Episode 36: Megatron Must Be Destroyed! Part 3

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Ratchet: (Narrator) Previously on Transformers.

Soundwave: (On a TV screen) This is Decepticon Soundwave. (Megatron is seen sitting on his Throne) Speaking on behalf of our wise and great leader Megatron. (Lennox and Epps are seen shooting at a Decepticon through the Optics) Do not resist, it is futile to do so.

Sari: The Decepticons cut off all communications from inside and outside Detroit, including every single electronic device in the city, all thanks to Soundwave.

Prof. Sumdac: Is it true? (The Autobots aboard Trypiticon are seen in the courtyard, imprisoned) Are the rest of the Autobots...?

Ratchet: (Is seen in his Alt Mode driving through the streets of Detroit as he and his team is getting chased by Decepticon Flyers) We're all that's left to fight against the Decepticons now.

Optimus: (Turns to Wheeljack) You're Wheeljack. (Images of Wheeljack in previous episodes) I read about you back in the Academy, you were one of the leading scientists that helped make Omega Supreme Functional and helped win the war for the Autobots back in the Great War.

Wheeljack; Well, good to know I live up to my reputation.

Warpath: (Sees Sentinel Prime) Oh great, the wannabe Magnus.

Sentinel: (Raises a brow) Do I know you?

Warpath: No, but I certainly know you. (Shows Sentinel in battle)

Blackarachnia: (Falls to the ground) AHH!

Optimus: (Holds onto Blackarachnia) Hey, you alright?

Blackarachnia: (Is seen laying on the ground) No Optimus, I'm dying.

Jazz: Hey, you are not going to believe this. (A vision of Prowl appears)

Cade: Try me. (Prowl's ghost suddenly appears, and then disappears) Whoa, what was that?

Sari: Was that... (Prowl is seen in previous episodes) Prowl?

Cosmos: (In the tunnel with the Autobots) We have enough manpower to take all of them on! (At Knockout's Club) We don't even know how to defeat them!

Lena: (Walks around the corner) I might have a suggestion. (In the street with the Autobots, showing off her weapon) This is a full powered Energon cannon that can be used to destroy the Trypiticon Prison flying in the air, and therefore, saving Mankind.

Optimus: (Megatron walking in the halls with Slipstream) So you're saying that Megatron has to be destroyed?

Blackarachnia: No, Megatron Must Be Destroyed! Megatron has changed, and the rules of symphony won't work this time!

Megatron: (Aims his Cannon at Megatron) An example must be made to those who don't cooperate to my rule, Optimus Prime. (Turns his Cannon to shoot at Jetstorm by the waist)

Jetstorm; (Gets shot by Megatron) AHH!

Jetfire: (Goes to his Brother's side) Brother!

Sentinel: (Tries to go after Megatron) You monster! You'll pay for this!

Optimus: (Looks at Jetstorm's wound and turns to Blackarachnia) What do we have to do?

Rodimus: Giving up is not an option! (Aims his Crossbow at the Decepticons shooting at his team in the alleyway) Loosing is not an option! (Stands before the Autobots in the VIP section) We are not abandoning our friends and this Planet to the Decepticons! Not while we can still fight! (Is seen piloting a shuttle to Trypiticon with his team) We're going up there and we're going to fight them until our dying breath!

Lena: (Turns to Savoy) Is there a problem Savoy?

Savoy: (Images of Glen stealing the remote) That fat little thief!

Glen: (Shows the remote to his human friends) This is the remote to the cannon S.T.E.A.M. was gonna use!

Sari: (Is seen hacking through a computer) I'm not a Human, I tried to be, but I'm not. (Is seen hugging her Dad) I just want you to know you are the best Dad a daughter could ever have, and that's all I could ever thank for.

Optimus: (He and the prisoners are held captive by Megatron and the Decepticons as Megatron hits him) UGH!

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) Dad no!

Rodimus: Hey, back off! Leave them all alone!

Megatron: (Images of himself holding Optimus captive, Nightbird having a Sai up Chromia's throat, and everyone else that was held captive) Every one of you have a friend, a mother, a father, a Bondmate or some sorts. (Grabs Kup in the air) And a teacher.

Rodimus: Kup!

Megatron: It's your choice Rodimus Prime, either you and your Team surrender yourselves to me, or else you witness all of those you hold dear be sent to the Well of Allsparks.

Rodimus: (He raises his hands up along with Ironhide and Minerva) As team leader of this group of Autobots, and as a Prime, we surrender under your terms.

Bumblebee: (Gets dragged by Barricade towards Megatron) Hey!

Optimus: (Sees Bumblebee getting dragged away) What are you doing with him?!

Minerva: (Gets dragged by Starscream) What the?!

Warpath: Get your stinking hands off my daughter!

Megatron: Despite the recent surrender Rodimus Prime has made, he and his team has disregarded my warning of not turning in the Allspark to me. (Activates his Swords and places them inches away from Bumblebee and Minerva's necks as they both looked at each other) And for that, there must be an example to be made.

Optimus: (Struggles in the Decepticons' grip) No! Let them go Megatron!

Rodimus: (Grunts as he is pushed back by the Decepticons) You promised you'd let everyone go!

Cade: (Turns to Glen) Push it! (Megatron is about to raise his weapons) We don't have a choice! We have to do it!

Tessa: Cade, what if it doesn't work!

Leo: Uh, isn't that thing supposed to blow us up too?!

Sari: (Turns to Glen, looking at the remote) Do it... (Megatron is about to strike Bumblebee and Minerva down) DO IT!

Taking place from the last Episode, Glen pushed the button as Sari told him to, and the cannon from the alleyway fired onto Trypiticon, causing everyone in the courtyard to be taken by surprise as everything started to shake and explode, causing Megatron to loose footing and then drop his Swords, along with everyone else as the impact caused a ripple throughout the Prison.

Bumblebee: (Feels everything shaking) Whoa! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!

Wheeljack: (Falls on the ground) This is a bad time for Primus sending his wrath right now!

Optimus: (Grunts as he fell down) Everyone! Stay down!

Decepticon Tanker: (In the Armory about to shoot at Cybertron when the explosions occurred) YAH! What is that?! (Explosions occurred at the Armory, causing the Decepticon to fall out of his chair) AHHH!

Oil Slick: (About to deploy the Cyberformation Matter onto Earth until everything was shaking) What's going on now?

Decepticon Tactician: (Sees a barrage of explosions coming their way) OH FRAG! (The explosions came their way, knocking everyone out into Stasis Lock as the launch was canceled and the doors began to shut)

Leo: (Feels the vents shaking) We're going to die!

Sari: (Feels the vents going loose) Oh no! Hang on!

Cade: (The vent starts to lower itself down) We're falling!

Tessa: (Starts sliding down to the floor) AHH!

Glen: (Slides down with everyone else) Please don't kill us God!

The kids slid down the vent as it fell to the ground, landing near the Autobots as they bumped into Wheeljack, and after a few explosions later, it has stopped, as the Prison was damaged critically, but not enough to explode into incineration as Optimus Prime had slowly gotten up, his Stasis Cuffs broken from the blast.

Optimus: (Groans as he rubbed his Helm) Is everyone okay?

Bulkhead: (Slowly gets up) Never better.

Bumblebee: (Groans as he slowly turned his Helm up to look around) Wait, so we're are in the Well or not?

Optimus: (Turns to Bumblebee, widening his Optics) Bumblebee! (Runs to him and placed both of his hands on his shoulders) Are you okay?

Bumblebee: (Nods) Yeah, I'm okay.

Glen: (Yelps as he got up, and looked around) We're not dead? (Turns to everyone) We're alive? Are we alive?

Sari: Yes, we're alive!

Glen: Oh thank the Lord!

Warpath: (Feels his Stasis Cuffs broken and runs to Minerva) Minerva! (Picks her up) Wake up!

Minerva: (Groans as she looked up and saw her Dad holding her) Daddy?

Warpath: (Sighs in relief as he hugged her) Thank Primus!

Flareup: (Runs to Warpath and Minerva) Minerva, oh sweetie, you're okay!

Minerva: (Looks at her parents) Guys, I'm fine! Can you put me down now? I'm not a Sparkling anymore!

Brawn: (Groans as he got up) What in the Slag was that?!

Rodimus: (Got his Stasis Cuffs off of him) That was the Energon cannon S.T.E.A.M. fired at the Prison, it was supposed to blow up, but fortunately it didn't.

Wheeljack: Hehehehe! That was brilliant!

Red Alert: How are you excited right now? We nearly died!

Wheeljack: That's what's so fun about it!

Autobot Trooper: Geez, this guy's crazy!

Ratchet: (Stands up and looks around, noticing the Decepticons are down) Hey, the Cons are down!

Hot Shot: Are they dead?

Arcee: (Stands up, looking at the Cons colors) They haven't turned Grey, so I believe not.

Sari: (Looks around) What about Megatron? Where is he at?

Bumblebee: (Gets up as he walked around) I don't know, but we should probably-! (Gets grabbed by Megatron by a choke hold) GUK!

Optimus: (Widened his Optics) Bumblebee!

Megatron: (Growls as he pointed a Cannon at Bumblebee's Helm) Everyone go back to the cells or else there will be dire consequences!

Flareup: How are you not dead yet?!

Megatron: Everyone back in a cell, and I shall reconsider my decision earlier!

Sentinel: (Groans as he gone ahead and activated his Lance and Shield) Put him down!

Optimus: (Looks at Megatron) Megatron, you will let go of Bumblebee or else!

Megatron: None of you are in eligible to negotiate with me! (As he talked, Sari's angered started to flare, with a vision of Prowl, sporting a White and Black hue, standing in front of a beach) Now everyone do as I say! (Sari's vision grows stronger the more angrier she gets) Or else one of your own will suffer!

Sari: (Growls as her eyes started to glow) NO!

Sari moved her hand up in an open palm, and then suddenly, taking everyone by surprise, Megatron was then pushed through the air, letting Bumblebee go as Megatron was flown into the air, and then fell about 20 feet away from the Autobots.

Megatron: (Falls down to the ground) GAH!

Optimus: (Widened his Optics as he saw Megatron flown in the air and turned to Sari) Sari?

Bulkhead: (Turns to Sari) Whoa Sari, how did ya do that?

Sari: (Eyes stop glowing as they glowed at a normal Blue, and looked at her hands) I... I don't know.

Bumblebee: (Coughs as he stood up) Well, whatever you did, thanks!

Rodimus: (Turns around and sees most of the Decepticons waking up) Whatever we're doing, we need to do it now, because none of us are ready take on the Cons head on!

Wheeljack: Alright, alright! Everyone calm down! I have a backup plan!

Warpath: (Raising a brow) What backup plan?!

Starscream: (Groans as he got up, looking at the Autobots that are out of their Cuffs) Autobots! Hold still and be annilated! (Flies towards them)

Wheeljack: Wait for it! (Grabs a remote and activated it) NOW!

Suddenly, a flash of light appeared, enveloped all of the Autobots, and then a second later, all of them disappeared in a flash, causing Starscream to miss and crash into him by accident.

Starscream: (Crashes into Megatron) GUAH! (Falls down with Megatron, and gets up and looks around the courtyard as the rest of the Decepticons have woken up) Where did they all go?

Megatron: (Growls as he looked at Starscream) Get off! (Pushed the Seeker off of him)

Starscream: (Gets pushed off by Megatron) AH!

Megatron: (Gets up and looks around the courtyard, noticing all of the Autobots disappeared) Where are the prisoners?!

Lugnut: Master, this is a disaster! But it will not happen again-!

Megatron: Where are they?!

Shockwave: (Groans as he got up) My Liege, I don't know how-

Megatron: WHERE ARE THEY?!

Soundwave: I am currently scanning the entire prison, but my calculations cannot find any Autobot or Human inside Trypiticon- (Gets grabbed by the throat by Megatron) GUK!

Megatron: (Holds Soundwave by the throat) You! You're supposed to be the one that knows every single step, every plan, every idea the Autobots have had in their Processors that's meant to attack us, and stop it from the start, so WHAT HAPPENED?!

Soundwave; (Grunts as Megatron held him by the throat) My Lord, I was primarily focused on the Autobots, I did not realize the Humans would counter against us, I was too busy drawing my resources to find the Autobots and the Humans up here, I couldn't have focused on whatever weapon they fired upon us.

Megatron: (Growled as he let go of Soundwave and points around the damage) What good are you if you can't even spot a single blast that's meant to prevent all of THIS from happening!

Slipstream: (Walks to Megatron) Hey, why don't we all just calm down-!

