So, for starters, before I get started, I just wanted to say, when I was little, I found this TV show on Cartoon Network, and I watched one of their episodes, and I really liked it, and I loved all of the characters, and I watched all of their seasons, and then I later learned that the show was not renewed for a 4th season, and I got bummed out, because I thought that the show could have ran a little longer, (Honestly, if I was a ten year old, I would've wanted it to go on forever, since I really liked the show and how they were designed) and just recently, I noticed the show again, and then I remembered how much of a fan I was, and how Prowl died in the end, and as of now, I am currently re-watching the show, and it made me think, if we can't watch the season that we wanted, the least we could do is imagine it, and bring it to life in our fanfics, art, etc. So if anyone reads this, in which I really hope that anyone reads this, that if you had a favorite show that you loved as a child, but got bummed out that it was not running anymore, say, for example, Justice League Unlimited season 3 didn't appear, then just think of the top of your head, I mean, it doesn't have to be perfect, nor the spelling for that matter lol, for as long as you write/draw the thing you love most, it doesn't matter what the world thinks, if a TV show or movie sequel never occurred, as long as YOU are proud of what YOU write, then the things that you make, is real enough for you...

Alright, that is enough of that right now, I'm gonna go ahead and let the story talk for itself, no need for me to talk any further now.

Takes place about 6 months after the 3rd season, and I have researched the ideas and episode titles that were originally going into plot, so I can mix my ideal story telling into theirs.

I've also looked up the Botcon comic with the Stunticons, and I wanted you to know it's going to be a little different, Sentinel Prime's appearance does not change at all in this fic, because one, I don't see where the cape fits in, and two, he looks like he even looks more of an idiot with a ginormous head, and yes, he frankly is an idiot in this universe, but I'm just saying.

Also, if you have not heard of this series, just simply look it up, but then again, maybe you won't even read this bit, and you'll just get to the point of the story.

All characters belong to Hasbro, Cartoon Network and Michael Bay... Just kidding, he owns the Movie ones, lol.

Hope you enjoy!

Episode 1: The Trail of Megatron

Months has passed since the death of fallen Autobot Prowl, and the ultimate trial in history in the making was about to come into fruition soon, as Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons, have been captured by Optimus Prime and his team, who were Stasis locked underwater on Earth, and came back to Cybertron just 50 Stellar Cycles after their first encounter with the Tyrant, and so much has happened to them since their time on Earth, on which they found during their first encounter and met with the Human race, allies and enemies alike, and one of their own turned out to be a Protoform, in whom was Sari Sumdac, who had found out about her true self, and now was learning about Cybertron's history, in which is currently being taught by Arcee, now back online and is getting well used to the changes that Cybertron had gone under for years worth.

As for everything else, the former repair crew had not only had brought Megatron and two of his minions, Lugnut and Shockwave, but also had found Omega Supreme, who turned out to be Teletraan 1 the whole time, the Magnus Hammer, in which Prime had used during his last battle with Megatron, and finally, the AllSpark, which most of the pieces are now placed back into it's orange container. Things were going almost back to normal, despite an earlier attempt by the Stunticons to bust Megatron out of imprisonment a week eariler, as the group, now going their separate ways, were now getting back to their lives on Cybertron, after being away for 50 Stellar Cycles, except for Jazz, who stick around with them after a while.

Optimus looks at the grey, lifeless, offline body of Prowl, who was buried in the Dojo in where he had trained in, and looked at him with remorse in his circuits, as he remembers Jazz carrying him the day they took down Megatron, and then closed his optics, as Ratchet came into view as he stood next to Optimus.

Ratchet: You know kid, this is the longest I've seen ya bein in this room.

Optimus: Sorry Ratchet, it's just that I would've done more if I was with him, perhaps maybe even prevent what happened.

Ratchet: Kid, even if we all don't show it, we all do miss Prowl, even if he had his way of doing things on his own sometimes, and in a way, he would've wanted this way, to be at peace with himself.

Optimus: That's not the point Ratchet, I made myself a promise that I never left a teammate behind ever again, and I broke that promise the moment I left to fight Megatron.

Ratchet: I know it's tough, since we had him for a long while since the day we met him, and had the team of five going even back on the old rock of a mine we had worked on and on Earth, and you know Prowl, he had this way with nature that he developed on that planet, and he would've had protected for any reason at all, even if it meant his own Spark, and look on the bright side... Megatron is now in Koan, along with Lugnut and Shockwave, Omega Surpreme is back on Cybertron, and things are going well so far with everything that happened for the past Meta-Cycles, so why don't we make the best of it, and if not for yourself, then for Prowl, and the ones that you care about...

Optimus: (looks down) I suppose so...

Soon after his sentence, he then suddenly gets call from his comm, in which he answered.

Sentinel: Hey Optimus, we're having a meeting with Trion now, you coming or what?

Optimus: I'm on my way...

Ratchet: Has that boltbrain Sentinel still jealous that you took down Megatron instead of him and those Twins?

Optimus: Honestly, he'll be jealous over anything, period.

?: Not always Optimus...

They both turned to a mech, whose armor plating was a bit of a blue-greenish color, and seemed to be one of the grouchy types, one Ratchet would get along real nicely... They both instantly recognized him at the sight.

Optimus: Kup? Sir, it's good to see you! (Saluting)

Kup: (Groans) Ah, don't call me that, Optimus, I'm retired now, and I'm too old to the point I could offline any nanoclick.

Ratchet: You and me both, old friend.

Optimus: Wait, you two know each other?

Kup: Oh, we gone a looong way back, even during the war, and I glad that Omega Supreme and Arcee are back, and she never changed one bit!

Ratchet: You could say she's still processing the Cybertron she came into.

Kup: Wouldn't blame her.

Optimus: Si- Sorry, Kup, I'm sorry to ask, but how did you find me in here out of every single place in Cybertron?

Kup: Well, ever since I saw you and your team at the rally that Solar Cycle you brought in Megatron, I figured you would come to this place, considering he was your friend...

Optimus: You could say that. (Puts his helm down)

Kup: Kid, I've been through a war before, and I lost good bots and Femmes when I never wanted to, and I do know how hard it is to let go, but tell yourself this, if you were put in the same kind of position as Prowl was, would you have taken it without giving any thought to it?

Optimus then looked at him when Kup put his Servos on his shoulders

Kup: It was his choice to do what he had to do... and sometimes, there is no way out of it, even if you wanted it, and it might've been yours if given the chance.

Optimus somewhat smiled a bit at that statement, as he then looked at Prowl's one last glance before looking away.

Optimus: Thank you both... I... I needed the pep talk.

Ratchet: No problem kid, now go on to Sentinel, he'll get impatient for you if you stand around any longer.

Optimus: Riiight... See you guys later.

Optimus then walked out of the building, transformed, and drove off to his destination...

