Episode 35: Megatron Must Be Destroyed! Part 2

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Optimus: (Narrator) Previously on Transformers.

Reporter 2: (At the apartment complex Optimus' team put out) Would this Megatron attempt to attack again anytime soon?

Optimus: That's the possibility, but if he does attack, I promise, we'll be ready for him.

Prowl: (In Jazz's Processor) Jazz... Jazz, can you hear me?

Jazz: (Widens his Visor) Prowl? Yo, what's up dawg?

Prowl: You must listen to me, Earth is in danger, you and the Autobots must stop Megatron!

Jazz: Stop him from what?

Waitress: It's an emergency! Something's going on outside!

Tessa: (Raises a brow) I'm sorry, what do you mean by, "What's in the sky?"

Waitress: (Image shows Trypiticon hovering above Detroit as people panic in the streets) Come out and look at the sky!

Optimus: (Activates his Comlink) This is Optimus Prime, speaking to all Autobots on an emergency frequency! Report back to Base, ASAP! That's an order! (Is seen in his Alt Mode with his team)

Sari: I am so frustrated, that I haven't even learned a thing about my past, where I came from, where I was born, or heck, even learn about my biology for the matter! I don't know what to do! Last time I got angry, I almost killed everyone the whole school!

Cade: Hey, maybe after we get Bumblebee, he could take us to the Plant, and then everybody would check you out, see what we can do.

Sari: I don't know Cade... I'm like, half human, half robot, I don't know how they'll even try to fix me... (Throws a bowling ball and breaks the mechanism)

Ratchet: (Touched the back of her Helm and drawn her closer to his) I want you to know, I'll always love you... No matter what.

Arcee: (Touched the back of his Helm) But, since you're saying it, I also want you to know that I love you too, no matter what happens.

Bumblebee: (Folded his Servos) I know about my Mother.

Sentinel: (Drops his expression and widened his Optics) Oh... Uh, how much-?

Bumblebee: (An image of Blackarachnia appears) All of it.

Sentinel: Oh... (Sighs as his face paled) Bumblebee... What happened-

Bumblebee: Sentinel, I know what happened to my Mom wasn't really yours or Dad's fault, but if you prove really want to be my Uncle, then you'll respect my wishes and leave me with my space, unless we're on a mission together, or if the end of the world is happening again.

Ironhide: (Activates his Cannons and aimed them at the Predacons and Starscream Clones) Who invited the Slaggers here?!

Blackarachnia: Alright everyone hold on just a Nano Click! We're not here to fight!

Optimus: What are you doing here?

Blackarachnia: My friends and I... (Showing an image of Megatron's Marauder Upgrade) We made a mistake.

Soundwave: I scanned the Prison and I calculate 99.5% of all Decepticons accounted for.

Megatron: 99.5? What has happened?

Soundwave: Recent reports suggest that Predacon, Blackarachnia had went to departure from the prison, along with new Predacon, Inferno, and all of the Starscream Clones.

Megatron: (Raises a brow) Starscream Clones? Is this the real Starscream's idea?

Soundwave: Negative, the Clones had left with the two Predacons on their own accord. (Showing images of Slipstream escaping Trypitcon along with Blackarachnia and Inferno) Shall I relay the troops to dispatch for them?

Megatron: No, don't bother... I always sensed that Blackarachnia's Autobot side would eventually come into form once more, so if the Clones had gone with her, then I know just the place to look... (Is seen walking towards the Plant)

Ratchet: (Touched the back of her Helm and drawn her closer to his) I want you to know, I'll always love you... No matter what.

Arcee: (Touched the back of his Helm) But, since you're saying it, I also want you to know that I love you too, no matter what happens.

Minerva: (Sees Megatron standing outside the Plant and turned to the others) He's here!

Optimus: Last time a danger of this scale occurred, a good friend had sacrificed his Spark to save this Planet, and I won't allow anyone else to lose their lives because I couldn't protect them.

Cosmos: I don't suppose anyone has mentioned the POWERMASTER suit I brought along with me? You know, the one thing I forgot about?

Minerva: Hurry and go get it!

Cosmos: Hey, it's not like something big is about to happen, right? (Walked next to the elevator, only to see it being used right now) Hey, who's using the elevator?

Rodimus: (Widened his Optics as the Decepticon Prisoners stood on the elevator) Decepticons!

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics, noticing Barricade) Barricade?!

Barricade: (Forms his hand up into a fist) Take them down! (He and the Decepticons fired upon the Autobots, and then later he knocked Bumblebee down to the ground and aimed his Blaster at him) Didn't think I'd let you get away without your head, did you?

Sentinel: (Transformed into his Robot Mode and saw Bumblebee in trouble) Hey! (Activated his Shield and thrown it at Barricade by the head, and then grabbing him to slam his head on a wall, knocking him out as he turned to Bumblebee) You okay? (Extended his hand to him)

Bumblebee: (Looked at Sentinel's hand grabbed it) Yeah. (Gets up) Thanks.

Cade: (Looks out through the window to look at the Prison) This is like last year all over again, only this is so much worse than I could imagine.

Sari: (Turns to Cade) Hey, just take it easy! We've been through this type of situation before!

Bumblebee: Yeah, we'll be able to handle it!

Cade: But can you really guarantee that all of us are going to be safe? Not to mention all of us to come out of this alive?

Kup: (Gets shot in the Chestplate) AHH!

Rodimus: We can't stay here! We need to leave, now!

Minerva: What about the others? They're at where the Decepticons are at! Especially my Mom! (Image of Flareup getting defeated)

Ratchet: They'll get us if we don't leave, and besides, we'll come back for them when we have a plan! (Image of Optimus covered in Ice getting hit by Megatron, knocking him out)

Brawn: Alright, then how about I stay here and keep an eye on Red while she works on your Sarge Bot!

Rodimus: No! I'm not abandoning you both! You need help!

Sentinel: (Placed a hand on Rodimus' shoulder) I'll stay, you just get everyone else out of here, including my Nephew.(Takes Lucy out of his Chest Compartment and hands her to Sari) Watch out for my Cat.

Chromia: (Saw the debris fall down and turned to Ironhide) Look out! (Pushed Ironhide out of the way while debris fell all over her) UGH!

Ironhide: (Falls to the ground and saw Chromia trapped in so much debris) Chromia! (Got up and ran to her) Hang on! We'll get you out!

Chromia: There's no time! There's too many Cons here, and they'll capture you all if you stay any longer! (Grabbed ahold of Ironhide's hand) I don't want to see you get hurt or worse for my own safety...

Ironhide: (He and Chromia kiss as the dialogue plays) Whatever happens, no matter what, I'm coming back for you... Alright, I'll find you!

Cade: (Is seen having a backpack carrying the Allspark inside) So let me get this straight, you want me to carry the Allspark out of the Factory, should things go wrong at all? Wouldn't that make a giant bulls eye on me?

Sari: Even if something goes wrong, where would we even place the Allspark at?

Optimus: Nowhere on this Planet, that's for sure, in fact, should anything go wrong, you and Sari need to head to Sumdac Tower and activate the Spacebridge so it can be sent to Cybertron, and the Decepticons won't ever dare bother into Autobot Space.

Bumblebee: Ok, well that's sort of a good idea, but who's going to protect them?

Optimus: You will, you'll be protecting them both, even after they managed to do the job. (An image of Bumblebee holding onto Cade and Sari as he slid across the floor)

Megatron: For the Allspark, well, I can't exactly go somewhere... (The Sumdac Tower Spacebridge gets blown up) Off-planet, can't I?

Optimus: (Grunts as he struggled in Megatron's hold) You won't get away with this Megatron!

Megatron: Oh, but I already have, Prime... (Images of the Plant getting blown up as well as the city of Detroit getting invaded by Decepticons) Just as I have gotten away with this.

Captain Lennox groaned as his was ringing, he blinked slowly as screaming mixed in with explosions and gunfire was heard in the background, as he looked around in his vehicle and saw that it was flipped halfway, as Epps was groaning, he too woken from the slumber.

Epps: (Blinks) Ugh, what happened?

Lennox: (Looks around as their vehicle is knocked over) Looks like we were hit... (Takes his Seatbelt off and falls to the driver's side door) GUH!

Epps: (Hears the screaming outside) Looks like it's started, what are we gonna do now man?

Lennox: We gotta get out of this car, that's what. (Climbs up and tries to open the passenger door, but was jammed shut so he hung in the air and kicked the door 3 times before kicking it open, seeing a fighter jet flying in the air) Whoa! (Falls to the ground) UGH! Dang it!

Epps: You alright?

Lennox: (Groans) Good as new!

Epps: (Climbs up to the top of the car) Hey, did you radio anybody for any artillery?

Lennox: (Grunts as he got up) No, somebody else must have did it! (Climbs up by the passenger seats)

Epps: (Gets out and looks around the city) Yo, Lennox... I don't think anybody called in the artillery at all.

Lennox: (Climbs out of the door and stands on top of the car) Then what was-! (Looks around street and widened his expression) Oh.

The two looked at the city and saw the Decepticons all over the place, as some were in the sky shooting out missiles to set fire some building floors and onto the streets, while others were grounders, Transformed into Tanks blowing things up or in their Robot Modes scaring people as few began shooting up the streets just to make a twisted use of their habits.

Epps: (Looks around the city) Ok, maybe I should have just signed up to the part of the world, because this is crazy!

Lennox: (Looks around the street and saw a police station) Hey, there's a police station over there. (Jumps off the car and runs to it) Maybe we can gather whatever ammunition they have left.

Epps: We already got guns man!

Lennox: Not enough ammo for any of this, that's for sure.

Decepticon Seeker: (Flies down the street and lands in front of the two soldiers, blocking their path) Now where do you two insects think you're going?

Lennox: (Looks up at the Decepticon) Crap! Open fire! (Shoots his gun at the Decepticon)

Decepticon Seeker: (Feels the bullets hit him but no effect that means any harm to him) Hahahahahaha! Fools! Your weapons are no use on me! (Activates his Blaster and aims for the two) Prepare to suffer!

Monique: (Gets out of the station and aims her shotgun at the Seeker) Hey! Big guy! (Shots at him from behind)

Decepticon Seeker: (Feels bullets on his back and turns to the police detective) What? You wish to join your Organic friends too? Your bullets cannot destroy me!

Monique: (Aims her Shotgun at the Seeker) No, but maybe I don't I have to... (Fired her shot, in slow motion, bullets fly out of the gun and into the Seeker, one of them penetrating one of his Optics and causing them to shatter)

Decepticon Seeker: (Felt a bullet go through one of his Optics) AHHHH! (Backs away from Monique and grabbed his Optic) My Optic! You Organic waste!

Monique: (Turns to the soldiers) Hey boys! Shoot his eyes! Shoot his other eye!

Lennox: (Saw the Seeker's one Optic and aimed his gun at him) Ready Epps?

Epps: (Aims his gun up) To die? No! (Shoots his gun off along with Lennox)

Decepticon Seeker: (Felt his other Optic going out) AHHH! (Goes blind as he grabbed his blinded Optics) My Optics! You Organic scum! (Moves around trying to hit the Organics) I'm going to destroy you all for this!

Monique: (Waves her hand backward) Get inside! Now! Get in!

Decepticon Seeker: (Growls as he could not see the two soldiers moving to the police station) When I find you! I'm going to skin you alive! I'll skin all of you Organics alive and I'll even take your Fragging heads up as my trophies!

Monique: (Opens the door for Lennox and Epps) Get in, move!

Epps: (Gets inside) What just happened?

Monique: (Shuts the door and grabbed the United States flagpole) These Decepticons have somewhat the same bodily qualifications as a Human being! So basically, they also need eyes, or Optics as they would call them to see!

Lennox: So without them, that guy out there is blind!

Monique: (Uses the flagpole to lock the doors) Yeah, basically!

Fanzone: (Goes in the room) Hey, Monique, what's going on?

Monique: These men were in trouble, so I helped them out.

Fanzone: (Looked at the two) Oh, well anything to help out the country's bravest, I'm fine with it.

Lennox: (Placed his weapon down) I don't think we met yet, I'm Captain Lennox, and this is Sargent Epps, he's a part of my squad.

