Episode 2: Freaky Friday

Transformers! Robots in Disguise! (Scene shows Optimus jumping and doing his normal pose.) Transformers! Robots in Disguise! (Scene now shows Ironhide running, and then jumping while another showing him turning into armor at the same time.) Autobots rage a battle to destroy! (Now showing Ratchet, doing his original pose while using his magnets, and then Bumblebee Transforming and shooting off his stingers, and finally Jazz using his Cyber ninja pose while transforming into a sports car.) The Decepticons! (Now showing the Decepticons) Transformers! (All the Autobots were now put in the back a bit as the title shows itself, and the intro ends with the Autobot symbol disappearing into the screen...)

It was an casual day in 22nd century Detroit, as everyone was having a meal in the Burger Bot, or hanging out in the street enjoying each other's company while dancing with the music playing out loud in the street. The Autobots on the other hand were too busy helping out with the damages that they had unfortunately left after their last fight with Megatron, as Optimus had used his Axe to get some Debris out of the street, and Ironhide with his strength, did some of the very heavy lifting as Ratchet had used his Magnets to lift them out, and Jazz had used his Cyber-Ninja training to carefully find some weak spots in wreckages that were blocking some of the streets and then turned to Bumblebee.

Jazz: Alright Bee, (Lifts his Servo up and points at the wreckage) shoot on that spot and that one over there!

Bumblebee then lifted his stingers and shot at the weak spots of the wreckage.

Bumblebee: Hey Boss Bot, I know we kinda wrecked the city, but why do I feel like I'm repairing Spacebridges again?

Optimus: We're here to repair some of the damages that Megatron had inflicted with the Lugnut Supremes, and they did most of their part in rebuilding, so now it's our part to help out.

Ratchet: (Grunts as he uses his Magnets to lift some debris out from the nearby street) Well, there's not a lot left, but that doesn't mean there's some that would need our kind of specialty.

Jazz: Hey dudes, hold up! I got some scans that indicate some AllSpark readings that's near where we are.

Ironhide: (Raised an Optic brow) I thought all the Fragments were put back together?

Ratchet: Not all of them, but there's not enough left in Detroit to begin with, but still very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Optimus: Okay then, let's stop what we're doing for now and find the source before someone else gets to it.

They all Transformed and headed to the location of the AllSpark Fragment, and once they got there, there were about to Transform into Robot mode until suddenly, Ratchet nearly hit a young teenage human boy who happens to be Sari's age, riding a skateboard from an alleyway, and his hair happens to be brown, curly, long about shoulder length, and wore a brown hoodie, black t-shirt, jeans, and some sneakers, and practically stops his tracks as the young teen happened to stop at the same time when he knocked himself off his board when he noticed the Red and White Ambulance was about to hit him by accident.

Ratchet: HEY! Watch where your going next time! (Drives off along with the others to the alleyway that the boy was in)

Teen: (Groans) Sorry!

He got up and grabbed his board, and he managed to find his backpack on the ground, and grabbed it, not noticing a glowing substance inside, and pretty much skated his way to school. As for the Autobots, when they finally Transformed back into Robot mode they happened to find no AllSpark Fragment what-so-ever.

Ratchet: You sure you're not having a Glitch in your systems, because we ain't seeing nothing right now.

Jazz: But it was still here when I detected it, at least I thought it was.

Ironhide: Hold on, you may be right about the signal, I'm starting to detect the AllSpark Fragment, but it's weird, the signal is moving away from us.

Bumblebee: Oh don't tell me that the Cons got to it before we did!

Optimus: Let's get to it before it disappears. Autobots! Transform and Roll Out!

An Autobot Shuttle lands on the area of two lone Decepticons, as the shuttle opens, it revealed Megatron, Barricade and Blitzwing in his icy personality. He walks toward the three, recognizes them all.

Megatron: Soundwave, Slipstream, it appears that you have something that you need to show me.

Soundwave: Indeed we do. (Presses a button on his remote)

The garage door of the werehouse opens, revealing a now reprogrammed Starscream, in which angered Megatron and does not hesitate to fly towards him and pressed him against the wall.

Megatron: Starscream! You have made a grave mistake in coming back here!

Starscream: (Voice dulled) My name is Starscream, and I shall serve you, Lord Megatron loyally until I go Offline.

Megatron: (Raises an Optic) What kind of trick are you playing at?

Soundwave: If I may interrupt, I took the liberty of reprograming the known traitor Starscream that Slipstream had told me about.

Slipstream: And he actually made my original to shut up for once!

Megatron: Hmm... And he will follow my every command?

Soundwave: It's what I reprogramed him to.

Megatron: Interesting... Starscream, raise your right Ped up.

Starscream: (He did what he was told and raises his foot up)

Megatron: (Smirks) Well, I never have thought to see the traitor to be at my will once more.

Blitzwing: (Icy) Interesting, it appears Starscream to be on our side. (Turns to Hot) Then that vould mean ve will use him as our punching bag! (Turns to Random) Oh! Or better yet, make him feed us lots of Oil! And clean our diry armor!

Barricade: So, what do we do with him now?

Megatron: Since Starscream has made up for his actions, he shall be on our side, and will take actions from me and Soundwave. (Comm beeps, and he answered, leaving it open for all Decepticons in his location to hear.) What is it Shockwave.

Shockwave: My liege, my scans indicate source of an Allspark Fragment in the continent that you are in! And it is located in the same Organic city we were left off on.

Soundwave: The Decepticon Shockwave is not wrong, I have also detected it after I had contacted you to our vicinity.

Megatron: Then in that case, Barricade, you shall take Blitzwing with you and get the Fragment we need, and do take pleasure in taking out whatever stands in your way.

Barricade: It will be done.

They then transformed as Barricade drove and Blitzwing flew.

Blitzwing: (Icy) You know, zou should grab a disguise for yourzelf in case we happen to run into Autobots.

Barricade: I can take care of myself, but I suppose I wouldn't mind getting something new.

He then noticed a police car, which looked to be a Muscle with a spoiler in the back, and then starts to copy it, and soon enough turns into his Earth mode, now showing primary Black, secondary white, and 3rd outer color Red.

Barricade: Hm, it'll do. (Transforms into his new car mode, and drives off with Blitzwing flying ahead of him.)

The same teenager from before arrived at his local High School, where a lot of cars were parked and average high school students were chatting and the cheerleaders were practicing for a pep rally. He continued to walk inside and go to his locker when he bumped into a pretty blonde girl, who was wearing a blue shirt, shorts, and some brown leather boots. He also happened to have accidently knocked her books down.

Teen: Oh, I'm so sorry about that!

Blonde: Oh it's okay

Teen: (Crouches) Here, why don't I help you out. I totally did not mean to do that, it was uncool of me to do that.

Blonde: (Smiling while giggling) Really, It's fine, it was an accident.

Teen: (Gives her the last book) Okay, that should be it. I hope you have a nice day.

Blonde: You to-

?: HEY! CURLY FRIES! You're not stealing my girl are you?

They turned around to see a high school jock whose hair was orange, and and his jacket was consisting of high school colors blue and yellow, and wore some jeans and sneakers.

Blonde: Relax Trevor! He was just helping me grab my text books.