Sari had been amazed by the many structures that Cybertron had, which their cities were very much more alike like the ones on Earth. Sure, no Beach to swim into, but then again, she was more of a flyer now, ever since she upgraded herself back in Detroit, she has gotten used to the lifestyle she had now. She currently lives with Bumblebee, since she had no idea how the culture works on Cybertron, and she had to go under some teaching lessons from Arcee, who in mind, openly obliged, since she could use her knowledge from the Great War, and use it as part of a teaching program, since her Solar Cycles as an officer was over now, due to her memory wipe.

Right now, she was playing some games that she had brought over from Earth, to which Bumblebee would always win, no surprise there, and he enjoys this quality time, since there was nothing else left to do after bringing in Megatron, Lugnut and Shockwave, who back in the Academy, had used Bumblebee to frame Wasp for being a Decepticon spy for Megatron, which in reality, turned out to be Longarm, who was actually was a Decepticon named Shockwave.

Bumblebee: (Turns to a winning cry) And, I win, Again!

Sari: Oh brother, I'll never win it with you, will I?

Bumblebee: You'll have to admit, I am the master, and I'm even more excited! I mean, we beat Megatron, and now he's getting what he's gonna get, along with Nutbrains and Shockwave.

Sari: Yeah, but you are usually more talkative when we play.

Bumblebee: Well, I guess I'm just saving my energon, y'know, because of the big event coming up tomorrow!

Sari: I suppose I can take that... And speaking of which, I should get going, I have another session with Arcee in 5 Cycles!, and I also need to get ready for tomorrow too.

Bumblebee: Exactly! And we are going to celebrate, the three of us! Me, you, and Bulkhead!

Bulkhead: Did someone call my name?

Bumblebee: Nah, you good! Just talking about what to do tomorrow.

Bulkhead: Okay.

Bulkhead then switched on the Holo Screen, right after Sari left, and Bumblebee sat down beside him on a stone couch, and began watching as the news then showed images of the whole team back on Cybertron, the one that took down Megatron, and images of Prowl's funeral appeared on the screen as they both left their Helms down silently, due to the sacrifice he had made. They both looked up as the news began to talk of a different topic.

Newscaster: In other news, in the wake of Megatron's upcoming trial, there have been reports of many Decepticon activity as most of them are in the Energon farming areas, and once a place to grow, now turned into a seemingly escalating warzone between. All residents are to report any suspicious activity, remain in your home until further instruction from the Elite Guard personnel in the area.

The news then talked about another topic, as Bulkhead's optics widen as big as they could from the sudden information that had been brought into his Processors.

Bulkhead: H-Hey, Bumblebee, That's the place where I grew up in! Why on Primus are they attacking there?

Bumblebee: I dunno Bulky, but I'm pretty sure we can go talk to the boss-bot about once we get through with the trial. Maybe we'll outta get it through those Decepticreeps thick Processors that it's all done with now.

Bulkhead: I hope so.

Optimus is currently in a meeting with Alpha Trion, Perceptor, and Sentinel Prime, with discussions on the big day that was going to happen tomorrow.

Alpha Trion: Now Optimus, considering your previous encounters with the Decepticon leader, what are your suggestions on how tight the security be?

Optimus: Honestly, I'd consider having him tied servo to leg the entire trial... And considering that there are still other Decepticons out there, we should be pretty careful on how we execute it.

Sentinel: Uh, yeah, speaking of executions, why are we even talking about this? I mean, this is Megatron we're all talking about, why are we even talking about locking him up when we should be giving him what he deserves and end this conflict already!

Alpha Trion: Because it has always been our rule of court for centuries, even if Megatron is a terrorist, all mechs and femmes deserve a fair public trial, and the decisions will be based on the council's only, since Ultra Magnus is currently out of commission and is getting treatment from Medical officer Red Alert.

Sentinel: Well so far, since it's gonna be faster progress than that old timer, since his skills were washed up from the last war.

Optimus: Well, I'm surprised to see you know your history Sentinel.

Sentinel: (Looks at Optimus) Hey, what's that supposed to mean?!

Red Alert: (Comes into the room) Oh, will both of you just keep it down for 10 Nanoclicks already? I'm frankly tired of hearing you both arguing like a pair of Protoforms!

Alpha Trion: Ah, Red Alert, any news on the Magnus?

Red Alert: Well yes, about that, he's not going to be offline, but however, he is going to be in Stasis lock for a looong while, due to the injury that Shockwave had embedded on him.

Alpha Trion: If that's the case, then Sentinel, you'll continue your role as temporary Magnus until Ultra Magnus is back on his Peds again... Enjoy it while it lasts, but know it'll be the Council's decision on what happens with the AllSpark, and every decision you want to make, the Council will have to decide. You may be a Temporary Magnus, but you're still a Prime, Remember that.

The Councilman then walked out of the room with Red Alert, as Sentinel then had a look of pride in faceplate, while Optimus just rolled his Optics.

Sentinel: So, I guess I run show now, huh Optimus?

Optimus: Just don't get too cocky Sentinel, being a Magnus is an important role to play, and you have to take up full responsibilities, even for yourself.

Sentinel: Sure, now I gotta go get some rest. Big trial is coming up, and I don't think you would want to miss it!

Optimus: Sure.

Sentinel: Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you this...

Optimus: Let me guess, "Oh in your face Optimus! I'm the Big shot around here now, and you're still a greasy repair bot", is that what we're going through here?

Sentinel: Well, actually, I was saving a little bit of that for later, but I just wanted you to know... Congrats... For... (Coughs and whispers) Beating Megatron to Scrap Metal.

Optimus: (Optics widen and smiling) Okay, now I'm starting to wonder if that hurt a lot more then the time I covered for you when you've gone headless.

Sentinel: Okay, now don't make me regret saying that, alright Buddy? Now go get some rest, we got ourselves a big Solar Cycle tomorrow, and we don't want to miss it!

He walked away then and there, with Optimus getting a smile, yet more stern look on his faceplate.

Optimus: Oh yes we do... Yes we do...

The next day became extremely busy, as millions of Autobots were now in the arena, watching from the Holo projection image of the Council chamber, since the Trial itself was taking place there, and the risk of having it exposed to any other public areas was extremely dangerous, especially on Megatron's case, so the best thing everyone could do was watch as the trial was awaiting to start.

Meanwhile, in the council chamber, the trial is about to take place, as Elite Guard Jazz is now with the Jettwins, who were working alongside Sentinel, who was still taking up temporary Magnus for the time being. He looked on as Sentinel then made an appearance.

Sentinel: Everybody ready for the big event?

Jetstorm: As ready as we ever could be sir!

Jetfire: That's right! Megatron is about to be in front of the chamber as we speak!

Jazz: Well then, let's get the show on the road! As humans would call it.