Fanzone: Oh, so you're a Captain huh? Well the name's Captain Fanzone, and I'm the Captain of this precinct.

Lennox: Oh, well at least we're Captains of something.

Fanzone: Yeah, welcome to the club pal, now's where's the rest of your men at?

Lennox: I don't know, I was driving in as a convoy when me and Sargent Epps got hit by something and our truck flipped over sideways on the street we were on, where's all of the police officers at?

Fanzone: What do you think? They're all out there either protecting the civilians or their families from all of this!

Monique: (Walked inside of the office) Ever since that ship, or whatever that is appeared in the sky, everyone gotten so scared straight that it was their first time watching a scary movie, or something. Police Officers were sent out to contain the riots, but when those Decepticons started attacking, I don't know where everyone is right now.

Epps: So, what? You two the only ones left in here?

Monique: Somebody's gotta be the one that has a radio after all.

Lennox: You have a radio? Can we see it?

Fanzone: Yeah, sure, but first off, have any of you seen those Autobots out there by any chance?

Lennox: No, why? Aren't they out in the city elsewhere?

Monique: Nobody's seen them ever since that ship arrived, it's like they disappeared!

Epps: (Looks out the window) Yeah? Well looks like we gotta disappear ourselves too!

Fanzone: Why?

Epps: Did we happen to mention our blind friend?

Lennox: (Gets his weapon ready) What about him?

Epps: Well... (Opens up the blinds to see the Seeker talking to a couple of more Decepticons) He's got his friends brought in, and from the looks of it, he doesn't' sound too happy!

Decepticon Flyer: (Stands before the Seeker) What happened to you?

Decepticon Seeker: Those little runts blinded my Optics! That's what!

Decepticon Tanker: Where are they at?

Decepticon Seeker: They were going to that small hut of theirs! The one with the Blue colors!

Fanzone: Ok, time to leave now!

Monique: But what about-?

Fanzone: Just grab a radio communicator and lets bail already! It ain't safe here!

Epps: (Reloads his weapon) Any idea where to go?

Monique: I have an idea. (Grabs a communicator) Follow me.

The four left the station, leaving behind Lena Jones, who was still behind bars as she saw the four leaving the station, and then suddenly, a blast was heard, as it startled Lena, as electronic voices started to fill in the air.

Decepticon Tanker: Oh Organics! Where are you?

Lena: (Stands back from her cell) Oh great...

Decepticon Flyer: C'mon, where are they at? Are you sure they went in here?

Decepticon Seeker: It was where I last saw them heading into, I know they're in here somewhere!

Decepticon Tanker: Hey, let's try this tiny toy house room they have in here, maybe they're hiding in there. (Walks inside the cell room and saw Lena) Hey! I found one!

Decepticon Flyer: Where?

Decepticon Tanker: Inside what looks like some cell.

Decepticon Seeker: Hey, let me in there!

Decepticon Flyer: Alright, calm down pal! (Helps the Seeker walk in the cell room and stand in front of Lena's cell) Now, is this the Organic that shot your Optics out?

Decepticon Seeker: I don't know, I can't see a Slagging thing here!

Lena: I do not know what is going on, but rest assured, I do not have anything to do with what has transpired with your friend today.

Decepticon Tanker: Is it her or not?

Decepticon Seeker: Eh, no! It's voice is different! Dang it, they got away!

Decepticon Flyer: Well, there's always this Organic, especially the one they left behind.

Decepticon Tanker: Yeah, how about we teach these Organics on what happens if they try to mess with us Decepticons. (Chuckles as he activated his Cannon and aimed at Lena)

Suddenly, the three Cons have gotten hit by Acid, and then they fell down to the ground as their Pedes melted to the ground, as they shouted in pain, Meltdown walked besides the defeated Cons and walked in front of Lena's cell.

Meltdown: (Stands in front of Lena's cell) Well well well... Isn't this Deja Vu?

Lena: (Sighs) What took you?

Back at Sumdac Tower, the Autobots, consisting of Rodimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Jazz, Ironhide, Bulkhead, Arcee, Cosmos, and Minerva were standing in the rooftop as they looked at the city getting under attack, while the kids watched the television showing news reports of the latest.

Daily Global News: (Broadcasting the update) Breaking news this afternoon, we have urgent updates coming up from the Detroit Spaceship, and now it appears to have Decepticons fly out of the ship and attack the city right now! Just about 20 minutes ago, they had blown up from what appears to be some sort of satellite from Sumdac Tower, and then they had destroyed some sort of abandoned Autonomous Production Factory Plant, and then they have resumed to terrorize the rest of the city from the skies and on the ground! The Autobots are nowhere to be seen, as DPD and armed National Guard forces are helpless to stop-

Glen: (On a phone call with his Grandma) I know the city's under attack Grandma! I can see from a rooftop! Look, I'm safe right now! I'm with my friends, and we're in a secure area right now, just do me a favor, you and Dwayne stay inside the house, or go into the basement and lock it! And if you see a magazine, that's from my friend Cade! (Saw Cade and turn around and raised a brow) Ok, I lied, that wasn't from Cade, I got it as a Christmas present from Uncle Dom last year! Please don't kill me or him for that! Look, I love you so much-! (Hears the caller hang up) Hello? Grandma? (Sees his phone turn off) Oh come on! My phone went dead!

Tessa: Yeah... (Looked at a blank screen) Just like the TV.

Shane: I don't understand, it was just fine a second ago.

Sari: It's the Decepticons, they cut off all communications from inside and outside Detroit, including every single electronic device in the city, all thanks to Soundwave.

Maggie: Oh, so I don't get to listen to my favorite music one last time before dying? Oh joy.

Leo: So now what?

Suddenly, everything flipped back on, only to reveal a Decepticon Symbol for a brief moment until Soundwave came onto the screen, turning everyone's attention, including the Autobots as they all turned to the TV, the kids back to their phones since they felt them vibrate and saw Soundwave on their phones as well.

Soundwave: (On screen) Humans, this is Decepticon Soundwave. (Shows an image of Megatron) Speaking on behalf of our wise and great leader, Megatron. (Goes back into showing his face) This is a message from him and all of us Decepticons... Do not resist, it is futile to do so. (Shows images of citizens in various parts of the city) Your numbers may be large, but your strength is weak, and your bodies are fragile. (Shows images of Decepticons attacking the city of Detroit) For where ours are strong, and indestructible, and do not bother calling the Autobots for help. (Shows images of the recently captured Autobots inside Trypiticon)

Bumblebee: (Sees Optimus on the screen) Dad!

Soundwave: They cannot help you, for they are at our mercy, and mercy of Lord Megatron. (Shows an image of himself again) There is no hope of you defeating us, all contact to the outside world is cut off, and no one will be able to contact you from the outside, and there is nothing you can do. (Shows an image of Megatron again) Except bow for our supreme leader of the Decepticons, and rightful ruler of the universe... (Ends his speech and broadcasts the Decepticon symbol)

Cosmos: (Looked at the TV) Man, that guy has a lot of joy.

Prof. Sumdac: (Turns to Rodimus) Is it true? Are the rest of the Autobots...?

Rodimus: (Closes his Optics) I'm afraid so, along with Optimus Prime.

Arcee: Along with most of Team Athenia, the Dinobots, the Jet Twins...

Minerva: (Sits down on the floor with her Pedes pulled closer to her knees) My Mom, Flareup...

Jazz: Cliffjumper, Mirage, Kup, Wreck Gar, Sentinel Prime... (Pauses for a moment, looking at Ironhide, who just scratched a wall with a mechanical tool) ...And Chromia.

Ratchet: We're all that's left to fight against the Decepticons now.

Prof. Sumdac: Oh dear! What are we going to do?

Bumblebee: (Looks out the city, still under attack against the Decepticons) We honestly don't know... Without enough Autobots, we have absolutely no idea what to do...

Back in Trypiticon, Optimus opened his Optics and saw that he was in the courtyard, his Servos and Pedes bound together in Stasis Cuffs as he looked around and saw not only the Autobots that were captured with him, but all of the Autobots that were in here the day Megatron made his escape, as everyone around was mostly knocked out, and the few that were awake looked at Optimus Prime.

Optimus: (Groans) What is this place?

Wheeljack: (Sitting next to Optimus) In the Trypiticon, I'm afraid, you must be Optimus Prime, let me kindly introduce myself as-

Optimus: Wheeljack, I read about you back in the Academy, you were one of the leading scientists that helped make Omega Supreme functional and helped win the war for the Autobots back in the Great War... You're practically one of the originally Autobot heroes from the war, and you work with the Ministry of Science, and a current member of the Science Guild.

Wheeljack: Oh, well good know I live up to my reputation, but I don't think my unique mind can help us escape from our common enemy.

Warpath: To be honest, we were all hoping you would, until they caught you, so it seems.

Optimus: (Groans as he sat up) Me and the Autobots that I was working with were at our base, until Megatron and the Decepticons caught us off guard and they managed to ambush us, capturing us all in the process.

Warpath: Really? Well, I can already imagine how much my Sparkmate would have been angry about getting jumped like that.

Flareup: (Wakes up and growls) COME HERE FRAGGERS! (Looks around and saw that she is a prisoner) Oh, now I remember, I'm a prisoner, hehe... FRAG! Stupid Slaggers! Getting the jump on me! Oh, just wait until I-!

Warpath: (Turned his Helm around and saw Flareup) Flares?

Flareup: (Stopped ranting and saw Warpath, widening her Optics) Warpath? Warpath, is that you?

Warpath: (Looked at Flareup) Oh, what do ya think, my beautiful, fiery Femme?

Flareup: (Starts to tear up) Oh shut up, you're making me cry! (Crawls over to hug her Sparkmate, only to get bumped by his Cannon) Ow! You didn't get your Cannon placed inside your Chestplate yet?

Warpath: Oh! Yeah, can you press-?

Flareup: Yeah, hold on! (Crawled underneath the Cannon) Just let me press that button... (Pressed a button, and then the Cannon disappeared into Warpath's Chestplate) Ok, much better! (Sits up and began to hug Warpath in a loving embrace) Oh, darling, it is so good to feel your arms again!

Warpath: (Sighs as he hugged Flareup) I'm glad to see you too honey... (Pulls himself away and looked at her) But what are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be on Cybertron?

Flareup: (Smiles) I was, until our daughter mentioned that you're also here.

Warpath: Our-? (Widened his Optics) Oh Primus, don't tell me Minerva's here too!

Optimus: I see that you're Minerva's Father that Ratchet mentioned.

Warpath: Oh, so she is here, great. (Looks around) Wait, she didn't get captured, did she?

Flareup: No, I don't remember seeing her with us when we were rounded up outside the base, so I think she managed to get away!

Sentinel: (Groans as he sat up) What's happened?

Optimus: (Turns to Sentinel) Sentinel, you're awake!

Sentinel: Of course I am buddy, why wouldn't I be?

Warpath: Oh great, the wannabe Magnus.

Sentinel: (Turns to Warpath) Do I know you?

Warpath: No, but I certainly know you, and you are one Pit of an idiot, you know that? Setting up these ridiculous curfews, closing down Macadam's, you got a lot of nerve underneath that Shell of yours!

Flareup: Hey, take it easy, he's okay, that Bot's changed in a better way than before!

Warpath: Yeah, well I'll know change when I see it.

Sentinel: Good to know...

Optimus: Sentinel, when we were gathered outside the Plant, did you see anyone that was missing?

Sentinel: Actually, I saw Bumblebee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Ironhide, Jazz, Cosmos, Arcee, Chromia, and Minerva leave, thanks to Rodimus Prime, so I'm sure he got them all safe and sound!

Chromia: Not all of them. (Grunts as she got up) When we were leaving, a part of the exit collapsed, and I pushed Ironhide out of the way, only to be encumbered by debris... I had told everyone to leave me, or else they'd get captured too.

Optimus: Did they escape?

Chromia: They did, at least, I hope so.

Kup: (Groans as he sat up) Why does my Chestplate feel like it's burning right now?

Sentinel: (Turns to Kup) Hey! You're here too?

Kup: (Groans as he looked around the courtyard) If by here, you meant in the same prison meant to hold the Slaggers? Yeah, I guess so.

Optimus: Is anyone else here that we know of?

