm to pick up a large piece of debris from a collapsed tower, and sent it flying towards the black dragon, which succeeded in knocking it of the blue dragon. But the dragon simply got up, and changed targets, breathing fire at Harry, but in doing so, ignored the blue dragon who went on the attack, succeeding in cutting the black dragons throat open.

Harry winced at that. Even if that dragon was an enemy, having your throat cut open was a horrible way to go.

And so, Harry continued to fight, sometimes helping blue dragons or Night Elves, and sometimes fighting alone. He didn't know how long he did this before Harry noticed something.

Another group of black dragons had arrived. Only, this group looked different, with six limbs instead of the standard four. They had four legs to support their massive bodies, and two muscular arms. Their wings, like with the other dragons he had met, were separate from their arms. Harry wondered if they could actually fly, as their wings looked barely big enough to carry them. But Harry could clearly tell which one was the leader. He was the fattest one, who was also at the front, and unfortunately, right in front of him was Harry.

"Where did you come from?" asked Harry, having said the first thing he could think of.

At his question, the leader paused, looked at Harry, and glared. He then opened his mouth, ignoring Harry's question, spoke in a deep, gravely voice, replying, quite angrily, with "Did I just hear that right? Did a puny little worm just speak in our language?"

Harry didn't know what to say to that, considering he hadn't realised he now understood Draconic. He remembered earlier, when they first arrived at Shandaral, how he had translated the sign outside the temple of Elune, and hadn't even noticed it.

The angry dragon? (Harry wasn't sure if calling him a dragon was correct, as he looked quite different from Sindragosa or Nefarian) growled and continued "Whatever. You all know what to do. Help Nefarian deal with the scum. I'll take care of this pest myself."

With that, the other dragon-things left to battle Harry's allies, and the leader turned to him, and boomed "You should count yourself lucky, brat, for both being able to speak our great language, and to be able to face me. Cower in fear, you fool, for I am Razorgore the Untamed, and I shall kill you!" and with that, Razorgore attacked.

For a creature that appeared to move slowly, Razorgore was incredibly fast. Harry had only just enough time to avoid his fists, but in order to avoid the next strike, Harry had to apparate. Unfortunately, he was so tired, having used more magic in the past 6 hours than he had in the past 2 years, that he could only move a couple of meters from where he had previous been, and therefore, Razorgore quickly noticed where Harry was.

The creature laughed and taunted "Do you not see how foolish it is for you to face me? I don't even need magic to beat you. In fact, I shall crush you without using anything but my fists!"

Harry was only able to face Razorgore before he felt the dragons fist smash into his face, with Harry flying back as a result.

Harry landed on his bum, and winced. His opponent was clearly not just packing those muscles for show. He could cause some serious damage.

Not willing to suffer a repeat, Harry quickly summoned Albion. As Razorgore came to strike him again, Harry raised his staff, and the dragons fist hit the side of the staff, as Harry held the staff between them. Luckily, Albion managed to hold under the pressure, but with him concentrating entirely on holding back one fist, he didn't see the other, which sent him up into the air.

He hoped Sindragosa was faring better than him.

Sindragosa cursed herself for only paying attention to Nefarian. Although he had attacked her without thought at first, he quickly got the aid of his allies, as, despite Nefarian being quite a big dragon, Sindragosa was bigger, and without his allies, he would have probably lost by now, or at least, she believed he would have.

Seeing something out of the corner of her eye, she moved her tail, and managed to whack one of the black dragons in the face, sending him crashing into the ground. Over the sound of battle, she only just heard his neck snap, before lifting up her arms to push Nefarian back from his attack.

However, Nefarian suddenly used his wings to lift up, and kicked her in the face. She crashed onto her back, and Nefarian came in for the killing blow, when a Kaldorei Sentinel had a very lucky shot, and got an arrow right into Nefarian's left eye.

He screamed in pain, and Sindragosa was able to use the chance to get up again, and attack, but not before Nefarian used his flame against the Elf, causing them to be burned alive. Sindragosa grit her teeth at being unable to save the elf's life, and with Nefarian's face right in front of her, breathed arcane fire, causing the dragon to scream in pain.