They soon walked into the main chamber of the court as everyone was seated, along with one of the audience was Optimus, who in no surprise there, had decided to come.

Jazz: So... S.P, you still jealous of O.P. bringing in Megatron?

Sentinel: You could say I could've done better.

Afterwards, they also got seated, as Sentinel still stood on a floating podium, (You know, the ones that are shaped like disks, and have handles to hang on to.) and still had a pride in his face-plate, mostly for the audience viewers. Soon afterwards, the doors opened, and Megatron is at last seen walking down the aisle, with Stasis Cuffs in his hands and feet, and had held no expression except the glare that he had on Optimus Prime, who in turn had returned the glare on Megatron, as he is then held in the middle of the court, with billions of Optics watching him, as the Cybertronian Council and Sentinel got into their positions in place.

Alpha Trion: Megatron... You are held accountable for violating the treaty that concluded the end of the great war, and for committing several crimes you had on so many innocent Autobot lives... Do you have anything you want to say for yourself before the rest of your trial is proceeded?

Megatron, having no expression at all, simply looked up and spoke out.

Megatron: I have nothing to say whatsoever except that I am surrounded by weak, inferior beings that surrounds themselves with pride, freedom, and pathetic compassions for one another... You all think you are truly safe from me because I am in chains? You all believe in hopes and freedoms that are so easily pitiful, and that's why you will never, be strong as I am.

The crowd roared as Megatron finished sentence by sentence, yellings of boos and a bunch of puns to throw out on the sadistic tyrant leader. Sentinel, after declaring order a couple of times, turned to Megatron with a glare.

Sentinel: And what makes you think you can just walk right on out of here? You're on one of the biggest prisons on Cybertron, and what's left of your army are hiding in plain sight, and you are not hiding, because we have already caught onto you!

Megatron: Ah, so you must be the new Magnus that the Council had decided to anoint... So pathetic...

Sentinel: Oh yeah, and what excuse you have? You here, Stasis-cuffed and you can't even do anything because you can't even move a servo.

Megatron: (Smiling) Oh, my excuse? I should be asking on how much pride you have for yourself, considering the fact that you had hired a bounty hunter to do your job in the first place.

Soon, there was a lot of gasps taking place from the Audience holo projected screen, as Sentinel had stood back a bit shocked by this statement.

Sentinel: I-I have no idea what you're talking about-

Megatron: (Smiling) And another thing... How much pride do you take on for yourself... Considering that you happened to be having such a habit on leaving friends behind, especially places like Archa 7?

Soon after that last statement, both Optimus and Sentinel had shocked looks on their Faceplates... How could Megatron possibly have known of what had transpired on that day?

Megatron: And one last thing before I end our little conversation... How could anyone as pathetic as you would even have been given a role as Magnus? For this sight, all I see is a Mech who barely stands his ground, and can hardly even expect any kind of respect, when all the Femmes that go with him turns into-


Suddenly, Sentinel then launches his podium violently towards Megatron, with looks on his Optics that had nerve of murder boiling inside, but then was stopped as the podium had came to a screeching halt in the air, and was then brought back to the corner where the Council was, as bursts of roars and gasps had entered from the screen, with Alpha Trion announcing order from the audience, since Sentinel was too busy getting his anger out of his systems.

Alpha Trion: Elite Guard Jazz, get the Jettwins, and get Sentinel out of here. We'll have to continue this later.

Jazz: Roger that Sir.

Soon afterwards, after finally getting Sentinel to calm down, he then found Optimus in the crowd, who had a still shocked expression after witnessing what Megatron had said.

Jazz: Hey, Optimus! You seen Sentinel? Man, I have seen him throw some tantrums, but I never seen this angry before... Have you?

Optimus: Not in a thousand Stellar Cycles...

Jazz: Hey, do I want to know what was that all about?

Optimus: It's a long story, but something is telling me Megatron got what he wanted from that.

Jazz: If that's the case, I should go ahead and get back with everybody, they are waiting for me, and you know how S.P, I mean, S.M. is when he waits too long.

Megatron was walking down the halls of the Trypiticon prison inside the very heart of Koan, with sounds of Decepticons filling the prison as much of it inside of his own Audio Receptors, as two guards had walked down the hall with him, he had not said anything else after the trial.

Guard: Man, that was one way of putting up a show out there. I mean, who's the she anyway? Was she even watching at all?

?: I honestly don't know...

Guard: Well in any case, Megatron is still locked in Stasis Cuffs, and there's no way any Decepticreep would even bother rescuing his sorry Aft in this place!

?: Actually, about that...

All of the sudden, the guard on Megatron's right then blasted the other with stun mode, knocking him into Stasis mode. The guard then changed from Autobot colors into Decepticon black and red, Optic colors changing from blue to red in an instant. He then proceeded to unlock Megatron's Stasis Cuffs and bowed before Megatron.

?: My lord, it is good to serve under your will once more.

Megatron: Yes... And it is good that you have remained a faithful servant of mine, Barricade, even in my capture, you proved yourself loyal to a fault.

Barricade: I am ready to serve once more Lord Megatron. I have everything ready just for you, and with your permission to go, we will head to the control room, it's where the power runs in the all of the cells in this place.

Megatron: Well then, let's get on with it.

Barricade didn't hesitate to grab a blaster and give it to his master as they moved on into the control room, and after blasting one of the technicians without mercy, he moved on to the control panel, and smiled devilishly as he then grabbed the microphone speaker violently and put it against his Faceplate.

Megatron: Fellow Decepticons! Too long have we all been imprisoned by our sworn enemies, and now it is time to rise up, and take back what is ours!

After his last sentence, he directly smashed into the power system, causing a major blackout to the entire prison as it not only left the halls with red lights, but also had left all of the cages unlocked, due to the power outage, and with that said, nobody working the patrols had no time to react as many Decepticons had barged out, and rioted against their captors, and wasted no time in making the Trypiticon prison Decepticon territory as Blitzwing in his random mode laughs as he shoots ice and fire on the guards.


Lugnut is then seen passing through many Autobot prison guards, giving none of them mercy as he deployed his missiles on them, knocking each of them down at the same time. Megatron is then seen smiling at the chaos ensued, as one by one, the Autobots in the area have been overthrown, and taken into the cells that the Cons were put in. Lugnut and Shockwave then noticed Megatron through the crowds, and wasted no in walking towards him, taking out any stragglers left standing as they both went to their leader and bowed before him.

Lugnut: Lord Megatron, we're out of Autobot captivity! What is our objective now? Shall we go and take back Cybertron as it was rightfully ours now Master?

Megatron: No Lugnut, not yet... But we are going to take this place by force.

Shockwave: Lord Megatron, as splendid as it sounds, I'm not sure how we're going to last when there are too many Autobots on the outside.

Barricade: Actually, I managed to give this place a little "Upgrade", that only our Master knows of.