Megatron: (Pushed Slipstream to the ground) Don't tell me what to do! I am leader of the Decepticons, I give orders around here, no one tells me what to do! (Turns to the rest of the Decepticons) All of you have to go and search this entire prison for any Autobot at all and I want them brought here either they're Functioning or not! (Looks at his soldiers just standing idle) NOW! Get out of my sights!

Starscream: (Folded his Optics) Well, someone's angry. (Gets pulled up by Megatron) Ah!

Megatron: (Glared at Starscream) Save your pathetic sarcasm and do as I say! (His Optics started showing a brief Green hue) Now! (Drops Starscream to the floor as his Optics started to return to it's normal Red)

Starscream: (Stands up, watching Megatron walk away) Primus, you are going insane!

Cyclonus: (Walks to Starscream) Get up Starscream.

Starscream: (Turned to Cyclonus and glared as he got up) I know what I'm doing!

Nightbird: (Walks next to Cyclonus) Says your many attempts at overthrowing the Lord of Decepticons.

Starscream: Whatever! Stay out of my business! (Walks away)

Cyclonus: (Turns to Nightbird) Shall we?

Nightbird: It's already past our due date, so we might as well get it over with.

The two walked over to a room and went to contact with their mysterious Master, as the distorted image appeared on the computer screen.

?: (On screen, image distorted) What took you so long?

Cyclonus: Apologies Master, we had some slight setbacks.

?: Explain.

Nightbird: Megatron had stepped up to his plans and invaded the Organic city, and captured all of the Autobots here on this Planet.

?: I don't see why that would have been a setback.

Cyclonus: Megatron in his state has become rather, critical, since he thought it would have been best for all of us to watch the prisoners without any free time.

?: And the rest of the setbacks?

Nightbird: Trypiticon was fired upon by the humans by some sort of weapon we did not foresee, and the result was the Autobots making their escape.

?: And Megatron?

Cyclonus: The Synthetic Energon is starting to take it's hold on his mind, his Optics start to glow Green for brief periods of time, and he had assaulted one of his loyal Decepticons a couple of minutes of minutes ago.

Nightbird: We fear that he might lead to other drastic measures, what would you like us to do Master?

?: ...Observe Megatron for now, and if he starts to do anything that will jeopardize everything, then jeopardize whatever he has in plan, and the Techno Organic, have you spotted her?

Cyclonus: She was last seen with the Autobots when they escaped.

?: And her gift?

Nightbird: Her evolution is starting to evolve than we originally predicted, the timetable has changed.

?: (Chuckles) It does not matter, just do what needs to be done to bring her to me.

A little while later, the Autobots were inside a hidden room, as Sari looked out of a window and saw Decepticons flying in and out of the Prison while the Autobots gathered around the table.

Optimus: (Shows an image of the Cyberformation Matter) With this contains the Cyberformation Matter, and from the count, there's three of them. (Shows a display of containers) One of them will be used to turn Earth into a Cybertronian Planet, wiping out every single Organic in Detroit, and possibly the World.

Wheeljack: (Shows a cannon) We also learned that this weapon will used to fire upon Cybertron by using one of the Cyberformation Matter, and then destroying it in the process, causing many Cybertronian lives to be lost in the process.

Jazz: How did Megatron make that cannon? It would take a lot of charge to make it.

Warpath: Well, considering the amount of work we were forced to be doing here, I'd say we're mostly the reason why the thing exists in the first place.

Rodimus: What about the Cyberformation Matter? How did Megatron get it?

Wheeljack: Well, there is a library in the prison that details every crime, act, and even attempts of manufacturing an illegal processed weapon, and it's all detailed from the day we made this place, because of the Great War.

Ratchet: Ever since then, all of the Decepticons placed here were held accountable for their actions, and all of the details of their acts were placed in that library.

Kup: Which I thought was a Dumbaft mistake in the first place.

Ironhide: What about the 3rd container? What is it being used for?

Optimus: We don't know yet, but if anything, Megatron might keep that as a spare for in case we destroy all of the product, so we'll need to find the 3rd one and keep it from Decepticon hands.

Autobot Trooper 1: (Raises his hand) Uh, sir? Sorry to interrupt, but even if we managed to destroy all of the products, would all of us make it? Because we're dealing with thousands of Decepticons here.

Optimus: And there are thousands of us Autobots here, so we'll manage to defend ourselves in a battle.

Autobot Trooper 2: That doesn't answer our question though, would all of us make it in time, because when there are times like this, some Bots wouldn't come back from this period.

As they talked, Bulkhead stared into space, thinking about one of his memories as he looked out at the ceiling and just thinked...

Flashback, last year in Cybertron.

There was a funeral being held, as Billions of Autobots gathered there, with Optimus, Bumblebee, Sari, Ratchet, Bulkhead, Arcee, and Jazz sitting at the front row as Alpha Trion stood in front of the podium, with Preceptor and Sentinel standing next to Prowl's body stored inside of a casket.

Alpha Trion: (Stands in front of the podium) And even though Prowl was known during the war to be quite a rebel, in the end, he had given his Spark to save not only the lives of his team, but he has also saved the countless lives of many Organics on Earth, and the entire universe from Megatron's plan of domination, and for his courage, his Designation will be known as a Legend to all Autobots, for he was not a Prime, but shown an example of what a true Autobot is like... (Looks around) Now, if anyone else wants to say anything else before we begin, please stand.

With that said, Bulkhead stood up and he walked over to the podium, Trion leaving his place so Bulkhead would take his, as the big Green Mech stood in front of Billions of Autobots that took their direction to him.

Bulkhead: (Looks around, scratching his Helm) Well, uh... To be honest, I have no idea what to say, except that... Prowl may have been one of most quiet Bots that I knew... He probably might not have made sense most of the time as being a Cyberninja, but Prowl was one of the best Mechs I have known... (He looked at the front row and noticed Sari was crying a little bit, as Bumblebee went over and comforted her) He was kind... He was intelligent, and he was brave, even at the end when he gave his own Spark away, and even though he did try to teach me some moves, and I sucked at them most of the time, hanging out with Prowl... (Looks at the casket where Prowl was in) Having him was one of the best in my life, and my friends' lives. (Turns around to the audience) And if he were here with us, he would have told us that we should be happy for him, and not to dwell on the past, but to move forward, being happy, in harmony... (Looks at the front row and noticed Optimus looked down at the ground) That's what he would have wanted for us to do, and that'll be the thing I'll do for him.

Alpha Trion: (Walked over to Bulkhead and placed a hand on his shoulder) Thank you Bulkhead. (Watched Bulkhead return to his seat as he turned to the audience) I believe it is time to commence. (Turns to Prowl) Farewell Autobot Prowl, your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

With that said, Prowl's casket begins to float, as it began to fly slowly into a machine, and then as Prowl's body was put inside, shiny, yellow lights began to fly out of the machine, as the yellow stars began to float in the air, many looked up and saw the little sparks fly out, and once Prowl's entire body was placed inside, the sparks began to fly up into the air and into the sky, shining Iacon as Bulkhead watched as the sparks start to fly away into the stars...

Flashback ends.

Jazz: (Taps Bulkhead on the shoulder) Yo Bulkhead, you alright?

Bulkhead: (Blinks as he turned to Jazz) Y-Yeah, just thinking about stuff.

Jazz: Yeah, same here... With the bombs in here, what would you think Prowl would say if everyone was nervous?

Bulkhead: Well... (Scratched his Helm) Now that you've mentioned it, I think he woulda said to everyone not to think about themselves, but to think about what would have happened to everyone else they cared about, you know, since everyone here has somebody on Cybertron.

Jazz: (Looks at Bulkhead) That... Is actually a good point, you should go ahead and say that to everybody!

Bulkhead: (Looks at Jazz) Uh, really?

Jazz: Yeah, i do! (Turns to everyone) Yo everybody! Bulkhead's got to say something!

Bulkhead: Jazz wait-!

Sentinel: (Turns to Bulkhead) What is it Bulkhead?

Bulkhead: (Sighs as he turned to everyone) Right, so if I were a good friend of mine, I think that he woulda said not to think about ourselves, but to think about everyone else that we all care about, because otherwise, they might get hurt too.

Optimus: Which is why we need to fight, as long as the Cyberformation Matter is still functioning, no one on both Worlds are safe, so we need to figure out where they all are and get rid of them!

Brawn: What should we do right now though? We can't just stand around and do nothing!

Flareup: Yeah, I got my Bondmate back, but I'm not just going to stand around and be lazy!

Sentinel: Don't we need to find out how to get out of this place? (Turns to Rodimus) You managed to come aboard Trypiticon without getting captured, don't you have a ship or something?

Rodimus: It's a shuttle, but it's small, and it won't fit everyone.

Wheeljack: Oh everyone can relax on that! There's a hidden Spacebridge that will take us out of the Prison and into any place we want to go, so no one has to worry about it.

Optimus: Alright, then everyone get ready, because once we get started, there's going to be a lot of fighting going on, so prepare yourselves.

Everyone dispersed, as Red Alert was on the other side of the room fixing up Jetstorm's wound, as Jetfire stood in front of him, worried about his health.

Jetfire: (Looks at Red Alert) Is he safe?

Red Alert: He will be now, it's not much, but he'll be okay now, so if your Brother wants to get the rest fixed, he'll have to go onto Cybertron Medical Care for that treatment.

Jetstorm: (Nods) Thanks doc. (Turns to Jetfire) You okay Brother?

Jetfire: (Smiled) Am I okay? What about you?! (Hugged his Brother) I thought I was going to lose you!

Jetstorm: (Smiled as he hugged his Brother back) I'm fine, nothing's going to happen to me Brother.

Red Alert watched the two hug and then turned to Blackarachnia, who was laying on a Berth as Bumblebee stayed next to her.

Red Alert: (Examines Blackarachnia) How is her condition?

Bumblebee: (Looks at her) Her head's getting warm! Is she having some sort of a Processor Meltdown?

Red Alert: (Touched her Helm) No, but my guess would be that the cause of her Organic half, it appears to be dying of age, and once it dies, I'm afraid it'll take her with it.

Bumblebee: Well there has to be something we can do! We got to try!

Red Alert: I'm sorry Bumblebee, I can't lie that she'll be okay. (Looks at Blackarachnia) Why does she seem important to you though? Do you know her? Because she seems... Familiar to me.

Bumblebee: She's... (Dropped his Sparkling's necklace, and didn't notice a Yellow glow from it) Uh, well, she's...

Red Alert: (Noticed Bumblebee's necklace is glowing) Hey, your necklace is glowing.

Bumblebee: (Looks down and noticed his necklace) Oh! (Picks it up) Whoa, I never seen it glow before!

Red Alert: Well, that usually happens when-! (Widened her Optics and looked at the Female Predacon and back at the necklace) Unless a Sparkling is it's family... (Looks at Blackarachnia) Elita One?!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Red Alert) You know my Mom?

Red Alert: Are you kidding? I was the one that babysitted you when you were a Sparkling!

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) Oh! Well... Thanks.

Red Alert: (Looks at Blackarachnia) I'm so sorry... Your Mother was a good friend of mine.

Blackarachnia: (Groans as she woke up) Where... Am I?

Bumblebee: (Looks at Blackarachnia) Hey!

Red Alert: (Places a hand on her hands) Take it easy, you're not well.

Blackarachnia: (Groans as she looked at Red Alert) Red... I need to... Talk to my son.

Red Alert: Of course. (Leaves)

Bumblebee: (Placed a hand on hers) Hey, you're going to be okay, alright?

Blackarachnia: (Moaned as she used one of her hands to stroke his face) Bumblebee... I'm so sorry for... Not being a good Mother to you... You deserved so much better.

Bumblebee: (Smiled) Hey, it's not your fault, you're okay.

Optimus: (Walked over to her with Sentinel and Kup) Hey.

Blackarachnia: (Turns to the three) Optimus... Sentinel... Sarge.

Kup: Hey, you don't gotta call me that no more, I'm retired.

Sentinel: How are you feeling?

Blackarachnia: (Looks around) I just want to say... Before I go, that I'm sorry for all the things I done, and if I go-

Optimus: Hey... (Placed a hand on her hand) Just rest Elita, you'll be okay.

Sentinel: And hey, I'm the one that got to apologize too, it was my stupid idea anyway.

Blackarachnia: Oh come on, it wasn't stupid, and I should apologize for- (Coughs) For hitting you- (Coughs hoarsely)

Optimus: (Looks at Blackarachnia) Elita? (Noticed she's coughing horribly) Elita?!

Bumblebee: (Looks at Blackarachnia) Mom?!

Sentinel: Oh no.

Kup: (Turns around) Hey! She ain't feeling too good!

