Hello there.

Hi, so this isn't a chapter, sorry.

I'll just cut to the chase.

Story's cancelled.

Sorry, but, well... I can't really write this.

I mean, like I previously stated before, the first chapter was just a one-shot based off the original short story of Thrawn.

When I made up some extra scenarios for the rest of the story, I figured that maybe I could write up a plot.

And I kinda did, but I couldn't nail down the characters right.

Along with that, I couldn't find an in between for Canon Thrawn and Legends Thrawn, and with that, Star Wars vs Mass Effect.

I'm really sorry guys.

I know I should have informed you sooner, but I was stuck in a funk of whether or not I should keep trying.

Anyways, though, I've got some notes and things I wanted to share if anyone wanted to take up the concept and idea I had going:
-Original plot idea was for Thrawn to show up in ME galaxy, go back to Star Wars galaxy, and then come back to establish a New Empire
+Main issue with this is that I would have created a subplot that would've gotten real boring and annoying real fast. I didn't think you guys would want to spend 3-5 chapters of Thrawn and the Council trying to explain how they found him and worked with him and what not.
-Another big issue of mine was trying to mix in current events in the Star Wars galaxy with ME's current events
+i.e. having Thrawn colonize the Milky Way galaxy while stealing from Imperial warlords

So, I don't really know where this can lead off to.

I appreciate your guys support and adoration for the fanfic.

Once again, sorry about this.

Apex Primus (I rebranded from Mithrao - Fanatic of Thrawn)