Megatron: Yes... Now gather every Decepticon you can find, we're going to take this place and make our own sanctuary!

Shockwave: You'll have to explain it to me.

Lugnut: Don't question the leadership of Lord Megatron. His words are true, and is his importance only! ALL LOYAL DECEPTICONS! FOLLOW OUR GLORIOUS LEADER FOR OUR RETURN!

There was then a huge, booming roar that echoed the hallways as they had bundled behind Megatron, and two of his loyal servants as they headed to the main part of the prison

Jazz was now back in the Steelhaven with the Jettwins, when suddenly the alerts started to sound off.

Jazz: What's the alarm for?

Jetstorm: I'm checking it out now. (Turns on the monitor to reveal a red Autobot guard on the screen)

Warpath: This is Warpath to the Elite Guard! Megatron is loose, and the Decepticons in the prison are now running loose all over the place! We request some immediate bac-!

Before he could finish, a random yelling Decepticon appeared behind him, and then suddenly there was nothing but static on the screen.

Jazz: Ah Slag, that can't be good... Jetfire, get Sentinel up and in here!

Jetfire: (Nervous) Um, y-yes sir!

Jetfire went to Sentinel's quarters, resulting in him knocking out of his thoughts when Sentinel looked at him. He was nervous due to Sentinel's outburst earilier.

Jetfire: Um... Sentinel Prime, sir... Are you alright?

Sentinel: Yes, I'm... Fine... I uh... I just need some Cycles alone for a while.

Jetfire: Um... Okay, well then me and brother will be in the bridge, taking care of Megatron situation.

Sentinel: Yeah... WAIT, WHAT!?

Sentinel then got off from his chair and went past Jetfire as he went into the bridge, and his Optics went wide as images of riots going on all over the prison, as Thousands of Decepticons have escaped their cells, and started to overwhelm the poor Autobot guards that are patrolling the place. Soon enough, a call from Alpha Trion came in, and soon as Jetstorm accepted the call button, the Councilman's face came in, and was held a serious tone.

Alpha Trion: Sentinel Magnus! What on Primus is going on? I just heard Megatron had gotten loose, and now the Decepticons are running amok all over the entire Trypiticon prison!

Sentinel: Don't worry, I'll know what to do.

Alpha Trion: As temporary Magnus, you better!

The screen blackened, and then showed more images of Decepticons breaking loose as more and more are getting free, and most of the Autobots there are getting savagely beaten ruthlessly by the rioters.

Sentinel: Jazz, give me a sitrep, how many Decepticons are out!

Jazz: Almost all of them! Seems like the blackout Megatron caused had all their cages unlocked, and now most of them are running wild!

Sentinel: Great... Just what I needed... Alright Jetstorm, Contain Koan at all costs, no bot goes in or out, not until I say so.

Jetstorm: Yes Sentinel sir!

Sentinel: Jetfire, get any Elite Guard Personnel in the area that's not busy and tell them to rendezvous at the coordinates given to them.

Jetfire: You got it.

Sentinel: And Jazz... I can't believe I'm saying this, but any chance you can get Optimus here ASAP?

Jazz: (Smiles) Can do S.M!

Soon after, Optimus had came through along with the remains of his former team, including Arcee, Kup, and Sari, and were now standing outside of the prison city of Koan, as more and more off duty Autobots arrived in the area, with Sentinel Magnus arriving, along with Jazz and the Jettwins, with very serious looks on everyone's faceplates. Kup has arrived as well, along with Ratchet.

Optimus: Okay, we're all here, now how did Megatron get out of his Stasis Cuffs? They were supposed to be keeping his entire body still.

Sentinel: We're not sure of it yet Optimus, but if you're too excited to get back in the action, why don't you go in and try kicking Megatron's washed up Processors, since you happened to take him down that simple!

Ratchet: Will you two just get to the point and stop messing around like a pair of Protoforms already! Megatron is still a threat in any case, and there's still plenty of Decepticreeps in there!

Before Sentinel could counter, there was a big earthquake, shaking the ground as everybody started to struggle standing, as the shielded gate started to collapse as it shut down, and soon after, the view started to change into what appears to be the Trypiticon prison... Which happens to be floating in the air, making everybody's expression of shock and surprise, as the prison meant to contain Decepticons is now literally flying through the air. It didn't take long before suddenly, a very large Spacebridge portal was opened, and it is starting to envelop the city into wherever location it has coordinated.

Sentinel: A Spacebridge portal... Somebody! Turn off the Fragging Portals right now, or else they'll all get away!

Right when he stopped, every single Autobot personnel had gone into a flurry of hurry and rush, while Optimus on the other hand, only stared into what used to be the heart of Koan as it is about to enter through the portal.

Optimus: (This has all been part of Megatron's plan.)

Meanwhile, on the inside, Megatron appears to be on the brig with an entire army of Decepticons at his will as he smiled evilly into the portal.

Shockwave: All is working according to plan my lord, all of the Autobot Spacebridge uses are now in a haywire at this point, and the Autobots can do nothing to shut down the portal.

Megatron: Will it close down though? I don't want any more pathetic Autobots to follow us through.

Shockwave: If my calculations are correct, it should close right after we go in.

Megatron: Good... Then it is time for the Decepticons to rise again!

There was a roar that followed as the light, glowing blue sphere had entirely engulfed Koan, making it disappear, and therefore closing the bridge in the process. The Autobots had seen this and most were in now talking all at once as Megatron had ultimately escaped from their custody, as one Bot was asking "What do we do?!" While another is saying "Great, now we're really screwed!" And more and more had joined in as everybody was in full panic mode, and the only bots that were keeping calm postures were Optimus Prime, Jazz, Ratchet, and Kup as they made their way through the crowd with Sentinel, who was about to throw a fit until Optimus dragged him with them as they got out of the crowd.

Optimus: Jazz, get the Jettwins and get everybody to calm down, we can't have the situation to be going over their heads right now.

Jazz: You got it.

Jazz then went off as there were only four of the Autobots in the area that isn't talking at the same time.

Optimus: Sentinel, what on Primus happened? Just a couple of Cycles ago, Megatron was in Stasis Cuffs, and now he's taken over the prison!

Sentinel: How am I supposed to know, Optimus? Maybe if you had gone ahead and used that axe of yours to cut that Scrap Metal's head into two, then maybe this wouldn't be happening!

Optimus: Well excuse me for doing what is right Sentinel! Considering you happen to know what is right all the time!

Sentinel: Oh, it's like that huh! Well how about when YOU, decided to have the bright idea, to leave FRIENDS BEHIND!

Kup: Alright, that's enough! You two are acting like yourselves back when you two were in boot camp! Now I may not be your Drill Sargent anymore, but that doesn't mean you two can go have one big giant fit you too are having, and then start a fight about what happened in the past! Not while there's a lot of Decepticons on the loose, we cannot have this! NOT HERE!