Everyone turned to the attention and walked over to Blackarachnia, especially the Predacons, as everyone saw her having some sort of cardiac arrest.

Tessa: (Looks up at Blackarachnia) What's happening?

Ratchet: (Looks over Blackarachnia) Her Spark's failing! She's about to go Offline!

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) What?!

Optimus: We have to do something, we need to do it now!

Sari: (Looked at Blackarachnia, then another vision of Prowl appeared, making her blink) Prowl?

Cade: (Turns to Sari) What about Prowl?

Wheeljack: I don't have the proper tools to fix her Spark, not even an EMP generator would fix it!

Sari: (Sees another vision of Prowl, as she started to fly up into the air and landed onto Blackarachnia) Prowl?

Bumblebee: (Looks at Sari) What about Prowl?!

Sari continued having the vision of Prowl, and then the Allspark started to be brought inside of her visions, while the actual itself started to glow inside of Cade's backpack, as she just stared into space, placing her hand on Blackarachnia's Chestplate.

Optimus: (Turns to Sari, noticing she is placing her hand on Blackarachnia's Chestplate) Sari, what are you doing?

Sari couldn't hear anything, just a constant beating while the visions continued to play, and once she touched the Predacon's Chestplate, her hand started to glow, and soon, Blackarachnia's entire body started to glow, taking everyone by surprise.

Minerva; (Sees the light forming around Blackarachnia and Sari) What's happening?!

Leo: (Covers his eyes) Is this supposed to happen?!

Ratchet: (Covered his Optics) No! This is not normal for this to happen!

Arcee: (Grunts as she covered her Optics) Sari!

Bumblebee: (Covered his Optics) Mom! Sari!

The light brightened the entire room, and then it stopped suddenly, there was a big change that took everyone's Processors/minds to be blown; first, Sari was alright, second, there was a Arachnid Spider laying on the floor, dead apparently, and last but not least, there was Blackarachnia laying on her Berth, but except, it wasn't really Blackarachnia anymore, as she was no longer Black and Yellow, but more like, Yellow, Black, and a hint of Turquoise, and she no longer had Pincers behind her back, and the Decepticon Symbol she once had on her neck was replaced by an Autobot Symbol, and she now had only one pair of Optics instead of two, as Elita One laid on the Berth, taking a lot of Mechs and Femmes by surprise as many started to whisper.

Grimlock: (Tilted his Helm as he looked at Elita One) What happened to Spider Lady?

Razorclaw: (Scratched his Helm) Yeah, where did she go?

Shane: (Looks at Elita out of curiosity) Guys, what just happened?

Red Alert: (Looks at Elita in amazement) Is that really-?

Kup: (Widened his Optics as he stared) Elita One!

Bumblebee: (Looks at Elita) Mom!

Sari: (Panted a little before falling on her back) Whew!

Optimus: (Turned to Sari) Sari, how did you do that?

Sari: (Turns to Optimus) Did what? (Turns to Elita) Hey, where did four eyes go?

Elita One: (Moans a little as she started to open her Blue Optics and looked at Optimus) Optimus? Wha-? (Raised her hand up, and then widened her Optics, as she got up)

Sentinel: (Placed a Servo around Elita's back) Whoa, take it easy!

Elita One: I'm okay. (Stood up and looked at her hands, and then touched her Faceplate, realizing she wasn't a Techno Organic anymore) I'm... I'm normal again!

Kup: (Smoked a cigar as he looked at Elita) How do ya feel kid?

Elita One: (Looked at Optimus and Bumblebee) I feel... (Starts to faint) Tired... (Falls to the floor)

Optimus: (Widened his Optics) Elita! (Grabbed Elita just in time)

Chromia: (Looks at Elita) Ok, I'm so confused.

Ironhide: Yeah. (Pointed her out) Wasn't she a Spider just now?

Bulkhead: And how come Bumblebee called her Mom?

Wheeljack: (Looks at Elita's colors) Well of course he would call her Mom, consider he and her have the same color! And here I thought it was because they both had names that were based on bees, and spiders, or some type of primitive species in particu-

Optimus: (Turned to Wheeljack) Is she alright?

Wheeljack: Right! (Turns to Red Alert and Ratchet) Uh, mind if you two help?

Ratchet: Get her back on the Berth ASAP, we need to examine her.

Shane: (Looks at the dead Spider) Is that a giant Spider?

Sari: (Looks at the Spider) Whoa, how did that get in here?

Rodimus: (Turns to Sari) You don't remember a thing of what happened?

Sari: (Turns to Rodimus) No... Why? What just happened?

Later in the Throne room, Megatron sat down on his chair impatiently as he tapped his foot on the ground, while his loyal subjects came inside.

Megatron: (Looked at the window in a glare) Anything to report?

Blitzwing: (Icy) Zhe the Autobots are no where to be seen mein Lord. (Turns Random) It's likte they disappeared from zhe universe! HAHAHA-!

Megatron: (Growls) Shut up! (Throws a bottle of Fuel at Blitzwing) Primus, you're useless as Lugnut's own Circuit Board!

Lugnut: (Gasps) I'm useless?! (Bows down) Forgive me Master, I'll do my best not to-!

Megatron: Oh you just shut the Pit up, will you? You talk too much and it annoys me to the point that I'm thinking about having your Processor Reprogrammed, or just stomp it with my Pede! (Turns to Barricade and Shockwave) Unlike these two, have any of you spotted any Autobots in your search?

Shockwave: I've run a full diagnostic scan of Trypiticon, and strangely it appears that they cannot be spotted on this ship at all.

Barricade: Right, because you rather do that than actually taking a walk around the Prison to look.

Megatron: What about you Barricade? Where do you think the Autobots have gone to?

Barricade: If my guess was right, something tells me they all cowered back to their little dirty rock of a Planet.

Megatron: Impossible! All of their ships were destroyed along with the blast, they would never have managed to get down there! (Sees Soundwave coming inside) Soundwave, you better not disappoint me again!

Soundwave: (Walks to Megatron and bows) Lord Megatron, I have overseen repairs of Trypiticon, and it is on some critical levels, but none that will cause the ship to detonate.

Megatron: Hmm, at least you're useful at that... (Stands up) But those pesky Autobots are still out there, somewhere, hiding like the little, weak Mechs that they are. (Walks to the window)

Lugnut: What would you like us to do Lord Megatron?

Starscream: (Walks inside) It's not like they'll just come out on their own without us doing something that will draw their attention!

Megatron: (Turns to Starscream) You know what Starscream... For once, you actually did something very intelligent.

Starscream: (Raises a brow) I did?

Megatron: (Starts to walk out of the room) Begin the Invasion Forces again, and launch another city wide attack, if these Autobots won't come out by themselves, then we'll draw them out! (Turns to Lugnut) Get your Bondmate and her Team prepared, and if you want to prove yourself that you're not useless, you'll be joining them in battle.

Lugnut: (Exclaims) Yes Master! I will not fail you! (Walks away)

Megatron: (Turns to Shockwave, Blitzwing, Soundwave, Starscream, and Barricade) The rest of you shall stay here, in case any pesky Autobots turn up and try to disarm the Cyberformation Matter, or something else entirely. (Turns to Starscream) Except you Starscream, you go and arm the Cannon for Cybertron.

Starscream: (Widened his Optics) But I gave you one of the perfect strategies for you my Liege!

Megatron: And you'll be rewarded with the cannon that will destroy the Autobots in Cybertron. (Walks away) Be grateful of that reward.

Starscream: (Sees Megatron walk away) Well, I wanted to shoot some Autobots myself!

Shockwave: (Chuckled as he walked next to Starscream) Don't you worry Starscream, you just let the real soldiers handle the fighting.

Starscream: (Glared at Barricade) I am a real soldier!

Barricade: Says the Seeker who's colors are Pink!

They laughed as they left Starscream alone in the Throne Room, while Megatron walked down in the corridor, Slipstream went to Megatron and walked alongside with him.

Slipstream: (Walks next to Megatron) Hey, what are we going to do once the Autobots are down there?

Megatron: We go as planned, we unleash the Cyberformation Matter onto the Planet, simple as that.

Slipstream: So you're planning to release it onto the Autobots, and all of your Army down there?

Megatron: The soldiers are loyal to a fault, but none of the less, they're expendable.

Slipstream: Wait, so you are?

Megatron: Like I said, they're expendable.

Slipstream: Well, you can't just do that? What's the point of ruling a Planet if everyone of your Army is Offline?!

Megatron: I was sure that I have told you that I don't take orders from anyone back in the courtyard.

Slipstream: Whatever happened to me being your Queen?

Megatron: (Stops and turns to Slipstream) You are my Queen, but I am the Master of Decepticons, and therefore, you still take orders from me! Now, I will need you to be here if any Autobots stay here, so you join with Shockwave and you listen to what he says, that is all. (Sees Slipstream staring at him, making him create a glare) That. Is. All.

Slipstream just glared at him before leaving, as Megatron went to the other end of the corridor.

Back in the hidden room that Wheeljack set up, as he, Ratchet, and Red Alert checked up on Elita One, who recently went back to her Autobot form and was cured from her Archa 7 arachnid spider, as everyone gathered around Sari, who was being told of what happened earlier while Kup looked down at Elita One, and then back at Optimus and Sentinel, as he began to think...

Flashback, 1,200 Stellar Cycles ago, at the Autobot Academy.

Kup: (Smoking a cigar while sitting down) Alright, where's the list of those new recruits at? They were supposed to be here pronto!

Cosmos: (Goes inside and brings the papers while panting) Sorry sir! Traffic was so crazy today, there was a ship that crashed-!

Kup: Alright, alright relax! I ain't gonna yell at ya, I just need to yell at my students, now do you have the papers?

Cosmos: Yes sir, I do! (Hands the papers to Kup) Here you go! Do you need anything else sir?

Kup: Nah, you can go now. (Reads the papers as Cosmos left) Hmm... Orion Pax... Dion Pax... Ariel...

Ultra Magnus: (Monitor screen turns on) Kup Prime, do you receive the papers of the recruits?

Kup: (Turns his chair around) I did sir, although you sure you want me to train two of your kids here?

Ultra Magnus: Well, from what I remembered from the Great War, you had a good point of view on everything, so perhaps you could begin teaching it to the recruits, especially my kids, they could learn a thing or two from you.

Kup: Alright then, but just so you know, there's no way I am ever gonna go easy on them period!

Ultra Magnus: (Smiles) That's what I'm counting on, old friend... Magnus out. (Screen turns off)

Cosmos: (Walks inside) Kup Prime sir? Your students are outside.

Kup: Already? (Stands up) Ok, let's get started then.

Kup Transformed into his Alt Mode and went outside, where he saw a Red and Blue Mech, a Dark Blue Mech with a big sized chin, a beautiful, Yellow, Black, and Turquiose Femme, a Green Mech, and a White and Red Femme, who's Faceplate is as Red as her Autobot Symbol, as the Green Mech talked to the Femme.

Green Mech: (Grinned as he looked at the Yellow Femme) So, got something interesting planned tonight?

Yellow Femme: (Looks away) No thanks, I'm all good.

Green Mech: You sure? Because I uh, have something good at Maccadam's, so you and I can go gaga tonight.

Yellow Femme: How about you save that for the other Femme in our Platoon.

White and Red Femme: No thank you, he's all yours!

Green Mech: Ok, so let me ask again, are you sure-?

Red and Blue Mech: (Stands in front of the Green Mech) I believe the lady no.

Green Mech: (Raises his hands up) Alright, fine! (Walks away)

Dark Blue Mech: (Walks to the Red and Blue Mech and Yellow Femme) Is everything alright guys?

Yellow Femme: (Turns to the Dark Blue Mech) It's fine Dion, it's just that Bot was trying to flirt with me, and was annoying me until Orion showed up.

Orion: Well, he was bothering you Ariel, so I couldn't stand by and just watch.

Kup: (Transforms into his Robot Mode) Alright, ATTTENTION!

Dion: (Looks to Kup) Oh man, we're starting!

Ariel: About time.

The recruits stood in line as Kup walked in and looked at each and every recruit in front of him as they stood attentively.

Kup: (Walked back and forth) My name is Kup Prime, and I will be your Drill Sargent for this course! (Stands in front of the recruits) Now, let's start with the reasons why you hunks of Scrap piles are here! (Points at the White and Red Femme) Let's start with Ladies first! Why do you want to be here?

White and Red Femme: To be an Elite Guard Medic Sir!

Green Mech: To be an Elite Guard Specialist sir!

Red and Blue Mech: To be... (Looks around) An Elite Guard 2nd in Command sir!

Kup: (Gets an impressed look) Ah, so you wanna be the future Magnus huh? Alright, well you came to the right place for it! (Turns to Ariel) What about you Femme! Why are you here?

