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Perfect. That horrid word burled into Adrien's mind as he looked longing for something out of his window. A small and light breeze ruffling his golden locks.

"He's so perfect!"

"A perfect model!"

"He must have a perfect life!"

"He's so good at school!"

"He looks so dreamy and perfect!"

Those compliments didn't make Adrien feel good, didn't make him feel lik the most, 'perfect', person in the world. Instead it seemed as if he sold his soul to pressure and lies, a world farcaded by what only average eyes could see.

To be short, Adrien wasn't near, "perfect".

He would swallow down to fear at his father glare, fidget nervously when he did something terribly wrong, would lie if under pressure, and most of all he hated his entire being. Hated his so called, 'perfect', life which was as unlcean, messy, and broken like anyone else's.

This is why Adrien loved being Chat Noir. Chat Noir a fearless, flirty, carefree, and honest person. A hero but still isn't called, 'perfect'. But his favorite part of being Chat Noir was Ladybug. A girl so kind, pure, and honest to the very core. She couldn't do a bad deed to save her life. And especially she was the only girl who didn't call him, 'perfect'. The only girl who did want him to have flaws. After all flaws make you human. Ladybug made his messy life bearable. But it's been two weeks since a Akuma attack. Not a single sign of danger, and no signn of help. Patrols around Paris had stopped. Adrien should've feel happy, no more Akuma's, no more worries and dangers.

But instead he felt emptier than before, as loneliness nested deep inside of him. He hasn't seen his lady in so long. And since it's summer break he'd barely seen his friends, Nino, Alya, and Marinette.

The only company he had was his assistant, who never told her feelings, the Gorilla, who never even said a word, and at times his father, who would only be tell Adrien what to do and to fix his flaws.

Adrien's eyes looked over his house from his bedroom window, birds chirped happy songs, people ran by, and the sun brought immense heat.

Adrien's eyes weren't bright at all, it barely even had a small spark. Instead they were dusty, clouded, and empty. His bright green died. His happy, playful smirk, now formed into an unhappy frown.

"Adrien." His assistant called behind his bedroom door, welcomed with a few knocks.

"Yes?" Adrien called back his voice a bit hoarse.

"Your father wants to talk to you."


-Line Break-

Marinette stumbed with her footing as she made her way into her lavished room. Of course she was clumsy.

Of course.

Tears seemed to fall uncontrolled out of her bluebell eyes as she fidgeted with her dark, blue, pigtails.

"Stupid, stupid, STUPID!" She mentally cursed herself as she roughly sat down on her bed bringing her knees to her chest. Her pink bedroom walls that was covered with Adrien pictures seemed to close up on her. Her breath hitching as she closed her eyes.

"I messed up again!"

"How stupid can I be?"

"Why can't I be more like Adrien?"

"Why can't I be brave like I am when I'm Ladybug?"

She continued to mentally curse herself as her mind replayed what happened only a few minutes ago. Her parents recently asked her to help them with a line of birthday cakes. But like any other days she messed up. Plaster, flour, and milk covered all around the kitchen as her parents silent anger settled the aura. Even though her parents protested against the fact that Marinette was the reason it went up in flames, she still ran to her room. Filled with embarrassment and guilt.

Quiet murmers whispered below her bedroom floors showing that her parents were discussing the matter at hand. Marinette could barely hear what they were saying.

"Tom what should we do?"
A female voice cooed with concern.

"Maybe we should do something to cheer her up." A low male voice replied coated with the same hear warming concern. Knowing her parents they would do something to cheer her up but that only made her feel worse. They would be taking more time of their day for their low confidence daughter who might as well disappear.

"Marinette?" A small, peppy, voice called out.

"Marinette is everything ok?" The small voice asked again as a small budlike creature appeared on Marinette's shoulder.

Marinette turned her head away from Tiki, hiding her tears and shame.

"Marinette look at me." however Marinette continued to look away as she could feel a little plum of ahand on her face.

"Marinette please look at me." Tiki pleaded, her big blue eyes filing with nothing but pity for her master.

Marinette turned her head towards Tikki tears flooding Marinette's face.

"Oh Marinette."

-Line break-


Gabriels face was swallowed in rage, his white teeth tight in his jaw.

Adrien shrunk in fear as he stood in front of his father, his little structure shaking.

"Y-yes father?"

"Can you explain why you are looking so tired in your photo shoots? Or that you have negative remarks to your designers?" Gabriel roared as his blue eyes screamed anger.

"Father what do you mean-" "What I mean Adrien- is that because of your negative remarks and tired looking eyes everyone has been thinking that I have something to do with it."

Adrien's lifeless green eyes widened, yes he has been getting more tired lately. The horrible loneliness eating at him in his sleep as he tossed and turned. And because he was so tired every now and then a remark would find an escape, but it wasn't like he wanted to say those things. But right now what he was focusing on was how Gabriel was treating the matter as if Adrien was damaging his reputation. Does that really matter? Shouldn't Gabriel be focusing on his son is so tired and lonely?

"Is that all you have to say?" Adrien didn't know where he was going with this, his mouth moved on his own as he looked unsteadily to his father, his green eyes challenging. Maybe it was because of the lack of sleep, or just the burning anger.

"You barely see me, and all you ever say is what I have to do. What I have to do to not damage your petty reputation. When will you actually ever care for me? Well I guess the only true parent I had vanished." Both Adrien and Gabriel were shocked.

"Adrien you ungrateful and useless child. Go. To. Your. Room. I will decide punishments later."

-Line break (Again)-

Adrien was supposed to be happy. He was finally called something other than perfect.



He should be happy right? Than why did those words sting more that the pressure of, 'perfect?' Why was his heart crying? Why did he feel like crying? Why did he feel unwanted? Adrien sat sadly on his mattress, his eyes more distant than ever as the words rang in his head over and over again.

Useless. Ungrateful. Useless. Ungrateful. UselessungratuefuluslessungratefuluselesseungratefulUSELESSUNGRATEFUL. The two words came together crashing down, blurring out his regular thoughts.


Shut up.


Shut up!

He felt as if he never heard those words before.

"Adrien are you ok?" Plagg asked as he suddenly appeared infront of Adrien's dead, cold eyes.

"I'm fine Plagg." Adrien responded curtly and coldly as he sent a single glare to might be his only friend at the moment.

Plagg shrunk back in worry as Adrien got up from the bed and began walking into a different direction.

"Adrien what are you doing?" Plagg asked worriedly.

"Going to the bathroom."

-Line break-

Adrien closed the wooden, bathroom door and sighed deeply. He guessed that a few cuts wouldn't hurt, at least it would distract him from the pain and loneliness. If anything could distract him, he would certainly do it.

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