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Grace lay on her side cradling her stomach, she'd been trying to ignore what she was almost certain was fact for a good month now. She was sure she was pregnant, she couldn't face it though, she'd been shoving it to the back of her mind for a while. So much so that when Max asked her to go on the undercover she agreed without a second thought, and she hadn't really felt worried about it until they'd kicked her stomach. Her first wave of maternal instincts washing over her when she was in a situation where she couldn't do anything about it. She couldn't feel any pain in her stomach though, which she was taking as a good sign. She didn't think she could cope if her and Neil's baby died because of her actions. This was her child, she couldn't deny it anymore. She was two months late, she'd been feeling sick in the mornings, not to mention how fatigued she constantly felt. At first she'd put it down to stress but she couldn't deny it anymore though, she could even see the beginning of a bump forming. It was much to small for anyone else to notice but she had noted the small change in her body. She was terrified, she needed Neil, and she needed her baby to be okay. She wasn't the most maternal that she would admit, but she already felt such a connection with the child growing in her womb.

"Think they got the message?" One of the three men said casually as they walked in. The ransom demand video as she had predicted had left her in a rather large amount of pain, as was the case in all the previous cases. Despite the pain pulsing round her body though she still couldn't help but think of Neil, how he must be feeling. If she were in his situation she'd be losing her mind thinking about him, if she had to watch a video of him being deliberately hurt, whilst knowing it could still be happening she'd be going out of her mind with guilt and fear.

"Come on Gracie what do you think?" One of them asked with a snigger. However her lack of response quickly made his anger flare up, he barged over to her making to kick her in the stomach, but she turned quickly on her side and he just clipped her side.
"Yes, they'll have got the message!" Her voice was panicky, anxious, scared, not like Grace.
"Well we'll call your little friends in a few hours to arrange the ransom drop, hopefully this one will go better than the last. Until then we've got time to kill." The man by her side said. She felt her heart begin to thump as she struggled to keep calm.

"We've got shit to do Pete, we need to change cars, get a new one for the drop and one to park nearby and take to the airport before the feds even know who we are. You will not screw up this last one, do you understand me?!" The man she'd gathered was in control lashed out, jumping down 'Pete's' throat, his voice was cold, controlling, she didn't have to think about why the other two let him control them.
"Jeremy can go with you. " He said nodding towards the man who'd been silent to this point, she had almost forgotten he was even there. He'd been stood by the camera, silent, just observing the exchange between the three others in the room.

"I said no! Now we've got ten minutes! Just get her tied down or something." He instructed as though he was telling them to fetch him some food not make an already helpless woman even more vulnerable. She held her breathe as Pete didn't move, probably just because of shock from the shouting, still he snapped out of it when he was yelled at again.

"NOW!" it was enough to kick him into action, he grabbed her roughly pulling her up from the ground. She didn't have the chance to react before she was being carried in his arms across the room to what she assumed at some point would have been an office. It was run down now though, Only containing a sofa, behind a coffee table with a laptop perched on top of it, just in front of a TV she assumed dated back a good ten years. He chucked her onto the sofa with such velocity that she bounced back and almost fell off, she laid there and looked up at him. Her look of defiance ruined slightly by the glimpse of fear obvious in her eyes.

"We've got enough time, what does Will know?" He said after a lengthy silence, inching closer to her. She tried to roll onto her side away from him but he grabbed her shoulder pushing it down so she was on her back again. She didn't want to put up to much of a fight, the chance of being hit again looming in the back of her mind, but she couldn't let her self become one of the victims she'd comforted.

Neil was fairly certain the whole team, if not whole station,had figured out they were in a relationship by now, but he couldn't care less, Grace meant so much more to him than his job. She was hurt, she was hurt, and stuck with those men somewhere and he didn't know where and he couldn't even do anything about it yet. He willed an email or a call to come through, anything to get closer to getting her back.

"Any news?" Jo asked poking her head into his office, with a gentle knock. He turned away from the window,
"Roland Haines told them, they had kidnapped his daughter before. So they know she's a detective."
"Well all your money's ready for when they call." She tried to assure him, seeing the stress on his face. She was the only one who already knew of the two's relationship, being Grace's best friend and all, she could hardly keep it from her. She'd kept it to herself though, even when rumors started circling, she didn't comment, acting clueless.
"She'll be fine you know. It's Grace." He didn't reply to her words though, yes it was Grace but her face in that video... She was scared, she was desperate to get out, and he had to help her.