Trevor: (Glaring at him) Yeah, I can see he's doing such a fine job "Helping"

Teen: Look buddy, I bumped into her by accident, and her books just fell all over the floor, and I had to help her out.

Trevor: Well then maybe you should watch where you're going! (Pushes him as he stumbles back against the lockers.)

Blonde: UGH! Get a life Trevor! (Storms off)

Trevor: Baby wait! (Glares at him) Look at what you did, you creep!

Teen: (Glares) Well excuse me for trying to apologize to your girlfriend for her books!

Right when there was about to be a scene, the bell rang, and everybody started to head into their classes. The jock just stared at him.

Trevor: You better watch yourself.

He stormed off, as the Teenager just sighed as he opened his locker to put his Skateboard in, and then closed it to see a pony tailed brunette standing next to his locker, she wore a green cotton jacket with a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and shoes.

Brunette: (Smiling) You have a death wish.

Teen: (Rolls his eyes) Don't get me started. I mean I try to be helpful, and I end up getting jerks in my face all of the sudden. Not to mention I nearly got run over by an Ambulance.

Brunette: (Eyes widen) Jeez, are you alright?

Teen: Well, I just knocked myself off my skateboard when that I saw him, so yeaah... You could say I'm just Fantastic.

Brunette: Well, I don't think Mom would literally go crazy if she found out about that part.

Teen: No kidding Sis.

Brunette: Come on, we'll be late for History Class.

Teen: Yeah, like I didn't know Tessa.

She just rolled her eyes as she carried her bag to the classroom with her Brother, and immediately got in just as the late bell had just rung. They noticed that they a substitute today, since their teacher was missing.

Teen: Huh, they've run out of robot Subs then?

Tessa: Probably going back and forth.

Substitute: Hello class, I am your substitute for today, since Mrs. Griffiths is sick today. So let us just roll and we'll get started.

He started to take up roll call, as each person was saying "Here" whenever he called upon his/her name.

Substitute: Okay um, Is "Cade Yeager" here?

Cade: (Raises his hand) Yeah, that's me sir.

Substitute Teacher: And Tessa Yeager?

Tessa: Here.

Substitute: Okay, I think that's it, so why don't we all get started class!

After some time passed, the Autobots traced the AllSpark Signal to Detroit High, and stopped into a street across the football field, as they Transformed back into Robot Mode.

Ironhide: So the AllSpark Fragment managed to move itself into... What's this place now?

Optimus: It's one of the Earth Schools where the young learn their education. It's similar to our customs on Cybertron, only a little different.

Jazz: So what do we do now Bossbot?

Optimus: Well, I don't think it's wise to disrupt a place of learning.

Bumblebee: Hey guys, I don't know if you noticed, BUT WE GOT COMPANY!

Bumblebee pointed at the sky where the team turned and looked at a Decepticon Aircraft, revealing to be the three face changer Blitzwing.

Blitzwing: (Hot) Autobots! Hand over the Fragment! Or prepare to be crushed! (Shoots Fire blasts at them)

They all dodged the shots he made as Optimus has Battle Mask activated along with his Axe.

Optimus: It's not safe with civilians out in the open! We need to draw fire away from the School!

Bumblebee: Then let me do the talking! HEY BLITZWING! LET'S DANCE! (Shoots his Stingers at Blitzwing)

Blitzwing: (Gets shot by Bumblebee, and gets knocked back a little bit as his personality changes to Random) Oh you vish to dance? THEN LET'S DANCE! (Starts laughing as he shoots both Fire and Ice at Bumblebee)

Having gotten his attention, Bumblebee Transformed into Car Mode and drove away from the High School, with the others following them.

Ironhide: I didn't know Bumbler had new Stingers!

Ratchet: I'll explain later! Now let's move!

They drove after Blitzwing as he chased Bumblebee in his vehicle mode. None of them noticed a non-suspecting Police Car with a Decepticon Symbol casually droved onto the school parking lot, waiting...

Sometime later after History, Cade was now in the gym playing Basketball in his free time, as he had made some hoops and then as he walked back to the bleachers, Trevor, who unfortunately shared the same class, "Accidently" shoved his shoulder through him, shoving him a bit as he looked behind him to see the Jock smirking.

Trevor: (Innocently) Oops. (Chuckles)

Cade looked like he wanted to give him the bird, but he didn't do so as he went to sit down. Soon enough, the Blonde girl from before, now wearing a gym outfit, walked towards Cade and sat next to him.

Blonde: Hi, it's me, you know, the one with an angry boyfriend.

Cade: (Eyes widen) Oh, hi there! How are you doing?

Blonde: Fine, although I had to break up with Trevor, after what happened this morning.

Cade: You sure it's a good idea to be around me then? Because I think your Ex hates me now.

Blonde: Yeah, shows him right for being a jerk. (Smiles)

Cade: Well, uh, I hope I didn't rip any pages in those books.

Blonde: It's fine, it's just paper, I mean, it's not the end of the world... Well, when it comes to really big giant Robots, maybe just a little bit hopefully.

Cade: Heh, yeah, and all we have to wait for is zombies to eat our brains.

They both laughed as Trevor looked at them with a glare, and then he went back to playing with his friends as Cade and the Blonde girl talked.

Blonde: So... Your name is... Cade... Right?

Cade: Yeah, and what should I call you?

Blonde: (Smiles) Maggie, Maggie Madsen.

Cade: Nice to meet you Maggie.

Maggie: You too, and did you have people telling you that you have really great hair?

Cade: Oh believe me, I get that from a lot of people.

Maggie: (Giggles) So my friends are going to be busy at lunch today, so I was wondering if you were... You know... Available?

Cade: (Smiles) It's a date.

Maggie: (Smiles) Sweet! So I'll see you later?

Cade: See you later.

She smiles as she left, giving him a wink before going to her friends. Soon after, another student sat next to him, as he appeared to have shaved hair, and had some weight on him.

?: uh, was that Trevor's girlfriend back there?

Cade: Ex-girlfriend actually, and uh, I think we're going to be dating now.

?: You realize that Trevor is going to be ballistic about this, right?

Cade: (Smiling) Oh-ho, I know that pretty well Glen, just well. And so does she.

Soon afterwards, the lunch bell rang and Cade got back into his regular clothes as did Maggie, and then walked out of school towards the Burger Bot, unaware of Trevor, with a couple of his friends, following them in his car, who were also unaware of the cop car mirroring their actions.

Bumblebee Led Blitzwing into the construction site, where there was nobody working there, and no one else that could be harmed. He then shoots at Blitzwing, who got hit, and then crashed right onto the dirt.

Bumblebee: What's the matter, does it Stings?

Blitzwing Then turns to Icy as he then fires his cannon set on Ice, at Bumblebee, who had nearly dodged it when his leg got caught in the freeze.

Bumblebee: (Grunts, then looks at Blitzwing and prepares to shoot at him until his own Servos get frozen, as he looks back with a glare) Okay, now that's just being unfair!

Blitzwing: (Icy) Perhaps you've had enough fun right now little Autobot. (Turns to Random) Now it's time to Sqaush the little bug! (Laughs manically)

Optimus: Not if we can help it!