Blackarachnia: (Groans as she got up) Ugh, my stomach hurts...

Warpath: (Turns to see Blackarachnia, raising a brow) Oh, not you again!

Blackarachnia: (Turns to Warpath and the rest of the Autobots) Oh, well nice to see you too. (Moves, but then feels her stomach in intense pain) AH! (Falls down)

Optimus: (Grabs ahold of her before she went to the ground) Hey, you alright?

Blackarachnia: (Groans weakly) No Optimus, I'm not... I'm dying.

Kup: Oh please.

Blackarachnia: No, I'm serious! (Sighs) One moment, I was talking to a bunch of Cons who don't like me, and then the next, I was on a Berth, just told that I passed out randomly.

Sentinel: What does that mean?

Blackarachnia: It's like I said, I'm dying!

Wheeljack: Excuse me, do you mind if I look over you just a bit?

Blackarachnia: Not like I got a choice, considering I'm in Stasis Cuffs. (Looks around) Hey, where's Megatron at anyway?

Optimus: That's what I want to know.

Meanwhile, in the Throne Room, Megatron sat down in his chair, overlooking the live footage of the courtyard where Optimus Prime is, eyeing him mostly as he sat down in glee.

Megatron: (Grins as he looked at Optimus) Soon Optimus Prime, you'll know nothing but despair once I have finished what I started.

Soundwave: (Walks inside the room) My Liege, you wanted to see me?

Megatron: (Turns off the footage) Yes. (Turns to Soundwave) I wish to know the progress of the invasion.

Soundwave: All of our forces are out there spreading fear to the Organic abominations, and I have done my part in partaking in the invasion force.

Megatron: Yes, I have seen your message to the Humans of this city, I commend you for doing that... Is all of the Energon the Autobots collected stockpiled in the Cannon?

Soundwave: Yes my Lord, it is all getting prepared to fuel our weapon.

Megatron: Good, and for the Allspark?

Soundwave: I have no known location of the Allspark yet, neither do I have on the remaining Autobots loose on this Planet.

Megatron: They are still in this city somewhere, they couldn't have gone far with all of my forces spread all over.

Soundwave: Do you have any ideas where they might have gone to?

Megatron: Hmm... (Walks to the window, and looked at Detroit, taking notice of Sumdac Tower) Heh... Their Spacebridge is gone, but that doesn't mean they're not hiding there. (Turns to Soundwave) I want every available forces to head towards Sumdac Tower, and I want not only the Allspark brought to me, but the Autobots as well!

Soundwave: Functional or Deactivated, my Lord?

Megatron: (Walks back to his Throne and sits down) I am fine with whatever they choose, as long as the Allspark is in my possession.

Back in Sumdac Tower, with the day now setting at dusk, the Autobots were still hiding there, as Ratchet fixed up everyone's weapons gears that was not working right, thanks to Frenzy, as he gotten ahead and done that, Sari walked to Cade, who was sitting in her Dad's office, holding the Allspark in his hands.

Cade: (Looks at the Allspark) You know, when I said at the Bowling alley about my parents leaving town? Heh, I guess I take that all back now.

Sari: (Sits next to Cade) How are you doing right now?

Cade: Oh, you know, just carrying the fate of the world in my hands, you know, normal stuff. (Turns to Sari) What about you? How are you doing?

Sari: (Sighs) Well, almost all of the Autobots are captured, and now the Decepticreeps have all the Energon we collected-

Cade: I meant, with your... Issues.

Sari: Oh... Right. (Folded her arms together) I don't know... I was hoping to get Ratchet or Red Alert's help today, but then suddenly, Trypiticon Prison showed up in the sky out of nowhere, and then just about an hour and a half later, not only Megatron showed up at the base, but the Decepticons we captured ended up breaking out and swarming all over the place!

Cade: Yeah, we totally did not see that one coming.

Sari: But I should have! I can feel dozens of Sparkbeats! I can hear everyone in the city's hearts pounding, I can hear the wind blowing to next direction! I can feel cars turning on and off, or just slowly depleted of gas, or even blown up for that matter!

Cade: (Raises a brow) You can feel all of that?

Sari: Yes! (Widened her eyes) Oh my god... I can...

Cade: Ok, is it a good time to say something, because you sound like your powers are getting stronger.

Sari: I don't know, but this is a really bad time to say so.

Jazz: (Comes inside along with Prof. Sumdac) Bad time to say what?

Sari: (Turned to Jazz) Oh hey!

Prof. Sumdac; (Walks to Sari) How are you doing Sari?

Sari: Fine, Cade and I were both talking about... Bowling.

Jazz: Yeah, BB mentioned you were there, along with SP. (Turns to Cade) How are you two doing?

Cade: Okay. (Looks at the Allspark) Although, this thing is so warm! Is it like that?

Jazz: That's the power emitted from the Allspark, it's all the energies that you're feeling right now, so it's normal like to that to be warm.

Cade: Alright... (Turns to Jazz) So, what's next? Any plans to kick any Skidplates yet?

Jazz: We don't got one yet, but I don't know how we'll-! (Feels a headache) Ugh... (Touches his Helm)

Prof. Sumdac: (Turns to Jazz) Excuse me, are you alright)

Jazz: Yeah man, it's just my Processor, it's-!

Prowl: (Inside Jazz's Processor) Jazz! Can you hear me?

Jazz: (Widened his Visor) Prowl?

Prowl: You and everyone must leave right now! The Decepticons know where you are!

Jazz: What? How?

Sari: (Taps on Jazz's Pede) Jazz? Hey, who are you talking to?

Jazz: (His headache is gone and he turned to the three) Hey, man you are not going to believe this.

Cade: Try me.

Suddenly, a flash of blue light appeared out of nowhere, and then coming out was the ghost of Prowl, showing himself for a brief moment, until disappearing, along with the light as it confused everybody in the room.

Cade: (Pants as he witnessed what he saw) Whoa, what was that?

Sari: Was that... Prowl?

Jazz: Yeah, and something tells me that we might not be safe in here...

Elsewhere in the Tower, Ratchet had just finished making everyone's weapons working, with Ironhide being the last as he examined the Cannons.

Ratchet: (Looks over the Cannons) Alright Ironhide, your Cannons should be working properly once again.

Ironhide: So they're not jammed anymore?

Ratchet: Not anymore, you're good to blast any Decepticon off your sights.

Ironhide: (Cracks his knuckles) Good to know.

Ratchet: (Raises a brow) Are ya feeling alright soldier?

Ironhide: (Cracks his neck and stands up) I'll be fine once we get everybody back from those Slaggers. (Starts to walk off)

Ratchet: Hey. (Grabbed Ironhide's shoulder) I know you and Chromia are a thing, but don't let it get over your head, we'll get everyone back.

Ironhide: I know what I'm doing Ratchet, so back off! (Shrugged his shoulder to get Ratchet's hand off and stomped away)

Arcee: (Noticed Ironhide storming off and turned to Ratchet) He's taking things hard still?

Ratchet: (Sighs) It would seem so.

Arcee: (Walked to Ratchet and placed a hand on his shoulder) Look, you can understand why he would take it hard, we all do! Besides, with all of our friends captured, and the Decepticons destroying our base, we all lost everything today.

Ratchet: I know that, but I'm just worried with that attitude of his, it's either gonna get himself or a lot of us hurt.

Arcee: Then in that case, we'll just have to hope for the best, see what he'll do next, and if things go bad, we'll pull him out of it.

Ratchet: I hope so Arcee, for everyone's sake.

Bulkhead: (Walks over to Ratchet and Arcee) Hey guys, how are things going?

Ratchet: Doing fine Bulkhead, just fine.

Rodimus: (Walks to the three with Cosmos on his tail) Bulkhead, how's the Spacebridge, can it be fixed?

Bulkhead: No way, with that blast, I'd have to make another one, but it'll take a long time for that to happen.

Cosmos: He's right, according to my estimates, the percentage of creating a new Spacebridge today are extremely low, due to the Decepticon invasion of Detriot that is going right now.

Rodimus: (Sighs) Yeah, we can all see that going on Cosmos.

Tessa: (Walks to the group) Are we going to even win this?

Rodimus: Of course we are.

Tessa: How?

Rodimus: I don't know! I don't... (Turns around) I don't know yet.

Shane: Well, you guys need to figure it out, because those monsters are turning the city into World War 3!

Bulkhead: Usually, it would have been Optimus Prime that made the idea, but without him, we don't know what to do, nor do I think we can win this without him.

Jazz: (Runs inside with Sari) Yo, we need to move out of here, right now!

Rodimus: (Turns to Jazz) What? Why?

Sari: Decepticons are coming here! They know where we are!

Bulkhead: Already? That quick?

Ratchet: Of course they'd find us here, this would be one of the first places to hide in here, considering the Professor is a known ally.

Leo: Wait, so is this for real? They know where we are?

Cade: (Gets out his Alien Gun) Yeah, they're really close!

Prof. Sumdac: I'm afraid we are no longer safe here!

Maggie: So what now?

Rodimus: Now we evacuate this place. (Turns to Ironhide) Ironhide! Is everyone accounted for?

Ironhide: (Looks around) Wait, where's Bumbler and Minerva at?

On the top of the Tower, Bumblebee sat on the roof, looking over the Invasion as the sunset over the smoke, Minerva walked over and sat next to the Yellow Minibot.

Minerva: (Sits next to Bumblebee) Hey.

Bumblebee: (Turns to Minerva) Hey.

Minerva: (Looks over Detroit) It's really bad, isn't it?

Bumblebee: (Looks over Detroit) Yeah, it is...

Minerva: (Smiles a little) You know, whenever I asked my parents what the Great War was like, they would always tell me that it wasn't a game, and that when it comes to war, bad things always happen... (Stares into a building targeted by a few Decepticon Seekers) And now, just thinking about it... They were both right... Bad things are happening right now... Our friends are gone... My Dad is gone... My Mom is gone...

Bumblebee: (Turns to Minerva and stood up) Hey, we're going to get them back!

Minerva: (Turns to Bumblebee) How? This is bigger than we have anticipated! (Stands up) The Decepticons numbers are way beyond our limit, and there's no way we can take on all of them!

Bumblebee: Look, when I first came here, we had this type of problem before, revolving around the Allspark!

Minerva: The one where your Dad blown up the Allspark, everybody knows that story!

Bumblebee: The point is, we always have it figured out, and at the end of the day, we kicked their Skidplates! We even had three giant Lugnuts last year, and we had one Omega Supreme! We handled that! And if we could handle that, then we sure can handle this!

Minerva: You're sure?

Bumblebee: (Smiles) I'm positive! We'll find a way eventually, and we'll get everyone we care about back! And then we'll send those Decepticreeps packing!

Minerva: I hope so... (Turns to the city and noticed a bunch of fighter jets) Uh, Bumblebee? What is that?

Bumblebee: What's what? (Turns to her direction and saw an army of Decepticons flying their way) Oh Slag! (Grabs Minerva's hand) We have to leave!

Minerva: (Gets pulled into running with Bumblebee) Whoa! Is it the Decepticons?

Bumblebee: Yeah, we gotta-! (Bumps into Bulkhead) OOF! (Falls to the ground with Minerva)

Bulkhead: (Looks at Bumblebee and Minerva as everyone else ran behind him) Hey, you two alright?

Bumblebee: (Looks up to see everyone else) Guys! (Stands up) Guys, we have to go! It's-!

Cosmos: The Decepticons, we know, Jazz warned us!

Rodimus: Autobots! Transform and Roll Out! (He and the Autobots Transform into their Alt Modes) Oh Primus, now I'm saying it.

Ratchet: Is that phrase some sort of infectious disease spreading?

Bumblebee: (Opens his doors) Everyone get inside!

The humans got inside the Autobots in their Alt Modes and then later, they all drove down into the street and then pursuit was made, as various numbers of Decepticon Flyers chased the Autobots from the air, with Blitzwing leading the chase.

Blitzwing: (Hot) Destroy those Autobots! And get that Allspark! (Transforms into his Alt Mode and begins to shoot at the Autobots along with several of his fellow Decepticons)

Minerva: (Nearly gets shot) AH! Why don't these guys ever play nice!

Rodimus: We have to lose their sights!

Bulkhead: How are we going to do that?

