Fire Emblem Fates: Bloodlines

By, Antex-The Legendary Zoroark

Disclaimer:I own nothing except this story and anything else that I and I alone came up with. Should I use anything that is not mine and is seen by others, all original ideas go to their respective creators. I am merely borrowing/using them in passing.

«Prologue {{REVISED EDITION}}»

Hi! My name is Luke. Well, it was until awhile ago. I assume you're confused by what I mean? Well, let's just say that it all started out like any other ordinary day.



As the end of school bell rang, I jumped out of my seat in joy and hurried over to my locker to pack up my things and start off the weekend. I was your average teenager. About 5'8" tall, 120 lbs, and my skin was a pale peach. My attire was that of a red t-shirt, beige school shorts, and white shoes.

"Heya Luke." A voice behind me said. I turned around and saw my good friend Adrian. He was fourteen years of age, had jet black hair, green eyes, and whitish skin. He wore a grey shirt, jeans, and athletic shoes.

"Oh heya Adrian." I said. "What's popping?"

Adrian just shook his head in amusement. "Who even says that nowadays?" He asked rhetorically. "Anyway, I was going to ask if you wanted to play against me in Fire Emblem Fates. If ya win, I'll treat ya to something in the future?" He asked challengingly.

"Heck yea man! I'd love to." I admitted. I always was a fan of the latest Fire Emblem game: Fates. And to think it all started with Awakening…what an awesome series.

Thankfully, Adrian and I weren't the only ones that liked it. There was one other kid that would sometimes catch our eye and it seems he shared a mutual liking of Fire Emblem. Still, he and I never spoke too often. Guess we were both just really busy with our own lives? Maybe he was shy like myself? In any case, it was usually just Adrian and I.

I was interrupted from my musings when in the line of my sight, a couple fingers snapped to get my attention. "Dude, you alright?" Adrian asked me.

I shook my head and replied back, "Yea. Just remembering the old days when you showed me Awakening for the first time. Hard to believe that that one battle against that sorcerer Validar, immediately had me hooked."

"I know right? Shows how far Nintendo and all things gaming have gone y'know?" He said with a light laugh.

This caused me to laugh with him as well. "Yea bud. Anyway, I need to finish putting my things away, and then we can play. Does that sound good?"

"Heh, sounds good mate."


"Aw man! I can't believe I lost again!" I said in slight disappointment.

Adrian merely shrugged in response and said, "Not my fault that you suck at strategy."

I gasped and held my hand to my chest in faux hurt. "Oh, Adrian! That's just cold man! You hit me right there where it hurts!" After a couple seconds, the both of us laughed.

"But seriously, I know you're a smart dude Luke, why don't you use strategy?" Adrian asked again.

I hummed in thought and gave the best honest answer that I could think of. "Well, I guess because I know it's just a game and that even though I make slight mistakes, it's not the end of the world."

Adrian hummed in thought as well about my answer. "Well," he said, "I guess that makes sense. But nonetheless, at least TRY to make an effort sometime okay?"

"Alright, okay, fine man!" I laughed as he nudged me playfully. "Anyway, it's getting late, I should start heading home."

"Sure. I understand. Unless…" He paused.

I immediately paled. I knew what he was gonna say and I didn't want any passerby to overhear.

"...That's just an excuse and you're going to go home simply to fantasize about your secret love, Co-mph!" He immediately was shut up by my hand covering his mouth. I then whispered harshly to him.

"Shut...UP! C'mon dude! I can't help it okay? She's just a beautiful character!"

"Uh-huh, sure… I bet that if Female Corrin were real, you'd immediately ask her out. You always had a thing for the...ahem! Female Avatars eh buddy?" He responded wiggling his eyebrows knowingly.

I could only blush tomato red and nod embarrassingly. It's not really something I'm TOO proud of. I tend to think more about the fantasy world than the real world. One thing just led to another and it was then that I always thought to myself: what if I was there too? And what if I were married to one of the many avatars in the games (the female ones that is, I don't swing THAT way; never will)?

Either way, I digress.

I whispered again to my friend, "Alright, I admit it! Now please just stop teasing me and I'll let go of your loud mouth!"

He then made a motion of zipping up his mouth and throwing away the key. I nodded gratefully and let go. Thankfully, he didn't bring up the topic anymore and I (mentally) breathed a sigh of relief.

"Fine, fine. I had my fun." He said with a small smirk. "Anyway, I guess you're right that it IS a little late, so I guess I'll see ya tomorrow?"

"Of course," I said back. "Stay frosty my friend."

"And you stay golden buddy." He replied.