Blitzwing turned around, only to be punched in his Faceplate by Ironhide, Whose Servo was turned into steel to add an extra with that as he crouched down to Bumblebee and lightly punched the ice covering his limbs, while Optimus had swung his Axe at Blitzwing, cutting his shoulder and Ratchet using his Magnets on him and Jazz finally kicked him right on Hothead's faceplate, knocking him down to the ground. They all gathered around him as he lies in the dirt.

Bumblebee: Well, that's at least one Decepticreep down.

Jazz: (Grabs Stasis Cuffs) Sentinel is gonna be happy to be having one Decepticon out, if he is happy that is.

Optimus: Something's not right here, Blitzwing usually is tough to beat, but we managed to do that just easily.

Ratchet: That's not a good sign either (Notices something in his scans) What the-? The AllSpark Fragment moved again!

Ironhide: How?

Right before he could answer, Blitzwing fired his cannons, freezing Optimus, Jazz, and Ratchet, while Bumblebee and Ironhide dodged it barely as Blitzwing got up and calls somebody on his com link.

Blitzwing: (Icy) Barricade, have you retrieved the fragment?

Barricade: I'm about to, find me and and stay on the sky for safe keeping.

Blitzwing: (Random) I don't mind flying, to blow up things! (Laughs as he starts to transform)

Bumblebee: Oh no you don't!

He suddenly jumps on Blitzwing, who had just turned into an aircraft, as Ironhide also did the same as they were up in the air flying recklessly through the city while fighting to get Stasis Cuffs on him.

Blitzwing: (Hot) Stupid Autobots! Get your own wings to fly! (Spins around and around and around until they both let go at the same time)

Suddenly they were falling to the ground with Bumblebee screaming, as they were about to meet the bridge, Ironhide then turned to Shield Armor as he grabbed Bumblebee and then suddenly landed on heavy impact as Bumblebee laid on top of Ironhide's Chestplate, who was back into a bright Orange as he took some intakes.

Bumblebee: (Optics widen) Whoa, looks like you did not like the landing either.

Ironhide: (Still taking some Intakes while smiling) ...been...through...worse... (Holding out coordinates from Blitzwing as he continued to Intake)

Cade and Maggie arrived at the Burger Bot as they got out off of Maggie's motorcycle.

Cade: (Takes off his helmet) Okay, you have one of the sweet bike right now, I'm telling you!

Maggie: I get that a lot (Takes off her helmet) My Ex preferred to ride in his car, and he wouldn't even let me ride shotgun. (Walks inside with Cade, as they ordered what they wanted and sat down on a table.)

Cade: Okay, why did you dated him?

Maggie: Because I thought he was nice, until later, on our first date, he decided to look up something on his phone, while I talking to him about my favorite color!

Cade: Seriously?

Maggie: Yeah seriously! Well for all I care, he can go single, because that is just plain ridiculous.

Trevor: What's ridiculous?

They both turned to see Trevor in front of their table along with two jocks.

Trevor: So, you decide to ditch me right when you find a new guy, huh?

Maggie: I've been thinking about breaking up with you since you put some guy's head in the toilet!

Trevor: Well, one, that nerd deserved it, and two. (Turns to Cade) Time to learn a lesson of taking another guy's girl!

They suddenly grabbed him by his hoodie as they dragged him out of the Burger Bot, while Maggie went outside with them, and one of the Jocks holding both of Cade's arms while putting both of his fists behind his neck, and the other holding Maggie away from Trevor as he grabbed a Baseball Bat. The restaurant robot employees stared at the scene along with some of the customers.

Manager: Will somebody call the cops and tell them that these three lunatics are messing with my customers!

Employee: Uh sir? I think there's already one over there. (Points at a Cop car.)

Trevor: Alright, I usually do this whenever I decide to break someone's car, but since you don't have one, I don't mind changing things up a bit. (Smirks devilishly)

Cade: Oh I get it... You think you're so tough when you have that nice Bat of yours, and two of your fellow football players tend to be your muscle, but really, you're nothing but a chicken who's afraid to even lift a punch even if he wanted to.

Maggie: Cade, don't make him angry!

Trevor: Oh but I insist! If "Cade" here wants to have smart mouth, then I'll show him what happens to those people...

He then lifted a baseball bat until there was a Siren that rang out, and then everybody turned to the Police Car, just 10 feet away from them.

Trevor: (Growls) Consider yourself lucky Loser.

All three of them started to stop what they were doing as the one holding his arms let go and the other did the same for Maggie. All Trevor did was let go of his Baseball Bat and put his hands over his head, which the other two did the same. However, as Maggie hugged Cade to death, there was no sound of a police officer getting out of the car, which left everybody confused.

Jock: Uh... Is that guy going to get out or what?

Little did they know, the patrol car itself had a mind of it's own as the scene suddenly turned Red as the vehicle started to scan the five, and so far, the highest heat signature that was spotted in Cade. Inside the car, there was a low chuckle.

?: Found you...

Suddenly, without warning, the Police car suddenly undergone a transformation in front of everybody, as the doors suddenly pulled inside, extending two arms, and started to rise up as legs started to appear, and some parts of what looks like armor started to appear in parts of the car, which however was no longer considered a car in everybody's eyes right now, as they widen in shock as it soon Transformed into a robot body, as the head suddenly appeared, it's eyes glowing Red as a purple symbol appeared on what looks like to be his chest. After that all it did was stare right back into the group.

Barricade: You... In the hoodie, give me that AllSpark Fragment.

Cade: (Takes a step back as he raised one brow) Uh... What now?

Barricade: (Suddenly, he then activated his blaster and pointed at the five, leaving them all wide eyed and mostly terrified.) I won't ask again... And I certainly, will not kindly take no for an answer.

Trevor: (Looks at Cade) Well! He's talking to you! Give him what he wants!

Cade: Don't look at me! You also have a weapon pointed at you too! (Turns to Barricade) Um, listen pal, I honestly have no clue what you're talking about, I mean, I don't have an AllSpark Fragment or whatever you would call it, but hey, maybe you might have the wrong guy... Or-

Barricade then growls as he grabbed Cade and slammed him down on Trevor's car.

Maggie: CADE!

Trevor: MY CAR! (Gets whacked in the stomach by Maggie, using his Bat) OOF!

Barricade: (Puts his Helm close towards the Human's face as he crouches) Listen to me you pathetic Organic, if you don't give me what in want in the next 30 Nano-Clicks, then you and all the Organics over there will get obliterated right there and that! (Starts to point his blaster towards the group, as well as the customers and employees inside, who all have fearful expressions going inside, as some started to get out of the restaurant.)

Cade: (Leans back against the broken glass of Trevor's front rear window) Look! I don't know what you're talking about! I'm serious! I don't have your Fragment or whatever! And if you still think that, then why don't you check me or something! Empty out my pockets, strip me naked, I dunno, JUST STOP POINTING THAT THING AT EVERYBODY, AND DON'T EVEN SHOOT ANYBODY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Barricade: Then you'll be happy to know that the only thing I'm shooting at is YOU. (Stands up and points his blaster at Cade.)

?: Hey!

Barricade turns around only to be run over by a Orange Truck, as it suddenly gone over the same transformation as the Police car did, and soon enough turned into a robot ahead of time, as he glares at the Decepticon.

Ironhide: Why don't you pick someone of your own size!

