Fire Emblem Fates: Bloodlines

By, Antex-The Legendary Zoroark

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«Chapter 20»

(Cayden POV)

As all of us slept the day/night away in the Astral Plane (speaking of which, I'd probably need to see if Lilith could sync the real world's time for our little hideaway so we all wouldn't get mixed up on current time dates), I had a small bit of trouble falling asleep. In fact, it was well past midnight and still, I couldn't close my eyes and get the rest my body desperately needed.

"Why are you not attempting to sleep Fleshling?" Grima suddenly asked me which had me more awake than before.

"Holy mother of-! Grima?! What the bloody heck?!" I couldn't help but whisper-shout aloud.

"Well, it's quite obvious I can sense something is up with you due to your chaotic thoughts messing with your need to sleep!" Grima said in a rather dry and blunt tone.

"Oi vey…" I could only mentally sigh, "Are we REALLY doing this right now?"

"Hey! It isn't my fault that you're being all moody and preventing yourself from getting rest! Need I remind you that so long as we are stuck together, I feel the same things you do? If you're restless, so am I. And I REALLY want to sleep gods-dammit!" Grima shouted at the end. Apparently, for a giant dragon of death and destruction, he gets cranky if he can't sleep. Who would've thought?

"You DO know that I can hear you?!"

"Alright, fine. I admit it! I'm stressed. Happy?!" I snapped.

"Finally! You admit it! Stubborn fleshbag…" Grima muttered under his breath at the last part. I couldn't help but ironically think: pot meet kettle.

I sighed and just sank into my bed, trying to at least identify why exactly I was so freaking stressed. Back in my old life, I did tend to stress a lot as well, but I think I had a right to do so right now (more than usual that is).

Was it because things are already following the wheel of fate? Was I stressing too much about the future of this world along with the danger of Enigma? It wasn't helping that we were going to Valla tomorrow either (even though it would be a short trip/visit).

"Normally I'm not one to say such things, especially to such lowly beings like you, but why not take a walk?" Grima randomly suggested. "Back when I was in my Plegian Hierophant guise, I found walking to be quite enjoyable when I was stressed. Not only that but the Plegian sands that beheld my infamous and handsome skull was also quite the memorable sight…" I could practically feel Grima leaking self-centered pride whilst speaking his mind. But again, who would've thought a dragon-like Grima would take walks like a normal being?

"I AM NOT NORMAL! DON'T COMPARE ME TO THE LIKES OF YOUR KIND!" Grima snapped. The connection between us was for lack of a better term, immediately disconnected.

Thinking about Grima's angry response at my comparison of him walking like a human really made me think as well.

I could only sigh and think to myself while putting on a shirt and pants along with some shoes on for that walk Grima suggested. 'Just how much do I REALLY know about you, Grima? Are you really what everyone says you are? Or is there more to the story of the mighty, all-powerful Fell Dragon?'

{{{Mirage Lake; Astral Plane}}}

(Still Cayden POV)

After deciding to take Grima's 'unexpected' advice, I decided that the end destination to my walk would be the lake that Azura and I were talking together at earlier yesterday. Before we had fully left though, I had given it the name, Mirage Lake.

The name was mainly a reference to the Hidden Kingdom of "you know what" and how Azura once took Corrin there in the game's canon story during Conquest. Mainly how she used the lake as a medium (kinda like a transporter of sorts) to take her away to said Hidden Kingdom. And due to said Kingdom being invisible (to an extent), along with looking like a dream realm of sorts, that is how I dubbed the lake as Mirage Lake. Personally, I thought it was clever and Azura agreed with me before we both decided to turn in for the day.

Now though, I was just staring ahead while lost in my thoughts all alone (pun not intended).

As the breeze whistled by and tickled my manakete-like ears, I could only sigh in peaceful bliss. I wondered if this was what it was once like back when I lived in Valla with my family before Anankos went insane? It didn't really help to dwell on the past sometimes, but seeing as I apparently got amnesia after moving in-between the worlds, it was nice to at least fantasize what it was like; so long as I didn't focus on any negative aspects.

Seeing that, in the end, this was what I needed, I soon began to drift off. Although when I would later awaken, I would never forget the sight that greeted me the next morning...

