Short Chapter! I wrote this in study hall, only thirty minutes. Also I was working on another story that had over three-thousand words. This is part one, and the next will have Marinette! And maybe some more interactions. I just want to make my chapters longer, maybe up to 5,000? I'll try. I just need more stamina :p THIS IS NOT EDITED~! Please grab some tissues

"Adrien!" Nathalie called as she knocked on the bathroom door.

"Are you in there?"

Adrien panicked as he tried to cover up his cuts with his other hand, only to led to the cuts to bleed more immediately making Adrien regret trying to cover his wrists and for doing it in the first place.

"Adrien i'm coming in!" Nathalie called once more as the doorknob twisted and the door opened.

The first thing she saw was Adrien looking as pale as he could be, his arms and hands behind his back. The second thing she noticed was the droplets of blood and the bloodied razor on the floor. This got her terribly suspicious, no. Horribly suspicious.

"Adrien are you alright?" Nathalie asked like a concerned mother as Adrien nodded quickly.

Nathalie's eyes stared at Adrien for a few moments taking hint of his suspicious hands and arms that was hiding behind his back.


"Yes Nathalie?" Adrien asked shakily.

"Show me your arms." Nathalie commanded her eyebrows forwarding,

"But Nathalie-" "Adrien. Now."

Adrien slowly obeyed (knowing that there was no where out of this) showing his arms and the true pain that he caused to himself. Nathalie gasped in horror as Adrien looked completely ashamed, he was making someone feel bad for him and for some reason he felt absolutely selfish.

"Adrien why did you-?" Nathalie asked her voice stuttering.

"Nathalie, i'm so sorry." Adrien felt his voice waver and unshed tears began to clog up his eyes, however Nathalie just continued to stare at him with complete horror and shock.

"I-I-I promise I won't do it again-" Adrien was cut off midway of his sentence when he suddenly felt a warm embrace hugging his body. Nathalie. Nathalie was hugging him. They slid down to the floor, still embraced by the warm and welcoming hug. Nathalie's heels clicked on the floor as they slid down. She landed on some of the blood but she didn't mind. Adrien, however sat defeated as Nathalie only squeezed him tighter, pushing his head to her shoulder.

"Adrien." Nathalie said weakly her mind still overcoming the horror that she had just witnessed.

"Why did you do this to yourself?" She asked even weaker her eyes looking at his bleeding wrists.

Adrien could feel his own tears prickling at the edges of his eyes, a few overspilling.

"Adrien please answer me!" Nathalie almost pleaded as he comfortingly pet Adrien's golden hair.

Adrien only cried harder into Nathalie's shoulder, his breathing going faster as his shoulders heaved. Nathalie completely dreaded seeing Adrien like this, soon enough she could feel her own tears swelling within her eyes. Adrien on the other hand, felt embarrased, ashamed, worthless, selfish, and a overwhelming dose of self-pity. His crying got even harder that it was now audible, his silent breaths now hiccuping and choking on his tears, his green eyes flooding with it.

"N-nathalie." Adrien said quietly, his voice still choking back his own sobs. His face now looking up at Nathalie.

"P-please don't tell father." Adrien cried even harder thinking of his father finding out. Without another word Nathalie pulled him back to her shoulder letting him sob on her.

"Oh Adrien," Nathalie said her voice barely above a whisper as a few tears fell from her usual cold eyes, her arms only holding the crying boy tighter.

"Don't worry I won't tell him a thing."

Adrien only brought him to embrace into her hug more, his cries muffled by her shoulder.

"Please tell me why you do this to yourself." Nathalie actually pleaded this time. Why did he do this? It was only a few words that his father said. So why did they stab through him so badly? Why was the pressure and loneliness so suffocating? Adrien looke dup at Nathalie. And she could see it all. The tears, his eyes, the pain.

"I was just so lonely, and- and-" Adrien was shushed by Nathalie her arms bringing him back to her shoulder to cry some more.

"It's ok, you don't have to tell me anymore." Nathalie cooed, rocking Adrien within her warm arms.

However they didn't know someone or something was watching them.

Outside the bathroom door watched a curious cat Kwami.