His voice just boomed louder than any other in the crowd did, clearly reaching both of Optimus' and Sentinel's audio receptor's, even Ratchet's as he took a step back. Then they both became completely silent until there was a voice was heard in their comms.

Cliffjumper: Optimus and Sentinel Primes, this is Cliffjumper speaking. Alpha Trion is in need of you, and he requests to speak with you both, in the bridge. He is calling you now.

The call ended as they both looked at each other blankly until Optimus spoke.

Optimus: Well, I suppose we should go take care of this.

Sentinel: (Nodding) Oh yeah.

They both transformed and went toward the Steelhaven, leaving both Ratchet, Kup and the others to the crowd.

Ratchet: Ok, is there a reason why I couldn't have done better in making them both actually get along?

Kup: Well, it actually kinda easy for me, considering they're both Brothers after all.

Bumblebee: (Raising an Optic brow) Wait, are you seriously fragging kidding me right now?! How come Prime never mentioned this to us?

Kup: Most of it is because they don't talk about it mostly, and the other is that it's a long story, involving an friend of theirs.

Ratchet: Ya don't say...

Just as he finished, Jazz came back with the Jettwins, having to have calmed everyone down for a bit.

Jazz: Sorry it took me so long, anything happened while we were chilling everyone down?

Ratchet: Optimus and Sentinel went back to the Steelhaven to talk with Trion. Primus knows what it's about.

Once they got in the bridge, Alpha Trion's image popped up when Sentinel answered a call.

Alpha Trion: So what's this I hear about the Trypiticon Prison flying up in the air, and then going into a Spacebridge portal?

Sentinel: Well, everything just happened so fast, there were earthquakes, then the next thing you know, a piece of Koan flies up like a ship.

Optimus: And apparently, this is all Megatron's doing, since he has to have a lot of work making engines underneath a prison full of Decepticons.

Alpha Trion: True... We'll have to look further into that, but for now, we have to take part on the matter at hand. Sentinel Prime, did you or any bot in the vicinity happen to trace the coordinates that nexus was made?

Cliffjumper: Actually, I have already mapped them out. (showing statistics) According to my stats, it appears that the Decepticons had gone to a place that is completely full of Energon, and wherever it is, it should lead us towards Megatron's Trail.

Sentinel: Well, did you find which one it is?

Cliffjumper: It should be giving me a name any Nano-click now. (Image changing) Ah, it appears that the large quantity of Energon is located on... (Optics widening) Earth...

A sphere shaped blue light appears on a blank spot of space, as once was the heart of Koan, now shown as the Trypiticon prison, where roars of Decepticon victory brightens the sound as the scene shows us Megatron, overlooking the edges of deep space

Megatron: Shockwave, now that we have escaped the Autobot's clutches, we will need a very good source of Energon, considering we now have more Decepticons on our side, we will need plenty of Energon to build our arsenal technology.

Shockwave: Not to worry Lord Megatron. The scans indicate that after our last battle on earth, large amounts of Energon have been found on the organic planet, and there's no doubt that it inhabits the surface as we speak.

Lugnut: (Growl) How could those puny humans know anything of Energon? We should go out there, and wipe every single miserable being of their existence!

Megatron: Patience Lugnut, we will have our chance to scavenge our newly precious resources, but for now, we shall celebrate this victory, as all of our troops that have been lost to those Autobots are now back into our care, and most importantly, we should thank our undercover operative Barricade, for if it weren't for him, we would never have been out of the Autobot's hands.

Barricade: It was my pleasure to serve.

Megatron: Anyway, as I was saying... If there is indeed Energon stored in that organic rock, then perhaps we should direct half our forces here, given the chance that we have plenty of "Guests" here, and the other should be in General Strika's sidelines, attacking the Energon farms that grow in Cybertron itself. Lugnut will transport that half there, considering Strika is known to be his Consort.

Lugnut: Why yes Lord Megatron, I shall do whatever pleases you, and bring down the wrath of the all mighty Decepticons in your name Lord Megatron! (raising his servos up and down) Oh mighty Mast-

Megatron: (Optics twitching) Just... Get... Going...

Lugnut: Oh why yes my lord.

Lugnut proceeded down the halls, leaving only Shockwave and Barricade with Megatron.

Barricade: (Raising an Optic brow) Is that mech always like that?

Shockwave: You don't want to know.

Megatron: Now then, Shockwave, find me the coordinates for Earth in the next Deca-Cycle, and make sure to implant a cloaking device in this prison. We don't want any unwelcome visitors coming here unexpectedly.

Shockwave: Yes my Liege. (Leaves)

Megatron: Barricade, I have need of you to come out of the undercover operations you set up. Your time in the shadows have been enough, and it's time to show yourself as a true hero of the Decepticons.

Barricade: It will be my pleasure to be serving with you on the battlegrounds, my lord.

Megatron: Now then... Once we reach the surface in the next Solar Cycle... It shall be a new dawn for the Decepticons, as we take this planet's Energon, we will make the Autobots bow to their knees, and finally, Cybertron will be ours once again!

Megatron looked out through the window as many Decepticons celebrate their freedom, by drinking lots of oil, and of course, take pleasure in the misery of the Autobots that have been involuntarily taken with them through the Spacebridge portal, as one Autobot is seen being thrown an the air by two Decepticons, while another is seen being beaten by a group of Decepticons, as they take their satisfaction out on the bots that kept them prisoner in the Trypiticon Prison, as the scene shows it in space, the heart of Koan, now belongs in the hands of the Decepticons. He simply smiles at the sight as he thinks in his head.

Megatron: (Until we meet again, Optimus Prime...)

Jazz, Ratchet, Kup, and the Jettwins, had reunited with Optimus and Sentinel, along with Arcee, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Sari. All of them have been informed of the Energon that have been inside of Earth.

Optimus: I'm still confused on how Energon is being grown on Earth. The first time we came to the planet, there was no readings of Energon that Teletraan 1 picked up, and there was no signs of Energon the last time we were there, so why?

Preceptor: It's unknown... However, I may have a theory about this.

Sentinel: Mind spelling it out for us?

Perceptor: Well, if I am correct about this, it appears that when Cyber-Ninja Prowl had sacrificed his Spark to save the Earth city Detriot, the AllSpark not only stopped the explosion, but it also might have unleashed a large amount of energy down on the Earth's surface, and due to this, it had resulted in the growth of Energon inside the Organic planet.

Jazz: That could explain it.

Optimus: If that's the case, then I'll have to go there and find the Energon growing there before Megatron or any of the humans from scavenging it.

Sentinel: Now Optimus, why on Primus would those Organics have in need of the Energon? They wouldn't even know what to do with it.

Optimus: You'd be surprised...