Arcee: Does anyone have any ideas?

Glen: (Inside Jazz) Uh, what about the subway?

Jazz: G-Dog, I don't think that's the best one out of it dude.

Glen: No, I meant the one underground! Underneath the city!

Bumblebee: Oh yeah! We could just take that, and we could loose them in the dark!

Rodimus: Great idea, let's move!

The Autobots drove into the subway station, and into the tracks, but the Decepticons are still chasing after them however, as they continued to shoot at them.

Blitzwing: (Hot) Cowards! Come here and get obliterated!

Bulkhead: We're not loosing them!

Rodimus: Wait for it... (Sees the next tunnel) Now! Everyone turn off your headlights and tailgates, and turn to the left!

Everyone turned to the left, before doing so, turned off their lights, and then once they turned to the tunnel, the Decepticons continued to go into the same tunnel they were originally chasing the Autobots in.

Decepticon Flyer: Hey! Where did they go?

Blitzwing: (Turns Icy) I believe they turned to zhe left. (Turns Hot) Then lets follow them fool!

The Cons turned around, only to hit the walls with the wings of their Alt Modes, due to the very small space the subway tunnels are.

Blitzwing: (Turns Random) Oh no! Big mistake!

Crashing noises are heard, along with grunts and shouts of pain as the Autobots Transformed into their Robot Modes and heard the commotion coming from the other tunnel.

Rodimus: (Grins) Got em.

Ratchet: (Smiles) Nice thinking kid!

Arcee: Come on, we need to find a place to hide!

Sari: Hide in where? There's no where to hide!

Minerva: Actually, there is one... (Turns to everyone) Does anybody remember Knockout's Club?

Bumblebee: Oh yeah, the place where Ratchet got drunk.

Arcee: (Raises a brow) Wait, Ratchet got what?

Ratchet: (Turns to Bumblebee, his expression very angered as he growled) Bumblebee...!

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) Oops.

Later, they headed into Knockout's Club as the street was abandoned, with the only things left are the cars that gotten abandoned from either crashing into each other, car flipped sideways or upside down, or people getting out in a hurry, whatever the cause as papers and trash flew in the air and fell down to the street, while the night began with the Autobots walking with caution as they had their weapons ready for any attacks.

Glen: (Walks next to a burning car) Ok, so this is what happens when I watch so many movies with the end of the world genre, because I feel awkward just thinking about it right now.

Arcee: (Walks with her Lightsabers ready) So, you were in this club before, and you had 5 drinks of Talosian Ale?

Ratchet: Hey, I was going to have one.

Arcee: Just one?

Ratchet: I don't know, I didn't plan on myself getting a hangover the next day.

Bulkhead: Well, you got to admit Ratchet, you had a funny thing going on when you were drunk!

Rodimus: Everyone focus, keep an eye out for any Decepticons out here.

Cosmos: (Walks nervously in the street) Ok, so I don't mean to pester like a Sparkling, but are we there yet?

Ironhide: (Has his Cannons ready) Shouldn't be that far... (Looks at the alleyway where the Club is) There! That's the alley where Knockout's is!

Rodimus: Alright, everyone move forward!

The Autobots proceeded into the alleyway and went into the fake dead end, as everyone gathered around the door.

Rodimus: (Looks at the dead end) This is the place? It's a dead end!

Bumblebee: Hey, take it easy, it's just a disguise, it's made to look like a wall, but it's actually a door. (Walks to the door) Just watch. (Knocks on the door) Hey! Anybody in there? (Gets no response) Hey, don't worry! We're the Autobots! (Still no response) Uh... Password's Cockroach! Unless it's been changed.

Cade: Is anybody in there?

Bumblebee: I don't know, I-

Sari: There is, I can feel a Sparkbeat, and a lot of heartbeats pulsing beyond this door, but a lot of those heartbeats indicate that they're scared to open the door.

Ratchet: (Raises a brow) How did you know all of that?

Sari: Oh! (Turns to the others) Yeah, right... About that, I-

Before she could say anything else, a blast fired onto a fire escape, causing it to fall down onto the alley, taking the group by surprise as they turned to the street and saw a bunch of Decepticons coming their way.

Decepticon Muscle: (Shoots his Blasters at the Autobots) Hey, we found the runaway Autobots!

Decepticon Tanker: Take them down! Megatron wants them on the Trypititcon either dead or alive! And take the Allspark from them!

Ironhide: (Turns Bulletproof and shields his friends) The Slaggers found us!

Rodimus: Kids, take cover!

Cade: (Ducks behind a dumpster) Now what?!

Rodimus: (Activates his Crossbow) Now we fight back!

Bumblebee: (Activates his Stingers) Bring it on Decepticreeps!

Before they could begin fighting however, a small grenade was thrown at the Decepticons' feet, and then a flash popped out of nowhere, blinding the Decepticons as they all groaned at the bright light blinding them.

Decepticon Sport: (Covers his Optics) AHH! My Optics! Urgh!

Bulkhead: Hey, nice shot Prime!

Rodimus: (Turns to Bulkhead) That wasn't me...

Knockout: (Opens the door) Hey! Bright colors! Get in! Move!

The group didn't hesitate to do so as they moved inside the club, and once everyone got inside, Knockout proceeded to shut the door, right on time as the Decepticons gotten their vision back, and saw the Autobots had "Mysteriously" disappeared.

Decepticon Flyer: (Looked around the alley) Hey? Where did they go?

Decepticon Sport: Weren't they here just a Nano Click?

Decepticon Muscle: Blast! Those Autobot runts have escaped!

Decepticon Tanker: Come on! They couldn't have gone far!

The Cons Transformed into their respective Alt Modes and left the alleyway, none of them noticed the tiny peephole Knockout was using as he had witnessed them leaving.

Knockout: (Sighs as he closed the peephole) They're gone. (Turns to the Autobots) You're okay now.

Rodimus: Thanks, we appreciate it!

Knockout: Yeah? Well how about the rest of Detroit? Why aren't you fighting out there?

Ironhide: Didn't ya read? The Cons captured most of our team! We're outnumbered!

Knockout: Well, how about you all figure it out in the club. (Walks to the door and stops in front of it) Just one thing clear... Only one drink is to be consumed... (Turns to Ratchet) And I'm talking about you, Karaoke Bot.

Knockout opened the door, and inside the Club was full of scared civilians that were hiding from the Decepticon Invasion as the group looked around and saw the frightened pedestrians as some police and military forces helped them by offering food and water, or calming some down from the trauma they had went through.

Fanzone: (Hands a water bottle to a woman) Alright, here you go. (Turns around and sees the Autobots) Well I'll be! (Walks to the team) Where have you all been?

Ratchet: We had a small setback, but we're working out a way to fight back.

Fanzone: Yeah, I can tell by that broadcast televised earlier, what happened?

Arcee: The Decepticons found our base and they had ambushed us there.

Minerva: There was too many of them for us to handle, so we had to make a break for it.

Monique: (Walks over to the Autobots) So that's it? You're all that's left?

Rodimus: Afraid so.

Lennox: (Gave a snack bar to some kid and saw the Autobots) Holy crap. (Runs to the team) Hey! You're alright!

Ironhide: Not really.

Lennox: (Looks around and saw Optimus was missing) Hey, where's your leader at? Optimus Prime right? Where is he?

Bumblebee: (Lowered his Helm) He... He got captured by the Decepticons.

Lennox: (Widened his expression) Oh... Man, things are bad then?

Cade: Yeah, it's bad.

Prof. Sumdac: (Turns around the club) Are all of these people-?

Monique: Might as well be refugees, since everybody's running away now.

Knockout: (Sighs as he walked to the group) So, have any of you thought of a way to fight back yet? Because they're tearing the town apart like it's the Battle of Iacon again!

Bulkhead: We don't know how to fight back yet, that's the problem!

Epps: (Walks to the group) Well, you have your weapons, don't you?

Cosmos: Yes, but we don't have enough manpower to take all of them on! Primus, we don't even know how to defeat them with that many Decepticons out there!

Lena: (Walks around the corner) I might have a suggestion.

Everyone turned around and saw Lena, and the second they did, everyone drawn out their weapons and aimed at her, as she just stared at everyone.

Lena: (Looks around) What? Surprised to see me?

Cade: (Aimed his Alien Gun at Lena) What are you doing here?

Monique: (Aimed her pistol at Lena) More importantly, what is she doing out of her cell?

Lena: (Sighs) You people are so predictable.

Maggie: (Walks to Lena) Why are you here Lena?

Lena: Well, to answer your question my dear niece, is that I'm here because you all need our help.

Lennox: Hate to break to you lady, but I think we're all good from here.

Bulkhead: Wait, what do you mean, "Our help"? It's just you standing here.

Meltdown: (Walks next to Lena) Is it?

Ironhide: Oh, you got to be kidding me.

Lena: Right, onto the next question from the officer, I was in my cell, about to be harmed by a group of Decepticons you apparently angered, until Mr. Black stepped in and rescued me, if it weren't for him, I'd might as well be dead or worse.

Meltdown: What do you know? Turns out I am the hero after all.

Sari: I doubt a hero would try to make two assassination attempts against my Father.

Lena: Believe what you want to believe, but that doesn't change my opinion. (Turns to Cade) And to answer the last question from Mr. Yeager, I'm here not only because you need my help, but because I'm here to tell you that everyone in this place now has one common enemy, and everything I have said had come to pass, Alien Invaders running amok in Detroit, threatening our very way of life as we all know it. (Sits on a stool) And now here we all are, standing in here, talking about action when it is needed now.

Jazz: (Raises a brow) Well, you could have just said, "I told you so"

Lena: (Turns to Cosmos) I did, tell you so.

Ratchet: Doesn't matter, you're not needed here.

Lena: (Chuckles) After all I just said, you still don't want me here, despite all the good I'm trying to bring.

Shane: All the good you're trying to bring? Well how about trying to nuke City Hall to bits? Or threatening other people to do your dirty work for the sake of your loved ones?

Bumblebee: Or trying to dissect our own Processors open for no reason?

Tessa: Or kidnapping innocent people, for no reason? Or how experimenting, should I add that to the lists of things why we don't like you?

Lena: You people don't have to like me... But you do need my help if we want to secure Mankind's hope for the future.

Epps: Hmm, I don't know about that, what do you think Captain?

Lennox: I think we're good on our own.

Fanzone: Yeah, same here, the last thing we need is a bunch of terrorists helping us out.

Lena: (Looks at the two) Alright, perhaps your approval is less sufficient... (Turns to Rodimus) But maybe you are more wiser, considering your rank of a Prime, if I recall, and you know which decision is the most righteous?

Ironhide: Hot Rod, I don't say anything much, but don't do it!

Cosmos: Wait, didn't we invite the Starscream Clones and the Predacons into our base before?

Ironhide: Yeah, and we ended up with a bunch of Decepticons finding us and taking everything and everyone! The last thing we need is to repeat the same mistakes!

Arcee: (Turns to Rodimus) Rodimus Prime? What do you think?

Rodimus: (Stares down at the floor, thinking, before turning to Lena) I think she should get out... Now.

Lena: (Sighs as she looked at Rodimus) You all are making a terrible mistake. (Turns to Meltdown) Lets go. (They both walked to the exit, until she bumped into Maggie) I know you and I had many differences in the past, but I am doing this for the better of our world, you have to know that!

Maggie: (Looked at Lena) Like he said, get out.

Lena: (Sighs as she grabbed a GPS map and hands it to her) Keep this... In case you or anyone else changes their minds...

The two left the Club as Maggie saw them exit through the same way they came in, while everyone else just went all over the place, Rodimus went over to a stool and sat down, with Ratchet, Arcee, Jazz, and Bumblebee following suit.

Rodimus: (Sighs as he turned to the four) Do you guys think I made the right choice?

Bumblebee: Well, that Femme is evil, so I think so.

Jazz: But then again, she did say she had an idea how to defeat the Cons.

Arcee: Perhaps a way to get on board and free our allies.

Rodimus: I don't know... (Turns to Ratchet) What about you Doc? What do you think?

Ratchet: Honestly kid, it's all depends on what you think...

Rodimus: You believe so?

Ratchet: Well, that's what I would have told Bumblebee's Father if he were with us now...