Barricade growled as he then gets into a fist fight with the Orange Mech, as he grabbed Trevor's car and thrown it at him, in which he rolled over it, and it exploded right behind him as Ironhide landed a punch at Barricade, while Steve just looks at what used to be his ride.

Trevor: MY CAR!

Jock: (Grabs his arm) Come on dude! We need to get out of here!

The Jocks then ran away from the scene, as Cade and Maggie ran to her motorcycle, but immediately stopped their tracks as Barricade fired his cannon at Ironhide, who quickly turned to Shield Armor as it's sonic blast deflected the armor, unintentionally destroying Maggie's bike in the process.

Maggie: Oh man, my aunt's gonna kill me.

Cade: Okay, now what!

Suddenly, there was a honk, and they both turned to a Yellow Compact car with a black sports stripe lined across, as the door was open, and nobody was inside. They didn't bother to ask questions as they quickly got inside the vehicle, and slammed shut the doors shut, and suddenly, it made a noise.

Sports car: OW! Be careful when you shut doors!

Both their eyes widen simultaneously.

Maggie: Cade, is someone in the back?

Cade: (Looks behind him) No, I don't se- (Eyes widen) Wait, what did it say about shutting doors?

Then out of nowhere, both car doors started to lock as if it had a mind of it's own, and sure enough, they weren't wrong.

Sports car: Um, I think the correct term for this kind of situation is to stay calm?

Cade and Maggie looked at each other as they were both screaming and freaking out at the same, trying get out of the talking car.

Cade: Please don't kill us on Friday! Especially on Friday!

Sports car: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Will you both relax? I'm not going to offline anybody, I'm here to help!

Maggie: And how in the world are we supposed to trust your word!?

Sports car: Because, I'm an Autobot! You know, the good bots that help!

Cade: Autobots... (Then widens his eyes) HEY! You're the ones that saved Detroit a while back! I remember now!

Sports Car: Greaaaat, names Bumblebee, now put your seatbelts on!

Maggie: Why should we do that?

Suddenly, Ironhide is seen thrown back towards the ground as Barricade then spots the two inside Bumblebee, making his expression turn into an angry one as he starts to growl while grinding his dentals at them.

Bumblebee: I'm pretty sure you know from his expression.

Cade: DRIVE!

Wheels started to move as Bumblebee then nearly runs over Barricade, who had nearly stumbled back, and turns to the yellow sports car.

Barricade: Oh no you don't, YOU'RE NOT GETTING AWAY THAT EASILY! (Transforms into his Car Mode and chases Bumblebee.)

Ironhide laid on his back as he watched Bumblebee get chased by the Decepticon, and he groans in pain while trying to move, as his com link started to activate.

Optimus: Ironhide! Where are you and Bumblebee!

Ironhide: I'm somewhere in the city, near the "Burger-bot", and I've been hit pretty hard! Bumblebee is right now being chased by a Decepticon who was attacking the Organics!

Optimus: Okay, we're tracking you and Bumblebee's Spark Signatures now! Don't move from your location, I'm sending Ratchet to you now. Me and Jazz will handle the Decepticon!

Ironhide: Oh don't worry Prime... (Groans in pain) I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon.

Tessa was walking around her school looking for her brother, since she hasn't seen in half of the lunch time, he wasn't answering his phone, and so far, there wasn't any luck finding him. So she went to find Glen Whitmann, since he's one of the only friends that she knows that is friends with Cade. She then finds him sitting on a table under a tree, playing something on his phone. She walks up to him and snatches his phone away.

Glen: HEY! What gives Tess?! Give me back my phone!

Tessa: Sure. (Hands over the phone, but before he could grab it, she raises it back.) Right after you tell me where my Brother has gone just so I know he's not into mischief.

Glen: Oh, Cade? Yeah, he's with that pretty girl, Maggie Madsen.

Tessa: (Raises a brow) What on earth is Cade doing with Maggie Madsen?

Glen: On a date.

Tessa: Oh, well then where are they at?

Glen: Last time I saw him, he was riding behind her in her bike, and that's it pretty much.

Tessa: Well, I hope Cade himself with her, because she was dating this monkey Jock named Steve before she broke up with him, just today.

Glen: Well actually, I did see Steve get in his car with two of his friends...

Tessa: (Sighs) This can't get any better.

Suddenly, Glen's phone rang, and she seen it and saw a text saying to check out the news.

Glen: Hey! Don't be looking up my messages! I keep it personal as I can!

Tessa ignores him as she clicked on the link that the text sent, and then she found a news channel website with reports of an event going on at the Burger-Bot. Glen, even though is still annoyed with her using his phone/data, couldn't help but look at what she was watching.

Newscaster: We are getting reports of a recent Decepticon activity in the location of the Burger-Bot, as the recording what was thought to be the police making an arrest at three High School students that were seemingly trying to inflict physical harm to a student, when suddenly, the car transformed itself, and started to threaten one of the students... We'll show a clip of the video in moments...

After she was done talking, the clip then showed a Black and White Decepticon, with Red being the 3rd color, slamming Cade onto Steve's car, which Tessa and Glen's eyes widen as the clip showed him to be threatening Cade with a blaster, then the clip showed an Orange Truck running the Con over, as it transformed into an Autobot, and began to fight the Decepticon while it showed Cade being with Maggie, going inside a Yellow Sports car, in which had seemingly opened the doors by itself, and it drove off, nearly hitting the Decepticon and then started to chase it after leaving the Orange Autobot laying on the ground. Then it started showing a live recording of the Decepticon chasing after the Yellow Sports car, as the Newscaster was describing the event taking place. She then turned off the phone and went out of the school.

Glen: Hey, where are you going?!

Tessa: To get my Brother, that's what! Now are you coming or not!?

Glen was about to protest when he realized she still had his phone with her.

Glen: (Whimpering) Oh man, I'm gonna regret this.

Bumblebee: So why was this guy trying to put you offline?! (Dodges a blast)

Cade: I don't know! We were just hanging out when suddenly, he started point his gun at us!

Bumblebee: Jeez, what did you do to him?!

Cade: I don't know! He just shouted at us and threatened to shoot us!

Optimus: (Through Comms) Bumblebee! where are you!

Bumblebee: I'm at the highway! I have a Decepticon chasing after me and two other Organics!

Optimus: Okay, Jazz and I are on our way! Just hang in there!

Bumblebee: (turns to Cade and Maggie) So, I haven't gotten your names exactly.

Cade: It's Cade, Cade Yeager, and this is Maggie Madsen.

Maggie: (Somewhat nervous) Hi...

Bumblebee: (Suddenly gets shot) Hang on!

Bumblebee then Transformed into Robot Mode as he made some rough landing spots and made sure to hold Cade and Maggie on tight, as he slid down the road. Barricade then Transformed back into his Robot mode and stares at the three, mostly at Bumblebee with the expression of familiarity going inside his Processors.

Barricade: (It's you again... After all those Stellar Cycles...)

Bumblebee: (Turns to the two.) Cade! Maggie! I need you both to hide! I'm going to take care of the Decepticreep!

Maggie: Okay, just be careful!

They ran off to hide in one of the cars as Bumblebee stayed with Barricade.

Bumblebee: Alright, I'm not sure why you think that the AllSpark Fragment is with these two, but you're definitely not going to get them, that's what I know.

