Robin was seated on the couch, coffee in one hand and remote in the other, quickly zapping through various channels, trying to find anything of interest. With little success, obviosly.

The truth was that his mind was wandering far too much off for anything to catch his interest.

Thoughs about his team (and more importantly, worry about its dinamics) filled his detective head.

Now, Robin was a realistic boy. He hasn't been trained by Batman for nothing, after all. He was sure that all of his teammates were in for the ride, and that they were serious about it. He trusted them on this. What he wasn't sure was if they could manage to set their differences apart and learn to work together. The Titans were a relatively new group, formed about two months ago, but he wasn't new to the whole superhero ordeal, and he knew how dangerous things could get out there, face to face to psycotic, murderous and/or extremely powerful villains.

Sure, every one of them knew how to handle him/herself in a fight. Damn, he was pretty sure some of them could actually handle an entire city-worth of criminals, city included (coughrageravencough). But when you have to manage to survive the fight, save civilian lives and actually knock off and turn in the bandit, things can get a little complicated. Especially if the team you're working with is an unorganized and fragile one. Better alone than ill escorted, or some other nonsense...

Sipping his coffee, Robin glanced at the clock. "7:02 am"

Mmh... stange, she's two minutes lat...

Click. Swoosh.

Oh, there she is.

"Goodmorning Raven."

"Good morning." Emotionless, as always.

She went straight to the kitchen, probably for some herbal tea.

A frown formed above his eyes. That's exactly what I'm worried about. No camaraderie whatsoever.

Picking the remote, he decided to resume his TV zapping, eventualy stopping on a cartoon dedicated channel, to let the heavy thoughts on his mind fade away a little. He was probably overthinking it anyway.

It wasn't 30 minutes later that he sawhow he underestimated his companions.

Both Cyborg and Starfire entered the room, chatting amicably.

"... and so she says: "But I CANNOT drive!" Hahaha! Because she wasn't actually ABLE to! Haha!"

"I fail to see the comic connection. If she wasn't able to drive the car, why did he ask her for the help?"

"Urgh, how can I explain one of the greatest human prejudice in a reasonable amount of time..?"

A small smirk appeared on Robin's lips. "Still trying to teach her the fondamentals of human society, Cy?"

Cyborg crossed his arms, trying to look as seriuos as possible. Still the edge of his lips were curled upwards. "Well, someone has to. You may be laughin' now, but what would happen if, one day, she'll be the one laughin' at one of BB's jokes?"

Robin face blanked, too shocked to manage an answer.

It was actually Raven, who was reading a book in a corner of the sofa, the one to reply.

"May we never find out."

Her eyes never left the book, and her expression was deadpan as usual (even more than usual, he noticed), but the fact alone that she was listening, and that she even participated to their friendly banter, was enough to put most of Robin's worries to rest. Maybe it's not that bad. A little more time, and I'm sure this team will be as united as anything can be.

"I don't understand. Does that mean that friend Beast Boy's jokes are not funny?"

Everyone else paled a little at this.

"Sorry Star, but what gave you the idea that little green's jokes were actually funny?" asked a very worried Cyborg.

"Well, because he's always laughing at them."

Robin release a breath he didn't know he was holdind, and then proceded to face palm himself, chuckling. Similar reactions could be seen on Cyborg, but not at all on Raven. Typical.

Composing himself, Robin tried to explain to the clueless alien just how horrible someone's sense of humor could be. Really, a titanic task.

"Well, you see Star... Beast Boy is... uhm.. well, he is... "

"He is an idiot."

Funny how Raven's way with words could be syntetic, precise and offensive at the same time.

The four of them continued chatting for a while. Well, three, as the goth girl was more nodding and muttering than anything else, but the mood was friendly anyway. The males were arguing about what to watch on the TV, while Starfire annoyed an in-deep-reading Raven, who somehow managed to both read and listen (more or less) to a rambling Star.

All in all Robin thought to himself this team is pretty damn good.

It wasn't 30 minutes later that he saw how he overestimated his companions.

It was 8:11 when Beast Boy entered the room. That alone was something pretty much incredible.