Back onboard the Trypiticon, Slipstream was held in Stasis Cuffs, but instead of a cell, inside someone's quarters, as she looked around and saw the very person in the quarters would be Megatron himself as he kneeled right in front of her.

Megatron: (Looks at Slipstream) Comfortable?

Slipstream: (Looks around the room) Where am I?

Megatron: In my personal quarters, as a guest... (Looks at Slipstream still) Why did you side with the Autobots?

Slipstream: (Turns to Megatron) What do you think?

Megatron: (Tilts his Helm) I don't understand your answer.

Slipstream: Ugh! You know why! It's because you... You...!

Megatron: Made out with you? Romantically?

Slipstream: No! Not that! I didn't mind the kiss!

Megatron: (Grins) Oh, you don't mind?

Slipstream: Well, no! Considering how threatening you look, how strong... How... (Looks at Megatron) Handsome, you look... (Shakes her Helm) Ugh! The point is that I know about the 3rd bomb!

Megatron: (Raises a brow) And?

Slipstream: And I know that you have two more in that storage unit! One for Cybertron, which you're obviously trying to blow to bits, and the 2nd one is for Earth, because you're trying to Cyberform this Planet into Cybertron 2.0, and the 3rd is for giant bang to go off because you're using that to blow all of us into kingdom come!

Megatron: What? (Laughs) No, that's not what the 3rd Cyberformation Matter is for!

Slipstream: Then what is it for?

Megatron: (Looks at Slipstream) If I unlock the Stasis Cuffs, do you promise to hear what I have to say about the 3rd one you have mentioned?

Slipstream: (Looks at Megatron) If it gets you not to kill me, I might as well do it.

Megatron: Alright then. (Moves to unlock Slipstream's Stasis Cuffs and then stands up to extend his hand to her) Come with me.

Slipstream took his hand and then she walked around with the Decepticon leader, overlooking the ceiling as it displayed images of human beings and animals.

Megatron: Now Slipstream, you have seen the 3rd Cyberformation Matter, yes?

Slipstream: Yeah, I've seen it.

Megatron: And yet you have no idea what it is used for yet, do you?

Slipstream: (Looks at Megatron in a puzzled expression) I'm confused.

Megatron: Well, I'm going to be honest with you Slipstream. (Turns to her direction) You see, even if I manage to deploy the Cyberformation Matter unto this Planet, I wouldn't unfortunately exterminate all of the Organics living on Earth, but... (Turns to the human and animal simulation) If we are to make this planet anew, we would have to make some changes to that... The Human body has different genes, along with their primitives. (Shows a simulation of the Cyberformation Matter affecting the Organics) But, if we could see what effects the Cyberformation Matter has on the Organics-

Slipstream: (Sees the result in the Organics turning full Cybertronian) Then we could get them to be our slaves... Our mindless drones.

Megatron: (Grins) Exactly. (Turns to Slipstream) I apologize I did not join you in your discovery, or otherwise I wouldn't have been forced to use a shock prod to knock you out cold.

Slipstream: (Turns to Megatron) What do we do then? Once Cybertron is destroyed, and the Planet is yours?

Megatron: Ours, you mean... (Placed his hands onto hers) Together, we would not only rule this Planet, but we can rule the entire universe, all beings would bow before us, and they would all tremble before us, even hearing our names would make them shake, for I am the Lord of Decepticons... (Placed a hand on the back of Slipstream's Helm) And you... You would be the Queen of Decepticons, as we both share the Throne together, so what do you say?

Slipstream: (Stares at Megatron) I say that would be glorious, and such a bright idea for our future...

The two began moving their faces closer to each other, right in time for Lugnut to see them about to make out.

Lugnut: Lord Megatron! (Sees Megatron turn along with Slipstream, as he gasped) Ah! You found a Queen Master? (Jumps in excitement) Oh, how glorious! (Runs to the two and celebrates in front of them, not aware it's starting to annoy them both) This is a grand day for all Decepticons! Not only did we conquered this Planet, but we have the celebration between Lord Megatron's newly found Bride-!

Megatron and Slipstream: (Both turn to Lugnut) SHUT UP LUGNUT!

Lugnut: (Excitement goes down) Sorry Master... (Turns to Slipstream) And Mistress.

Megatron: (Glared at Lugnut) What do you want Lugnut?

Lugnut: Ahem, right, I came to inform you that we had spotted the Autobots.

Megatron: Oh? Are they apprehended?

Lugnut: Unfortunately not, as they have used a light of some sorts to escape.

Slipstream: Then get out and find them! They cannot hide forever!

Megatron: No... I am getting impatient... The time to destroy this Planet and Cybertron cannot wait no more... (Turns Lugnut) Where are the Prisoners?

Back in the Courtyard, every Autobot, Dinobot, and now Predacon had sat down in a massive circle, as the Decepticon Guards watched over them, with Starscream leading the charge, as all of the Prisoners are awake now and talked among each other.

Brawn: (Sits on the ground looking at his group) So, you're sayin that Megatron has three bombs, and one of them is used to blow this place up?

Blackarachnia: Considering the amount of Synthetic Energon has gotten into his Systems, I'd say he's completely lost it.

Wheeljack: Well, and to think Preceptor's the one that calls me crazy.

Hot Shot: And what about the other two?

Blackarachnia: One of them is used for deployment on this Planet, the other one is used for Cybertron.

Red Alert: But that's impossble! Cyberformation Matter has an hazardous effect on matter that's already made of metal, if used-!

Optimus: Cybertron becomes a smoking crater, that's why the Cybertronian Council banned the Cyberformation Matter, because of the effects it has.

Inferno: How did Megabot got that kind?

Kup: I don't know, but we outta figure out how to get loose of these Cuffs, because it's only a matter of time before Megatron decides to destroy Cybertron!

Cliffjumper: And the Earth.

Mirage: I find it unlikely that we'll be getting out of the Stasis Cuffs anytime soon, since everyone here is tied up here as well.

Optimus: And it's unlikely Megatron would deploy the Cyberformation Matter onto Detroit, not with the Allspark still down there, he wouldn't risk it being dispersed all over again.

Sentinel: Alright, then let's figure out how to get out of here and destroy the Cannon, because it'll be a while before they start shooting.

Jetstorm: What about our friends?

Jetfire: In Detroit? Could they rescue us?

Chromia: No, we're floating in the sky, there's no way they would be able to reach us.

Blackarachnia: Alright, then how about we talk about how to send Megatron off to the Well of Allsparks?

Hot Shot: You're not serious, are you?

Blackarachnia: Megatron's too infused with the Synthetic Energon, with all of it inside him, he's too dangerous.

Optimus: So you're saying that Megatron has to be destroyed?

Blackarachnia: No, Megatron Must Be Destroyed! That's what I'm saying!

Grimlock: How Spider Lady destroy Bad Bot?

Wreck Gar: We could try blowing him up!

Brawn: Ok, that is the worst idea ever!

Blackarachnia: No... Actually, that's a good idea!

Everyone: (All have widened Optics) WHAT?

Starscream: (Glared at the Prisoners) Shut up! Your talking too loud you insolent Autobots! (Turns around)

Blackarachnia: (Turns to the group) It's the only idea left.

Sentinel: Eli- Blackarachnia, how are we supposed to blow Megatron up? We don't even have enough missile launchers to do that!

Blackarachnia: No, but we can do that by using his own Bombs against him.

Optimus: Wait a minute, we're talking about taking a life here, we can't just do that!

Blackarachnia: Optimus, I understand you're a boy scout, but Megatron has changed, and the rules of sympathy won't work this time!

Optimus was about to object, but then Megatron arrived, and the Decepticons turned to him, some making them turn around and look directly at his presence as Starscream went to him.

Starscream: (Bows before Megatron) My Liege, how wonderful to see you-!

Megatron: Quit your nonsense and get out of my way. (Pushes Starscream aside)

Starscream: (Gets pushed aside) OOF! (Sees Megatron walking to the prisoners with Soundwave and Slipstream) No problem at all.

Megatron: (Turns to Optimus) The Allspark, where else would your Autobot forces kept it?

Optimus: (Glared at Megatron) Even if I did Megatron, I wouldn't even tell you.

Megatron: (Glared at Optimus) Fine then... (Turns to Soundwave) Soundwave, start a new broadcast, I have message for the loose Autobots...

Back in Detroit, everyone in Knockout's Club were all doing something until another broadcast occurred, and this time, Megatron's face appeared on the TV screen and on everyone's phones, as it drew to the attention of the Autobots as they turned to the TV.

Megatron: (On the TV) This is Megatron, Leader of the Decepticon Empire, the time of this Planet is known to be Midnight, and I have a message for the Autobots that are left in this Organic city.

Megatron turned to aim his Cannon at Optimus, but instead changed his direction at Jetstorm, and then fired upon him by the waist, injuring him badly.

Jetstorm: (Gets shot by the waist) AHH! (Falls onto his side)

Jetfire: (Widened his Optics) Brother! (Goes to his Brother)

Jazz: (Widened his Visor) Oh no, JS!

Sentinel: (Widened his Optics) No! (Turned Megatron, glaring at him) You monster! (Attempts to attack Megatron, only to be pushed down by a couple of Decepticon Guards)

Megatron: (Turns to Soundwave) I have tired of this long game for a while now, and I do not have the Allspark with me like it should have been earlier today. (On screen with everyone at Knockout's Club watching) As presented in the demonstration I have shown you, I shall start to Offline each and every one of your Comrades, and I will show no mercy, unless you all hand yourselves and the Allspark to me tomorrow by dawn. (Broadcasts ends)

Cade: (Turns to the Autobots) Did he just-?

Rodimus: He shot Jetstorm without showing any remorse.

Minerva: That monster!

Optimus: (Turned to Jetstorm and looked at Megatron) Megatron, you did not have to do that! He wasn't armed!

Megatron: (Turns to Optimus) An example must be made to those who don't cooperate to my rule, Optimus Prime.

Sentinel: (Struggles as he tried to get Megatron) You'll pay for this! You hear me! You'll pay!

Megatron: (Walks away) Let us see who shall pay the price tomorrow, depending on your allies decision. (Turns to Starscream) Continue with your job.

Starscream: (Looked satisfied with Jetstorm's suffering) My pleasure.

Jetfire: (Held onto his Brother in his lap) Can someone help him?! My Brother's hurt!

Red Alert: (Crawled to the Twins with Wheeljack) Let us see him. (Jetfire showed Jetstorm to her and she saw the wound on him) He looks bad... (Turns to Wheeljack) Wheeljack?

Wheeljack: It's terrible, but we can fix it! (Turns to Red Alert) Do you have your tools with you?

Red Alert: I'm in Stasis Cuffs, of course not!

Wheeljack: I meant the ones you would bring in your Subspace? I know I brought mine!

Red Alert: (Looks at Wheeljack) I can't reach my Subspace!

Wheeljack: Neither can I, so how about I reach yours, and then you can reach mine?

Red Alert: Fine, but let's move!

Sentinel: (Calms down and goes to the group) Is he going to okay?

Wheeljack: He'll be fine, but we need our space! (Turns to Jetfire) That includes family too!

The two began to work on Jetstorm as everyone looked, as Optimus stared at the wound inflicted by Megatron.

Blackarachnia: (Turns to Optimus) How about now Optimus? Any thoughts of sparing Megatron this time?

Optimus: (Looks at the wound, and then turns to Blackarachnia) What do we have to do?

Back in Knockout's Club, everyone was talking aloud at what they had just saw on TV, as the Autobots gathered around at the VIP section.

Bulkhead: (Looks around at everyone) Guys, we need to do something right now! Our friends are in danger!

Rodimus: We can't just give the Allspark to them!

Bumblebee: But Megatron will start blowing everyone's Helms off! You saw what he did to Jetstorm! He didn't kill him, but he did hurt him badly!

Jazz: BB's right, Megatron ain't playing around anymore, we gotta do something!

Arcee: Even if we turned ourselves in and the Allspark, there's no telling what he would do with the Allspark!

Ratchet: Megatron might as well blow all of us to the Well of Allsparks at the spot!

Ironhide: None of the less, our friends are in danger! We can't sit around and do nothing anymore!