Barricade: (Chuckles) So, you don't remember me, do you?

Bumblebee: (Raised an Optic Brow.) Uh... Should I?

Barricade: (Smiles sinisterly) Not really, but you're about to. (Activated his Blaster to shoot at Bumblebee)

Bumblebee: (Activates his Stingers and Battle Mask and starts to shoot at the Decepticon)

They both were at this until Bumblebee shot him in the shoulder, making him wince at the pain.

Bumblebee: Ha! Take that!

Barricade: (Chuckles) You know, I'm surprised by two things... One is that your Stingers are now upgraded, and the 2nd is that you can't even remember me after almost a thousand Stellar Cycles, and 3rd... (Notices a figure behind the Yellow Minibot.) You can't even notice that someone is behind you.

Bumblebee: (Raised a brow) Oh, nice try! Like I would be so dumb to actually fall for tha-

Bumblebee didn't have time to move or finish as Blitzwing had blasted him from behind, and struggled to get up, but only have a foot pressed down on his back as Barricade looks at him.

Blitzwing: (Hot) That was for making my plates dirty!

Barricade: About time you came, I had to go take on these Autobots by myself.

Blitzwing: (Icy) Forgive me Barricade, apparently I have lost my Map Coordinates.

Barricade: Whatever, let's just get the Fragment and get going.

Blitzwing: (Icy) I'm not so sure we have time for that. (Switches to Random.) BECAUSE WE HAVE SOME GUESTS COMING! (Points at Jazz and Optimus as he laughs crazily)

Barricade: Frag. (Looks around and spots the Blonde girl) Okay, grab the Autobot, I'll go grab that Femme.

Blitzwing: (Icy) Does she have the Fragment?

Barricade: No, but it gives me an idea. (Transforms into Car Mode) I'll be right back.

Maggie was hiding with Cade when she realized she left something.

Maggie: My bracelet! (Gets out of her hiding spot)

Cade: Maggie wait!

Maggie didn't respond as she got her necklace, but was too slow to react as Barricade suddenly drove towards and Transformed to Robot Mode as he grabs her with his big, Black hand, making her scream while he does so.


Barricade then Transforms back into Car mode and drives back to Blitzwing, now carrying Bumblebee by restraining his Servos, and Barricade Transforms back into Robot Mode as he carries Maggie in a tight grip, as Optimus and Jazz arrived.

Optimus: (Notices them holding Bumblebee and Maggie) Let them go right now!

Barricade: Sure, right after we trade the AllSpark for their lives, but first, how could this be a proper way of negotiating when we're out in the open?

Barricade points his blaster up and fires at the channel news helicopter, hitting at the back as it starts to spin uncontrollably. Then he grins as he looks back at the Autobots.

Barricade: See you around Autobots.

The Decepticons transformed as Blitzwing carried Bumblebee by using a cable, who's floating underneath his plane mode, and Barricade holding Maggie inside his Car Mode. Optimus and Jazz then looks at the Chopper.

Optimus: (On his Comlink) Ratchet! We're gonna need your Magnets right about now!

Ratchet: (In his Car Mode driving along with Ironhide.) Right ahead of you Prime!

Ratchet then Transforms back into Robot Mode and then activated his Magnets as they shot Pink Electricity toward the News Copter, making it stop in mid air as he lands it gently to the ground, as the Robot pilot and cameraman then got out of the chopper, while the Human reporter did the same, but runs away in fright. Everybody looked as Bumblebee is struggling to get out of Blitzwing, as they regrouped and gathered around.

Ironhide: What did those Decepticreeps want with the Bumbler?

Jazz: As some big bad hostage situation, that's what.

Optimus: And they think we have the AllSpark Fragment now.

Ratchet: Well that's just rather convenient, what makes those dumb Cons think we have it?

Optimus: It doesn't matter at this point, right now the Decepticons have Bumblebee, and they've also taken one of the Organics hostage.

Cade: HEY! Autobots!

They all turned around to see Cade running towards them as he stopped in front of them.

Ratchet: What do yo- (Optics widen a bit) Wait, you're that same Organic I nearly ran over earlier!

Cade: (Eyes widen) Wait, that was you? Never mind, listen, those robots with the red eyes, they took my friend, and you need to go help her! And I can help!

Optimus: Don't worry, we'll get your friend back, just let us handle it.

Cade: Wait! You don't understand, those guys want me! They attacked us because they think I have something that they want!

Jazz: Well, what do you have exactly?

Cade: I don't know! I don't even know what THEY were talking about! (Took off his backpack.) Just check me out! I have nothing on me, seriously! I'm just a teenager! I don't really matter that much! I'm not even that important, not to you guys really! (Puts his hand on a zipper) And I honestly, really, do not have anything that's so impor-

He unzipped his backpack, and suddenly his own backpack started to glow a very bright blue, as he stepped back and he covered his eyes, as did the Autobots, and then they all looked back into his bag, and it revealed a glowing crystal just sitting right inside, as he widens his eyes in amazement and shock as the others looked at him with wide Optics.

Cade: (Looks back and forth between Autobots and the Fragment) This... This definitely is not what it looks like...

Ironhide: How did you find it?

Ratchet: I don't think he did... (Flashback showing) In fact, I believe that when this kid at rided his skateboard, the Fragment somehow managed to find him before I almost ran him over, and his backpack must've been open at the time when it fell from it's place. (Flashback over.)

Cade: Aw man, I really need to zip up my backpack more often.

Suddenly, everyone's comms started to go off as Optimus picks it up first.

Optimus: Bumblebee! Are you alright? Where are you!

Barricade: (Using Bumblebee's Comm.) Some place far away from here, and if you don't do what we say, then I don't think this Minibot and the Human girl will live to see another Solar Cycle. Oh, and you can call me Barricade by the way.

Jazz: Okay, just chill out for a moment and don't do anything drastic. Just what do you want from us?

Barricade: What we want, is that AllSpark Fragment we were looking for. And in case you haven't noticed, one of the Organics has it apparently, and if you have scanners on you, then you probably would have found it right about now.

Optimus: What have you done with our teammate and the Organic!?

Barricade: Relax, we haven't done anything harmful to them... (He gave a sinister smile as he looked at Bumblebee and Maggie, who were both frozen by Blitzwing's cannons, as both of their heads were left out unfrozen and Blitzwing stands guard of them at the pier) Yet...

Optimus: Let them go Barricade! They have nothing to do with this!

Barricade: I'll tell you what... If you want them so badly, then why don't you meet us at the docks, and I insist you hurry, because you have 30 Earth minutes to get here, and if you don't reach that time... (Grips Bumblebee by the side of his Helm as he crouched next to him, staring at his Blue frightened Optics as he starts to whimper when Barricade activated his red blade from his right Servo and held it up against Bumblebee's neck while carrying a grin on his Faceplate.) Then you'll have some blood on your hands. And make sure to bring the other Organic with you. Time's running short.

The call ended as everyone started to receive coordinates to the docks.

Ratchet: I think that's our invitation.

Jazz: What do we do now O.P.?

Optimus: We'll do what he says for now, and we'll see it from there.

Ironhide: So does this mean we're taking him with us? (Turning to Cade.)