Nefarian stumbled back, and a couple of dragonspawn attempted to attack her to buy their leader some time. Sindragosa didn't know when some dragonspawn arrived, but she was not going to let them stop her. She promptly darted forward, ripping one apart with her teeth, and using her claw to hit the other, breaking its back in the process.

However, Nefarian snarled, and sent more flames towards her, which Sindragosa countered with her own. As she did so, she jumped forward. The flames were cancelled out by the other, causing an explosion, and Sindragosa burst through, protected from her opponents vision by the smoke of the explosion, and brought her claw down, smashing it on Nefarian's head.

His head hit the ground, and despite his attempts, he couldn't lift it, as Sindragosa was keeping her claw on top of his head.

"Doesn't it hurt, to feel your head be crushed underneath another dragon's claw?" she taunted, and Nefarian's eyes widened in fear. Before he could do anything, Sindragosa pushed down, and his head popped like a grape.

Sindragosa rubbed the underside of her claw against the rocks in disgust, not wanting to have his blood on her, before she turned to attack another dragon.

Harry had never wondered what it felt like to be a ragdoll, but he had a feeling that getting tossed around by a fat dragon dude was close enough to count.

Having Albion was only helping him to an extent, as although it had probably stopped Harry from being as injured as he could have been, it didn't compare to the strength of Razorgore. The draconic creature had apparently decided that holding onto Albion and using it to toss Harry around was a good idea.

Harry, in order to avoid more serious injuries, let go, and Razorgore threw Albion to the side. As a result, Harry fell towards the ground, but managed to twist his body so he landed on his side, and therefore avoided Razorgore's foot as it came down to crush him.

Harry got up, only to be backhanded by his opponent, landing next to a large emerald green tree.

Razorgore made to approach, only to be attacked by another creature entirely. This new attacker was a bright green creature with two massive heads. Green fire seemed to be coming out of its back, and it had chains on its four arms, and around both of its necks. To Harry, it looked like Hagrid pet Fluffy, except with one less head, and green instead of black.

The creature was snarling, and was trying to rip Razorgore apart, and Harry wondered if he should help it, when Razorgore wrapped his hands around one of the creatures throats, and putting his foot between the two heads, ripped the right head off.

"You insolent little demon!" Razorgore snarled, when the creature retaliated by biting the dragons side. Harry watched the dragon as it tried to hold the demonic hound down, obviously trying to remove the other head.

Whatever happened, Harry wasn't going to interfere. One was of the Black Dragon-flight, and the other was apparently a demon, which had obviously survived Deathwing's use of the Demon Soul, and so, Harry was more than content for either one to kill the other - although he would prefer it if Razorgore lost - and give Harry a better chance of victory against the survivor. Unfortunately, the demon was no match for Razorgore the Untamed, and Harry backed away as the dragon killed the hound.

Razorgore turned back to Harry, and tried to grab the wizard, but missed as Harry rolled out of the way. A second try, however, produced a result, and Razorgore threw him against the large tree.

Suddenly, dark green flames appeared, engulfing the black dragon-thing, causing Razorgore to scream in pain and back off, at least temporarily. Harry looked to the source of the flames, and found that it wasn't a demon that had caused it, but was, in fact, a green dragon.

The green dragon turned to face Harry, and greeted "Hello, young one. I am Merithra, Daughter of Ysera. I recommend you move out of the way, as my flight will be coming through."

Harry realised he was next to a strange portal, which was a variety of shades of green. This was probably a gateway to the Emerald Dream, Harry thought, remembering Sindragosa telling him, as they were flying, of the Green Dragon-flight, who watched over the dreams of all living beings, and had seven portals scattered across Azeroth, which all led to the Emerald Dream. She had said that one of them was in Moonsong.

Remembering what Merithra had said, Harry moved out of the way. Merithra turned to Razorgore, who snarled back at her.

Suddenly, Razorgore rushed forward, obviously hoping to get a strike on the dragon. As he got closer however, he stomped his foot into the ground, and Harry realised, to his horror, that he couldn't move at all, and by the looks of it, neither could the green dragon.

