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"?" Months ago

Izuku was tired, he was tired of all of this. Why couldn't someone, ANYONE, save him already? It was complete torture. The walls around him, and the bars in front of him seemed to be the only thing he has seen in days, months, years. Honestly, he had no idea how long he had been down here. Any access to everyday life had been cut off, he hadn't seen the sun, the evergreen grass, the fluffy white clouds, in what seemed like forever. Hell, he would do anything to see Bakugou, even though his former friend was very unpleasant.

Blood seemed to smother Izuku's hands, and ankles with cuts and bruises. His once happy and bright eyes were now dull and even looked lifeless, his body was worn out and dirty. Izuku's hope was running thin. He didn't know how long he could put up with these villains, or with the guilt. If he endeared anything else beyond this point, he would maybe even think death was better than this. Countless times had he tried to use his quirk, or find an escape route, but everytime landed him in failure and torture. Everytime he tried to use his quirk, pain would spike through his arms to around his whole body. It was as if the villains had done something to his quirk, which was highly likely. And not only that, but this place seemed inescapable. Everytime he would get out of his cell and found a good plan out, a villain would be waiting around the corner. As if the villain knew all along that Izuku was trying to escape. It was completely hopeless to get out on his own. So he had to wait, for someone, anyone, to save him from this hell.

"I~z~u~k~u." A happy and male voice rang through the prison cell. Izuku blinked once, his eyes trying to find out where that voice was coming from.

"Izuku, it's time." Finally the voice registered into Izuku's mind, and he knew exactly who this was.

And he hoped that this today's session would be over sooner.

-line break-

Iida wasn't doing well to say the least. It had been two months since Izuku had disappeared, and it wasn't just Iida who was deathly worried, but it seemed everyone in class A and a few others were just like times students, as well as Iida himself, (Even though it was against his morals) had went out and tried to find their missing friend. But their investigation hadn't lasted long as their teacher, and other school officials had stopped them saying, "It's dangerous to go looking for Izuku, we don't need another student getting kidnapped. Just leave it to the professionals." For once Iida had resented the school officials. It was clear that the pro heroes had no clue where Izuku was, so why not get more people on board? Izuku needed to be found as quickly as possible, if only a few people worked on this investigation, it would get done slower. And who knows? Izuku could be crying out for help, being tortured, or even dead. And they would never know if they don't find him.

So that was why Iida was sitting down in his desk, writing like it was the end of the world. It wasn't homework he was working on, but plans, clues, and more things that related to Izuku's disappearance. Iida, Ochako, and Todoroki had grouped together in the past week, calling it the, "Izuku's Protection Squad." They sat around sharing info on the last time they had saw Izuku, and any other information about his disappearance. Not only that but the group had starting sneaking around into offices, files, and other places where the school officials put their information. Even though they might get caught, they were doing this for Izuku's sake.

And they would stop at nothing to find him.

Six months ago

Todoroki was a little shocked to say at least, his long fingers touched the page as if to see if it was the information that he was reading was actually real or not. Izuku as kind, sweet, and put his own goals behind to help Todoroki see that he wasn't like his father, that his quirk was his own. Izuku couldn't possibly have a villain for a father, that just seems….. So out of place.

Todoroki mind jumped to excuses, to assumptions that possibly this villain just shared the same name as Izuku Midoriya. That this man, this villain, was no way related to the kind Izuku. But as Todoroki stared longer at the page, he could see many resemblances between Izuku and this… villain. They both had the same color of light green for their eyes, the same body type (But his father was much taller) the nose even seemed similar.

And not matter how much Todoroki denied it, to refuse it, he knew that this villain was in fact Izuku's father.

Katsuki for once in his life, had a small sliver of worry for his old childhood friend. It wasn't like he was concerned about Izuku, he was just… a little worried? He couldn't exactly describe what he was feeling. But the pale skin that Izuku had, his eyes in almost complete disbelief and shock, unsettled Katsuki for a moment. Only a few times had Katsuki seen that face on his rival, and every time it was for something serious, shocking, or horrific. And Katsuki couldn't decipher what could of set Izuku this way. Not that he cared or anything. Ok, maybe he cared a little bit or this situation just peeked his interest. He couldn't tell. So for now he had to push this in the back of his mind, and focus more important stuff, like going to lunch, practicing to be a better hero, becoming the best hero, keeping Izuku in his place- oh God he couldn't stop thinking about Izuku. He had to stop worrying about Izuku.

But later on down the road, Katsuki and many others will worry. Because something inevitable will come up, that no one was prepared for.

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