Optimus: Only if he wants to. (Crouches down and looks down at Cade.) You don't have to come with us. You can just leave your bag and we'll be on our way.

Cade stares to the ground and becomes silent for a brief time. Then he looks back up at Optimus.

Cade: Those robots took my friend away, and he took your friend too, and he protected me and now those same ones that took Maggie, took Bumblebee away, because they, were after this. (Grabs his glowing backpack, and raises it up, and then put it down as he continues to look up at Optimus.) And you know what... I want to stay... And I want to fight them... If I have to at least.

Optimus: Okay then, if you say so. (Gets up and turns to his team.) Autobots! Transform and Roll Out!

Everybody did so as they all Transformed into Car Mode, as Cade stepped back with a blankless expression.

Optimus: (Opens his door.) Hop in!

Cade grabs his backpack on after he zipped it back up, and went inside Optimus as he sets it aside.

Optimus: You may want to put on your seatbelt, it's going to get a little bumpy.

Cade: (Does what he says and puts the strap over him.) Thank you for letting me come with you.

Optimus: Not a problem. What you're doing right now is very brave.

Cade: I honestly don't care as long as we get our friends back.

Ratchet: So do you got a name? Or are we just gonna call you "Organic" all day?

Cade: My name is Cade.

Optimus: And mine is Optimus.

Cade: Yeah, I already know who you are. Except for the Orange guy.

Ironhide: It's Ironhide.

Everyone then drove off to their destination, while a car pulls up and starts to trail them, on the inside revealing Tessa and Glen, who was wearing an Orange t-shirt and Yellow shorts.

Glen: Jeez, what is wrong with Cade! If I were him, I'd leave it and go far away from here!

Tessa: (Looks at the road.) Well, my Brother has gone with them, and so are we.

Glen: For real?!

Tessa: Want your ride back to school?

Glen: (About to say something, but then sighs in defeat.) Let's follow them.

Tessa: Great, now here. (Gives Glen back his phone.) Once we get to wherever they're heading, call the actual cops.

Glen: Well, okay.

About twenty minutes later, and the two Decepticons were still waiting for the Autobots to arrive, as Bumblebee and Maggie were still frozen, as Blitzwing in every 5 minutes would re-freeze the block of ice that held them there, causing Maggie to shiver from the cold as the sun covers everyone in a bright golden glow.

Maggie: (Shivering.) H-How... l-l-long... w-will t-they... b-b-be he-here?

Bumblebee: Not that long. Don't worry, they'll be here.

Blitzwing: (Icy) Perhaps you shouldn't be so sure about it Autobot. (Turns to Hot as he puts his face into Bumblebee's) Because maybe we'll end up crushing you, and make sure to not leave a trace of you left!

Barricade: (Puts a Servo on his shoulder) Relax Blitz, he's not wrong, the Autobots never dare to leave one of their own behind, especially a Youngling. Although I still have no idea why they, in particular, have a compassion for these Organics. (Turns to Maggie) I mean, all they do is bare soft skin, and they get easily cold from freezing temperatures.

Bumblebee: Hey! Just because their Organics doesn't mean they have feelings too!

Barricade: (Chuckles as he crouches down to Bumblebee) Oh, and you're the expert on Organics?

Bumblebee: Well... (Optics roll up to his left) Not really... (Looks back at Barricade) But that doesn't excuse you for being mean to them!

Barricade: (Chuckles more as he gripped tightly on Bumblebee's chin, making his Blue Optics gaze at him) Oh Autobots... They all have a sense of compassion, and they don't even see it as their weakness. You know, I would have thought you have learned that by now, but I suppose you were a Sparkling back then.

Bumblebee: (Stares at Barricade as his Optics grew wide in confusion) Who... Are you, exactly?

Barricade: The name's Barricade, and you could say I'm someone you used to remember... (Notices the Autobots approaching) Well, as much as I like to tell you a story, I think that'll have to wait for now... Your friends arrived...

The Cons turned around as the Autobots drove in their direction.

Optimus: Everyone knows the plan?

Jazz: Yeah, let's do this.

Optimus: Cade?

Cade: (Takes a deep breath) I'm ready.

Everyone Transformed as they stood up, and Optimus put Cade down as he grabbed his backpack on and stood with the Autobots.

Optimus: We have what you want, now let them go.

Blitzwing: (Random) Wonderful! Now it's ours! (Flies towards them)

Barricade: Wait. (Grabs Blitzwing's leg and throws him back behind him)

Blitzwing: (Hot) HEY! What was that for!?

Barricade: For going too fast on this. I want to do a check up on the boy first, and see if he has the Fragment. (Optics glow as he scans Cade for the AllSpark Fragment. They detect the energy residue on him as he grins) He's got it.

Cade: You got me, now let them go.

Barricade: Oh relax kid, I only just want your backpack, you can do whatever you want after you give it towards us.

Cade: If you insist.

Cade walks up and throws his bag toward the Decepticons as it landed a few feet away from them.

Barricade: Alright, time to grab what we came for.

Blitzwing: (Icy) I agree. (Hot) But don't think that I'll let go of what you did just now!

Barricade scoffs as they went to Cade's backpack and Barricade picked it up with Black index Digits, and ripped it open slightly, only to find a device inside, but no Fragment.

Barricade: (Picks up device) Okay, now what-?

Suddenly, the device detonated as heavy pieces of foam began to stick on their Optics, making try them claw the foam out, but to no avail, since it sticks pretty well.

Barricade: (Yells in pain) My Fragging Optics! (Snarls)

Blitzwing: (Hot) I can't see!

Optimus: Ironhide! Use your armor and get Bumblebee and the Organic out of the ice! (To Cade) Cade, you go with Ironhide.

Cade: Okay, and by the way, that Organic's name is Maggie, in case you were wondering. (Jumps onto Ironhide's hand and is placed on his shoulder as he get a good grip on his helmet) Hey, does it hurt when I hold onto you like this?

Ironhide: No, but it kinda annoys me. (Runs towards Bumblebee and Maggie still trapped in ice as he stopped to put Cade down) Do I have to get you out of everything now?

Bumblebee: Hey, I can handle myself pretty good!

Ironhide: Sure you could. (Color turns into metal as he raised a fist and punched it, not too hard for Maggie's sake as the Ice gets destroyed)

Cade: Maggie! (Goes to her as she nearly fell to the ground)

Maggie: (Looks up at Cade slowly as she is still shivering from the cold) ...Cade...you came back for me...

Cade: Aw man, you're freezing!

Bumblebee: Well duh, she was in the ice for twenty minutes!

As Bumblebee Transformed to get Maggie warm, Optimus, Jazz, and Ratchet faced off against Barricade and Blitzwing.

Blitzwing: (Manages to get the foam off as he switches to Hot, growling) Stupid Autobots! You just signed your death warrants! (Shoots fire at them)

They dodged fire as Barricade managed to get his foam off his Optics and prepares to fight the three Autobots, but then noticed Bumblebee and Ironhide with Cade and Maggie, who on the other hand just got warmed up from Bumblebee's air conditioning as he Transformed back into Car Mode. Barricade snarls as his scans indicate that Cade still has the AllSpark Fragment.

Barricade: (To himself) Fragging Organics... (To the others) Hey! You four! I think you have something that I want!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Barricade as he started to get his Blaster and Blade ready) That's not good!