We then shook hands, bumped our fists, and made them flow (like Baymax does in that Disney movie, Big Hero 6) away from us. We then laughed and waved goodbye. However, little did I know, that that would be the last time I'd ever see my friend…

On the road…

As I walked on my way back to home, it began to suddenly darken and rain. Feeling the cold, biting chill of the wind and the pelting droplets of water, I immediately looked for a place to possibly stay dry under.

Looking around, I suddenly realized I was in a bad part of town. The streets were abandoned and the houses were poor in appearance. Not only that, gangs along with a few other "questionable" people would usually gather here. So that begs the question: how did I wind up here and why is it so quiet?

Nonetheless, I looked over to my right, and saw a tunnel a small ways away. Looking back to the beaten up town, I knew that this may be the dumbest idea I've ever had. I immediately rushed over and began to head under the tunnel. I then quickly fetched my sweatshirt from my backpack and sat down until the rain would stop.

I had never liked the rain to be perfectly honest. Sure, it helps out with the polluted air on earth, but still, you can also get sick from the many constant little droplets.

I also decided to take out my 3DS and play my game for a bit to pass the time, before I suddenly heard a shuffling noise.

I listened for it again, but after a few seconds, I didn't hear anything. I then looked at my game and saw that the screen was strangely whited out and all static-y. I soon suddenly felt a sense of dread and began to think that I was in one of those horror movies where the killer comes out of the shadows to kill the innocent bystander. Never liked such movies. I'm usually a pacifist at heart and don't really like unnecessary violence/death.

It was when I had that thought, I heard the shuffling noise yet again! It was louder this time and was also accompanied by an eerie scraping noise. Like a blade being dragged purposely across the ground so it can be fully sharpened for the kill.

I looked once more into the darkness, and then I saw it… I saw some sort of ominous hooded figure, yet it was slightly see-through as well! I could only focus on it for a brief moment before it suddenly vanished and I nervously waited in uncomfortable silence.

"He-hello? Come out!" I cried in fear. "Whoever you are, I don't want to cause any unnecessary trouble!" I started hyperventilating and began to cry small tears.

"….Trouble, you say?" A dark voice rang out like an echo. It was VERY close.

I gulped and looked behind me, seeing the hooded figure once more. It slowly walked over to me, its posture looking ready to kill the very first second I showed weakness.

"I'd say I'm more than just TROUBLE boy… I am your end! Now, prepare to leave this realm!" It eerily said. I couldn't hold it in any longer and immediately sprinted away from the thing that was most likely, NOT your average thug!

I ran, but still made the mistake to look behind me and saw the hooded figure coming right for me! It made impossible, inhuman maneuvers and even jumped over a small house in just one leap! What the heck was this thing?! I then bumped into a wall and saw I was at a dead-end.

"Oh no…" I whispered.

I looked behind me once more and saw the transparent figure; golden eyes with slit pupils aglow with an evil and malicious intent to kill. When I was able to look at it closer, it almost seemed to look like one of those Invisible Soldiers/Invaders from Valla!

I gulped and mustered up as much courage as I could and took a small defensive stance. I really hope those days of learning karate were worth it. Perhaps I can possibly get out of this alive.

The figure then dashed at me and I hurriedly did the same. I ducked under the blade that the figure swung at me and kicked it away from me in the chest. The figure seemed to actually be surprised that I'd actually fight back, and get a successful hit in.

Recovering, it then sped at me again, while I was letting pure adrenaline guide my actions. It then kicked me in the face, slightly disorienting me, and then it's blade managed to nick me in the arm. As it made contact, the cut burned. Like salt in a bleeding wound. I was quickly crying tears of immense pain before I knew I was even doing so.

It then approached me once more while leveling the blade at my face. "Not…bad boy…but, you're far from being my equal…"

In one last act of defiance, I spat at it in the face and the last words I heard were, "See you again soon boy…in MY world!"

It was then I was stabbed through the heart and as I slowly lost my life, I managed to make out something similar happening to another kid by a similar robed silhouette. My last thoughts were surprisingly on him. 'That's right...your name was...Larry...If only this didn't happen to us both...I'm sure we could've been friends in this life...Perhaps the next then…? Heh. Friends… So be it, may we both one day meet again, in a better life…'

Unknown Location…

I was falling…falling into an endless, dark abyss…was this what death felt like? Was I really going to die here? After contemplating this for awhile, I knew that I shouldn't give up this easily!

I wanted to live! It was then that a bright light covered my vision and I woke up in some weird Limbo-like space. The world was quite…blank for lack of better term, and the whole area was covered in rainbow-like colors. Where was I? All I knew was that I wasn't on Earth anymore.

