Hello everyone in the Oregairu Fanfic community, been a long while.

So let's get this clarified first, no this is not the sequel.

The sequel is being written by BlackPsych, titled 'The Dark Knight of Chiba 2: Knightfall'. Do check out his profile to read the continuation of this story.

This is something I wanted to write mainly for practise.

Because the LN is written in first person POV, whereas the story I've written years ago is in third person POV. And because the sequel 'The Dark Knight of Chiba 2: Knightfall' is written in first person POV, I wanted to try practising on writing first person POV to see how it fairs, starting right at where Hachiman begins.

I don't think I'll completely rewrite the whole story in first person POV, maybe on certain chapters. Maybe, maybe not.

This is more on to see how different this Oregairu Fanfic feels with my writing style and Light Novel's and BlackPsych's writing style. Everyone has their own writing style.

Please enjoy, and please let me know if it feels any different or not.

In the eyes of the Hunter - 1

My time in school was long and lonesome. As expected for any other school day for me, for Hikigaya Hachiman.

Getting home I set my bag down in my room and freshen up in the bathroom. Changing into my home clothes I fall onto my bed and gazed into the ceiling of my bedroom.

My bedroom, my sanctuary, from those people in school. The people who do not know I exist, and those that do cannot think of me as anything else other than a weird creep or a nuisance. And they made sure I know what they think.

Sure, just ignore them. That would be what any person would say, that was what dad said. How the hell do you expect me to ignore them when it is I am dealing with it on a daily basis?

Sometime later, I hear Komachi downstairs by the door. My guess is that she was hanging out with her friends after school had ended. I decided to head downstairs and greet her, might as well be courteous. I greeted her at the stairs, "Welcome home."

"I'm back Onii-chan." Komachi said. With a meow from the kitchen, Kamakura came out and head straight for Komachi. He rubbed his body around Komachi's leg for affection.

"Ka-kun!" Komachi squeaked and rubbed the cat's head.

As usual, the cat stole the attention. Oh well, the cat is the cat right? I did not see any other reason to linger and went back into my room. I got onto my school assignments, I rather finish them now and have the evening all free. Especially with that MAX Coffee I have chilling in the fridge. A little self-reward after my homework.

English, done. Chemistry, done. And…Maths is done. I packed the booklets into my bag and glanced out my window. Damn, it was about to storm if those dark red clouds weren't obvious enough. But MAX Coffee here I come.

And low and behold, my can is gone. I stared at the opened fridge, particularly the spot where my coffee can was supposed to be. The can was in the trash bin by the sink, obviously there can only be one culprit. Unbelievable, this is what I get for looking forward to my coffee.

"Komachi, why did you take my MAX Coffee can?" I asked her with an impassive voice while I continued to stare at the opened fridge.

"Eh sorry Onii-chan. But I was really thirsty, but I did not want to just settle for water. And since there were no other drinks I had to settle for your coffee." Komachi said while sitting on the sofa watching television.

Right, so because you wanted something sweet, you had to take my one good thing for the day. What the hell…

"How about I go buy one for you now Onii-chan? I will definitely win a lot of Komachi points for that." Komachi asked still on the sofa.

I didn't know if she was actually serious or not. I mean if she was just kidding, then it was a lousy joke to play when she already took my drink. If she was serious, then she was an idiot if she thought about going out in the night, alone. Either way, it did not make me feel any better.

"Never mind forget it, I'll go buy it myself, and I don't want you out there at night." I said and grabbed my zip-up blue-green hoodie from the coat hanger.

Before I turned to the door, she called me again. "Hey, hey Onii-chan. Check out the news. It's Bruce Wayne. He's here in Chiba for some business matter. He arrived this morning. How cool is that?"


"Oi, don't you know who he is?" She turned from the television to look at me surprised.

"The billionaire in America right? What's the big deal?" I said to her in a rather lame voice. I did not care really. I mean why should I? Bruce Wayne? That guy, all money and girls. So lucky for him huh? I got to the door already.

"I'm leaving."

"Be careful Onii-chan." Komachi said.

The clouds in the night were getting way thicker, the winds breezed through the city. It was oddly peaceful, no noise on the streets, the darkness from above, and just me.

My walk in the night was longer than usual, thanks to the closest convenience store to my home was closed, for some bloody reason so yeah. A convenience store is not so convenient if you are going to close early, how ironic.

Finally, I got to a store that was open, I made no stops and got to the drinks section. I got my drink and was about to pay at the cashier, I should probably get back already. But someone was at the cashier. I couldn't see his face, he was wearing olive green cargo pants, a black jacket and a beanie. He also had a tattoo behind his neck. There was something else too, at the back of his beltline. He had something stuffed in his belt but I couldn't tell what. I'd rather just wait by the fridge while he paid for his cigarettes and left the store.

And finally, I got my drink, my MAX Coffee. I opened the can and at last, I tasted the sweetness on my tongue. I was back on the sidewalk with my drink in hand.

I felt a drizzle from above, and it was only getting heavier. That was not a good sign, I needed to get back quick. Which led me to stand before an alleyway, a dark and spooky alleyway.

Now, anyone in the right mind would have probably have stayed clear of such a place. Well if it was in the daylight an alleyway would be a simple walk. Unfortunately, it was nighttime. And worse still, the drizzle was turning into a light shower, which meant the sky was setting up the storm quick. Dammit. I took another gulp of coffee, braved the alley and went right in. I mean who was going to bother some kid with no money or wallet?

