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Harry Potter and the Holy Grail (pail) The Slytherin Taunters (chapter 3)

Harry and his knights (sort of) flew on with their trusty helpers carrying their packs as well as (of course) their electronic fans. They saw a castle in the distance and decided that they would go there. As they drew nearer the castle became more clear and looked like a pretty nice place to rest the night.

When they were pretty much a meter away from the castle Harry called up to a guard he could see and shouted, "Hello good sir! Ask your lord if he would let us stay in the castle for a night. We are on a quest for the holy pail and if he lets us stay then he can join in our holy crusade."

"I don't think he would be very interested," replied the guard who is remarkably, the handsome Draco Malfoy.

"Why" asked Harry.

"You see, we already got a holy pail," replied Draco

"What?" questioned Harry.

"He said they already got one!" Ron told Harry.

" I told them we already got one" snickered Draco to the guards close by.

" we see it then?" asked Harry.

"Hah! Of course you can't! You are gryffidors!" replied Draco, who at that point lifted his nose rather high. Harry was quite confused at this moment and said what he thought was the only reasonable question to ask.

"Well, then what are you?"

"We are slytherins of course! Why do you think we have such rude and snotty things to say you scar headed fool!" Draco said quite harshly at Harry.

"What are you doing in the Gryffindor area then?" asked Ron, quite curious as to the answer.

"Mind your own butterbeer!" Draco told Ron.

Harry was getting rather annoyed at this slytherin and decided to take it to more serious levels. "If you do not show us the pail then we will take your castle by force!"

"You don't frighten us you gryffindor sickly lions!" yelled down Draco, "Go piss on your great grandmothers! I throw my girlfriend's handkerchief at you!" He then made crazy faces at Harry.

" What a strange person" Rom said still looking at Draco who has now slapping his chest. Harry decided to try once more.

" Now, see here." at this moment Draco interrupted Harry.

"I don't want to talk to you anymore you dirty little pigs! I put boogies on you head! Your mother was a mudblood and your father smelt of Asphodel!"

"Are you sure there is no one else up there to talk to?" asked Ron trying to find a way out of the situation.

"There is no one!" said Draco "Now go before I tease you another time!"

"This is your last chance! I have warned you! If you do not agree then I shall."

Suddenly from the castle a humongous "Harry Stinks" badge was tossed out among the gryffindors and landed on the one carrying Hermione's bags. So harry and the others started to attack the castle walls. But then all sizes of "Harry Stinks" badges were thrown at them and Harry had to say, "Fly away, Fly away!" before they were all killed and so they ran.

The gryffindors had taken cover and had no idea what to do. Then Hermione said, "I've got a plan!" and so they went to work developing the master plan.

Soon enough In front of the castle doors was a great big veela statue made of wood. Some of the slytherins came out and stared at the beautiful statue. When Draco appeared he said, "Who needs a statue like that! I mean seriously!". But the other guards wanted to have it soooo badly that Draco gave in and they brought it inside.

At the same time Hermione, Harry, Ron, and the others were lying watching it go in. "Now what?" asked Harry to Hermione.

"We wait and then in the middle of the night me, Ron, and Neville crawl out of the statue and take them by total surprise." Replied Hermione happily.

"Wait," said Ron, "Who jumps out?"

"Me, you, and Neville!" said Hermione a bit irritated. The three of them stared at each other and then Hermione said, "Oh drat! Well hey! I'm human!"

And so everyone gave up trying to get the castle and continued on their journey.


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