He had a hand round her throat. squeezing hard, and she couldn't even use her hands to try and pull him away from her, she needed oxygen. His other hand started unbuttoning her blouse but before he had the chance to take it any further, someone was pulling him off her. Their was air, she could breathe again, it was like getting a glass full of cold water on a warm day.

"I told you we need to go, now!" He thundered grabbing him and pulling him off her, Grace finally got the chance to see his face properly.. The anger on it, she was sure she was about to witness some sort of physical altercation, she tried to pull herself back on the sofa so she was as far away from any sort of danger as possible. The man 'Will' seemingly took a calming breathe though and yelled at Pete to get out of the room, if one of them was going to get caught because of pure stupidity it was him.
"Jeremy get in here now!" He didn't take his eyes off of her while the other guy walked in, glaring at her.
"What?!" He asked smoking a cigarette.
"Get her tied down, knock her out if you have to." He said with a snarl finally leaving the room and immediately she heard a shouting match commence, but she blocked it out.

The man stared at her, not in a unkind way though, he looked at her like she was a human and not a pay check. He had been quiet up till now, he'd filmed the video, but he hadn't said anything to her.

"Are you going to make this difficult?" he asked her.
"No." she couldn't put up a fight, she wouldn't win anyway.
"Come on then, on the floor." he ordered. She looked at him confused but did as he said shuffling herself to the edge of the sofa and lowering herself to the ground. He knelt down next to her and secured a hand around both her arms,
"I'm going to untie your arms now, if you don't fight me this will be a lot easier." he explained calmly, and she nodded, letting him untie her without fight.

"So do you just do what they tell you to then?" She asked, she needed to make a connection.
"Will knows what he's doing; if he can get us the money, I'll do what he wants."
"Even if it means killing someone?"
"I didn't kill him." He was getting agitated she could tell but she kept pushing him.
"You could still be charged for it." she pointed out knowing she wasn't on safe terrain but pushing anyway.
"Would you just shut up!" he hissed, taking out a knife from his waistband.

For a moment her breath caught in her throat, her hands immediately trying to shoot down to protect her stomach, surely he wouldn't kill her now, they needed held the knife out for a second before moving it down from her face to cut the tape around her hands. Her hands immediately moved from their place behind her to her stomach, if she was pregnant, as she strongly suspected she was, she couldn't let her child die because she was to risky on a undercover operation. He looked at her oddly, still brandishing the knife in his hands,

"Please... I think I'm pregnant." She whispered as though it needed to be a secret. He raised an eyebrow at her words and placed the knife back in his waistband and then grabbed her two hands from her stomach
"Stop!" She tried to keep her hands there where she could protect her unborn child.
"Relax. I won't hurt you!" He reassured her. She gulped but allowed him to pull his arms behind her again as he picked a ziptie up from the coffee table securing it so her hands were tied to the arm of the sofa, they were prepared for any sort or resistance she noted.

"Please, I need help...My baby." She needed an ally, and if he would even attempt to help tone the violence then he was an ally.
"Look as long as they give us the money, then you and the baby will be fine. You might not even be pregnant anyway, you said you think." He seemed so conflicted now, the added idea of the unborn child too much for him to handle, and he ended up just storming out. Leaving her alone to her thoughts again, she loved her baby, and she loved Neil. She had to get away.

"Gov, Eddie just gave me a heads up about something I thought you should know." Jo interrupted another one of Neil's internal pity parties.
"Know what?" He asked, their was no way they'd already got DNA back.
"It is definitely female, and given that we know it's that van I think it's safe to assume that it's Graces, but there's something else."
"What?!" He asked irritated at her cryptic nature.
"She's pregnant." the moment the words slipped out of Jo's mouth he felt another tsunami of emotions crash down on him. He'd not only let Grace go into that situation he'd let his unborn child into it as well, he had one child in hospital and one unborn one stuck in a hostage situation.
"They were kicking her in the stomach." Neil gulped audibly and Jo nodded having thought the same thing.
"They'll be okay. " Jo tried to assure him and herself. Neil tucked his head into his hands,
"Why didn't she say anything? Why did she agree to the undercover?" He asked out loud, did she not trust him,was she scared of how he'd react?
"They said it was quite early on, she might not even know." Jo explained, defending her friend.
"We need to get her back Jo."
"We will, we'll get her. "

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