Hello everyone! I just adore villain Deku stories. I find them interesting and amazing! So I decided to have a go at one! :D Also this chapter will be short, it is the prologue.


Kacchan couldn't believe it. The intelligent, observant, heroic, energetic, and happy kid that used to fantasize over the smallest of heroes was laughing inhumanly. Deku, or Izuku didn't look the same. He didn't have the bright eyes of a five year old, his smiled had disappeared from his think and pink lips, but replaced by an inhuman and taunting grin. Izuku green and black hair was more tangled and matted than before, his dull green eyes that used to hold so much excitement was drilled with bloodlust. Izuku hero outfit was torn, and through the seeps of the thorns was red scarlet blood seeping into his outfit in making it only an darker green. Blood drilled down Izuku's face as his hero mask was torn off.

Depreese of the training city fell all around Kacchan and Izuku as a few familiar screams echoed through the distance, as smoke filled the daylight sky

"Deku?" Kacchan whispered cautiously, stepping three steps towards Izuku but stopped, as Kacchan could feel his strength ebbing away. Kacchan sandy, blond hair was tangled and messy, debreeze could been seen at the corners of his blond hair.

Kacchan hero outfit was also torn, his gauntlets torn off, and blood seeping through the seeps of it. Kacchan right arm was badly injured, blood gushing out almost like a waterfall.

"Deku you idiot, what's going on?"Kacchan continued to ask hesitantly, taking another shaky step towards his childhood rival and friend.

Kacchan could feel dizziness in the back of his head, it's beckoning whispers begging him to faint. But Kacchan was too stubborn and determined termination seemed to fuel the fire in his ember eyes.

But Izuku however, only continued to giggle like a sheepish girl staring at her crush (Might be foreshadowing lol) but his laugh and giggle were creepy. It was high pitched and sadistic, as blood continued to run down his face. It was something out of a horror movie.

"Deku? What the hell is going on?!" Kacchan screamed curling his fists, but Izuku's giggle only grown louder.

"K-Kacchan~" Deku said sadistically, his voice slick like ice and creamy with nothing but bloodlust.

"Deku-?" Kacchan's sentence was cut off as Deku ran towards him, and a sharp pain exploded into Kacchans face. And then finally everything was black.

What had happened to Izuku's personality? What made him so? What had happened in that time line?

Well it all started six months ago….

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