Sentinel: Well then, how about you and your greasers go get it before they do, or otherwise they will ruin it with their disgusting flesh of theirs.

Alpha Trion: That is actually not a bad idea, Optimus Prime, due to your relations on Earth, The Council will reassemble your team, if they be willingly do so, and send you to Earth to prevent any Decepticons getting the Energon before we do.

Optimus: It would be an honor, sir.

Sentinel: Great, then I'll have you and your team back on that mudflap in no time.

Bulkhead: Actually, I think I'll stay here Cybertron.

Optimus: (Optics Widen) What? What do you mean Bulkhead?

Bulkhead: Last night, me and Bumblebee watched the news, and it said that there were Decepticons attacking in the Energon Farms I had grew up in, and I was wondering if I could go stay here and help out on stopping these attacks?

Sentinel: I... Guess... Suppose it would help actually, since you just said you grew up on the farm.

Optimus: Are you sure about this Bulkhead? There may be a lot of Decepticons in the farms.

Bulkhead: Oh yeah, in fact, I would always have back up, considering I'm here at the homefront.

Sari: Actually, I'm gonna stay here too... I have a lot to know about, maybe where I came from.

Optimus: You sure about this Sari?

Sari: Yeah, I mean, I didn't came to Earth for a reason. I have to know where I was from, and maybe even pick up some perks here on Cybertron.

Sentinel: Okay then, anyone else want anything to say before we get going?

Ratchet: No, I think I'm gonna stick around with the kids, can't have them going off without a medic since this is happening again.

Bumblebee: I'm good right now.

Sentinel: Well then, let's get too it! Jetfire, see if there's anything for the Spacebridge technician here. Jetstorm, find these to a nearest Spacebridge so they can go back to that planet, and Jazz, you're going with them, since you have taken a likeness to the place.

Cliffjumper: Don't forget that we'll inform you of their 5th replacement, and you'll have to escort him to his team.

Sentinel: Yeah Yeah, whatever.

He then leaves, as the Jettwins did as they were told, the group gathered around.

Jazz: Guess I'm staying with you guys. I actually like hanging with you for more.

Optimus: I'm glad to have you on my team Jazz.

Jetstorm: Optimus Prime Sir! Will you and your team please follow me to the SpaceBridge that is close here!

They all transformed, as Sari got inside Bulkhead, and they all followed them into the Spacebridge where Jetstorm was talking about, and he then stopped in his vehicle mode.

Jetstorm: Here we are! Feel free to say any goodbyes before your journey starts!

He then flew up and out of the area, as everyone else transformed back into robot mode and each had their individual talk.

Arcee: Are you gonna be okay Ratchet?

Ratchet: Yeah, of course, just make sure Omega is taken care of, and Sari doesn't get in trouble.

Arcee: Okay... (Hugs him) Be careful...

Ratchet: (Blushing) I, I will. (Servos placed on Arcee's back) I know how to fight Decepticons, even in my age.

Kup: (Grinning) You sure you two are just "Friends"?

Ratchet: Oh mind your own Processors, will ya!

Arcee laughed at that moment while Bumblebee says his goodbyes.

Bumblebee: Well, I guess this is it for now. I'll definitely miss you guys.

Bulkhead: Hey, I'll miss you too little buddy, don't be getting into trouble now.

Bumblebee: Can't exactly promise that Bulky, that's for sure.

Sari: (Hugs him) I'll miss you too Bumblebee. Tell dad I said Hi, and I love him.

Bumblebee: (Hugs her back, gently) I will.

They broke off the hug as Jetfire came to them

Jetfire: Hey Bulkhead, I got something for you. follow me!

Bulkhead: Okay.

He left with Jetfire, as Arcee came into their view.

Arcee: Okay Sari, let's go, we're late as it is.

Sari: Alright.

She looked at Bumblebee one last time before walking with Arcee, as Optimus had walked up to his former Drill Sargent.

Optimus: Hey Kup, thanks for getting my head straight back there.

Kup: No problem kid, just don't be swinging that Axe too much, don't think I haven't noticed that.

Optimus: (Smiles) I won't.

Kup: And kid... Do me a favor... Try to keep your Brother together when he gets too excited about something. Sentinel may be a temporary Magnus, and even though acts like an idiot, he has a good spark in him, but anything that gets out of hand, he'll do what he thinks is necessary, and so far, you might be the only one that can talk to him.

Optimus: I'll... Try my best.

Kup: That's good enough for me. Now I have to get going now, you and the other bots with you have a big journey ahead of you, so good luck.

Optimus: (Smiles) Thanks Kup.

Soon after everyone said their goodbyes, Kup being the only bot left in the area to say goodbye leaves, while Optimus, Bumblebee, Jazz, and Ratchet look at their new ride.

Optimus: Well, I suppose it's about time we came back to Earth. I actually missed it.

Bumblebee: Oh yeah, and I mean in no defense, it is definitely better then Cybertron!

Jazz: Yeah, and they got really good vibes there.

Ratchet: Whatever, let's just get the show on the road already!

They were walking in until Sentinel showed up.

Sentinel: Will you four hold your Skid-plates already? The Council just found a replacement for one of your teammates.

Bumblebee: That quick huh? Well there's no way in Primus that he's able to replace Bulkhead's heavy lefting, that's for sure.

?: You so sure about that, Bumbler?

The yellow Autobot's Optics widen, as soon as the Mech had spoke, he walked in, showing his bright Orange colors, he had immediately recognized one of his Platoon mates from his days in Boot Camp, and who else could have been friends with Wasp.

Bumblebee: Ironhide?! Is that you?!

Ironhide: Huh, I didn't really think you would've recognized me after all those Stellar Cycles.

Jazz: Yo Bumblebee, you know this Mech?

Ironhide: You could say we shared the same Platoon in the Academy.

Bumblebee: And we weren't exactly friends back then.

Sentinel: Well, you two are friends now, and right now, I got more pressing business to attend to, so you go ahead on the Wetlands, and I'll stay here helping out the defenses. (Walks out)

Ironhide: I don't think he recognized me at all...

Optimus: So you knew Sentinel?

Ironhide: He was our Drill Sargent, and it's an honor serving with you, sir!

Optimus: Oh please, just call me Optimus, or Prime, or, for the heck of it, even Boss-bot for that matter.

Ironhide: (Wiping the back of his helm) Okay then, sorry about that.

Optimus: It's okay Ironhide, Welcome to the team. (lifts his hand)

Ironhide took it and then they both shook hands together, while Ratchet on the other hand, got too inpatient already.

Ratchet: All right then, enough with the formalities already and let's get going. We still have Megatron on the loose, and Primus knows how much this is gonna take.

Optimus: Alright then... Time to come back to Earth.

The newly reformed team of 5 Autobots walked into the Spacebridge in front of them as it had activated, and went right through as it took them back to the blue and green planet known as Earth.