{{{Early Next Morning; Astral Plane}}}

(Cayden POV; 3rd Person)

As the morning slowly dawned across the sky, the Astral Plane's own version of the sun and its rays of light slowly illuminated everything it could touch; awakening all with a light, warm, morning touch.

Cayden opened his eyes and groggily rubbed the sleep out of them. He was still extremely tired though and it showed as he wobbly and slowly stood up on shaky legs.

"How I wish they had coffee in this world…" Cayden mentally complained in his head. As he stood up and stretched his somewhat cramped limbs, he heard no witty retort from his "tenant".

To be honest, Cayden was already getting used to the idea of a Dragon being a part of him and a constant presence in both his mind and soul. He absentmindedly wondered if anyone ever felt the way he does now about such a thing occurring in one's life…

((In a World similar, but different from where Cayden is…))

"Ah-choo!" A certain blank-faced professor suddenly sneezed as he was teaching his class of Golden Deer.

"Umm...are-are you o-okay Professor Byleth?" One of his students, Marianne, asked in concern.

Byleth looked to the shy (and still slightly sleep-deprived) looking girl and replied, "I am fine. Thank you for your concern, Marianne." He then gave a small smile and nodded in thanks.

Marianne blushed whilst the other Golden Deer girls (mainly Hilda) snickered quietly, knowing of her crush on their Professor; this made her blush turn a shade of atomic red. On another hand, a certain "mature" girl would forever deny she ever partook in such "childish" teasing (three guesses who?).

Byleth paused for a moment and asked in his head, "Sothis? Why're they making such weird grins along with those other noises?"

A small 'harrumph' echoed in his head. "You really must read the mood at times. What am I to do with you?"

Byleth could only shrug and think that Sothis herself was the one "reading" the mood wrong; much to The Beginning's ire...

((Back to the Fates-verse; still same POV))

Cayden shook his head. That was impossible. He was just having a small case of Morning Mental Instability (he could only pride himself at that name. He'd be sure to trademark it eventually).

Deciding that he DID effectively sleep outside ALL night long, he probably smelled more badly than what he could tell.

'Might as well take a stress-relieving soak in the Hot Springs…' Cayden thought.

He then headed into one of the nearby cottages that belonged to him (Lilith, the hard worker that she always is, had made a few hundred or so for future usage, just to be safe) in the event things got crazy.

'She's not exactly wrong with her guess though.' Cayden thought with a tired and wry smile. He gathered the necessary things needed for a good bath and headed over to the Hot Springs. He had a small spring in his step, knowing he'd be far more awake and alert after a good soak.

He made sure to check the Hot Springs was open and that the Men's Bathhouse Session was already scheduled and up right now. He couldn't see the schedule though, so he decided to ask one of the Astral Denizens, unique 'keepers' created by Lilith that took care of the Plane while she was either away, asleep, or unavailable.

He walked up to the Bathhouse Keeper and asked, "Hey, good morning. I was wondering if the Baths were open for the Male gender right now?"

The Keeper simply nodded with a dull look and pointed to the nearby door.

Cayden nodded in thanks and then headed in, stripped-down, then put a towel around himself before entering and washing himself off.

Cayden managed to fully get himself washed and he decided to simply relax for a few more minutes; the steamy water doing wonders for his complexion. Must be a Vallite type of thing.

As the comforting water began to truly work its magic, Cayden couldn't help but close his eyes; not precisely asleep but in a state of relaxation and meditation…

As he was occupied with relaxing his body, he did not notice the door behind him slowly creak open after a little while…

(Kamui POV)

After having gotten up after the long and draining day we had yesterday, I was really overdue for a nice, long, and peaceful sleep. It seemed odd though. I usually sleep in and even when I'm about to fall asleep, I can never seem to find the right position to do so; I toss and turn subconsciously to find that right spot. However, being here in the Astral Plane, I find it a whole lot easier to sleep, along with waking up almost normally instead of oversleeping. It's as if I'm a whole new person after discovering the "unique conditions" I had found myself in. Either way, it would all still take some time to get used to, I will admit that much.

Although I think I've rambled a bit. Another thing that was draining yesterday were the dreams I had…


As I looked around the cottage/treehouse Lilith made specifically for me, I could feel an immense sense of satisfaction. The air in the Astral Plane was extremely calming, and the many specks of nature made me feel extremely at ease. It almost felt like…

"Your TRUE home...?"

