Everyone knows about Harry Potter and most people know the story of Monty Python and the Holy Grail! So here is a silly fanfic about Harry and all the rest.

*You here soft noises come from the distance* Suddenly Harry appears apparently riding a very noisy broomstick. When Harry reaches the top of the hill he has no broomstick at all and behind him is Ron holding an electric fan.

Harry and Ron arrive to this large castle Harry yells up to some random person at the top of the castle, " Hello there could I please speak to Lord Longbottom!" The person leans his head down who ends up being Fred Weasley. Harry continues to speak, " We have flew for many months in search of knights to join me at Camelot!" Fred looks down at Harry and yells in reply,

" You have not been flying. You don't even have a broom. You are just using an electric fan!"

" Please good sir, go tell your master." Harry started.

"Where did you get the fan?" Fred interrupted.

" * Blink blink * we found it!" Harry stumbled from his lips. Fred slashed back, " Here? In the wizarding world? You can't find them here there are no muggles!"

" Muggle born people come here and use magic yet they have lived off electricity there whole lives!" Harry replied sternly.

"Are you telling me that a muggle born witch or wizard brought it here and left it in the middle of nowhere for you to find?" questioned Fred.

" It could have been broken"

" Then how come it works for you?"

Harry looks at Ron for an answer he could give to Fred but Ron shrugs. " I don't care," Harry said, " Now could you please get your Lord."

" It is improbable for a person to drop a good working fan in the middle of know where for you to find!"

"I don't care!"

Suddenly George came out, " It could have been a stupid muggle."

" That may be so but I am talking about a witch or wizard that grew up in a muggle family."

" Please may I see."

" And anyway muggles cannot come here."

Harry starts walking away while Fred and George are still babbling about fans and muggles. Ron follows relieved that He did not have to listen to any more of Fred or George.

Well that was the end of the chapter. If you want me to do more just review and tell what scene you want.