Ariel: (Stands in front of Kup) To be an Elite Guard Tactician sir!

Dion: (Stands vigilantly with his Shield and Lance) To be an Elite Guard 2nd in Command sir!

Kup: Ooh, two eager ones eh? (Looks at Dion) And look at ya, you're standing here prepared for a fight, vigilantly, so I think Sentinel should be a great name for ya! (Turns to Ariel) What can you do lady? I seen his weapons, what can you do?

Ariel touched Orion's hand and activated her Upgrade, and then activated a Grappler and grappled onto a can, pulling it out to hit the Green Mech on the Helm.

Green Mech: (Gets hit on the Helm) OW!

Kup: (Looks at Ariel) How did ya do that?

Ariel: I simply borrowed one of my fellow Cadets' Upgrades sir, are you impressed?

Kup: Hmm, so you can borrow other Upgrades? Alright, I think Elita One should do, since you have an advantage for your enemies in the future. (Turns to Orion) What about you? What can you do?

Orion: (Activates his Axe) This is my weapon sir.

Kup: Yeah, I can see that, but how good can you fight though?

Orion: Well-

Kup: Ah ah ah! Don't tell me. (Lowers his Servo and moved his palm backwards) Show me.

Orion: (Widened his Optics) Uh, sir?

Kup: You heard me, give the best you got!

Orion looked at Kup before lifting his Axe and swinging it to his Drill Sargent, only for Kup to grab the Axe's handle and then throw Orion onto the ground on his back.

Orion: (Falls down on his back) OOF!

Kup: (Looks at Orion) Oh yeah, you have no clue how to fight besides swing an Axe towards Decepticons. (Extends his hand to Orion)

Orion: (Looks at Kup) Well, that's why I'm here sir. (Grabs Kup's hand and gets up) I'm here to be one of the best, and I hope to learn from the best.

Kup: Hmm, you have a positive side of things, full of Optimism... How about I call ya Optimus? Sound good?

Optimus: (Looks at Kup) I like the name sir.

Kup: Great, now get back in line. (Turns to the Green Mech) What about you? What can you do?

Green Mech: Well... (Activates his Weapons, which are automated Blasters) I can shoot lasers!

Kup: Lasers huh? Well how good of a shooter are ya?

Green Mech: Well, that's why I-! (Accidentally activated his Blasters, suddenly shooting at random) WHOA!

Kup: (Dodged a blaster shot) YIKES!

Elita One: (Grunted as he barely dodged a blast shot) Watch where you're shooting!

Sentinel: (Activated his Shield and protected the Platoon) Turn it off!

Green Mech: I'm trying! (Deactivated his Upgrade and turned to the Platoon) So uh... I got these Upgrades just recently, you see-

Kup: First, you shoot like crazy! Second, your blasters have an insane crosshairs issue, so I'm gonna call ya Crosshairs because of that!

Crosshairs: (Sighs) Yes sir.

Kup: Alright then. (Turns to everyone) Is everyone alright?

White and Red Femme: Yes sir, I believe everyone's accounted for.

Kup: (Turns to the Femme) And then in that case, let's start with you lastly, what can you do? And please don't be exactly like Crosshairs over here.

White and Red Femme: (Activates her Blade) I have this sir! (Moves to a dummie and stabs it on the chest)

Kup: (Looks at the Femme) Ok, not bad, but you mentioned to wanting being a medic right?

White and Red Femme: That is correct sir!

Kup: Well, since you're all mostly Red, how about Red Alert, since you're more alert to your enemy, especially how you've stabbed the dummy over there.

Red Alert: Thank you sir!

Kup: Don't mention it! (Walks around) We'll begin training tomorrow! Meet up back here, and if anybot's late, we'll get to movin to Transform ups as the first exercise of our training! (Walks away)

Flashback ends.

Rodimus: (Taps on Kup's shoulder) You alright old man?

Kup: (Blinked his Optics) Yeah I'm fine, just thinkin about something, ain't nothing important kid.

Sari: (Sits down, paying attention to everyone around her) So, you're saying that I flew up to Blackarachnia's Berth, touched her Chestplate, and then I turned her back into a regular Femme? And that she turned out to be Bumblebee's Mom?

Optimus: That's what happened, you don't remember seeing any of it?

Sari: The last thing I remembered was seeing her having some sort of a heart attack, and then the next thing I knew, I was sitting on top of some Yellow Femme, who looks a lot like Bumblebee!

Bumblebee: (Scratches his Helm) Yeah, that's something to know.

Arcee: So you had some type of blackout, is that what you're saying?

Sari: Well, it wasn't really a blackout.

Sentinel: Yeah? How so?

Sari: Well, right after I saw Black- (Pauses) Elita in trouble, I saw someone, a vision more likely.

Leo: A vision? Man, that's cool!

Optimus: What did you see?

Sari: Like I said, I saw someone, he looked like and Autobot, his Color was White and Black, his Chevron was Red, he was standing on a beach, it was bright, so sunny, and the weird thing is... He looked a lot like Prowl.

Jazz: (Touched his Helm) Strange, I felt Prowl trying to get in touch with me through Processor over Matter, but only at brief times.

Sari: Wait, Prowl reached out to you?

Jazz: Tried to, but now I think somehow he's trying to get in touch with you.

Sari: Wait, so how can you be so sure about it?

Optimus: It's a long story, but Prowl somehow managed to come out of the Well of Allspark and contacted us using the bodies of Cybertronians infused with the Allspark Fragments.

Sari: So that means I'm not going crazy, that's good to know. (Turns to Bumblebee) And by the way, when were you going to tell us that Blackarachnia, or Elita One was your freaking Mom?!

Ironhide: (Turns to Optimus and Bumblebee) Yeah, good question!

Bumblebee: (Rubbed his Helm) Well, it's sort of complicated-

Sentinel: Her name is Elita One, and she and Optimus were together, especially when they had Bumblebee, but a thousand Stellar Cycles, there was a drought in the Academy where we were training at, and I had the idea to go get Energon at the Planet Archa 7, and I brought Elita and Optimus with me because I also wanted to help Bumblebee, but then we encountered Spiders there, and then the Energon from the crashed Decepticon Warship turned out to be unstable, and then Elita was lost on that Planet, causing her to be affected by the spiders and mutated her into becoming Blackarachnia.

Optimus: (Closed his Optics) We tried looking for her, but due to her transformation of becoming Blackarachnia, her heat signature wasn't on our scanners, so Sentinel and I thought she went Offline.

Mirage: Well that's a lot to explain.

Bumblebee: (Looks at Optimus) So... Why would she ally herself into the Decepticons? I don't understand!

Optimus: (Turns to Bumblebee) Your Mother was confused, scared, and angry, she didn't know what she was doing back then.

Bumblebee: But the least you could have done was tell me!

Bulkhead: Wait, so you didn't know?

Cliffjumper: That explains why he and his Dad didn't talk.

Cosmos: Oh, so that makes a lot of sense now!

Optimus: Bumblebee, it was hard for me to tell you that, I didn't know what to say!

Bumblebee: Nobody ever knows what to say! The least we all do is be honest! Like this, you that video on Cyberbook of you doing that funny stunt? I was the one that posted it!

Optimus: (Raises a brow) Wait, what?!

Minerva: (Giggles) Oh, that was you! Oh gosh, that was funny!

Warpath: (Looks around) What video?

Cosmos: (Turns to Warpath) What, you didn't see that hilarious video? Where were you over the past-! (Widened his Optics) Oh yeah, you were captured here, I forgot.

Optimus: Why did you do that?!

Bumblebee: Because it was funny! And this is my point exactly! Just be honest! There shouldn't be secrets about the things about us, it's easier to let it out!

Optimus: Bumblebee I-! (Sighs) Alright, you were right, I'm sorry, I should have told you from the very beginning.

Bumblebee: (Sighs) Well, I guess this the part where I apologize too.

Red Alert: (Walks over to the group) If you all are done apologizing, we have news about Elita One's condition.

Sentinel: (Turns around and sees Red Alert) How is she?

Ratchet: Her condition's stable, her Spark's no longer dying, and is 100% Functional.

Kup: Then why did she fall to the floor unconscious?

Wheeljack: Well, that's the funny part actually, you see, she felt like she was going to die, but when she turned back into a full Cybertronian, she was so surprised that she went into shock from it.

Optimus: So she's going to be okay?

Ratchet: Well, as far from going into shock, I'm sure she'll wake up soon, but I'd recommend she stays laying on a Berth, because she'll be too weak to walk by herself, a side effect from getting rid of her Organic half.

Bumblebee: (Sighs in relief) Great, that's good.

Bulkhead: Well hey, at least nothing bad is gonna happen.

Leo: (Looks out the window) Uh guys? Everyone may want to come out to the window and see this!

Everyone went to the window and saw thousands and thousands of Decepticons fly out of Trypiticon and began shooting at Detroit, causing the Invasion to begin anew as everyone looked out the window.

Rodimus: (Looks out the window) The Invasion's started again!

Bulkhead: (Scratches his Helm) Okay, maybe I said it too soon.

Optimus: Megatron is trying to lure us out!

Arcee: Or perhaps distract us from the real problem, maybe unleash the bomb on us and on the Planet!

Minerva: He'd destroy his own Decepticons just to win?!

Ratchet: From all of that Energon screwing with his Processor, I'd say he'll go to great lengths to get what he wants.

Chromia: So why don't we stop the bombs, they're the main threat.

Optimus: But we can't just leave the city to get attacked by Decepticons! People down there are going to get hurt!

Kup: So why don't most of us go out and take on the Decepticons while some of us stay here and stop the bombs? Seems like a win win.

Optimus: But who wants to stay here? I want to, but you said, some of us has to stay here.

Warpath: Well, I do know that my daughter ain't going anywhere to a battlefield, so she's staying here.

Minerva: (Looks at Warpath) What?!

Flareup: Your Father's right, we don't want you to get hurt.

Minerva: But what am I supposed to do, just stand around?

Warpath: You'll be fine, and besides, staying here will help us.

Bumblebee: What about me? I gotta have a chance right?

Rodimus: (Activates his Crossbow) Megatron broke his promise, so I think some payback is in order.

Ratchet: Someone's gotta have to know how to disarm the bombs properly, so I'll stay.

Arcee: In that case, I'll stay too.

Ratchet: (Turns to Arcee) You are?

Arcee: Who else is going to help you?

Jazz: Maybe I outta stay here too, besides, I studied this place before, I know a thing or too about how to get in and out.

Optimus: Alright, is anyone else going to stay here?

Ironhide; (Activates his Cannons) I need to get something off my chest to that Slaghead of a Tyrant anyway.

Sari: What about me? I might be able to get into stop Soundwave's connection to everything in Detroit, maybe slow him down from up here.

Cade: (Readies his gun) Well, I think my job to keep an on the Allspark is still on the table, so I might as well stay.

Bumblebee: (Turns to Bulkhead) What about you Bulkhead? You staying?

Bulkhead: (Looks around) Nah, I think I'll be with everyone here, I haven't wrecked anything at all today.

Optimus: Alright, then it's settled; everyone must go out to the city and protect it from the Decepticons while we stay up here and stop Megatron from destroying Earth and Cybertron, so everyone get ready.

Everyone started to ready their weapons, as Rodimus walked to Red Alert, who was getting her tools inside her Subspace.

Rodimus: (Walked to Red Alert) You sure you want to go out there?

Red Alert: Well, considering that Ratchet and Minerva are the only ones that are staying here as Medics, might as well join Wheeljack, maybe to make sure he doesn't do anything crazy.

Rodimus: (Placed a hand on her shoulder) Just... Watch yourself, and the team, alright? I just got all of you back?

Red Alert: Look, we have an army of Autobots with us, we'll be fine. (Placed a hand on his Chestplate) You watch yourself and Ironhide, alright? (Gave Rodimus a kiss on the lips, making him widen his Optics as she pulled back, noticing his expression, making her blink) For luck.

Rodimus: Right!

Red Alert: Yeah... (Smiled before leaving)

Rodimus: (Blushed a little as he gave a breath of air out) For luck...

Chromia: (Stands in front of Ironhide) With something this big, this could be the last time we ever see each other again.

Ironhide: Yeah... Bad time to punch each other?

Chromia: (Smiled) Definitely a bad time... (Hugged Ironhide) You be careful out there...

Ironhide: (Smiled as he hugged Chromia back) Well noted ma'am.

Glen: (Walks to Cade) You know what's funny? It's like 5 in the morning, and I don't feel tired!

Cade: (Raises a brow) It's 5 A.M in the morning?