The city of Detroit has been through much lately after the last battle with the giant Decepticons roaming the streets, but now everything almost is back to normal now, as most of the damages were rebuilt from all of the destruction that the fight had laid waste into, and was in a time of peace, as cars freely drove in and out of traffic. Isaac Sumdac's life have become quiet, mostly because of Sari had left for Cybertron, along with the Autobots, and now he was on the roof of Sumdac Tower, overlooking the view of Detroit as he gave a sigh.

Professor Sumdac: Ah, Sari, as happy as I can be for you, sometimes there are numerous times I think I would have done just to see you again. In fact, I sometimes wished that the Spacebridge behind me would just pop open, and then you would appear, along with your Autobot friends.

Just right after he said that, a large, flashing blue light appeared suddenly inside the Spacebridge, as he then jumped as he then witnessed the event happening in front of him.

Professor Sumdac: Oh... It seems like my wish came true.

After a brief moment, about 5 figures came right out before the portal closed, revealing at least five Autobots, four he instantly recognized, and 1, not so really, although this one was Orange and he had somewhat the same height as the Medic Bot that helped his daughter after her Upgrade.

Professor Sumdac: Oh! Optimus Prime, it's you again! it's been a long time since you came, about 6 months!

Optimus: Hello Professor Sumdac, it's good to see you again.

Ironhide: Uh, Optimus, is it okay to be in contact with an Organic?

Ratchet: Oh it's fine kid, you'll find that everything here is not that harmful.

Jazz: And not that contagious as Sentinel would like to rub in.

Ironhide, taking his new teammates info, looked at the Professor, as he then shook lightly onto Optimus' hand. This scene gave him a bit of comfort.

Ironhide: Huh, that's... Good to know.

Prof. Sumdac: (Notices Bulkhead is missing) Hey, what happened to Bulkhead?

Optimus: He had some business to take care of, so he stayed on Cybertron.

Prof. Sumdac: Does Sari happen to be with you by any chance?

Bumblebee: Yeah, about Sari, she also stayed behind on Cybertron with Bulkhead, but before she left, she told me that she said hi, and she loves you.

Prof. Sumdac, having taken the news, then saddened a bit, as he slumped back into his chair.

Prof. Sumdac: Oh, and then I suppose that everything will be a lot different without Sari around...

Bumblebee: (With a sad look) Yeah... I can understand you there.

Suddenly, there was an explosion heard, and they all turned around to see smoke coming from the distance.

Optimus: (Sighs) I suppose some things never changed even after we left.

Jazz: So we gonna go take care of this thing?

Optimus: Yes, but first, Ironhide will have to blend in with some Earth customs.

Ironhide: So does this mean I'm sitting this out?

Ratchet: It means you're having an upgrade, pretty much, and it won't take long.

Meanwhile, on the site where the explosion occurred, a man that appears to be dressed as Robin Hood is seen carrying money in his bags as he swings away from the local police, in one of them, is a grumpy middle aged man who rides in a compact car similar to Bumblebee's vehicle mode.

Fanzone: Get back here with the money you stole from the bank Archer!

Angry Archer: You'll have to catch me, oh thy menacing sheriff!

Fanzone: I'm not a sheriff, i'm a captain, it's a difference!

Just as he said that, his mic just blew up on his face, leaving him all grey dirty now.

Fanzone: (Grunts in annoyance) This, is why I hate machines, specifically ones that aren't aliens!

As the archer was about to make his escape, Angry Archer spotted a white sports car, and then landed on it, only to find it surprisingly transform out of nowhere, and then it caused him to fall on the street, as he looked up to see not one but four large bright colorful Autobots standing in front of him as he then gasp in shock.

Angry Archer: You again?!

Bumblebee: Ah, what's the matter Archer? you missed us?

The Archer then released a growl, and then shot an arrow at the ground, and it released smoke as he sprinted awkwardly to an alleyway.

Jazz: Yo boss-bot! That little green human is getting away.

Optimus: Believe me, he's not, I already have Ironhide on the other side of the alley.

Ratchet: So what are you suggesting Prime?

Optimus: I don't usually do this often, but based on what Bumblebee told me about him. (Turns around and smiles) I would want to see what's our new teammate has.

While the Autobots are on the street we've left off in, Angry Archer continues to run until he got out of the alleyway and then spotted a large Orange truck driving down the street, and then he smiled as he shot another arrow at the truck, and then zip lined his way towards it and made a smooth landing on the back of the vehicle.

Angry Archer: Ha Ha! There's no way those metallic towering menaces will be able to spot me, if I simply hide under here! (closes his eyes)

?: Go right ahead, you're just massaging my back more.

He shot his masked eyes wide open as he knew where the voice came from, but was too late to react as suddenly, the truck he was hiding in, transformed as the truck quickly turned into another large robot, which appeared to be carrying an Autobot symbol on his chest plate, and his look somewhat ressembled the red and white Ambulance, only this one was completely Orange, as he then smirked at the costumed thief.

Ironhide: I've seen a lot of strange Organics in my last crew, but you on the other hand, appear to be look kinda funny looking.

Angry Archer: (Growls as he gets his arms free) Unhand me you Orange Giant!

He then hooks up another arrow on his bow, and the second he was about to release, the Autobot holding him quickly turned from Orange into a very shiny piece of metal, reflecting sunlight on the top of his Helm as he simply gave a smirk before the Archer shot at him, which exploded on impact, but instead of releasing him, the Bot holding him in his grip appeared to have left without a single scratch on him, in which made him smiled more as he witnessed the sudden shock on the human's face as his jaw completely dropped open.

Ironhide: Y'know, you actually remind me of someone who happens to also take in uses of bows and arrows, only he's more redder, and doesn't look ridiculous.

Angry Archer: Oh, come on now, stop complementing on my clothing! It's what I wear to have the public recognize me!

Soon after he said that, the rest of the Autobot crew arrived, having witnessed his abilities.

Bumblebee: Yeah, I'm actually going with him on this one, you actually look really ridiculous.

Optimus: Good job Ironhide, you did a splendidly well with Organics then any other Bot we've known.

Jazz: Yeah, and nice upgrade too!

Ironhide: Thanks, I actually like the new wheels.

Soon enough, the sirens started to sound more loud, as the local Detroit police force arrived on the scene, as citizens and personnel around the area started to cheer happily, seeing the Autobots that saved them from their doom 6 months ago. Captain Fanzone then walked towards the Autobots with a small smile.

Fanzone: Okay, I'm not one to say, but I'm actually glad to be around Machines for once.

Optimus: Good to see you to Captain, how is Detroit holding up.

Fanzone: Well, it was a mess to clean up, but we're getting there, as long as you keep the damage to a minimum this time.

Ratchet: Can't promise you that, that's for sure.