I gasped and looked around me, yet seeing nothing. "Who's there?!" I demanded. "Show yourself right now!"

There was an extremely uncomfortable silence that followed. I could feel my brow sweat and put my hand on my Yato blade. As the silence continued for at least another minute, I began to relax, only for the voice to speak again.

"For one who is to tread upon the path of Revelations, you're still far too ignorant and naive of the truth that lies ahead, Heir of Dragons…"

As the voice spoke again, I could only yelp in fear and slight anger at its condescending tone. "I may be ignorant and even naive," I started, "But I'm always willing to stand up for my ideals, no matter who thinks what of them!" I then finished with a defiant shout.

For a moment, I had thought I had won this verbal battle, but the sound of eerie, haunting laughter had me immediately concerned.

"Haha...HA HA HA HA! Truly, a bold claim, Little Heir! But in the end, ONLY a claim!" It taunted. "You speak with your words, but not your actions. One who cannot act on their actions, as well as their words, are little more than sheep deluding themselves that they are wolves. You DO have heart, but that is ALL you have. If only you knew the truth! Lord An would truly be ashamed of how his progeny has grown…"

I growled angrily. "What do you mean?! Stop speaking in riddles! SAY WHAT YOU MEAN!" I could only shout in anger and desperation, my blood boiling deep inside my being…

"I believe I've said enough. And I did mean what I said, you foolish girl. Deep down, YOU know of what I speak. Search within yourself, dear Kamui. Your origins will become clear if you answer your blood's call for its return home."

My heart seemed to pulsate with a powerful ache that had me grasping the clothing that covered my chest. Why? Why did it hurt so much, yet everything I was told still resonated within?

"If you truly seek answers Heir of Dragons, then seek out your Songstress Friend and the other Retainer known as Cayden. Ask them about the Bottomless Canyon."

I could only grunt as my pulse seemed to beat faster and more painfully. "The Bottomless Canyon? Why there?" I couldn't help but ask.

"The first step towards the truth, child, is to find those who keep secrets. And BOTH Azura and Cayden keep many skeletons in the closet that they hold close to their hearts in both lock and key. Now...I shall take my leave, and you shall awaken soon…"

I gritted my teeth, I refused to wake up just yet if this dream truly meant something. "Stop! Just answer me these two things then, before you go!"

"...I'm listening child. I'll answer if it's truly within my power. If only to see if your heart matches your resolve."

I held back any shout of anger I wanted to shout then, and instead asked the questions I wanted to know most during this encounter. "My first question is why you call me the 'Heir of Dragons' and the second is who this 'Lord An' of yours is." I then waited with bated breath to see if the voice would answer my inquiries…

"Those questions I can answer, yet not completely until the time is ripe little one. In any case, I'm feeling quite generous and for that, I shall indulge you a small bit." The voice paused and then continued. "Lord An is my master, though I refuse to give you his full name lest you wish to pay your very life, and has quite the fascination with you AND both Hoshido and Nohr. And to answer your second question, when I refer to your 'title', it is mainly due to your blood and it's TRUE origins. That is all I shall say on those matters. If you truly wish to know more, then come to the Bottomless Canyon. Until then, all shall remain shrouded in mystery and enigmatic riddles. Find the truth, and you may be able to solve everything I've said thus far. But be forewarned, the truth may not end up as you expect, and whether you become strong due to it or you BREAK from it, that has yet to be foreseen. Now...sleeeeeeeeeppppp…"

Reality began to spin before I coil make sense of the words and I could only hear one final thing before waking.

"LorD OF sILeNCe mISSes YOu d****** dEAReST…"


I shook my head at remembering all that. And while my blood no longer boiled and my heart no longer ached in pain, I still felt something that wanted me to heed the voice's words. I then decided I might as well mull it over while using the Hot Springs to alleviate and wash away my worries/concerns.

I entered and nodded to the Keeper who pointed off to where the Women's Bathing area was. Although now looking back on it, he seemed to have pointed while also shaking his head in the negative. Hmm, it must've been my imagination.

Oh, how wrong I would be…


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