Minerva: My Parents are up there! Both of them! And our friends! Megatron said he won't show any mercy to them!

Rodimus: (Turns to Cosmos) Cosmos, what about the Powermaster suit? Any chance any of us can put it on?

Cosmos: I'm sorry, but the suit's designed to fit Optimus Prime only, there's nothing we can do about it.

Sari: Well there has to be something we can do! Our friends are in danger, and Megatron's going to hurt them or worse!

Rodimus: (Stares down on the floor before looking up at the Autobots) I hate to say it, but we're going to need Lena Jones' help on this.

Ironhide: Oh come on Hot Rod!

Rodimus: I'm sorry Ironhide, but we don't have an option on this! Giving up isn't an option! Loosing is not an option! But make no mistake, we are not abandoning our friends and this Planet to the Decepticons! No while we can still fight, so we're going up there, we're going to fight them, until our dying breath! (Looks at Ironhide) For Chromia! (Turns to Bumblebee) For Bumblebee's family! (Turns to Ratchet and Arcee) For Wreck Gar! (Turns to Jazz) For the Jet Twins! (Turns to Minerva) For Flareup! For the Dinobots! (Turns to Cosmos) And for Cliffjumper and Mirage! We will fight for them, no matter how many Decepticons are there, and no matter how hard they push us down! We will not give up, we are going to win if it is the last thing we do!

Sari: Wow, that was actually inspirational back there.

Jazz: (Smiles) Alright, that's one way to pull of an Optimus Prime tactic there.

Minerva: (Smiles) Good speech!

Rodimus: (Smiles) Thanks, I uh... I have my moments.

Ratchet: Look, if we're all agreeing to go find Lena, how on Earth are we going to find her in the middle of the Decepticon Invasion? It might be a while, if too late to go look for her.

Cosmos: Well yeah, we did kick her out of the club, literally.

Maggie: Ahem. (Gets everyone's attention as she held out a GPS Map) I don't like doing this, but I have an idea where my Aunt would be.

Somewhere in Detroit, while the Invasion is happening, Lena and Meltdown are in an abandoned hospital, as they sat inside of a large tire piece, they heard Transforming in the background, prompting both of them to look around cautiously, with Lena preparing her weapon, and Meltdown about to turn on his Acid powers, until Rodimus Prime, Ratchet, and Jazz came around the corner and stood in front of the two.

Rodimus: (Looks at Lena) I'm ready to hear your plan.

Lena: (Turns to Rodimus and lightly smiled) I thought you were never going to ask...

Later outside the Club, some of S.T.E.A.M's forces arrived with a cannon as Lennox, Epps, Monique, and Fanzone walked outside and saw everyone in the alley.

Epps: (Looks around at the S.T.E.A.M. soldiers) What in the world?

Fanzone; (Looks around the alley) First Monique surprising me with a Transformer nightclub, and now this?

Sari: (Walks to the four) Hey, it's okay, these guys are with the Autobots. (Looks at the soldiers) For now anyway.

Monique: I'm sorry, who's idea is to get them here?

Rodimus: Mine. (Walks to the four) Captain Fanzone, Lennox, I apologize for the unannounced visit, but S.T.E.A.M. is helping us with an idea to get onboard the Prison along with defeating the Decepticons.

Fanzone: (Raises a brow) You realize these people hate your guts right?

Rodimus: Don't have to like it when saving the world.

Lennox: (Sighs) Is there some kind of plan for this?

Lena: There is. (Walks to the group as the Autobots walked in) This cannon is a full powered Energon cannon, that can be used to destroy the Trypiticon Prison flying in the air, and therefore saving Mankind.

Ironhide: Ya realize that we have somethin up there right?

Lena: Yes, Rodimus Prime had informed me of your allies situation, so that's why I have brought in this. (Walks to the street and introduced the Autobot shuttle)

Leo: (Looks at the shuttle) Whoa, what's this?

Sari: I remember this, this is an Autobot shuttle used to fly up in the air!

Arcee: What is this doing here?

Lena: Apparently, Megatron had brought this into our Planet the day he came back to Earth, and he left somewhere at the forest, which was fortunate apparently, because you Autobots have a need for it.

Jazz: Man, that was lucky!

Bulkhead: But how are we going to get up there without getting shot though? Won't the Cons notice something wrong?

Lena: That's where these come in. (Shows a color paint spraying tech) I suppose you Aliens recognize this, don't you?

Minerva: (Picks up a can) Oh yeah! This is the same kind that Optimus Prime used to disguise himself as Toxitron at the Stunticon event!

Bumblebee: Ok, so we're going in as Decepticons in disguise? (Shudders) Ugh, I don't like this part.

Ironhide: (Looks over the paint) Neither do I.

Rodimus: Look, I get that wearing Decepticon colors is distasteful as it sounds, but if we're going to go up to Trypiticon, we're going to need to know what Megatron is up to and why he has it up in the air.

Arcee: That's true. (Grabs a can) Alright, here we go. (Turns herself Dark Purple)

Bumblebee: (Looks at the Paint) Ugh, I can't believe I'm going with this. (Turns himself White and Purple)

Bulkhead: (Turns to Bumblebee) Hey, you look like your evil counterpart-

Bumblebee: (Has the grumpy look) Don't push it.

Ratchet: Say, thinking about our evil counterparts give us hardly any thought on what to wear. (Grabs a can and turns himself Lime Green and Black)

Ironhide; (Turns himself Black) At least I don't gotta turn myself Purple or nothing.

Minerva: You guys know what to wear, but I don't!

Bumblebee: Well, try something you think as good, creative style.

Minerva: (Sighs) Alright. (Paints herself Black and Purple) How do I look?

Bumblebee: Like any Decepticon Femme would look like.

Cosmos: (Turns himself into Purple and Orange) This should do it.

Bulkhead: (Turns himself Purple) Yeah, this feels like how evil me would look like.

Jazz: (Turns himself Black and White) Time to go with an evil style.

Rodimus: (Turns himself into his Shattered Counterpart's colors) Alright, is everyone ready?

Bumblebee: Yeah, let's kick some Decepticon Aft!

Rodimus: Alright, but one last thing, we need someone to hack into the mainframe, get any intel on Megatron's plot.

Bulkhead: Where are we going to get one?

Glen: How about a hacker, that should work. (Eats a chili dog while everyone looked at him) Oh, so you're thinking about me, right, of course I had to be it!

Cade: Dude, you have to! There's no other computers or phones left in the city that's working right now!

Glen: Yeah but I know how to hack into human technology, Cybertronian Tech is like, way too advanced for me, not to mention Soundwave-!

Sari: Look, you can do this! All you have to do is get to the mainframe and hack into the data, and get out!

Glen: Yeah, except one thing in particular that I'm curious about, why would any Decepticon bring in a bunch of Human beings onto their ship anyway? These guys don't even like them!

Arcee: We actually need some kind of a way to get up there, a reason not to get shot at, so why not human transport for some kind of Decepticon slave run.

Shane: Ok, we're not wearing any chains, are we?

Glen: (Sighs) I'll try my best, but if I die, I'm hunting all of you for dragging me into this!

Lena: (Walks to the group) If you're proceeding to bring in bait, and you're using the shuttle, there's one condition, and my Niece stays here.

Cade: (Turns to Lena) I don't think you get to tell her what to do anymore.

Lena: Either she stays, or no one's getting on that ship period.

Maggie: (Sighs) Alright, I'll respect your wishes, for just this one time.

Bumblebee: I'm sorry Maggie.

Maggie: No worries. (Walks away)

Lena: (Turns to Rodimus) Is there anything you need to do before you can begin?

Rodimus: There is actually, we just need to collect our gear, and that's it.

Everyone began to disperse as Cade went to Maggie.

Cade: (Turns to Maggie) Hey, are you going to okay?

Maggie: (Turns to Cade) Yeah, I'll be fine, but will you be?

Cade: Uh, I guess I'll to find out.

Maggie: (Hugs him) Just be careful, okay?

Cade: (Hugs her back) I will.

As they hugged, Professor Sumdac went to his daughter as she gathered most of her gear.

Prof. Sumdac: So, you do realize this is dangerous right?

Sari: I know that Dad, but I have to be there for my friends, they'll need me.

Prof. Sumdac: I'm sorry to say this, but they don't really need you Sari! They don't! Just think about it, they have their friends up their, they can just free one of the scientists and they can get the help from there!

Sari: Dad, I know what you're trying to do, and I'm sorry, but I'm not a Human... I tried to be, but I'm not, I'm Cybertronian, and I was born Cybertronian, and as far as I know, I might as well be fully Autobot myself.

Prof. Sumdac: But I don't want to see you get hurt! What if I'll loose you?

Sari: I'll be fine... (Turns to her Dad) But just in case, I want you to know that you're the best Dad a daughter could ever have, and probably one of the greatest example of a Human being can be, because you took me in, even though I was from another Planet, and you cared for me then and there. (Hugged her Dad) And that's all I could ever thank for.

The Father and Daughter hugged it out, while Savoy stood in front of the shuttle, looking at it in admiration as Glen looked at him, then turned to Rodimus, who gave a nod, and then Glen moved to shove into Savoy by accident, only for the S.T.E.A.M. agent to grab his arm and shove him against the wall.

Glen: (Feels his arm getting twisted) OW! Dude, what's your problem?! Can't you see it was a simple accident?

Savoy: (Looks at Glen and lets go of his arm) Watch where you're going next time.

Savoy walked away as Glen rubbed his arm, he looked at Rodimus and nodded, which the Prime nodded back while Ratchet and Arcee took a look up to Trypiticon.

Arcee: (Looks up at Trypiticon) Looks like this could be it.

Ratchet: (Looks up at Trypiticon) It would seem so...

Arcee: (Smiles) You know, at this point I should be scared right now, but apparently, I'm not.

Ratchet: (Turns to Arcee) Why is that?

Arcee: (Turns to Ratchet) Because I'm with you.

Ratchet: (Smiles as he grabbed her hand and speaks in Iaconian language) I love you.

Arcee: (Widened her Optics) You remember the language!

Ratchet: I don't forget a lot of things, even when back at the war.

Arcee: (Smiled as she put her head against Ratchet's shoulder and speaks in Iaconian) I love you.

Rodimus: (Walks to the two) Hey, we're ready to head out.

Ratchet: (Turns to Rodimus) Alright, lead the way Prime.

Fanzone: (Walks to the Autobots) So uh, is there anything we can do down here?

Sari: Well yeah actually. (Gets Lucy out of her bag and hands her to Fanzone) Take care of the cat! (Leaves)

Fanzone; (Widened his expression while holding Lucy) Wait a minute! I-! (Sniffs) IAH- I'm-AH! AHCHOO! (Sneezes as he holds onto Lucy, sniffing his nose while wiping it) I'm allergic to cats...

The Autobots then gathered at the shuttle along with the teens, minus Maggie as Rodimus went onto the pilot's seat, and Bumblebee riding shotgun and everyone else riding in the back as Rodimus activated, and then started fly, as everyone around stood back and watched it lift itself up and then fly away towards the Trypiticon, the military cheering for it leaving.

Savoy: (Stands next to Lena with Meltdown joining) So you're sure that bringing what they what was a bright idea?

Lena: Why not? Besides, it might as well be fitting to take all of the aliens out at the same spot they're in.

Meltdown: (Smiles deviously) Hehe, yes... How fitting...

Back in the air, the shuttle is flown up in mid air towards Trypiticon, until a couple of Decepticon Seekers flown next to it.

Leo: (Sees the Seekers) Whoa, are we in trouble?

Shockwave: (On the ship's radio) This is Decepticon Shockwave speaking to the unknown shuttle, identify your intentions, or else you will be blown out of the sky.

Cosmos: Oh, this is the part we were talking about, is it?

Rodimus: Everyone, keep calm-

Bumblebee: (Grabs the radio) Ahem, Decepticon Shockwave, we are carrying a loaded transport, important for experimentation, over.

Shockwave: Really?

Bumblebee: Uh, yes sir, we have human pets to work for us ourselves, as a present for Lord Megatron, sir.

Shockwave: Alright, what is your Designation?

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics and mouthed) Crap!

Rodimus: (Mouthing his words) Say something!

