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Chapter 2: Lost in the pain

Hikigaya Hachiman stepped inside his house soaking wet. Komachi was pacing around the living room when she saw her brother returned.

She ran up to him and worriedly asked. "Onii-chan? Where were you? Why did you take so long? You are drenched now!" She then looked at the blood on his lips. "W-What happened to your face?!" Just when she was about to touch his face, Hachiman grabbed her wrist stopping her.

"I-I uh I f-fell down." He stammered. "I-I need to wash up." Hachiman went past her. "Oi, are you okay? You look so pale." Komachi said. "Y-Yeah I'm fine. Just tired, it's late already." He replied and quickly went upstairs to the bathroom, leaving a trail of rainwater on the floor.

In the bathroom, Hachiman wringed his clothes and the rainwater poured into the sink. Leaving the clothes to dry, he stepped into the bath. Not bothered with filling a bath tub, he just let the shower head rinse him clean. Hand in a slight tremble, he touched his forehead, the same spot where the gun barrel was at. Death was right at his face moments ago.

He shut his eyes and gritted his teeth, the feeling of fear, anger, frustration, the feeling of powerlessness.

Hikigaya Hachiman, almost killed in an alley in a squall at night, and no one knew. Could he tell anyone about this? Who would believe him without anything to prove it? Spread the news in school and people will think this creep is just trying to get attention, they wouldn't believe this loner in school as expected it would be. Calling the police? Hikigaya doubt it would really help, everything may have been cleared up by the time they reached the location, and also the storm would have been a major hindrance.

Besides, the crime was already stopped and he was saved by…

"Who the hell was that? Or…what the hell was that? A bat and a man?" Hachiman said to himself, letting out a groan. He finished his shower and got into a change of clothes. In his bedroom, he plopped his body down on the bed. His tired mind drifted into sleep, but there was no peaceful rest, not after the alley.

In school, Hachiman was at his desk staring out the window deep in thought. Even the humiliating drawing of him in the blackboard and the snickering of students was not in his mind now.

"That batman, I think he's a man, it's got to be a man. Six guys, just all down like that. How was he able to do all that? Just one man, alone. That man took them all down, stopped whatever those men were doing and saved my life, but why?"

"Oi! HikiGAYa!" A male classmate called out, Hachiman turned to the student.

"Could it be me?!" The student said mockingly, pointing at himself making the same pose as the drawing on the blackboard, other students laughed along with the student, laughing at Hachiman. Asking that girl the previous day if it was him that she liked after he asked her for the initial of the person she like. It was a terrible mistake, he'd never expected it to blow up this way that everyone knew. A painful day it became.

However, Hachiman's mind thought about last night, when that Batman took those thugs down, when he turned to face Hachiman. Standing in front of him, face to face with the Batman.

The scowl he had with his mouth, the narrow white eyes of fierceness, and the face of rage and austerity staring down. That glare, the glare the Batman had.

Hachiman unknowingly had his mouth turned into a scowling frown, his dead fish eyes narrowing with anger, pupils on fixed point as he slightly tilted his head down with his fringe shading his forehead. His face forming a glare, staring at the student who insulted him. That night did something to Hachiman, with death right on his head. Looking back through all the pain and misery. Somehow, this was angering him now. Hikigaya Hachiman was angry.

"H-Hey, w-what's with the look? It's-It's just a joke ok?" The male student stammered as he tried to apologize, the atmosphere Hachiman's glare was giving was not helping though. "Easy ok? Just a joke ok?" The male student continued in his attempt to apologize. The other students who laughed both male and female were noticing Hachiman's glare now. Hikigaya was able to pick up the whispers.

"Hey see his face? So scary."

"He looks like he wants to kill him."

"I think we better stop this. Leave him alone."

"Don't bother him, he's scary."

In his mind, Hachiman thought "Alone? Scary?" He didn't to stay in the class anymore, there was still a bit of time before the lesson starts and the teacher arrives. He got up from his seat, earning a little bit of frightened noise from the girls. Hands in his pockets, he walked past the blackboard, staring at it before leaving the classroom.

"What the hell was that?" Hikigaya thought, making his way to the restroom. "Why did I do that?" He asked himself. "It's worse now. And I can only blame myself. I'll be even more alone now." He groaned in frustration. "Scary? How about you have a criminal put a gun on your head? Then you talk to me about scary."

School had ended with the Sun approaching the west and no one dared to even look at Hikigaya. "You people humiliated me, why am I the villain?" Hachiman thought to himself, bag slung over his shoulder. He was walking the path next to the track field, a group of female students were doing their warm up run on the field. 14 year old Hachiman was moving past three male seniors one year older than him. Leaning against the school building wall opposite the track field. Shirts tucked out with unkempt and hair, one with brown hair was chewing gum, the second with raven hair using his phone and the third one, a bondie who was the supposed ring leader called out to Hachiman.

"Hey you, creepy shit. All alone huh?"