"Pipe it down you idiot." Someone up ahead said and I froze. In the clouds, a bolt of lightning flashed followed by a thunderclap. The storm poured down hard and it drenched me, but that was the least of it now.

What the hell is going on? I crept up to the turn and poked my head out. It was the same man from the store, and he wasn't alone. There were several other men dressed in similar fashion. There was a van and the engine was running and the back door was opened. A number of boxes were stacked in the van and the men were shining torchlights on it. There was some kind of logo on the boxes, I had no idea what the logo meant, but it looked like some kind of black mask.

"Keep watch you dumbass." They started talking to each other.

"Who's going to come here at this time, when it's raining and in a quiet neighbourhood?"

"I don't care just do get to it. And keep those boxes dry."

"Why does he want them here? It's in the middle of nowhere."

"Stop asking questions already."

My jaw was slowly dropping, this was definitely looking shady. Before I could react, however, a torchlight beam shined in my direction. One of them shouted, "Hey! There's someone there!"

"Shit." I dropped my can, turned and ran.

"Get him!"

Shit! Oh shit! I kept on running on fast as I could! The sound of splashing footsteps got closer to me and I got struck from behind. My face hit the road with the rainwater, it hurt so much and my lips were bleeding. I got pinned down, they grabbed my wrists and tied them behind my back. All my wriggling and struggling got me nowhere. I screamed out, for help, for someone, for anything!

A fist struck me in the gut, which ceased my screaming which followed by coughing and wheezing. My mouth continued to bleed. Oh God…oh God…

They shoved me over to the front of the van and they surrounded me. "It's a kid. What do we do?" One of them asked. I turned to the man who was from the store. And he said, "Waste him and put him in the van, we got enough trouble as it is."

Everything in me turned pale. I screamed my lungs out, "Someone! Please! Help me-"

I was cut short when I got a pistol to my forehead. The same man said to me, "Too bad for you kid."

I don't want to die now! No! No please! Oh God! Oh God!

But something came through the darkness, sticking itself into the gun's barrel. "Ah!" I cried out. It looked some sort of sleek boomerang, but shaped like a bat. Two more of those things came out of nowhere, sticking itself into the man's arm. He screamed out in pain and dropped onto the floor. The rest spread out and armed themselves "What is it?! Who's there?"

I just kept on hyperventilating and my heart hammered. One of them grabbed me from behind like a human shield. His grip on me, however, was ripped away and he got hoisted up in the air upside down, up into the dark of the rainy night.

And suddenly smoke erupted all around. I tripped onto the ground, something from the darkness above descended, like it was gliding down with giant black wings like a demon. Or like a bat. My rescuer, the saviour, landed with its back facing me. Those wings went slack and it now looked like a cape, the saviour had two sharp ears. The smoke was clearing and the saviour dashed right for them with almost inhuman speed. And I was there to witness it all.

The saviour disarmed the man by breaking his arm and punched his gut and then his face. The saviour went after the next guy, jumping high with the cape stretched out like wings, the criminal received a hard kick across the face. The saviour took something around the waist, looking like a very unique metallic belt. I flinched by the sound of gunshots in the alley from the armed men aimed at the speeding black. I couldn't move, I didn't know why. I just stayed there, taking all of what I saw.

The saviour rolled across the ground to dodge the bullets, and aimed something at one of the men. Like a gun of its own, but not exactly. Some kind of cable was fired, it pierced into the shoulder of the thug and the saviour pulled hard. The crook got yanked over and got a massive strike to the face. The previous man got kicked in the face earlier stood up and joined the one last remaining thug. They charged right for the saviour. The saviour twisted one man's arm in a lock and shot a kick into the other man's gut. The saviour broke the twisted arm and gave one final punch to the last man's face with teeth flying out.

They all got taken down, just beaten and broken down. All of them.

My supposed guardian finally turned to me, and I could finally see his front. Black boots, black gauntlets fitted with sharp blades. And black plates armour with an emblem on the chest, it resembled a bat.

I got a look at the face, two pointed ears, the eyes were white lenses, nothing human-like. The mouth, however, was of definitely a man. So my guardian was a man, under all that bat armour, that bat mask, and he single-handedly took down all those criminals and saved me. A bat, and a man.


The storm continued to pour with a clap of thunder. He approached me and I stayed frozen, I couldn't take my eyes off him. I was caught unaware when he started talking, "Are you alright?"

His voice was gruff and low, it was gripping. I wasn't expecting him to speak in Japanese though. He reached over to my hands and I felt the bonds cut free. He asked me again, "Are you alright?"

He postured himself upright and extended a hand towards me. I kept on gawking and my hand slowly took his, "Yes, I'm fine."

He helped me up and I finally got a good sense of his height. He towered over me like a giant demon, definitely taller than the average Japanese. But seeing that frowning mouth, it was clear enough. This was just a man, and yet he did all those things. He stopped the criminals laying on the ground, and he saved my life.

"Quickly go home. I will take of this here. Go home and be safe." He said to me. The authority in his voice, it just could not be denied. I sprinted off, I did not look back and kept on running for home. At long last I got to my front door, thank God. I clutched my chest and with a long sigh, I entered my home.

Just one night went so horribly wrong, one night changed everything. I nearly died, killed by criminals in a dark alley with no one knowing. Except someone did, and that someone saved me. The Batman.

Hope you've enjoyed this.