Bumblebee: (Looks at the radio speaker and cleared his throat) Bug Bite.

Shockwave: ...Please hold for a moment.

Ironhide: Do you think he bought it?

Bumblebee: Oh totally! There's no way Shockwave would figure out it's me!

Shockwave: (Contacts Megatron on a private channel) My Liege, this is Shockwave, I believe I have found our escaped Autobots aboard the shuttle you used before.

Megatron: (Sits on his throne, overlooking the shuttle) How do you know that?

Shockwave: Honestly my Liege, as creative as Bumblebee maybe, he cannot hide his annoying voice from the radio, now what are your orders sir?

Megatron stared at the shuttle in silence, while the Autobots in it waited for a response, for which it came as Shockwave's voiced filled the air.

Shockwave: Decepticon Bug Bite, you are cleared to dock at hanger bay 3 with the transport, Shockwave out. (Transmission ends)

Bumblebee: Phew, that was close.

Rodimus: Yeah, next time, a warning before you do something like that.

Bumblebee: Sorry!

They then flown into the hanger bay as directed to do as they landed inside, they looked through the window and saw a lot of Decepticons in the hanger.

Ironhide: (Looks at the Decepticons inside the hanger) And to think last year, this place was once used by Autobots.

Rodimus: (Turns to the team) Alright, when we exit the shuttle, remain calm, the Cons don't know we're Autobots, so that's our element of surprise we have. (Turns to the humans) Alright, you all ready?

Shane: Not really.

Sari: Where should we go while you guys are freeing the others or kicking Decepticon Skidplate?

Rodimus: We'll hide you in the mainframe, and once we rescued everyone, we'll come back for you and we'll make our way back here. (Takes a deep Intake) Ok, let's do this.

Everyone stepped to the exit and loaded the loading ramp, extending it's way to the ground as everyone walked out of the shuttle, as for the outside, all of the Decepticons were ordered back inside Trypiticon as every flyer, Seeker, Heliformer flew back, with people around looking up at the sky and watched them leave, as citizens gotten out of their hiding places, and the team with the cannon looked up at the activity.

Epps: (Looks up at the sky) Hey, they're heading back!

Fanzone: (Looks at the Decepticons leaving) That's so weird, they go ahead and attack us, and now they pack up and go home?

Meltdown: (Looks at the sky) That's odd.

Maggie: Yeah, too odd, why would they be doing this?

Lena: There's no reason they would do this, those kind of Aliens would never leave unless they have what they wanted... (Looks at the sky curiously, then looked at the Decepticons going back into the Prison's hangers) Unless they already have what they wanted. (Turns around to walk to Savoy) Savoy, is the weapon charged?

Savoy: 100% Ma'am.

Lena: Good, then open fire!

Maggie: Wait! My friends are up there!

Lena: Your friends have fallen into a trap and are good as dead! (Turns to Savoy) Now grab the remote and open fire!

Savoy: My pleasure. (Grabs his pocket, but realizes his pocket was empty) What the? (Searches his pockets) What in the-!

Lena: Is there a problem, Savoy?

Savoy: The remote to the cannon, I just had with me earlier, I can't find it in my pockets!

Lena: You lost the remote?! Where did you put it?!

Savoy: I didn't take it out! I had in my pocket and-! (Widened his eyes)

Flashback, at the bump.

When Glen moved to bump into Savoy, not only did he bump into him, but he also managed to drive his hand into his pocket and steal the remote for the cannon in slow motion, right until Savoy moved to shove Glen against the wall, unaware the kid stole his remote.

Flashback ends.

Savoy: (Widened his eyes) That fat little thief!

Suddenly, guns were drawn out as they turned around and saw the military and police aimed their weapons at them and the rest of S.T.E.A.M.

Lennox: (Placed his hands behind his back while looking at S.T.E.A.M.) Sorry, what was it you were talking about behind our backs?

Lena: You don't understand! We're trying to save the world!

Fanzone: How about you leave saving the world to the Autobots yeah?

Meltdown: Hehe. (Activates his Acid powers) What are you people going to do against me? Bullets can't hurt me!

Monique: (Grabbed out a taser) This might! (Fired her taser)

Meltdown: (Gets hit by the taser and gets shocked) AHHH! (Starts turning into a small puddle of Acid)

Monique: (Pulls Maggie behind her) Get behind us.

Lennox and Fanzone: You're under- (Turns to each other)

Fanzone: Oh, you say it.

Lennox: Nah, it's your city, you say it.

Fanzone: Alright then. (Turns to S.T.E.A.M.) All of you are under arrest for attempted massacre, fraud, terrorism, yeah, you're all going to jail.

Lena: (Gets her hands pulled behind her) You people don't know what you're doing!

Monique: Yeah. (Pulls Lena against the wall) It's putting handcuffs on your wrists.

Lena: No! You don't understand! The Autobots' plan is failing! They're falling into a trap!

Monique: (Sat Lena to the ground) Ahh, didn't know you cared that much.

As Maggie witnessed the mass arrest, she turned to look up at the sky and then tried using her ear piece to contact her friends.

Maggie: (Tries to call her friends) Hey guys? Are you there? (Gets nothing but static) Hello? Did you guys make it? Did you fool them?

Soundwave: (In Maggie's earpiece) No, they did not. (Cuts out the call)

Maggie: (Felt a shock in her ear) OW! (Drops her earpiece, and looks up at the sky) Oh God.

Inside the Prison, the Autobots disguised as Decepticons walked inside a corridor, passing through many actual Decepticons while Glen looked at the remote he stole from Savoy.

Leo: (Blows some air) Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.

Tessa: (Raises a brow) We are calm.

Leo: I was talking to myself.

Shane: Hey, there's absolutely nothing to worry about, maybe they haven't noticed us ye-

Steve: (Walks to the ground) Hey there!

Leo and Shane: AHH!

Ratchet: (Turns to the two) Shut up!

Steve: (Looks at Leo and Shane) Whoa, quite the screamer, aren't they?

Ratchet: (Clears his throat) Yeah, we brought these Organics as a gift for Lord Megatron.

Steve: Eh, I'm not sure about Organics as a gift to Lord Megatron, but hey, you're welcome to try if you want to. (Walks away) Have fun!

Ratchet: Thanks! (Turns to Leo and Shane) What were you two thinking? Keep quiet!

Shane and Leo: Sorry.

Rodimus: How far are we from the Mainframe?

Cosmos: Very far away, but there's a computer room on our left.

Rodimus: Ok, let's turn here.

Everyone turned to the computer room and once they made sure there was no one inside, they shut the door and went to an online computer.

Rodimus: (Turns to Glen) Alright, we're here. (Grabs Glen and lifts him up into the computer) Can you handle it?

Glen: (Gets lifted) Yeah, it's no problem at-! (Turns to the computer, but realized how huge it was for him) Aaoh, dear lord, that things huge!

Jazz: Glen, G-Dawg, can you handle it or not?

Glen: (Turns to the team) Guys, I don't think I can! Like look at this! The keyboards too big! The monitors too big! Do I look like that my teeny, tiny fingers, can hack into this thing?!

Minerva: (Looks at the size difference) Oh, yeah, we didn't think this one through.

Glen: No kidding!

Sari: Look, why don't I try? (Flies up to the computer)

Glen: (Looks at Sari) Oh yeah sure! Go ahead, let's see you try it-! (Sari's fingers placed on the computer and then unique linework eveloped around her hand on the computer) Okay, now I'm listening.

Sari: (Closes her eyes as the computer screen goes through the data) Ok... (Displays an image of the prisoners at the courtyard) Ok, I found them! Everyone's at the courtyard!

Ironhide: (Looks at the image and sees Chromia) Chromia's there!

Cosmos: Along with all of our friends, and the Autobots that used to work here!

Rodimus: Good to know they're here, we'll need all the help we can get.

Bumblebee: Okay what are waiting for? Let's save them!

Sari: Wait! There's more... (Scans through the computer and then an image of a cannon pops on screen)

Arcee: (Turns to the image and sees the Cannon) What is that?

Bulkhead: Looks like it's some sort of weapon.

Jazz: But what is it used for?

Minerva: Maybe it was the one that was used to blow up the Spacebridge earlier.

Sari: No, that's a different one, it's used for... (Displays the target image, which is Cybertron as she opened her eyes) Oh no!

Rodimus: (Looks at the image) That's Cybertron!

Bumblebee: Wait, that doesn't mean that-?

Sari: (Turns to the others) The Cannon is going to be used for Cybertron and destroy it by using the Cyberformation Matter!

Tessa: Cyberfo- I'm confused.

Ratchet: The Cyberformation Matter is an essence not used since the Great War, because it was banned due to the dangerous elements it holds!

Tessa: What makes it so dangerous?

Arcee: It's dangerous because it turns a planet completely into metal, something just like Cybertron.

Ratchet: But the side effects are every single living organism on the Planet would be wiped out! And if it were to be used on Cybertron-!

Jazz: Then there would be a chain reaction that would cause every thing explode! Cause every Cybertronian to be incinerated in the process! Primus, that's what Prowl was trying to tell me earlier, man, I should have known it sooner!

Bulkhead: Wait, you can talk to Prowl?

Cade: So, the Cyberformation Matter, it's bad then? Okay, good to know.

Sari: We have to destroy the Cannon!

Rodimus: We'll make sure to do that, but you and everyone else in here stay here where it's safe.

Leo: Man, what are we supposed to do?

Rodimus: You'll be our eyes and ears through the whole thing.

Bumblebee: But what about our friends?

Jazz: Saving them is important, but disarming the Cannon should be our top priority, and as long as no one knows that we're actually Autobots, this should make a convincing cover.

Ratchet: As long as that Cannon and the Cyberformation Matter is out, both worlds are in jeopardy, and no one is safe.

Rodimus: Alright, we need to get a move on pronto. (Opens the door) Remember, you're all our eyes and ears.

The Autobots left the computer room to the humans as they walked down the hallways, Sari turned to the security cameras and watched them move through the halls.

Bumblebee: (Walks in the halls with his team) Alright Sari, where are we going?

Sari: Right, you're going to the armory, that's where all the weapons are going to be, including all of the Cyberformation Matter and the Cannon, I'll let you know if something comes up.

Rodimus: Alright, thank you Sari. (Ends call) Let's move.

Shane: (Looks at the courtyard camera) Whoa, guys, something's happening.

Tessa: What? What's happening?

Shane: The courtyard. (Points at the camera and the image shows Autobots getting dragged off their fight) The bad guys, or Robots are moving the good Robots.

Sari: (Flies to the camera) How many?

Shane: I don't know, 10, 15?

Glen: (Looks at image) Hey, most of them are the Autobots we know! Those are our friends!

Sari: (Touches her earpiece) Guys, something's going on! (Hears nothing but static) Guys hello?

Soundwave: (Suddenly appears on the computer screens, taking everyone by surprise) You cannot save them from their fate, Humans. (Ends the broadcast was everyone's earpieces shortening out and fallen to the ground)

Leo: (Grunts as he touched his ear) Yow, that stung!

Cade: (Looks at the computers) That was Soundwave! That means-!

Sari: (Looks around the computer) The Autobots are falling into a trap!

Back in the Armory, the Autobots made it there as they walked around and saw the Cannon along with the Cyberformation Matter containers laying next to it as they stood across a narrow bridge, that if anyone were to fall, you would fall hundreds and hundreds below deep, and no one would hear you thud.

Bulkhead: Here we are! That wasn't so bad!

Minerva: Yeah, that was pretty easy!

Jazz: (Looks around the armory) Yeah, too easy.

Rodimus: (Turns to Jazz) Is everything ok Jazz?

Jazz: Yeah, it's just that something's real off about-! (Feels another headache) Ugh! (Grabs his Helm) Not again!

Arcee: (Turns to Jazz) What's wrong?

Prowl: (Inside Jazz's Processor) Jazz!

Jazz: (Feels Prowl in his head) Prowl?

Prowl: You and everyone need to turn away! It's a trap! Jazz-!

Bumblebee: (Knocks on the side of Jazz's Helm) Hey, you okay?

Jazz: (Looks at the team and then all around the room) Yo guys, we need to get out of here, now!

Ironhide: (Activates his Cannons) Not until we destroy that thing!