"Be calm young one…" A mysterious, yet soothing voice rang out.

"Indeed. All shall be explained…" Another said, more feminine unlike the first.

"Who's there?" I shouted. "Why am I here? Do you know why I freaking died?!" I was blinded by anger. Would someone give me some straight answers?!

All I received was a temporary silence, until suddenly two bright lights formed into small orbs and then into two humanoid figures. I was astounded.

One had Vallite garbs on, with a white robe with blue symbols. He also possessed a hood and blue hair along with red eyes that were somehow familiar. The rest of his face was covered under a hood.

The other wore a more revealing garb. Clad in white robed garments and possessing beautiful flowing green hair, she possessed pointed ears and a calm, serene smile.

I just couldn't believe my eyes. Right in front of me were the Silent Dragon, Anankos (albeit his human form), and Naga, the Divine Dragon! But why were they BOTH here? I thought Awakening takes place a LOOONG time after Fates (that is, according to what I've heard in the Before Awakening DLC).

Naga smiled gently and put up a hand, gaining my attention. "Luke, I know you have a lot of questions, but we don't have a lot of time at the moment. We will explain more when we transport you to your new life."

"New life?" I questioned with a tilt of my head.

"Yes." Anankos said in place of Naga this time. "You see, it was my other half which sent that soldier to kill you."

Shocked at this revelation, I was about to ask Anankos how this was possible, as I had thought he merged with his other half when he shielded Lilith.

Seeming to read my mind, Anankos smiled a small smile while saying, "Yes, it's true that I am now a part of my other half, but surprisingly, my own mind is still somehow it's own separate entity. So as I said earlier, seeing as it IS kinda my fault you died, I wish to give you a second chance at life as repentance of sorts." He explained.

"I see." I said. "But still, why me? Why did your draconic other have me killed?"

Anankos hesitated at first, so Naga stepped in to speak for him. "You see, you're not originally from Earth, but rather from Valla. During Anankos' massacre of all Vallites, your parents sent you to this realm where you'd be safe. But it appears that Anankos still somehow found you."

I was immediately shocked at this revelation. Me? Not from Earth at all this whole time? I suddenly felt faint and slightly dizzy, but I held myself together and mustered up the courage to ask: "So what now? How will I transition into this new life and all?"

Anankos spoke once again saying, "Well, seeing as you were originally from our world, transporting you there won't be a problem. However, my other self would easily recognize you by the time he sends his agents. Henceforth, you'll receive a new identity like I gave Severa, Owain, and Inigo from the Future Children of the Shepherds."

"That…sounds kinda cool, yet strange at the same time." I admitted.

"Maybe so," Naga said, "But it will protect you in the long run." Naga then looked around and seemingly sensed something. She then quickly spoke to Anankos.

"It seems that another version of 'him' has recently fallen in battle."

"Indeed," Anankos responded. "Perhaps this can all work in our favor…"

"Excuse me, but what're you talking about?" I asked.

Almost as if they forgot I was there, they looked temporarily surprised and Anankos said, "Well, I think we've found a way to make your new identity even better. Tell me, have you heard of the Fell Dragon Grima?" He asked at the end.

"You mean THE Fell Dragon?" I exclaimed. "The one who made Robin's and the other Shepherds' lives (mainly Lucina's) a living hell?"

Naga nodded in response. "Yes. It appears that somewhere in one of the many Outrealms, a version of Grima has recently died. Although in the end, he seemingly had some regrets. So, we believe he deserves a second chance at life as well; in a manner of speaking that is."

"Whoa, whoa, wait!" I said exasperatedly. "You mean to tell me that you're going to revive THE freaking Grima?!"

"No. Not completely." Anankos said. "After all, his so-called 'regrets' may be a farce."

"So then why?!" I shouted confusedly.

"Seeing as Dragon Veins play a crucial part in Anankos' world, you'll need an edge." Naga said. "Henceforth, we'll be merging a fraction of Grima's essence inside you. Think of it as a test of sorts. If he 'passes', he'll gain a new chance at life." Naga then explained.

"I guess that makes sense…" I muttered. "But how will I know he won't take me over?"

"He won't." Anankos reassured. "Like we said, it'll only be a fraction of him. And besides…don't you want to know what it's like being similar to my children? If I remember correctly, you DO have a crush on my daughter no?" He apparently teased, with a stern stare.

I immediately flushed red at this and hoped Anankos wouldn't strike me down for having feelings for his daughter. I then heard Naga laugh.

"Anankos, I think you're scaring the boy too much. Do try and not tease him so."

