Harry Potter and the Holy Grail (or pail in this story) The Bridge of Beth

Hi! I own only one character. That being the terrible Beth who you never see or hear (. Sorry about the paragraph thing, when I have time I will fix it ( No one told me you had to leave spaces between the lines to get paragraphs!). So then.

Fist of all the characters!

Harry Potter= King Arthur

Ron Weasley= Sir Galahad the pure (Ok I decided that Ron deserved a better part.)

Hermione Granger= Ummm. sort of a mix.

Neville Longbottom= Sir Robin the not so brave as Sir Lancelot (He was demoted and now is a sir not a lord.)

Seamus Finnigus = Lancelot the Brave (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Seamus, and Neville now approached the Bridge of Beth that they were told to go by the crazy old man by the name of Mad-eye Moody. As they approached Harry told the others what they must do. " Now you must answer the one question" "three questions" interrupted Ron, "three questions" corrected Harry and continued. " And if you get the one question," "three questions" "three questions right then you can pass across the bridge of Beth." "What if you get a question wrong?" asked Neville silently. "Then you will be cased into the cavern where you will find a girl called Beth that will annoy you until you die of starvation." Replied Harry (That would be fun eh?). Harry asked Neville to go first but when Neville declined Seamus decided to go.

Seamus approached the bridge of Beth courageously and stood across from the abnormal man. Moody suddenly spoke to the idiot, " You have now approached the bridge of Beth. To cross you must answer these three questions. Number one, what is your name?" "Sir Seamus the brave" " What is your quest?" " I seek the holy pail" "What is your favourite season?" "Winter" "You may pass," said Moody. At that Seamus crossed the rickety bridge.

Seeing the questions that Seamus was asked Neville eagerly approached the bridge. Moody spoke again this time to Neville, "What is your name?" " Sir Neville the not so brave as Sir Lancelot" "What is your quest?" "I seek the holy pail" "What makes the sky blue?" Neville *0_0? * " I don't know that!" Neville was lifted off his feet and tossed in the cavern. When he landed he suddenly gave a humungous scream " Ahhhh! Not youuuuu!" then there was silence.

Ron who looked a bit more nervous then Neville went up to Moody. " Ok" said Moody, " What is your name?" "Sir Ron the pure" "What is your quest?" "I seek the holy pail" "What is your favourite season?" " Summer. no faaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll." So Ron was tossed into the cavern. Hermione approached Moody now shaken since two of her friends had already been tossed into the cavern. " What is your name" "Hermione Granger" "What is quest" "I seek the holy pail" " What happens when you take copper and put it under a flame?" "The flame turns green of course!" Hermione dashed across the bridge. Last but not least Harry stepped in the spot light. Moody spoke looking gleeful "What is your name" " King Harry" "What is your quest?" "I seek the holy pail" "If you took a fan and put a piece of paper in front of it how far would the piece of paper float?" "What do you mean?" asked Harry, " An electric fan or a paper one?" "I don't know that!" said Moody and fell into the so Harry walked across the rickety bridge. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Ok so tell me what sceen you want next. I think I may do things that have already been asked for.