Tessa: (Turns to Glen) How did you know that?

Glen: (Turns to the window) The sun's about to come out, that's how I know.

Sari: Well, it's actually 4:30, but yeah, we stayed up for a long time.

Shane: I'd take a nap, but with the Invasion going on again, I think I'll just stick to adrenaline for now.

Leo: (Turns to Cade) Hey, you gonna be alright in here man?

Cade: Well yeah, I got the Autobots... (Shakes his head to Sari) And Sari to cover me.

Tessa: (Hugs Cade) If I find out a year later, you end up as a Cyborg, I'm going to murder you!

Cade: Well, find an Alien gun and shoot me in the back, that's how you'll do it.

Bumblebee: (Walks over to Minerva) You alright?

Minerva: (Nods) Yeah, are you?

Bumblebee: I'm still Online aren't I?

Warpath: (Walks over to Minerva) Minerva, you know this Bot?

Minerva: Yeah Dad! He's-!

Warpath: One of the same Bots that took Megatron down before, yeah I was there at the rally, and Flareup told me that you and him are a thing, that true?

Bumblebee: (Scratches his Helm) Uh, depends how describe the thing, and you're Warpath? Wow, you look scary!

Warpath: I'm more than I look.

Minerva: Are you okay Dad?

Warpath: Yeah, I mean, one of Cybertron's heroes is okay with me.

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) Wait, so we're cool?

Warpath: Of course, come here! (Extended a handshake to Bumblebee and pulled him over to close into his Audios) If I find out my Daughter's pregnant, I'll make sure no one finds your body.

Bumblebee: (Made a nervous smile as he gets pulled away from Warpath) Cool...

Optimus: (Turns to Bumblebee) Can I borrow you for a minute Bumblebee?

Bumblebee: (Turns to Optimus) Oh hey Dad, what's up?

Optimus: (Looks at Bumblebee) I need you to stay in here with Minerva.

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) What? Why?

Optimus: Because I don't want you to get hurt, and Megatron would most likely see you as an easy target, and I don't want that to happen... (Placed a hand on his son's shoulders) Besides, you need to keep the Allspark safe, so please, just follow my orders just this once.

Bumblebee: (Looks at his Dad and sighs) Ok Dad.

Sentinel: (Walks to Optimus and Bumblebee with Elita in his arms) Where should I take Elita to after I get back to the surface?

Optimus: The Plant's been destroyed, so the best place would be Knockout's Club, Rodimus told me it's one of the safe places not a Decepticon target.

Cosmos: (Runs to Optimus) Optimus Prime! Optimus Prime sir! (Stops in front of Optimus, panting)

Optimus: (Turns to Cosmos) Calm down, what's the hurry Cosmos?

Cosmos: (Panted) I almost forgot to give you this! (Opens the package, revealing the Powermaster suit) This is the Powermaster suit that I brought with me a while back! Remember the specs?

Optimus: (Looks at the suit) You sure this will help me defeat Megatron?

Cosmos: Well, considering that he's on Energon steroids, I'd say you have like a 70% chance to do so.

Optimus: (Takes the package) Thank you Cosmos.

Elita One: (Wakes up, blinking her Optics) Mmm... (Looks up and sees Optimus) Optimus?

Optimus: (Turns to Elita) Elita! You're awake!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Elita) Mom! You're okay!

Elita One: (Looks around) What's going on? Why is Sentinel carrying me?

Sentinel: Right, well I'm going to drop you off at a Club Optimus and I know of, you'll like it!

Elita One: (Turns to Optimus) You're going off to fight Megatron, are you? (Turns to Bumblebee) And you're going to join him?

Bumblebee: Uh... Kind of.

Optimus: (Rubbed Elita One's Helm) You'll be fine Elita, I promise. (Moves to kiss Elita on the Helm) We'll be back. (Turns around)

Elita One: Optimus! (Makes Optimus turn around) If you see Megatron... Kick his Aft.

Optimus: (Grinned) Well noted.

Warpath: (Turns to Wheeljack) Is the portals ready doc?

Wheeljack: They're ready now!

Warpath: (Turns to the Autobot troops) Alright, we're ready to go! Let's move into the Spacebridge! Go! Go! GO!

All of the Autobots, except for Optimus, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Jazz, Ratchet, Arcee, Rodimus, and Minerva gone inside of the Spacebridge and then it turned off, as the Autobots in the room turned to gather around.

Optimus: Alright, we all know the drill here. (Turns to Rodimus) Rodimus, you go take Ratchet and Arcee to deal with the Cyberformation Matter meant to be unleashed to the surface, I'll take Ironhide and Jazz with me to disarm the container in the Armory, disarm the Cannon. (Turns to Bumblebee) Bumblebee, you stay here with Cade, Sari, and Minerva and keep the Allspark safe, and wait here until we're finished.

Bumblebee: (Nods) Got it Dad!

Optimus: Good. (Turns around) Alright let's move!

The six Autobots moved to get out of the room, while Bumblebee, Minerva, Sari and Cade were left behind in the room alone.

Bumblebee: (Turns to the three) So... Does anyone think standing in a room waiting around is a great idea?

Minerva: Slag no!

Cade: Are you kidding me?

Sari: I am not standing around doing nothing!

Bumblebee: (Smiles) Great! Then how about we try getting the communications back up and call Cybertron Command for some backup?

Sari: What if that doesn't work?

Bumblebee: Then we go find the 3rd Cyberformation Matter, find the Reactor Core and blow Trypiticon up, really simple.

Minerva: What about the cannon?

Bumblebee: Rodimus Prime's team has it covered!

Minerva: Not the Nucleon batteries!

Sari: (Widened her eyes) Of course! If we disable the batteries, then the cannon won't work, and Cybertron doesn't get blown to bits!

Cade: That's actually a smart plan!

Bumblebee: Then it settled! Let's go drain the batteries dry!

Back in Detroit, the Decepticons were unleashed into the city, as many of them primarily targeted the area of Sumdac Plaza, as they devastated the town, obliterating some of the Rooftops to bits as many civilians ran away in fright.

Lugnut: (Roars as he stood on top of a tank) Let these Organic cowards run! In the name of the almighty Megatron!

Strika: (Shoots her Missiles onto the street) Destroy everything you see!

They continued to walk in the street of a plaza, with one of the Cons firing a Missile at a Mother and her child, but then a Shield came in and protected the two from the blast that followed, as Sentinel turned to the two, with thousands of Autobots standing by his side.

Sentinel: (Looks at the two) Get to safety, run!

Mom: Okay! (Takes her child with her)

Child: (Smiled) Cool!

Strika: (Sees something in the distance) HALT!

The thousands of Decepticons stopped dead on their tracks and saw their enemies, while thousands of Autobots stood together at the other end of the Plaza, staring at the Cons while they stared back at the Bots in turn.

Sentinel: (Looks at the Decepticons) If anyone wants to run, now's the chance to do so.

Brawn: (Punched his fists together) No way I'm missing a fight like this!

Warpath: (Cracks his neck) Slaggers tortured me and everyone back in Trypiticon, so this is personal.

Skywarp: (Sees the Autobots) Oh no! The Autobots are here!

Spittor: (Turns to Strika and Lugnut) What should we do now?

Lugnut: (Growls) Now we attack!

Strika: (Glared coldly at the Autobots) Take every one of them down! (Starts walking along with the Decepticon army)

Safeguard: (Started walking with the Autobot army and turned to his fellow comrades) They're not stopping!

Bulkhead: (Stares at the Decepticons) Neither are we!

The two groups walked towards each other, and then suddenly, they started shouting their battle cries, because all sides began to sprint/fly towards each other, and then once they collided with each other, a massive battle royale occurred, with thousands of Bots and Cons fighting each other, as Bulkhead swung his Wrecking Ball at Lugnut, Chromia fighting Oil Slick with her Double Bladed Lightsaber, Sunstorm flying in the air fighting against Safeguard, and Hot Shot shooting his Flamethrowers at Spittor, while Warpath began shouting and shooting his Cannon that came out of his Chestplate and shoot at General Strika.

Warpath: (Shouted his battle cry) COME ON YOU SLAGGERS!

Lugnut: (Shoots his Missiles at Bulkhead) PREPARE TO BE ANNIALATED!

The battle went on, while the Autobots inside Trypiticon were all on to help on the fighting on their own ways, as Optimus, Jazz, and Ironhide had gone to the Armory, with their weapons activated as they searched around and saw the cannon unscathed from the blast.

Jazz: (Looks at the cannon) Hey, same place like last time.

Ironhide: Don't seem like anyone's here though.

Optimus: (Has his Axe ready, with his Battle Mask activated) Everyone keep an Optic out...

Suddenly, Megatron appeared from the ceiling and landed on the ground, with Blitzwing and Nightbird on his side, as they looked at the three Autobots in front of them.

Megatron: (Looks at Optimus) Optimus Prime, as expected, you have shown up to save Cybertron like the righteous Autobot you are.

Optimus: (Looks at Megatron) There's only one way this will go down Megatron, and it ends with one of us winning.

Megatron: (Grinned) Heh, even if you can defeat me, I'll always come back with a new plan, even bigger than Trypiticon lifted up from Cybertronian soil.

Optimus: (Looks at Megatron) A year ago, I made the decision to let you live because I thought that it was an easy way out for you... But now, considering everything that's happened, I'd say today the is the day I finish what I should have done a long time ago!

Megatron: (Glared coldly at Optimus) Give me your best shot.

The Autobots then charged at the Decepticons, who charged back in return, as Optimus took on Megatron, Jazz took on Nightbird as they fought each other using their own Ninja training, and Ironhide taking on Blitzwing, who Transformed into a Tank and fired at Ironhide, who turned on his Bulletproof Shield, while Optimus and Megatron clashed blades with each other, Rodimus Prime, Ratchet, and Arcee went inside the area where the 2nd container is at, with the outside hatch being opened up.

Arcee: There it is! Looks like it we made it on time!

Ratchet; (Turns to a monitor screen) Well, we might need to hurry it up, because we got ourselves 30 minutes before that thing is spread throughout Detroit!

Rodimus: Then let's end this once and for all!

Shockwave: I couldn't have agreed more.

Suddenly, Shockwave, Slipstream, and Cyclonus appeared, standing in front of the container, in front of the Autobots' way, as they activated their weapons.

Rodimus: (Activated his Crossbow) Get out of the way!

Cyclonus: Just try it, I dare you.

Arcee: (Noticed Slipstream) Slipstream? You went back to siding with the Decepticons?!

Slipstream: (Activates her Blasters) Don't ask. (Aims at the Autobots) Only die.

She fired upon Arcee, who luckily activated her Lightsabers on time and deflected the shots, causing the fighting to begin as Cyclonus activated his Lightsabers and attempted to slice Rodimus, only for the Pink Femme to clash Blades with the Purple Decepticon, while Shockwave charged forward and pinned Ratchet against the wall.

Shockwave: (Pinned Ratchet against the wall) It is foolish to persist Autobot!

Ratchet: (Glared at Shockwave) And it's foolish to be on the loosing side Shockwave!

The Medic kicked Shockwave off him, and then the fight began, with Arcee and Slipstream fighting each other as the Female Seeker grabbed Arcee in the air and they fought in circles, and Rodimus and Cyclonus fighting, with Cyclonus trying to hit the Prime with his Lightsabers, only for Rodimus to defend himself by blocking every hit by using his Crossbow to block every attempted hit from the Con, and then back with Bumblebee's group, they were walking in a corridor, looking for the 3rd container until they stopped at a storage unit.

Minerva: (Held out her scanner and stopped in front of a door) It's in here!

Bumblebee: (Looks in front of the door) Alright, so how do we get inside?

Sari: Let me try. (Activates her Blades and sliced the door open, flying up and down to make it big enough for the hole to fit through) There, easy peasy.

Cade: (Covered his eyes) Uh, it's so bright in here!

Minerva: (Walks inside, and found the 3rd container) Whoa... Guys, I found the container.

Bumblebee: (Walks inside and grabs it) Great, now all we need to do is get to the batteries and destroy it!

Cade: What about trying to get Cybertron Command or something?

Bumblebee: Well, we already found this first, so we might as well use it now!

Sari: Let's hurry, our friends will need to win, and this is our chance!

Bumblebee: Then let's go!

The group ran out of the storage unit and went into the lower levels, where the cannons firepower was being stored, the energies it emitted, it glowed in a Orange light, and Orange electricity emitted from the batteries as the group walked to it.

Minerva: (Looks at the cannon's battery) Man, that thing's so bright!

Bumblebee: Ok, let's set this thing up and finish this! (Walks forward)

Barricade: (Places his Blaster right on Bumblebee's Helm) Stop where you are.