Ironhide: (To Bumblebee and Jazz) So, I'm really confused, where do we put this Organic here?

Jazz: Yeah, let me take care of that.

He grabbed Archer from his Orange hands and then placed him right where the police are, and in time, they cuffed him and put him in a prison truck.

Ironhide: So, this is how most humans are like when we do something good?

Ratchet: Not all the time, but don't worry, you'll get used to it.

Fanzone: Alrighty then, I suppose the job is done, and you seem like you're going to be sticking around again, so I'll see you around.

Optimus: You can count on it. Autobots! Transform and Roll Out!

They all did as they were told, and then drove back into the same plant that had housed them before.

Ratchet: Well, good to be back in the place, so I can go take my Stasis naps, as long as Bumblebee doesn't ruin them

Bumblebee: Well yeah, at least not all the time!

Ironhide: (Chuckles) Ah, same ol' Bumbler, I can see.

Bumblebee: Hey, what's that supposed to mean?

They both engaged In a conversation as Jazz went ahead toward the hallway, and found Prowl's old room, in which didn't change that much in six full months.

Jazz: Huh, Prowl probably liked this spot right here.

Optimus: (Coming behind him) He actually did, and you can feel free to use it, if you want to that is.

Jazz: (Smiles) Well, Prowl would have wanted this to be alive more, since there's a tree over there, and probably needs to be watered.

Optimus: Actually, that's not how most trees are, but I'll go ahead and leave you to meditate.

Optimus left as he heard a commotion going on, as he headed back into the main area, walking to where Ratchet was just standing as he watched Ironhide, who was covered in pink paint, chase Bumblebee around the plant.


Bumblebee: What's the matter, don't like the paint job?

Optimus: What happened?

Ratchet: Oh yeah, when Ironhide had his back turned around, Bumblebee decided to use some pink paint and splash it all over him, and you could guess what happened next.

Optimus: Well, that's Bumblebee, that's for sure.

He watched as Ironhide finally caught Bee, pulled one of his Servos behind his back, and the other on his chin.

Ironhide: Alright, now say Uncle!

Bumblebee: (Grinding his Dentals) No!

Ironhide: Alright, how about... Now!

Bumblebee then felt like his servo was about to be crushed as he was screaming like crazy.

Bumblebee: (Yells) OW! OKAY! OKAY! YOU WIN! NOW LET ME GO!

Ironhide: (Smiles) Now, where's the word I'm looking for?

Bumblebee: (Still yelling) UNCLE! UNCLE! NOW LET ME GO!

Ironhide: (Smiling) There, wasn't that hard?

He let go as Bumblebee then gasped as he clutched his Servo, which felt extremely sore now, as Ironhide gave three pats on his back, one of them was kind of rough as Optimus and Ratchet looked on.

Ratchet: Yeah, something tells me this is gonna be like this for a while.

Optimus: Just give them time. Bumblebee said that he and Ironhide were in the same platoon together in the Academy, so in one way or another, they might get along with each other just fine.

Ratchet: As long as he doesn't keep throwing more pink at Hide, then we'll see.

Optimus: Well, if you think about it, Bumblebee is just a youngling, just like Bulkhead and Ironhide, and they'll get used to each other eventually.

Ratchet: Well then, we'll have to see, since Megatron is on the loose, and a lot of Decepticons on him, so we'll be seeing them again soon.

Optimus: And when we do, we'll be ready for them...

Meanwhile, inside an abandoned werehouse in Detroit, the deceased grey body of Starscream lies on a berth, while his female clone, Slipstream stands next to it

Slipstream: (Sighs) Why do I get the feeling in my processors that this is a waste of time, since Starscream went offline a long time ago, and yet, here we are, in our possession his corpse.

?: Because he can help us...

From the shadows, reveals a Blue and Yellow robot with a Decepticon symbol on his Chestplate, and red glowing in his visor, revealing Soundwave.

Soundwave: And if he does not cooperate, then I'll use the last of my reprograming tech on him, since it still has power from my last encounter with the Autobots.

Slipstream: Well then make it quick so I can't keep standing around staring at a body that's been offline for 6 Earth months!

Soundwave then proceeded to hold out an AllSpark Fragment, which Slipstream seems somewhat amused.

Slipstream: I'm gonna have to ask how you managed to find an AllSpark Fragment since there's rarely any after the giant cyclopses had this city nearly torn.

Soundwave: Long story.

He then placed the AllSpark Fragment into Starscream's empty Spark Chamber, and after doing so, his colors started to change from grey to his normal Purple and Yellow as his Optics grew Red, he let out a scream that startled them both.

Starscream: Foolish Ninjas! You cannot take away my- (Looks around the room and sees Slipstream and Soundwave) Oh, Slipstream, what are YOU doing here?! And who is this of a Decepticon?

Soundwave: Your worst nightmare if you don't comply.

Starscream: Oh and you're supposed to scare me? What are YOU going to do about it?

Soundwave: Considering we brought you back Online, you can either help us, or I'll have to reprogram you.

Starscream; (Sarcastic) Oh I'm scared... Please, you cannot be even more bluffing then you are.

Soundwave: Look around and see for yourself.

He looked, and then realized that his own Motherboard was hooked up as he was also tied up, wrist to ankle. Then he looked at them again.

Starscream: Oh come on now, this is also a bluff... Right?

Soundwave: (Goes to a terminal) Begin reprogramming sequence.

After his last sentence, there was mass amounts of pain going inside of his processors, as he had started to scream in pain while franticly moving his servos against the binds tied to him, and then after a long while, it stopped, and soon enough, Starscream became silent, in the first time since his resurrection, and gave Slipstream an amused look on her faceplate.

Soundwave: (Getting off of the terminal) Starscream, you are now reinstated as a loyal Decepticon, and you shall serve Megatron loyally to the fullest until you go Offline. Repeat what I said.

Starscream: I shall serve Megatron loyally to the fullest until I go Offline.

Slipstream: HA! It actually works!

Soundwave: Like I said, this was the last battery power I used since my last encounter with the Autobots, and after this reprogramming, there is no longer any means of use to reprogram.

Slipstream: Well, it doesn't matter, as long as he finally shuts up for a long time, I'm fine with it.

Soundwave: Wait a moment. (Visor starts glowing) My scans indicate a large amount of Decepticon Spark energies close to this planet, one of them including Megatron.

Slipstream: Then we'll have to let him know we're still down here, before he starts to land into some random continent of this rock.

As they started walking down the hallway along with the now reprogrammed Starscream, neither had noticed one of his own Optics twitching franticly, and one of his index digits twitch as well...

And finished! This has been one of the longest I have ever wrote, and I feel good writing this too, it kind of sheds some sort of light inside me, and helps too.

To be continued with the next episode of Transformers Animated, hope you enjoy, and have a nice day!