Hachiman's legs stopped, he softly sighed.

"We need money for the arcade again." They stopped leaning on the wall, taking a step forward.

"I can't lend you money." Hikigaya lamely said, trying to walk away.

The three were closing the distance. "We weren't asking."

Out of some unfounded courage or defence, Hachiman turned to them, showing them the same face he had in his classroom. "I'm not giving you my money."

The three seniors were not impressed. "Oi! Trying to look tough huh?!" The towering leader aggressively said, rolling up his sleeve and violently grabbed Hikigaya's collar, he lost his grip of his bag and it landed on the floor. The other two bullies covered both sides of the 14 year old. The feeling of having someone with ill-intent right on your face, to be surrounded by bad people cornering you, and you couldn't do anything. The feeling of powerlessness. They came back to Hachiman.

"Let's see you look tough after this!" The blondie gave a right hook across Hachiman's face, the 14 year old stumbled and was on his knees, his lips bled and his cheek bruised. The other two bullies with their feet pushed him to the ground pinning him with their feet like stomping on a rock. The leader went through his bag to get his money.

Then something came to his mind, that Batman. Taking on six bad people, defeating them with ease in the dark, self-sacrifice to keep the street safe, save his life. That man was able to do it.

Looking back through all the years of pain, bullying, animosity, and ostracism as well as that night, Hikigaya clenched his teeth and fists.

Whether snapped or inspired, defensive retaliation had arrived.

Hachiman threw his hands behind him, grabbing the bullies' legs and shook them off his back, causing them to lose their balance and fall. Hachiman stood up and turned around to face the blondie.

"Away from my bag." Hachiman said with closed fists.

"You dumb bastard!" The leader replied releasing the bad and charged for Hikigaya. The scene was causing the girls' warm up run to cease.

The memory of how that man broke the wrist of the armed thug, punching him in the stomach and face was clear, it was last night after all.

The leader bully pulled back his fist, throwing a punch. Hachiman quickly caught the punch with a raised left hand and numbing it in the process. Hachiman took the opportunity to use his other hand, clenching it and sending it straight to the bully's gut. He coughed out saliva, Hikigaya pulled his fist away and sent it to his face. The bully spun around with the kinetic energy delivered on his face and fell his back.

Hachiman groaned looking at his reddened knuckles, he was no tower of muscles. Seeing the brown haired and black haired bullies getting up, he readied himself for them.

He remembered how the Batman took care of two thugs at the same time.

The brown haired bully was faster, coming in quick and lifting his leg up for a roundhouse kick. Hachiman caught the leg with both hands, but the force still impacted his ribs. The black haired boy was about the punch him, Hikigaya released his right hand and grabbed the wrist. With another free hand, the black haired bully grabbed his hair and pulled causing Hachiman to twist his neck along with cracking popping sounds in it.

Thinking quickly Hachiman lifting his right leg gave a pushing kick in the black haired boy's abdomen. The bully stumbled back with arms wrapping his stomach and fell back. The brown haired bully still had one leg help up, Hachiman pulled the leg hard, causing the brown haired bully to stumble forward, Hachiman gave a left hook to the bully and he was on he fell to his knees.

Hachiman was panting and sweating heavily, he wasn't minding his surroundings when he felt a massive searing stinging pain diagonally across his back, he fell forward in agony.

On the ground, he turned around to see the leader up on his feet again, wielding a belt for a whip. He raised the belt to hit him once more, Hachiman got his arms to guard himself, and the belt came down, striking both of his arms. Hachiman yelled out.

"You like that little shit bitch?!" The leader taunted as he panted.

This was getting way too out of hand already, Hachiman had to do something quick. Seeing the nearest throwing object, he rolled across the ground sideways quickly. The leader getting tired as well, he pulled his arm behind him, along with the belt.

Hachiman reached out and grabbed his item, the sling of his bag. Swinging his arm around, Hachiman threw the bag at the bully leader's face, stunning him for the moment. His eyes closed, the leader swung the belt aimlessly.

Hachiman groggily stood up, the pain in his back was intense, along with his ribs. Seeing the belt swung around with no aim. Hachiman recalled, how that Batman pulled that cable attached to the armed thug's shoulder.

Seizing the chance, Hachiman held up one hand, catching one end of the belt despite the pain he received. He pulled it with all of his remaining strength, causing the stunned leader to tumble forward and lose grip of the belt, making the final blow Hachiman gave one final right cross to the face, leaning in with the punch.

Hikigaya was panting heavily, the back of his shirt felt ripped a bit. He fell on his knees, hands on the ground. Seeing them on the ground in pain, and the girls from the track field coming with male teachers and coaches were approaching fast, and they looked crossed as hell.

"How am I going to get out of this? I'm screwed now." Hachiman cursed inside. "They were trying to rob me, they robbed me before multiple times. They did it to other people, so many times. I stopped them didn't I? What was I supposed to do, just let them prey on me again?"

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