Everyone knew how much he liked to sleep in, and him beeing awake so soon could only mean three things: morning patrol duty, morning training session... or rest-of-the-day prank crusade.

You can guess what of theese three options was the most feared...

"Hey guys! What's up!"

Suppressing the urge to cringe at the overly happy voice, Robin and Cyborg greated the changeling back.

"Hey, Beast Boy. Good morning"

"What's up, grass stain! Up early today?"

Only Starfire didn't seem to understand that an early BB equals a late series of headaches, and quickly flew to give him a massive bear hug.

"Friend Beast Boy! How glourious to have you awake at such an early hour! Think of all the things we can do in the extra amount of time we'll be seeing each other today!"

"Hehe, sure Star! I can hardly wait."

Released from the hug (which we won't call deathstroke for copyright issues), Beast Boy turned to face the only team member who had not greeted him yet, a small and evil smile on his features.

"Morning, Raven."

Knowing Raven, SomeGuy expected her to give a small nod, a brief reply, or even no reaction at all. It's still Beast Boy we're talking about, after all.

Well, you can say SomeGuy was a little surprised when, with a loud BANG, she slapped her book close, and then tossed it to the side.

Suddently, the half demon stood up, and made her way in front of the green boy, all while giving him the most impassive face in the history of ever.

All the cheerfullness was now gone, both from the room and from the teen's face. Instead, a profound quiet, a dangerously profound quiet, was now present. Quiet and cold. So cold that they felt like shivering.

Raven face was locked on Beast Boy's, her expression so neutral it was almost painful.

More than neutral, it was uncaring. Completly indifferent to the young hero who stood before her.

Right now, to her he was less than a person, and more of a nuisance.

"I assume you found that amusing."

Her tone wasn't angry, or disappointed, or tired... it was simply...there. No emotion at all.

The changeling looked at her, mouth slightly open and eyes wide. He had hoped to see her smile and/or laught at his prank, he had expected her to be mad at him, furious even. But he never, ever even dreamed of this outcome. He was an emotional guy, and all of this... really hit him hard.

He never got to reply, for she turned around, grabbed her book, and immediately left the room, leaving the four remaining Titans in an uncorfortable silence.

Cyborg was the first to speak, breaking the surrounding tension.

"Oh boy, this time you really made her angry..."

The boy wonder couldn't believe it. Damn. Damn! "Damn it Beast Boy! What did you do to her?"

The shapeshifter roughly shook his head, finding himself at a loss for words.

"...I... I o-only.."

"Beast Boy!" their leader was almost shouting now "Tell me what you did."

"I-it was an harmless prank, ok!" Everyone was giving him strange looks, a mixture of irritation, anger and disappointment. "I just poured a bit of pink paint in her loundry. Non permanent paint, I swear!"

"Why have you done that, friend Beast Boy? You know friend Raven does not like anyone touching her personal objects."

The green hero sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

"It was an harmless little prank. It was supposed to be funny, to cheer us up. Not... that." he sighed again "Come on guys. It was nothing more than a small bit of paint. It was literally already off! Does that really sounds so bad?"

Despite everything, they all knew he was partially right. Raven washed most of her clothes in one go, but there was no trace of pink on her this morning, meaning she probably scratched it away right off, effectively thwarting the prank. And yet her reaction had been really strong for such a small joke, especially considering what a normal Beast Boy prank was like.

"No, I suppose it doesn't." with an heavy sigh, Robin continued "It's ok. Hopefully there's no permanent damage done. Look guys, I know it's difficult, and we're all new at this, but we are a team, and we must act like one. We must try and be both patient and understanding, and that goes for all of us." He turned around and walked to the door "I'll be sure to tell Raven too." And with that, he was off, probably to the gym to release some stress.

Soon followed Star (who went to the kitchen to prepare some "reconciliation soup", as she called it) and Cyborg (who went to the garage to work on his latest project, a T-Car something, apparently), leaving Beast Boy alone in the living room, zapping through dozens of TV channels.

For some reason, he didn't feel like pranking anymore today.