Suddenly, Soundwave and Starscream appeared, as they both went behind Sari, Cade, and Minerva, Barricade stood in front of Bumblebee with his Blaster aimed for the Minibot's Helm.

Soundwave: (Scans Cade) I detect large quantities of Allspark energy within the male Organic.

Barricade: Yeah, make sure it's actually the Allspark instead of just foam, wouldn't want to repeat any past mistakes.

Starscream: (Aims his weapons at Minerva) See! I told you Autobots were going to get down here!

Barricade: And you'll get the "I told you so" betting credits later, but for now, I think this one shall be our personal time...

Bumblebee: (Raises his hands up) So, you're still mad about the time I hit you in the face so many times, and now you want payback, right?

Barricade: What do you think?

Bumblebee: (Closed his Optics and just chuckled, before making a backwards flip and kicking the Blaster off Barricade's hand, causing him to shoot Soundwave) I SAY IN YOUR DREAMS!

Soundwave: (Gets shot) AHH! (Falls down to the floor)

Barricade: (Activates his Blade) You little piece of Scrap! (Swings it at Bumblebee, who dodged it several times)

Minerva: (Sees the fighting between Barricade and Bumblebee) Bumblebee! (Runs to Bee, only to run into Starscream)

Starscream: (Smirks) Now where do you think you're going?

Sari: Hey, back off!

Starscream: (Turns to Sari) And what do you think you'll do about it?

Sari: (Activates her Battle Mask) Come and find out! (Raises her palm and shoots at Starscream)

Starscream: (Gets shot by Sari) AHH! (Placed a hand on his shoulder) How dare you, you insolent fleshling! (Gets shot in the back) OW!

Cade: (Shoots at Starscream with his gun) Didn't your mother teach you about manners? (Shoots at Starscream in the legs)

Starscream: (Falls to the floor after getting shot in the Pedes) OW! (Scowls) You useless Organics! I am Starscream, and I will not be defeated by insignificant, soft-! (Widened his Optics) Wait, what do you think you're-?

Minerva: (Grabbed a panel and bashed Starscream in the Helm, and dropped the panel) Take that you piece of Scrap!

Starscream: (Gets hit by Minerva) OOF! (Falls to the ground unconscious)

Minerva: Whoa... I am my parents.

Barricade: (Tries to attack Bumblebee) Hold still you worthless Autobot!

Suddenly, part of the room started to collapse, as a bridge fallen upon Barricade, along with several weapons that just dropped to the floor.

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) Whoa! How did that happen?!

Sari: Part of the Prison must have taken some extensive damage to make some things collapse!

Cade: So we're not getting blown up then? Good to know.

Minerva: (Looks around) That was easy!

Bumblebee: Yeah, but right now, we gotta hurry it up, or else these Slagheads will start waking up soon!

Cade: (Looks up at the battery) Alright, I'm up to suggestions, but how are we going to do this?

Sari: I analyzed the Prison, the only way the battery will be destroyed is from the inside of the chamber!

Bumblebee: Well, can't you do it?

Sari: No! I don't know how to plant a bomb! And someone has to have the right codes to manually-!

Minerva: I'll do it!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Minerva) Wait, what?

Minerva: I've studied at a university, and I've learned a thing or two about cracking a code, so I know what I have to do in order to get inside and blow it up!

Cade: Ok well that's great! What's the worse can there be then?

Sari: The result would be a 7 out of 10 chance of an instantaneous death!

Cade: (Widened his expression) Oh... Kay then, I said too soon.

Minerva: Look, you guys just go and find the others, I'll okay!

Cade: Well we can't just you here to die!

Minerva: I'll be fine, go!

Sari: (Looks at Minerva) Ok, but we'll come back for you! (Turns to Cade) Let's go! (Runs off with Cade)

Bumblebee: (Looks at Minerva) Minerva, I'm telling you, you can't do this, this isn't the way!

Minerva: Does it look like there's any other way? You've seen how dangerous Megatron has become, someone needs to do this, and this has to be me!

Bumblebee: But-!

Minerva suddenly interrupted what Bumblebee had to say, because she pulled him closer and kissed him, taking him completely by surprise as he widened his Optics, and then she pulled back, looking at him.

Minerva: (Looks at Bumblebee) In case we don't see each other again, tell my family I love them. (Walks inside of the battery, and then just gave a deep breath)

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) ...Minerva...

Cade: Bumblebee, let's go!

Bumblebee: (Looks at the battery and closed his Optics in frustration) Please, be safe!

Bumblebee turned around and exited the room, unaware Barricade getting out of the rubble and looking at the Yellow Minibot, having a hinted glare towards him, while on Optimus' side of the battle, the Prime fought against the Tyrant, as he got kicked to the floor after clashing blades with each other.

Megatron: (Chuckled as he swung his Sword) Do you honestly believe you can defeat me single handedly Optimus Prime? You've seen what I can do, how unstoppable I have become, not even that petty Axe of yours can defeat me.

Optimus: (Grunted as he sat up) You're right Megatron. (Dropped his Axe, as he pressed some buttons on his wrist) The Axe won't cut it.

Suddenly, the suitcase that was hidden around the corner popped open, and then the suit became to attach itself onto Optimus Prime, as he started to become taller, he went back into his original Paintjob, he gotten his Jetpack was given back to him as it was attached to his back, gained a Red Visor covering over his Blue Optics, as he stood up in his new Powermaster form with his Battle Mask on.

Megatron: (Looks at Powermaster Optimus) Heh, nice Upgrade, but what makes you believe you can defeat me with it?

Optimus: All I have to do is to bet on it. (Flies towards Megatron and grabs him in the air, and then throws him across the Armory, making a widened his expression) Wow. (Looks at his Servos) This thing packs a punch!

Megatron: (Grunted as he got up and looked at Optimus) Now this shall be very interesting.

The two leaders charged at each other once more, as Ironhide fought against Blitzwing, the Con had been blasting at the Orange Autobot, who was using his Bulletproof form to shield himself, so he decided to turn Icy and turn Hide's Servos and Pedes into ice, as Blitzwing turned into his Robot Mode.

Blitzwing: (Walks to Ironhide as he looked over at his Upgrade) Hmm, your colossal form is unique Autobot. (Turns Hot) But I'm tired of you not fighting fair! (Pulled on one of Ironhide's Servos) Get annailated fairly! (Pulls it out)

Ironhide (Widened his Optics as his Servo got ripped off) AHHH!

Jazz: (Turned to see Ironhide getting attacked by Blitzwing) Hide! (Dodges an attack from Nightbird and then jumps to flip over to Blitzwing and makes a jump kick.

Blitzwing: (Gets kicked to the floor while turning Random) YOWIE!

Jazz: (Gets Ironhide up) You alright man? (Gets hit by Nightbird by the Helm) GAH!

Nightbird: (Walks next to Jazz) Didn't your Masters taught you not to look away from your opponent?

Back in the Surface, the Autobots were fairing somewhat a mixture of better and worse, as some managed to held the Cons themselves while others were savagely injured, as Bulkhead tried throwing his Wrecking Ball at Lugnut.

Lugnut: (Dodged the Wrecking Ball and shoots his Missiles at Bulkhead) Prepare to be destroyed Autobot!

Bulkhead: (Gets blasted off the ground by missiles) AH!

Warpath: (Shoots at some Decepticons) Come on you cowards! Is this the best you got?! (Sees a barrage of blasters and rockets flying right at him) Oh Frag me running.

Sentinel: (Runs in and uses his shield to cover himself and Warpath from the barrage, as it all landed right onto it, and once it stopped, he turned to Warpath) You alright?

Warpath: (Nodded) We're cool.

Sentinel: Great. (Gets stabbed in the back by a knife) GAH!

Warpath: Prime! (Looks at the Decepticons surrounding him and his fellow Autobots as he lifted Sentinel up after he took the knife out) This can't be good!

Back in the Cannon, Rodimus' team was battling against Shockwave's team, as Bumblebee's team came in for backup.

Bumblebee: (Comes inside) Guys! What's happening?

Rodimus: (Turns around to see Bumblebee) Bumblebee?

Ratchet: (Dodged a hit from Shockwave) What are ya doing here? And where's Minerva at?!

Sari: That's why we're here! She's in trouble!

Arcee: What do you mean?!

Bumblebee: She's-! (Nearly gets his arm cut off) YOW!

Cade: Bumblebee!

Barricade: (Walks in with his Blade activated) I can't shoot you since my Blaster's broken, but I can sure as well slice your neck off!

Cade: (Aims his gun at Barricade) Go eat a Pipe pal!

Barricade: Back off you little vermin. (Swiped Cade off the floor)

Cade: (Gets knocked to the wall) AHH!

Sari: (Sees Cade flying) Cade!

Cade: (Lands against the wall roughly and falls down to the ground) UGH! (Lets go of his backpack, revealing the Allspark that was opened up)

Bumblebee: (Looks at Cade) Cade! (Turns to Barricade) Now you're gonna get it! (Tries shooting at Barricade, but his Stingers were jammed) What the?!

Barricade: Did I mentioned that cut I gave you also gave your Stingers a nice Deactivation?

Arcee: Bumblebee! (Throws one of her Lightsabers at Bumblebee) Catch!

Bumblebee: (Caught onto the Lightsaber) Thanks! (Activated it) Alright, bring it on Afthead!

Barricade: (Swung his Blade several times) This is going to be enjoyable.

Bumblebee and Barricade charged at each other, while Sari ran over to Cade, who was semi unconscious.

Sari: (Runs to Cade) Cade, are you okay?

Cade: (Groaned) Do me a favor Tess, don't tell Mom, okay?

Sari: (Looks over at Cade) You're fine... (Turns to the fight) But everyone else isn't!

Rodimus: (Battles Cyclonus, and then gets his stomach cut) UGH! (Gets knocked to the floor) OOF!

Sari: Rodimus! (Sees Ratchet get attacked aggressively by Shockwave) Ratchet!

Shockwave: (Knocks Ratchet to the floor) It appears your time is at an end Medic.

Ratchet: (Glared at Shockwave) Do your worst Decepticreep!

As the battle on all sides raged, the fighting was not fairing well for the Autobots, as Optimus' side, Jazz and Ironhide were down, along with Optimus having a tough time with Megatron, as he was about to get stabbed by Megatron, and as for the surface Autobots, they were all cornered into a circle by the Decepticons, as they had their weapons pointed toward their bright colored Cybertronian enemies.

Strika: Today, this marks the end for the Autobots.

As the Decepticons were getting ready to fire, Bumblebee was not fairing with Barricade so good, as he wasn't a good trained fighter, and he was easily held in a neck lock pinned by the Con's Blade, while Slipstream threw Arcee to the floor and pointed her Blasters at the Pink Femme, and all seemed to be lost, as Sari began to activate her Battle Mask, and start flying towards Barricade about to attack Bumblebee.

Sari: (Flies towards Barricade) NO!

While she began doing so, the Allspark was glowing brighter then it should be, and then suddenly, in a white flash, everything became frozen in an instant, making everyone and every object held still like as if they were statues, all except for Sari, who just flown towards Barricade.

Sari: (Moved to kick Barricade's Pede) Take that! Stay away from my friend! (Grunted as she continued to attack the Con, only to stop and notice Barricade was frozen) What the? What's wrong with you? (Turns to Bumblebee, who was also frozen) Bumblebee? (Flies up to Bumblebee's face, waving her hand at him for any sign of facial expression, but nothing happened as it only gave the expression of a glare) Oh, not you too! (Turns to everyone else and saw that they were all frozen) Ok, what is going on? (Turns around and sees the Allspark glowing) What in the world?

Suddenly, the Allspark began to float all by itself, moving mysteriously towards Sari as voices began to fill in the air.

Allspark: (Flies in front of Sari) Sari...

Sari: (Raises a brow) Ok, now I must be dreaming, or this is because I have an hallucination from staying up all night.

Allspark: Sari... (Flies away from her and moves towards a door, which glowed into a white blank space) This way...

Sari: (Looks around and turned to the white, glowing doorway) Well... It's not like I have anything to do now.

She began to walk slowly towards the door, raising her hand at the white light, and then covering her Blue eyes as she got closer to the door, and then once she crossed over, she was now in a beach, with a beautiful Blue sky, and several planets hovered above the sky, as a nice windy breeze loomed at the Techno Organic, and the only thing that was visible was a White Mech sitting in the sands, in front of the ocean, as he appeared to be in some form of mediation, drawing Sari's attention to him.

Sari: (Walks slowly to the Mech) Hello? Can you hear me? And if you can, can you like say something to show me you're not frozen like everyone else back in Trypiticon?