Merithra sighed "A War Stomp? Really?"

She promptly breathed green fire on her opponent, and, a couple of seconds later, darted forward. Harry realised he was free of whatever it was that made him stop, and watched as Merithra bit down on the burnt dragon's head, and twisted. Within a few seconds of this, Razorgore stopped, and his dead body dropped to the ground.

"Impressive, sister!" another voice cried out, in amusement. Harry turned and saw more green dragons coming through, with most of them joining the battle, although some seemed to be flying out of the way of the fighting. The voice however, had come from the only one that wasn't in a draconic form. She was instead in a form that was similar to the Night Elves, with light blue skin, which Harry could barely see due to the green glow of the giant crystal tree near the gateway. She had green hair that was tied in two ponytails which rested on her shoulders, which ended at her green bra, which hugged her breasts tightly. The rest of her clothes were also green, with a mixture of yellow in her skirt.

Merithra came back over, and transformed, simply wearing a green and yellow dress, with brown shoes, and dark green hair. She too looked like a Night Elf, and Harry wondered if it was the only species that their other form was, or if they could pick and choose.

"Ysondre, I'm glad you finally arrived." Merithra said, obviously relieved.

Ysondre responded by saying "Oh, sister, I was just organising our forces. With the amount we have, we should be able to fight of the blacks, and help save the blues!"

Harry sighed in relief, quite glad that they finally had support. Maybe more of the blues would survive now that another flight was helping.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and saw that Merithra was right in front of him. "Rest, human." she soothingly said, and although Harry fought it, he wasn't able to prevent himself from falling into a much needed sleep.

Utilising the power of her icy breath, Sindragosa froze one of the dragonspawn that was attacking her, and moved to attack another when suddenly, green dragons were everywhere. She sighed in relief, having feared that the blues would loose here today, and herself and Harry would die. Unfortunately, a few of the blue dragons and Kaldorei she had saved were dead, having been too injured still to fight effectively.

The Black Dragon-flight, sensing that the advantage was against them, bid a hasty retreat, although several more of them would fall before they escaped. However, although they could flee, they would not recover, not with the death of Nefarian. Sindragosa wished she didn't have to kill him, as he had been so kind ... but obviously he had been corrupted, like his father, by some unknown force.

She remembered what she had said to Nefarian just before he attacked. Dragons, like anyone, could spread malicious lies about other people, and Nefarian had been the victim of this. He had always been protective of his sister, and had hated the rumours of him wanting to mate with Onyxia, which had spread even though they were false.

Sindragosa wondered if Onyxia had been corrupted as well, and hoped not. She had been close friends with Onyxia, before the war with the Legion, that is. They hadn't been able to contact each other much since, and she regretted that severely. Now, it might have led to her friend going mad alongside her family.

But if there was a chance, Sindragosa would take it. If she could save Onyxia from the corruption that took her father and brother, then she would.

Sindragosa paused however, seeing two familiar green dragons - Merithra and Ysondre. She was happy to see them, but at the same time, she was not, and that was because Merithra was too close to Harry for her Sindragosa's comfort.

Then she got a clear look at Harry, and her breath hitched in her throat. He was covered in cuts and bruises, although strangely enough, his jacket wasn't even scratched. But he wasn't moving, and that scared her more than anything.

He had saved her life, and she hadn't been able to save his.

She transformed, and rushed over, but as she reached them, Ysondre looked at her and smirked, greeting her with "Hello, Sindra. Don't worry, your new friend is just sleeping, or is he more than a friend?"

Sindragosa was absolutely relieved, but refused to acknowledge Ysondre's teasing.

"Hello Ysondre, Merithra. I'm glad to see you both here, and the rest of your flight." she hastily greeted in return.

Merithra smiled at her, and told her "We were here under orders of our mother to try and save as much of your flight as possible. We would have been here sooner, but we had to make sure Deathwing wasn't here. We had fled from him, and abandoned your flight, and for that, I am sorry."

Sindragosa smiled, and responded with "Well your here now, and I am glad to have your assistance. Thank you."

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