Jazz: No, something's not right! This whole thing with us going inside the Armory without any trouble! And not to mention nobody's here, it's all a trap!

Megatron: (Claps his hands as he walked around the corner) Well done Autobot Jazz, I should commend you on your thinking skills if this were on a different occasion.

Rodimus: (Turns to Megatron) Megatron!

Back in the computer room, there was a loud banging on the door as everyone turned to it, and heard violent shouting from the outside.

Decepticons: (On the outside) Let us in you worms! We know the Allspark is in there! Open up, and we'll make your deaths painless!

Shane: Oh, we're all dead aren't we?

Glen: (Turns to the door) Oh God, they know we're in here too!

Sari: How? It's not like we brought the Allspark with us!

Cade: (Widened his eyes and plays with his fingers) Well... (Made a nervous grin as he shows his backpack) About that...

Sari: (Turns to Cade and just gave an applauded expression) You brought the Allspark with you?!

Cade: Well, actually, it was a minor accident, I didn't really mean to bring it, I just forgot to take the backpack off me when we boarded the shuttle.

Decepticons: (Bangs on the door harder) OPEN THE PRIMUS FORSAKEN DOOR!

Leo: Guys, I am 16 years old, I just got out of high school for the Summer, I haven't lived a long life yet, and I sure do NOT want to die young right now!

Tessa: We need to do something right now!

Sari: Right! (Looks around) Uh... (Sees a ventilation shaft) There! The vents! Let's go in there!

Shane: (Runs to the vents, unlocked the screws and waves his hand backwards) Get in!

Everyone moved inside the ventilation shaft, and once everyone was inside, Shane, who was the last one inside, grabbed the vent door and closed it, looking to see the Decepticons had blown the door open as they poured inside, looking around for the teens as Shane turned to follow the group, while back inside the Armory, the Autobots were left facing Megatron as he stood in front of the few things that they needed to destroy, with the Autobots back to their original colors.

Megatron: (Looks at the team) I must say, I am rather impressed, considering that you have managed to get all the way up here without the leadership of your precious Optimus Prime, but of course, it would make sense considering you have his son with you.

Rodimus: (Glared at Megatron) You're going to pay for the terror you caused Megatron!

Megatron: (Looked at Rodimus) Ah, so you must be Rodimus Prime I presume? Now I see why you're all here, considering you and Optimus Prime had the same teacher before, you have the same wisdom and tactics.

Ironhide: What do ya know about him, you don't know about any of us!

Megatron: Oh, but I do. (Walks back and forth) All of you have a past, a good quality of abilities not many have, but most importantly... (Stops to add in a smirk) You all have a weakness that is so easily exploited.

Bumblebee: Oh yeah? What weakness?

Megatron snapped his fingers, and then suddenly, Lugnut, Blitzwing, Barricade, Shockwave, Soundwave, Nightbird, and Team Chaar appeared, along with various Decepticons as the ones from behind pointed their weapons at them and the ones whose names have been pointed out came beside Megatron, and with them, came the new prisoners, consisting of Optimus Prime, Blackarachnia the three members of Team Athenia, Kup, Mirage, Cliffjumper, Sentinel Prime, the Jet Twins, and of course, Flareup and Warpath as goodies for Megatron as the Autobots widened their Optics in seeing the hostages.

Bumblebee: (Sees Optimus) Dad! (Sees Sentinel) Sentinel! (Sees Blackarachnia) Mom?!

Bulkhead and Ironhide: (Turns to Bumblebee, raising a brow) Mom?!

Minerva: (Sees her parents) Mom! Dad!

Jazz: (Sees the Jet Twins) J-Twins!

Megatron: (Holds Optimus by the throat by using one of his Swords) As I said, all of you have weaknesses, the ones you love, care about, the ones that cause you to lose so easily because of your petty attachments for each other.

Optimus: (Groans as he has a Sword up against his throat) Bumblebee, don't listen to a word he says! (Gets hit by Megatron) UGH!

Bumblebee: Dad no!

Rodimus: Hey, back off! Leave them all alone!

Megatron: I believe you are in no position to negotiate, Rodimus Prime.

Minerva: (Looks at her parents) Mom, Dad, we're going to get you out of this, I promise!

Strika: (Aims her cannons at Minerva's parents) Don't even bother doing so little girl, or else your family will be obliterated from where they sit.

Warpath: (Grunts) Don't listen to that Glitch honey!

Flareup: Yeah, we'll be fine!

Ironhide: (Aims his Cannons at Megatron) Hey, let them go Glitchhead or else!

Nightbird: Oh darling, I almost forgot about you. (Goes to the corner and picked Chromia up, holding a Sai beneath her throat)

Ironhide: (Widened his Optics as he saw Chromia) Chromia?

Chromia: (Grunts in Nightbird's hold) Ironhide, don't listen to a word she says! (Gets hit by Nightbird) UGH!

Nightbird: Shut up Sister!

Ironhide: Hey! Leave her alone!

Megatron: (Walks around) Every one of you have a friend, a mother, a father, a Bondmate or some sorts... (Stops next to Kup) And a teacher that you care about. (Picks Kup up) All of whom are at my mercy.

Rodimus: (Noticed Kup getting picked up) Kup!

Kup: (Grunts as he is held in the air) Kid, don't even think about it!

Megatron: It's your choice Rodimus Prime, either you and your Team surrender yourselves to me, or else you witness all of those you hold dear be sent to the Well of Allsparks.

Ironhide: (Looks at Chromia in danger and groaned) Alright! (Deactivates his Cannons) Alright, just don't hurt her!

Rodimus: (Turns to Ironhide) Ironhide!

Chromia: Ironhide no!

Minerva: (Places her hands up) Please, don't hurt my family!

Rodimus: Minerva!

Cosmos: Boss, the Cons have our friends, we're here to rescue them, but what's the point if there's no one left to rescue?

Rodimus: (Looks to Cosmos and then at his team, who looked at him for support, and then at the hostages, and then at Megatron, as he gripped his hands before closing his Optics in defeat) Okay... (Deactivates his Crossbow and raises his hands in the air) As team leader of this group of Autobots, and as a Prime, we surrender under your terms.

Megatron: (Looks at Rodimus) Humph, it appears you're much weaker than much as Optimus Prime is. (Turns to his Decepticons) Take our new guests to the Courtyard, and don't forget to add their Stasis Cuffs on them, we don't want them wandering around again, now do we?

Later, everyone was dragged back to the courtyard and brought on their knees as they joined the rest of the Autobot prisoners, Megatron stood in front of them while the rest of the Decepticons stood behind him.

Optimus: (Turns to Bumblebee) Bumblebee, are you okay?

Bumblebee: (Looks at his Dad) Dad! I'm okay, but are you okay?

Optimus: (Smiles) I'm okay knowing you're okay.

Blackarachnia: (Groans weakly) Bumble...Bee...

Bumblebee: (Turns to see his Mom) Mom? (Turns to Optimus) What's wrong with her?

Optimus: (Sighs) Bumblebee, there's something you should know...

Ironhide: (Hugged Chromia) You okay Chormia?

Chromia: (Hugged Ironhide) I'm fine, but you didn't have to come back for me.

Ironhide: Oh believe me, I did, besides, I couldn't stand to think what would happen to ya.

Brawn: (Groans) You didn't have to do what ya did back there.

Rodimus: Hey, we all came here to rescue you, what was the point if you were all gone?

Kup: (Groans) Still, you had a plan with ya?

Rodimus: I do, but I'm hoping our friends would hurry it up.

Minerva: (Turns to Flareup) Mom?

Flareup: (Turns to Minerva) Minerva, I'm glad you're okay!

Minerva: Me too! (Turns to Warpath) Dad!

Warpath: Minerva, hey, you didn't have to come and rescue us baby doll.

Minerva: Are you kidding, I came all the way from Cybertron to bust you out! (Laughs a little)

Warpath: I know, but I just didn't want to see you get hurt, that's all.

Minerva: At least we're all here now, for better or worse.

As everyone connected, Megatron turned to the Decepticons, all look very nervous looking.

Megatron: (Looks at the Autobots) Any report of the Allspark?

Shockwave: No my Liege, the Humans have escaped the computer room along with the Allspark.

Megatron: (Growls) Impossible, tell the guards to search every inch of the prison, they cannot hide forever!

As Shockwave went to do so, up above from a ventilation system was the teens peeking through the courtyard, overlooking all the Autobots that are rounded up.

Cade: (Looks at the Autobots) Ok, I'm pretty sure we all said this a lot, but man, this is really bad this time!

Tessa: What do we do? The Decepticons are hunting us, and the Autobots are in trouble!

Shane: (Turns to Sari) Hey, you're some type of hybrid between Autobot and Human right? Maybe you can go out there and blast every one out and then it's a win win!

Sari: It's not that easy, first off, I might miss, or worse, I could get shot up in the air and get captured!

Leo: Well, we gotta do something quick, because the main baddie is up to something right now.

Megatron: (Walks in front of the Autobots) We have played a long game together, but this goes on no more.

Optimus: (Looks at Megatron) What's your point Megatron?

Megatron: My point is being that despite all of your efforts, your abilities, your smarts, you are all, in the end, weak... (Walks by each of the Autobots) Foolish, and utterly pathetic, into believing in hope, believing that you could defeat us, but in the end, despite all of the setbacks, we always get back and rise up from the ashes. (Shows an image of Cybertron and the cannon, being loaded with one of the Cyberformation Matter containers, and the other, with one being deployed onto Detroit) And you would all lose, along with everything you hold dear. (Turns to Barricade) You know what needs to be done.

Barricade: With pleasure. (Walks to the Autobots and grabs Bumblebee)

Bumblebee: (Gets dragged by Barricade) Ow! Hey! What are you doing?

Optimus: (Sees Bumblebee getting dragged away) Hey, what are you doing with him?!

Sentinel: (Tries to stand up, only to be put down by several Decepticons) Hey! Let him go!

Minerva: (Suddenly gets grabbed by Starscream) What the?!

Flareup: (Sees Minerva dragged) Hey! Where are you going with her?

Warpath: Get your stinking hands off my daughter!

Glen: Guys, what's happening?

Bulkhead: (Tries to stand up) Hey! What are you doing with those two?!

Megatron: (Places his hands behind his back) Despite the recent surrender Rodimus Prime has made, he and his team has disregarded my warning of not turning in the Allspark to me, and for that, there must be an example to be made.

Optimus: (Widened his Optics) No! (Tries to stand up along several others, but the rest of the Decepticons kept them to their knees) Let them go Megatron!

Rodimus: (Grunts as he struggles in the Decepticons' grip) You promised you'd let everyone go!

Ironhide: (Growls as he tried to get through, but is held by a bunch of Decepticons) Cowards! Let those two go!

Leo: Ok, what's happening right now?!

Sari: It's an execution... Megatron is going to kill them!

Tessa: Well what do we do then?! We have to stop this!

Shane: But we aren't strong enough to fight them!

Cade: Well we can't just stand around and watch them die!

Megatron: (As the Cannon is prepared, Bumblebee and Minerva are both on their knees) As a reminder for all those who dare to oppose me...

Glen: Wait! (Grabs out the remote) This is the remote to the cannon S.T.E.A.M. was gonna use!

Leo: Uh, I'm sorry, isn't that thing supposed to blow us up too?!

Glen: Not exactly, I looked over the specs of the cannon, and it'll do damage, but hopefully not enough to destroy this place!

Megatron: (Gets out his Swords) And for those who dare to resist...

Cade: (Looks at Glen) Push it...

Tessa: Cade, what if it doesn't work!

Cade: We don't have a choice! We have to do it!

Sari: (Turns to Glen, looking at the remote) Do it...

Megatron: (Places the Swords at the necks of Bumblebee and Minerva as they both looked at each other) This is the consequence of your actions!

Sari: DO IT!

Everything went into slow motion, as Megatron raised his Swords to behead the two, the cannon was about to be fired upon Cybertron, and one of the Cyberformation containers was about to be unleashed into Detroit, Glen pushed the button, and then the cannon in the alley powered up and then fired upon Trypiticon, causing the prison to have several explosions to occur as Trypiticon took heavy damage as everyone in the city looked up at the sky, with the explosions appearing to be quite fatal to those onboard...