Ironhide: Cade! Get your friend to safety! We'll handle the Cons!

Cade: You got it! (Turns to Maggie) Let's go!

Maggie nodded as she took his hand and ran off while Barricade started to shoot at Ironhide, who was completely made of Silver as Bumblebee hid behind him to shoot off his Stingers at him.

Maggie: Where are we going to go?!

Cade: I don't know, but-

Suddenly there was a honk coming from their right, as a car suddenly pulled up in front of them, and the driver's window opened, revealing Tessa and Glen.

Cade: Tessa?! Glen?! What are you guys doing here?!

Tessa: Saving your skins, that's what! Now get in!

They didn't say anything as they got in through the backseat and started to drive off. Barricade hold the other hand, had noticed this, and sent a blast wave with his Blaster, knocking both Bumblebee and Ironhide out and then Transformed into Car Mode as he drove after them, unintentionally ringing his sirens out.

Glen: (Notices a cop car behind them) Hey! It's the cops!

Tessa: (Raising a brow) Uh, yeah, I don't remember you calling the cops yet.

Cade: (Looks behind them and sees Barricade raising his blaster from his hood) That's because that's no Cop!

Barricade then started to shoot at them, as one of his shots hit the pier sign, letting it drop to the ground as Tessa stopped her car and drifts away from the concrete as the Decepticon chases them through the yard full of containers, continuing to fire at them.

Tessa: Okay... Why do it?!

Cade: Do what?

Tessa: Oh I dunno... Why go with robots, that happen to come from outer space, and literally transform into... Whatever they wanted to!

Cade: Okay, first off, those robots that I came with, were the good guys, and second, I came with them because those other robots that have Red glowing eyes, kidnapped Maggie!

Glen: Why would they even kidnap her in the first place?

Tessa: And did they want with you?

Cade: Everybody wants to know why? (Gets something out of his pocket, and shows everyone the bright blue AllSpark Fragment) THIS IS WHY!

Everybody covered their eyes, as Tessa tried to focus on the road while looking at the Fragment.

Maggie: (Shocked) So that's what that big, Black robot was talking about!?

Cade: Yeah. (Puts the Fragment in his pocket) Yeah you could say that.

Glen: Where did you get that in the first place?!

Cade: (Eyes widen, then nervously laughs) Ohh, funny story actually..

Everybody yelled as the car nearly got shot by Barricade, who was starting to get annoyed as they turned into a corner of the container aisle.

Barricade: Blitzwing! I'm gonna need you to stop what you're doing and fire your missile on the fleeing Organic car!

Blitzwing: (Icy) What about the Fragment? (Jumps up from Ratchet's attack and gives him an uppercut on his adeomen)

Barricade: It'll survive, just not the Humans.

Blitzwing: (Random) Fine by me!

Blitzwing flies up into the open air and activates his cannons, set on fire.

Blitzwing: Bye Bye Humans! HAHAHAHAHA!

He then fires two shots at the car, until Ironhide came in and deflected one of the shots towards Barricade, hitting him and making fall down a bit. The 2nd shot on the other hand, missed Ironhide as it managed to hit just by the lower bumper of the car as it flipped over in slow motion as the screen shows everyone screaming in silence. It all stopped however when Bumblebee grabbed the car, making everything back to motion as everyone inside grunted as they looked at Bumblebee, who gently put the car down, and everyone got out of the wrecked vehicle afterwards, Tessa grabbing her hair in seeing her car.

Cade: (Looks at the car) Man... That was your car.

Tessa: (Sarcastic) You think?!

Maggie: Hey, if it helps in anyway, my bike also got trashed.

Ironhide: (Runs to the others) Is everyone okay?

Cade: Yeah, we're fine Ironhide.

Glen: Fine as in they're not gonna shoot us all to pieces fine?

Bumblebee: What? No, now who told you that?

Optimus: (On Comm) Bumblebee, Ironhide, what's your status on the Humans?

Ironhide: Everyone is unharmed Boss-bot.

Bumblebee: And we also have two more Organics involved now.

Glen: Don't look at me, I just came because Tess stole my phone!

Tessa: Oh get a life, geek.

Optimus: (On Comm) Listen, Blitzwing is airborne, and he's going to spot you any minute now.

Soon after he said that, Shots are rang out on the containers and surface as Ironhide quickly turned Metal Armor to defend everyone from being shot at, as Blitzwing started to laugh crazily.

Bumblebee: Yeah, It's actually more then seconds then minutes!

Optimus: (On Comm) Transform and fall back with the rest of us! And make sure Cade and Maggie are safe along with the other Organics!

Ironhide: You got it Prime! (Gets off his Comm link as he turns to Bumblebee and the teenagers as he turns back into Orange) We need to get out of here Bumbler! Time to Transform!

Bumblebee nodded as they both Transformed into Car Mode, with Tessa, Glen, and Maggie looked at them with wide eyes, as Cade just stared, already used to the Transformations. Soon after, they both opened their doors for the young teens.

Bumblebee: Alright everybody! Hop on!

Cade: Ok!

Tessa: (Grabs his arm) Wait, are you sure we can trust these guys? How do we tell which ones are the good robots?

Glen: Yeah, I'm kinda scared to go in any of those cars right now.

Maggie: Because they didn't attack us if they wanted to, and they saved our lives at the Burger Bot even when didn't have to!

Cade: That, and it's pretty much life or death at this point, so get inside if you want to live! (Gets inside Bumblebee with Maggie)

Tessa: (Takes a deep breath) I hope I don't regret this. (Gets inside Ironhide)

Glen, being the last person standing, went with Tessa, as Blitzwing had started to unleash a bomb roll on the two Autobots, making them drive away from him as he chases them through the air, with Barricade driving after them while trying to blast them.

Blitzwing: (Icy) Give us that Fragment Autobots, and we'll consider letting you all live. (Hot) Or we'll just crush you like platter! (Random) Or we might as well do anyway! AHAHAHAHA!

Ironhide: What's with this guy?

Maggie: Is he some sort of lunatic or something?!

Bumblebee: You don't want to know.

They got out of the maze full of containers as they catch sight of Optimus, Jazz and Ratchet, who were standing prepared.

Ironhide: Here they are!

Tessa: Now what?!

Cade: Now we see what happens.

Optimus: Bumblebee! Get over here! You and Ratchet are going to your combo!

Bumblebee: With my Stingers and your Magnets? We haven't done this since my upgrade!

Ratchet: It's now or never!

Bumblebee opened his doors real quick to let Cade and Maggie out, and then Transformed into Robot Mode as he ran next to Ratchet and the both of them together shot their Stingers and Magnets combined as it headed towards the two Decepticons, and it resulted in a blast that knocked them back away from the Autobots and they both landed on impact.

Glen: Holy cow! That was awesome!

The Decepticons, having landed on the ground, started to get up slowly, as Barricade made a growl, his Optics gazing at Bumblebee, and was about to shoot his weapon until his Comm activated in his head.

Megatron: (On Comm) Barricade. Blitzwing... It's time to come back to the base.

Barricade: (Optics widen) L-Lord Megatron, I have not failed you, just give us time, and we'll have the Fragment in-

Megatron: (On Comm) The Autobots have already acquired the Fragment... And besides... You already have enough heat on your shoulders... The Autobots have already won this round, and you will see the chance to fight again... But not today...