?: (Sits down in mediation) I can hear you very well Sari.

Sari: Great! That's-! (Widened her eyes) Wait, how do you know my name? And who are you?

?: (Stands up, still staring at the horizon) After all the times we were together, I believe you would have figured out the answer by now... (Turns around, revealing himself to be none other than Prowl) My friend...

Sari: (Widened her eyes in disbelief) Prowl?! Is that really you?!

Prowl: (Smiled) Why yes, and no...

Sari: Oh... Well, okay, good to know you're usually yourself, again... (Looks around at the beach) Where are we?

Prowl: Inside a hologram projection of the Planet Nebulos.

Sari: Oh yeah, the one with all the beaches, that explains why Earth has a few Planets hovering in the sky. (Turns to Prowl) But I don't understand, why am I here?! More importantly, why are you here?!

Prowl: To help you, guide you on your gifts.

Sari: Is that why you were trying to talk to Jazz earlier? Because you were talking to him, and you almost popped up inside my Dad's office today.

Prowl: I was trying to warn Jazz and all of you of Megatron's plot to destroy Earth and Cybertron together, but that proved harder than expected, so I used the power of the Allspark to pull you into this state, so you and I can talk.

Sari: Well that's great, but I need to get back out there, our friends are in trouble!

Prowl: The rest of the Autobots on Earth, yes, but there is a problem in that.

Sari: What problem?

Prowl: Sit down... Please, I insist.

Sari: Ok... (Raised a brow as she sat down) So, now what?

Prowl: Now close your eyes.

Sari: Seriously? I don't think this is the time to meditate.

Prowl: Just trust me, close your eyes.

Sari: Alright! (Sighs as she closed her eyes)

Prowl: Now, focus on our friends, focus on Trypiticon, focus on where you were once were, and tell me what you are seeing.

Sari: (Closed her eyes sees visions of Bumblebee, Ratchet, Arcee, and Rodimus about to get attacked by the Decepticons) Bumblebee... Ratchet, Arcee, and Rodimus! They're in trouble!

Prowl: Now focus on the Armory.

Sari: How-?

Prowl: Just focus...

Sari: Fine... (Blinked her eyes and then sees herself in the Armory, with Optimus, Jazz, and Ironhide) Optimus is there... (Sees Megatron about to stab Optimus) Megatron! He's about to harm him! (Turns around and sees Jazz and Ironhide in trouble) And Jazz and Ironhide, they're going to get attacked by Nightbird and Blitzwing!

Prowl: Yes, now focus on the Cannon's Battery, what do you see?

Sari: Ok... (Squinted her eyes and then sees herself inside of a battery, as she sees Minerva about to be incinerated by an explosion) Minerva... She did it, she destroyed the battery, but she's about to get blown up!

Prowl: Now, to the surface, what do you see?

Sari: (Blinked her eyes mentally and finds herself in Detroit, standing on a roof and sees the Autobots cornered by Decepticons as they are about to get fired at) The Autobots here! (Noticed Bulkhead on the ground) Bulkhead! He's in trouble, everyone's in trouble! (Opened her eyes and looks at Prowl) Everyone is in deep trouble!

Prowl: Yes, but you see the pattern, don't you?

Sari: What do you mean?

Prowl: Each and everyone is targeted by a Decepticon, and everyone of them is about to get injured, or Offline simultaneously, and you want to help everyone of them, but the problem is-

Sari: I wouldn't be able to save everyone... (Looks down) Even if I tried, everyone else would be screwed too, and then the Decepticons would have won, and there would be nothing that I could do about it!

Prowl: Except there is something you can do about it...

Sari: What do you mean? I can't control my powers, and last time I got angry, I froze everyone around me and gave them brain damage!

Prowl: That's because you were evolving into your powers exponentially, and you have yet to realize your full potential.

Sari: (Looks at Prowl) Back on Cybertron, you said that I had this Awakening coming... Is my powers what you're talking about? Should I be awake by now?

Prowl: No, you are actually trying to wake up, and the only one that can save everyone and all of Earth and Cybertron is you, but you can't do that if you are not awake yet, and that is why I am here... To help you awaken yourself...

Sari: Will I... Will I get to learn about how I got to Earth then?

Prowl: (Looks solemnly at Sari) I'm sorry, but I am afraid that it would have been a lie if I said yes...

Sari: (Looks at the beach) For a whole year, all I have ever wanted was to find out where I came from, but now, with everyone I care about at stake, all I want to do is help them... (Turns to the sands) I need someone... (Turns to Prowl) To show me what I need to save my friends... Will you help me?

Prowl: (Looked at Sari and extended his hand to her) All you have to do is to touch my hand, and then you will have everything you need to accomplish your destiny...

Sari: Alright then... (Slowly grabbed onto Prowl's opened palm, and then suddenly her eyes started to glow white) Prowl!

Prowl: Relax yourself, that is everything you are seeing... (Placed another hand on Sari's palm) Are you ready to begin now?

Sari: (Her eyes continued to glow white as she smiled) Yes... I understand what I need to do now...

Prowl: Then you are ready...

Suddenly, everything in the beach started to glow white, as we turn back to Trypiticon, and time itself was no longer frozen as Barricade stood over Bumblebee with his Blade in the air.

Barricade: (Raises his Blade in the air) Time to join Blackbird in the Well of Allsparks! (Moves to stab Bumblebee, only for a force field to block him out) WHAT?!

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) Ok, that's new!

Rodimus: (Sees a force field around him as Cyclonus tried to stab him) What's happening?

Arcee: (Gets blasted at Slipstream, only for the force field around her to protect her) I don't know!

Shockwave: (Tries to puncture through Ratchet's chest, but to no avail as the force field did not permit him to do so) What is this?!

Megatron: (Tries to stab Optimus, only for the force field to take around the Prime) WHAT?!

Optimus: (Widened his Optics as he noticed the force field) What in the Allspark?

One by one, the battle was paused in a brief moment as everyone at both sides noticed the impossible happening, as force fields took effect on the Autobots, as Minerva embraced herself to be blown to bits, she opened her Optics to see flames washing through her without leaving a scratch on her.

Minerva: (Widened her Optics) WHOA! (The explosion stopped, and then she looked around) I'm not dead... (Smiled happily) I'm not dead! (Starts tearing up a little as she started to laugh) Primus, I'm not dead!

Bulkhead: (Stands up and sees the force field around him and his fellow Autobots) Guys? What's going on?

Cliffjumper: I don't know, but whatever it is, it's saving us from getting Slagged!

Strika: (Sees the force field as the Autobots were not affected by the blasters and missiles) Open fire! Open fire!

Decepticon Tanker: We're trying! But there's this force field in our way!


Cosmos: (Looks around) So, can we still hurt them?

Chromia: (Lifts her Lightsaber up and throws it at Strika, hitting her by the Pedes) Take this!

Strika: (Gets stabbed by the Pede) OH!

Lugnut: (Turned to Strika, who's Pede was stabbed by a Lightsaber) No! My darling!

Hot Shot: Looks like they don't have whatever we have!

Flareup: Then let's kick some Aft!

Warpath: Just like I was thinking! ATTACK!

Bulkhead: (Swings his Wrecking Ball at Lugnut) Here's a treat Lugnut!

Lugnut: (Gets hit by Bulkhead) GAH!

The Autobots that were cornered charged at the Cons, who were overwhelmed as they could not harm them due to the mysterious force field protecting them, while inside the Armory, Blitzwing and Nightbird attempted to attack Ironhide and Jazz, but with no success with the force field.

Nightbird: (Grunted as she tried stabbing Jazz) What is this in the way?!

Blitzwing: (Hot as he fired upon Ironhide) DIE YOU STUPID AUTOBOT! HOW HARD IS IT TO JUST DIE ALREADY?! (Gets blasted by Ironhide's Cannons as he turned Random) Oh no! Not again! (Gets knocked against the wall)

Jazz: (Kicked Nightbird in the stomach as he got up and turned to Ironhide) Is this part of your Steel Upgrade?

Ironhide: Not really. (Grabbed his Servo and reattached it to himself as felt it once more) But if the Cons can't touch us, but we can, than we sure as well go ahead and take the opportunity!

Jazz: (Grinned) Right back at you!

The two began fighting their enemies while Megatron was at a frenzy, trying to destroy his nemesis but couldn't because of the force field protecting Optimus.

Megatron: (Growled as he slashed at Optimus) Fight like a Mech Optimus Prime! Turn off that blasted shield of yours!

Optimus: It's not me Megatron! (Punched Megatron on the Chestplate, seeing that he can do damage) But I won't stop now, not while I can still beat you! (Jump kicks Megatron)

Megatron: (Gets jump kicked at the side of his Faceplate, breaking his face guard as he was knocked away to a wall, accidentally activating the Intercom as he glared at Optimus) You fool... You think that protective shield of yours will stop what I have planned?! I will destroy the very Planet you swore to protect, even if I have to destroy all of my Army to do so!

With that last sentence said, Optimus just started to laugh a little, making Megatron curious as to why.

Megatron: (Sees Optimus laughing) What's so funny Prime? (Sees him continuing to laugh) I said what's so funny?!

Optimus: (Chuckled a bit) I'll tell what's funny Megatron... You just told me, and all of your army what you just said!

And he was right, because on the surface, the Autobots and the Decepticons have all heard the intercom from the Prison and heard exactly what Megatron had just said, causing many of the Cons to be completely terrified.

Decepticon Flyer: (Chattering along with his fellow Decepticons) Did you hear what he just said?!

Decepticon Muscle: Megatron's gone completely nuts!

Decepticon Seeker: That Afthead's going to kill us all!

Skywarp: (Screams in terror) Ahh! We're all going to die!

Strika: (Turns to the Decepticons) Stop idling around and destroy those Autobots!

Decepticon Sports: Glitch, did you not hear a word what he just said?!

Lugnut: Fools! Get back to your stations now!

Decepticon Helicopter: Screw you man! We ain't dying on this rock, not for that psycho!

Thundercracker: Why don't we all agree to Transform and Rise up to the skies already?

Sunstorm: Oh yes! (Claps his hands) Good suggestion, very wise words!

Decepticon Muscle: Yeah he's right! Let's all get out of this Planet while we still can!

Decepticon Flyer: Yeah! (Transforms into his Alt Mode) Let's blow this joint!

With that said, every Decepticon, except for Team Chaar, the Combaticions, Bludgeon, and Lugnut Transformed into their Alt Modes and flew up out of Detroit, while the Flyers carried the Decepticon Grounders up into the air.

Strika: (Turns up to the sky) Get back here and follow your orders!

Lugnut: (Growled furiously) Come back here and fight like true Decepticons, you cowards!

Hot Shot: (Cheers along with his fellow Autobots) Yeah! Run away you Scrap Piles!

Bulkhead: (Looks up at the sky) Look at the Cons run!

Wheeljack: Yeah, that's what Decepticons are made of!

Onslaught: (Turns to Strika) Strika, we still have Autobots to deal with!

Strika: (Turns to the Autobots surrounding her and the remaining Decepticons) Alright then! Let's take as many of these Autobots with us! (Turns to Lugnut) Lugnut my love! Use the POKE!

Lugnut: With pleasure! (Activates his POKE)

Bulkhead: (Widened his Optics) Uh oh!

Brawn: Not good!

Lugnut moved to punch at the ground, but then suddenly, a Blue streak appeared out of nowhere, running around the Decepticons in a fast pace, and in just a second, the Decepticons were all in Stasis Cuffs, as they fell down to the ground, with everyone of the Autobots looking in shock as Blurr stood in front of the Cons.

Lugnut: (Struggled with his Stasis Cuffs) NO! I WAS CLOSE!

Blurr: (Looks at Lugnut) Hmm, Ifindyourattitudetobeverydisturbingandveryangry! (Gets out a pampflett and placed it on Lugnut's Helm) PerhapsyoucangoseeatherapistonCybertronforthat.

Safeguard: (Raises a brow) Agent Blurr?

Red Alert: Is that you?

Blurr: (Turns to the Autobots) Whyyes! ItismeBlurr! AndI'mhererightontimefortheDecepticons-!

Warpath: (Closed Blurr's mouth shut) Hey! Take it slow! How did you get here?!

Blurr: (Felt Warpath let go of his mouth and sighed as he pointed at the sky) BecauseofUltraMagnus,sir!

Everyone looked up and saw Omega Supreme in the sky, as he flew down in his Alt Mode, surprising everyone within a close range.

Cliffjumper: (Looks at Omega Supreme) Is that Omega Supreme?

Mirage: How did he get here?

Grimlock: (Looks at Omega Supreme) Ooh... Big Bot Big!