"I'm sorry Naga. I couldn't help but want to. I AM her father after all? But, do not worry Luke. I don't blame you. In fact, I think you may be the right person for her, but we'll see." Anankos said to me with a chuckle.

I blew out a sigh of relief and then asked, "So anyway, what does having Grima inside me going to do?"

"Like we said, not only will it grant you the power to use Dragon Veins, but it'll also give you the skills: Shadowgift, and Ignis. Although Ignis shall remain locked until the time is right." Naga said to me.

"It'll also make you a half-Manakete of sorts too." Anankos added. "So my boy…are you ready? We don't have much time left." He informed me.

I hesitated slightly but then eventually nodded my head in affirmation. "Yes, I'm ready."

"Very well." Anankos said. He and Naga then joined hands and both stood in a prayer like stance. They then glowed a bright light and I soon felt myself get enveloped in it. It was warm and soothing, but also powerful and slightly dark too. I assumed that that last part I felt must've been Grima's Fragment.

As the light died down, I looked down at myself and saw that I had changed slightly in appearance and clothing. I now had light aqua blue hair like Azura and Shigure, paler skin, red eyes, pointed ears, and wore Robin's Tactician clothing. To complete the look, I had an Iron Sword and a Fire Tome in my hands. I then noticed the Mark of Grima on my right hand and that I also had two slightly elongated canine teeth. Most likely to show I was a Manakete.

"Behold." Anankos said. "This is your starting class, a Tactician."

I looked back at him and asked, "But why Tactician?"

"Seeing as you're no longer going to be playing games, but instead going to the real world of Fates, you will need to learn to trust your instincts less of the time and focus more on actual strategy. We know you can do it though. After all, you DO have a knack for it, even though you don't show it." Naga chuckled slightly.

"Oh! And we almost forgot to give you two more things." Anankos said.

"Two more things?" I asked. Didn't I already receive enough?

"Firstly, is your new name." Anankos then closed his eyes for a few minutes before opening them once more, as if reaching a decision. "You shall be known as Cayden. It means 'great fighter'."

Before I could speak out my opinion about the name, Naga interrupted. "We know it's a big name to live up to, but we know you can do it. As for the second gift," she then put a hand on my forehead and I felt a huge amount of knowledge going inside me. "Some of those back on Earth call the ability I gave you The Gamer Ability. Use it well. This is also how Grima will talk to you."

As if knowing what to do, I swiped my right hand down vertically and up popped a menu. What it read was:

{{{Class: Nohrian Tactician}}}

Personal Skill: The Gamer» Allows user to use certain things in a game-like manner.

Current Skills: Shadowgift, Veteran, Solidarity

HP: 20

Strength: 3

Magic: 5

Skill: 4

Speed: 3

Luck: 2

Defense: 3

Resistance: 4

Asset: Skill

Flaw: Luck


-» 4 Items

Iron Sword, Fire Spell, Flux Spell, & Concoction





After looking at my stats, I thought they were pretty good trade offs. I was never a 'Luck' person much. I then looked to the Chat W/ Grima option and hesitatingly pushed it.


I immediately recoiled at the anger in the voice and said, "Hey, can you tone it down a little?!"


I flinched knowing he may not like this, but alas, it needed to be said. "Long story short Grima? You're dead and now you're stuck with me."


At first I was grateful for the silence but it didn't last.


Before I could possibly make things worse, Naga intervened and said, "Enough Grima! You will be helping young Cayden here for your wrongdoings. Should you make up for them, we will give you another chance at life. However, you'd best not cross us." Naga warned at the end.

"Hmph. I should've known this was your doing Naga. Nonetheless, in my current condition, I shall accept for now. But, this boy must prove worthy of my power. I will not simply give it away for free. Am I understood… Cayden?"

"Well, I've always liked a challenge, and plus, I don't wanna make things too easy. Like it or not, we're stuck with each other. So, I can accept these terms. On one condition though." I said.

"What might that be fleshling?"

"Should I be near death or in an extreme emergency, I reserve all rights to have access to your powers at that moment in time. Fair?" I bargained.

"…Fine. But remember, I also hold the right to choose whether or not to give the power if I deem said emergency fit for it."

"It's a deal then Grima." I nodded mentally to him. All I got back was a 'hmph' in confirmation and I then looked back to Naga and Anankos.

"Are you ready to go now Cayden?" Anankos asked.

I nodded and said, "Yes. The road ahead may be tough, but I will do my best to stand strong!"

"Well said Fellblood Prince." Naga said, giving me a title similar to Robin's. "We wish you luck. Now…be reborn anew!"

I was then swallowed by light and knew no more.