Barricade: (Trying his best not to snarl as he looks at the Autobots) Yes... My lord...

Blitzwing: (Transforms into Aircraft Mode, containing his Icy personality) You may ride with me Barricade. (Hot) Just try not to scratch the paint!

Barricade: Fine... Whatever...

Barricade grabs onto a piece of Blitzwing's wings as he starts to rise up and fly into the sky. Barricade looked back at the Autobots, Bumblebee in particular and gives a low growl at him.

Barricade: (Thinking) Until we meet again... Brat...

Everyone looks up as the Decepticons fly away into the horizon, as the Teenagers look up at the Autobots.

Cade: So... It's over now?

Optimus: Seems so...

Tessa: Y'know, I think it's about time we head back to school now.

Glen: I doubt it would be the least of our worries now. (Holds up his phone, revealing the time, 3:05) School's over now.

Maggie: Our parents are gonna kill us.

Cade: Hey, at least we all have an excuse on why.

Glen: (Sighs) All I want to do right now is grab some grub, because I need something to drink.

Cade: (Stomach growling) Yeah, I suppose we could go someplace that isn't filled by the media right now.

Optimus: That can be arranged, but I think the most important part afterwards is to go home, because I believe your relatives are worried now.

Maggie: We appreciate it, but we don't have a ride now.

Optimus: (Smiles) That can be arranged.

Later, after they grabbed pizza, the humans are eating inside of the Autobot's base, as they looked around the place.

Cade: So this is where you Autobots all hang out?

Bumblebee: Yeah, and it's a good place to live in. For us Bots at least.

Optimus: You're welcome to stay here until Captain Fanzone can get here. For now, you should rest, you all earned it.

Glen: You're right about that! (Bites his pizza) Mmm! This tastes so good right now!

Tessa: (Looks at Cade) So I'm wondering how mom is going to freak out on this now?

Cade: Well, considering we nearly died today, and I happen to be on the news, she might not ground us for skipping school after lunch.

Tessa: (Smiles) Yeah, maybe...

Maggie: (Walks over to Cade) Hey Cade, can I talk to you real quick?

Cade: (Puts his slice down) Yeah, sure.

When they reached the hall, they turned to each other.

Maggie: So... About our date...

Cade: Yeaah... (Scratching his head) That did not go well as much as I wanted it to, and you know what, it's okay if you say it went horribly wrong, and you never want to see me ag-

Unexpectedly, she pulled him over and kissed him, opening his eyes wide in surprise, and then closed them right back as he gave into the embrace. They then broke off from each other as they looked at each other's gaze once more.

Maggie: (Takes a breath) That was one of the best dates I could ever have been with. I mean, the fighting was one thing, but you... You came back for me... And that's probably one of the bravest things anybody's ever done for me, despite all the shooting and the explosions and the Autobots, fighting those Decepticons... You, Cade Yeager, are my freaking hero.

Cade: (Smiles) Well... Happy Freaky Friday then.

Cade and Maggie shared their embrace together as they locked their lips together, as everyone watched the couple make out, leaving Tessa and Glen smiling.

Glen: (Smiles) Atta boy Cade!

Tessa: (Smiles) That's my brother right there (Takes a sip out of her drink)

Ironhide: (Wide-eyed) So... Humans can also Interface?

Tessa: (Raised a brow) Uh, what does he mean by "Interface"?

Optimus: (Rubs his helm) I... Rather not say for the moment...

Tessa: (Getting the picture) Okay... (Shakes her head) Never mind then...

Later, after they were done eating, everyone went outside, as it was night time now, and the city lights brightened Detroit as cars roam in and out of the streets.

Glen: So how long is our guy supposed to be here?

Ratchet: About five minutes, at the very least.

Cade: (Turns to Optimus) So, this may sound off a little awkward... But do you mind if we hang out with you guys again sometime?

Optimus: (Optic brow widens) That sounds... A little dangerous...

Cade: Well yeah, but when I helped you guys out, I actually felt good, like a bunch of Adrenaline kicked inside me.

Glen: Yeah, I mean it was all scary, but everything else was pretty awesome! And you seem like the non killer types, so I suppose I don't mind going off a few rounds.

Bumblebee: (Looks at Optimus) And you know, they're probably Humans that I like to hang out too! You know, ones that don't hate us or run away from us afterwards.

Jazz: Plus it would help us blend in with the crowd a little.

Ironhide: And help us better understand their way of life.

Optimus: (Optics widen) Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to get some new Human companions. But know this won't be an easy, because there will be times that it will get dangerous.

Cade: I often get into a fight pretty easily, so I'm used to dangerous.

Maggie: (Stands up next to him) And you know what, I want to come too. Don't think you're getting away that easy.

Cade: (Smiles) Sweet! (Turns to Tessa) Tess?

Tessa looks at everybody, who were all looking at her, and then she looks at Cade.

Tessa: (Smiles) You really have a death wish do you? Alright, I'm in, but we don't tell our parents afterwards, because they'll just freak out.

Cade: That we all can relate. (Turns to Optimus) So, what about it Optimus?

Optimus looked around as on his left, Ironhide is crouched before the kids, Bumblebee standing next to him, and to his right, are Ratchet, who stood next to him, and Jazz, who next to Ratchet with his arms folded.

Ratchet: (Shrugs) Not a bad idea, with Sari not around.

Optimus: (Looks at the 4 Humans as he smiles) Alright then, welcome to the team...

Cade: Awesome! So where do we start?

Optimus: Tomorrow, you all had a tough Cycle, and you should take some sleep.

Soon after he said that, Fanzone went over the Plant where the Autobots are and parks his car a few feet away from them.

Fanzone: Alright, are these the kids you were talking about?

Maggie: (Waves her hand) That's us.

Fanzone: Alrighty then, it's time to come home, cause I've got calls ringing about you four all day since the Burger Bot.

Cade: Well, that's our parents.

Fanzone: Whatever, just get in so nobody files a complaint or something.

Once they got in, Fanzone drove his car out of the Autobot's view, as they looked at the city's horizon.

Once Barricade and Blitzwing returned, Megatron wasted no time as he approached the two.

Megatron: It appears that you both failed in your tasks.

Barricade: It won't happen again. That, I swear it to you.

Megatron: and you make sure it doesn't. (Turns to the monitor) Well, it seems the Autobots not only have a Fragment, but also have new Human companions.

Barricade: My Lord, as it may seem confusing, when we encounter the Autobots again, I'd like to take on the Yellow one in particular.

Megatron: (Raises a brow) What is he important about?

Barricade: (Smiles) My Lord... What do you remember about an Autobot by the name of Blackbird?

Megatron: (Gives a curious look on his Faceplate) Enlighten me...

Phew! that was long! I worked on this all week, and man I had to be focused!

Yes, I know Cade Yeager is older, but this is a cartoon universe, and technically, the rules are bended a wee bit.

Anyway, I hope you like my selection of Humans, and stay tuned for the next episode!

All characters except for Trevor and Blackbird belong to Hasbro and Cartoon Network. Blackbird belongs to Frazzy, and Trevor, I just made him up.

Have a nice weekend everybody!