Onslaught: (Turns to Inferno) Inferno, Inferno! (Gets Inferno's attention) It's me, your friend! Look, I'm sorry, you're fine as a Techno Organic, you look cooler that way, but please, get me out of these Cuffs!

Inferno: (Looks at Onslaught) Onslaught wanna know what Inferno think?

Onslaught: Sure, why not-! (Gets scratched in the face) AHH!

Inferno: (Glared at Onslaught) Onslaught go Frag Onslaught's self!

Then, Omega Supreme landed in front of the Autobots, and then the ramp fell to the ground, as Ultra Magnus and few Autobot Troopers ran down the ramp, as he walked in front of the Autobots.

Sentinel: (Looks at Ultra Magnus) Ultra Magnus?

Flareup: That's a surprise!

Warpath: (Turns Ultra Magnus) Ultra Magnus sir, it's good to see you again!

Ultra Magnus: The same with to be said for you, old friend.

Sentinel: (Groaned as walked towards Ultra Magnus) Da-! (Pauses) Ahem, Ultra Magnus, it's good to see you! But how are you here?

Elita One: Because of me! (Groaned as Knock Out helped her walk)

Ultra Magnus: I was handed a distress call hailed from a "Knock Out's Club", and I believe this to be a prank of some sorts until I saw Elita One on the video feed, and it appears it is true that she is intact.

Bulkhead: That's a long story actually.

Flareup: We managed to fend off the Cons sir! The rest of them ran off scared!

Ultra Magnus: That is fine, but there's something I don't understand. (Looks around) Where is Optimus Prime?

Back on the Trypiticon, Megatron witnessed all of the Decepticons entering into orbit, as Optimus got up.

Optimus: (Gets up) And to think, the one that would destroy your empire would be the one that made it in the first place!

Megatron: (Turns to Optimus Prime in a raged expression) You shall pay for this, Optimus Prime! (Charged towards Optimus, but then is bounced off from the force field as he made a hole in the wall)

Optimus: (Turns to Blitzwing and Nightbird) What about you two?

Blitzwing: (Turns Icy) You know what, I think I forgotten something on zhe moon. (Transforms into his Alt Mode while switching to Random) Be right back! (Blasts a hole in the window and flies out of Trypiticon)

Nightbird: (Runs to the window) Sayonara Autobots! (Jumps out and Transforms into her Alt Mode, flying out of Trypiticon)

Jazz: (Turns to Optimus) Looks like that's the last of them.

Optimus: (Turns to Jazz and Ironhide) Are you two okay?

Ironhide: Fine as dandy sir!

Optimus: Good. (Turns to the Cannon) Then we should destroy this once and for all!

Jazz: Hold up a sec, why don't we place it inside the reactor core? So we don't get blown to pieces?

Ironhide: Yeah, I agree with Jazz on this one.

Optimus: Alright, let's find the others and get to the-! (Sees the Cyberformation Matter glow and disappear) What the?! Where did it go?

Back in Rodimus' part, the Cons had overheard what Megatron said, as Arcee looked at Slipstream.

Arcee: (Looks at Slipstream) You have heard what Megatron had said Slipstream, what does your gut tell you?

Slipstream: (Looks coldly at Arcee, then at the Cyberformation Matter, before deactivating her Blasters) Do whatever you want, I'm out of here. (Transforms into her Alt Mode and flies out of the room)

Shockwave: (Turns to Ratchet) Step away from the Cyberformation Matter!

Ratchet: Shockwave you fool! Didn't you hear what Megatron has told ya?

Shockwave: My loyalties is to Lord Megatron, no matter the consequences, and the Cyberformation Matter-! (Sees the Cyberformation Matter glowed white) What the devil?! (Suddenly, it disappeared) What?! How-! (Gets punched by Ratchet and gets thrown out of the window) AHH! (Falls into Lake Erie)

Ratchet: (Sighed as he looked at Shockwave) That one's fer Bumblebee's friend...

Rodimus: (Turns to the four Autobots) Is everyone okay?

Arcee: We're fine, but where's Cyclonus at?

Rodimus: He disappeared right after the intercom was activated, my guess is that he bailed along with the other Decepticons.

Bumblebee: Great, then how about we-! (Gets picked up by Barricade) What the-?! (Gets thrown into a hole in the ground) AHHH!

Cade: (Woken up and saw Bumblebee thrown to the depths) BUMBLEBEE!

Rodimus: No! (Activates his Crossbow)

Barricade: (Turns to the Autobots) What are you people going to do about it?!

Bumblebee: (Is seen on the ground that was rising up) Hey there! (Sees Barricade turn around and swung Arcee's Lightsaber at him, making a heavy scratch on his Faceplate)

Barricade: (Gets knocked back against the ground, next to the window) UGH!

Bumblebee: (Steps out of the rising floor) Take that Afthole!

Barricade: (Groaned as he looked at Bumblebee) I knew you would end up as scum.

Bumblebee: (Grinned) Just as I knew you'd fall down too.

Suddenly, a part of the hole started to burst, and it caused Barricade to fall down on the collapsed floor, and right onto Lake Erie as he yelled out in surprise.

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) Ok, not too literal.

Rodimus: (Turns to Bumblebee) Bumblebee, do you have any idea where the Cyberformation Matter went?!

Bumblebee: No, wasn't it just there?

Cade: (Groaned as he sat up, and right when he went to pick up his backpack, he noticed the Allspark glowing really bright) Guys, something's up with the Allspark!

Ratchet: (Turns to Cade) What do ya mean?

Cade: (Goes to pick the Allspark up) I'm saying is-! (Suddenly, the Allspark flashed right into his eyes) AHH! (Falls to the ground)

Bumblebee: Cade! (Runs to Cade and picks him up) You okay?

Cade: (Groaned as he rubbed his eyes) Is that normal to get flashed like that?

Arcee: (Turns to the Allspark once it stopped glowing) Whatever it was doing, it stopped.

Ratchet: Wait just a minute, where's Sari gone to?

Cade: (Rubbed his eyes and noticed a glow in the hallway) Guys, there's something in the hallway!

Rodimus: Let's move!

Everyone went into the room where the source of the glowing light is, and then found themselves inside the Reactor Core, as Sari stood in front of it along with the Cyberformation Matter, her hair now free and long, and no longer in ponytails as she had a white glowing aura surrounding her, taking everyone by surprise.

Bumblebee: (Looks at Sari) Sari?

Sari: (Turns to her friends, her eyes glowing white as she smiled) Hey there Bee, long time no see.

Arcee: Sari, what are you doing?

Sari: (Turns to the Reactor Core) What I have to do, if Earth and Cybertron must be saved.

Rodimus: Sari, what's wrong with you? Why are you glowing?

Ratchet: It's not her that's glowing... (Looks at Sari) It's the power of the Allspark! She's has it in her entire body!

Cade: How did she get that without us noticing?!

Sari: I wish I could explain, but you all must go, I have to do this, I have to save our worlds.

Arcee: Sari, you're not yourself, it's the-!

Sari: (Turns to the Autobots) Goodbye. (Moved her hand, and suddenly, the Autobots in the room disappeared)

Cade: (Turns around and sees the Autobots disappeared) What the?! Sari! (Turns to Sari) Sari, what did you do?!

Sari: Don't worry, they're all in a safe place.

Back inside the Armory, Optimus was about to leave, until the flash of light appeared, and once it disappeared, Ratchet, Rodimus Prime, Arcee, Bumblebee, and Minerva appeared all at once, taking Optimus, Jazz, and Ironhide by surprise.

Optimus: (Widened his Optics) Ratchet? Bumblebee?

Bumblebee: (Looks around and sees Optimus) Dad!

Minerva: Guys?

Ratchet: (Turns to Minerva) Minerva?

Minerva: (Turns to Ratchet) Professor! Oh Primus, I thought I was dead! Wait, are we all dead? Are in the Well?

Bumblebee: (Looks around) Wait, where's Sari?

Optimus: What do you mean? Is she safe?

Rodimus: Far from it, we need to move, now!

Cade: (Turns to Sari) Sari, look, whatever's going on with you, you need to talk to me, right now!

Sari: (Looks at the Reactor Core) It's strange, I thought I sent you to the Armory along with Minerva, but you're still here. (Turns to Cade) Why are you still here?

Cade: Because you obviously are waaaay out of your head this time, and I need to stop you, duh.

Sari: No, it's something else... (Looks directly at Cade's eyes and then smiled) Why I should be surprised! You have the power too!

Cade: (Raises a brow) Ok, what power?

Sari: (Turns around) You'll find out soon, but I can't help you... (Raises her hands up and lifts up the Cyberformation Matter) I need to fulfill my destiny.

Cade: Sari, wait! (Tries to stop Sari, but then walks into a barrier) UGH! (Looks at the barrier, and touched it) Sari! (Bangs on the force field) Sari, you need to stop!

Sari: (Places the Cyberformation Matter inside the Reactor Core) Don't worry, I'm shielding you from the blast radius, so that way you and everyone have time to escape before the ship is destroyed.

Cade: Ok, that's not helping me stop worrying right now!

Sari: Sorry, I guess I spoke too soon.

Cade: (Bangs on the force field) Sari, think about this, think about your Dad! If you do this! If you choose to do this, you will die!

Sari had then paused once she placed the last container inside the Reactor Core, and then turned to a wall, and sees Prowl standing, his gaze looking at her direction as she turned to Cade and gave a sad smile.

Sari: (Smiles sadly) At least Prowl would have done the same anyway... (Turns around and begins to detonate the bombs)

Cade: (Bangs on the force field harder) Sari! NO!

Sari: (Closed her eyes as the bombs start to go off) Goodbye Cade.

Suddenly, the Reactor Core started to explode, as the area where Sari is started to bubble itself in with a raging fire, while Cade witnessed it from outside the force field.

Cade: (Sees the explosion all over the force field) SARI!

Soon after, the force field had collapsed, and then a blast knocked Cade off his feet and was flown out of the room, hitting the wall as the Autobots ran in the corridor, noticing Cade hitting the wall.

Optimus: (Ran towards Cade) Cade! (Stops) Where's Sari?!

Cade: (Groaned as he got up, alarms going off as he looked at the room that had smoke coming out) Sari, oh no! (Ran inside the Reactor Core)

Bumblebee: (Turns to Cade running inside) Cade?

Soon, everyone ran and followed Cade, as the room was on fire, and the alarms were blaring as Cade went to find Sari, who was laying on the floor, not moving.

Cade: (Looks at Sari) Sari! (Runs to her and tries waking her up) Sari, wake up!

Bumblebee: (Walks to Cade as he noticed Sari not moving) Sari?

Optimus: (Walks to Cade, looks at Sari) Sari?

Arcee: (Looks at Sari) What's wrong with her? What happened?

Cade: Sari, wake up! (Shakes Sari, but no avail) Sari!

Jazz: Cade? Why isn't she waking up?

Bumblebee: Cade? She's going to wake up, right? Is she going to be okay?

Cade: (Shakes Sari a few time, and then touched her neck for a pulse, and then sighed as he lowered his head) She's not okay Bumblebee... She's dead...

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) What?!

Ironhide: Ain't she supposed to turn Grey for her to go Offline?

Cade: (Turns to Ironhide) Things are different when humans die Ironhide, she's cold! She's not even breathing!

Bumblebee: No! (Picks Sari) Sari, wake up! Sari! (Shakes her) Sari!

Optimus: (Walks to Bumblebee) I'm sorry Bumblebee, but what Cade says is true then... She's gone...

Bumblebee: No... (Hugged Sari close to him) Sari... No!

Ratchet: (Breath is shaky) We uh... We have to get a move on, we have only 5 minutes for the Prison to explode.

Rodimus: He's right. (Turns to Bumblebee) We can mourn later, but for now, we need to get out of the Prison.

Bulkhead: (Walks in the room) Hey guys!

Ironhide: (Turns to Bulkhead) Mudflap?

Arcee: (Turns to Bulkhead) How did you get up here?

Bulkhead: Omega Supreme! He's here, along with Ultra Magnus and Blurr, and they helped us-! (Noticed Bumblebee hugging Sari as he sobbed) Hey... What's wrong with Sari? Is she okay?

Optimus: (Turns to Bulkhead) I'm sorry Bulkhead... She's gone.

Bulkhead: (Widened his Optics) Oh... (Looks at Sari) Sari's gone?

Bumblebee: (Sniffed as he wiped his Optics) Yeah, she's gone.

Bulkhead: (Looks at Sari) Sari?

Optimus: (Takes in a deep Intake) Like Rodimus said, we have time to mourn later, we need to leave the ship now. (Turns to Bulkhead) Is Omega Supreme still here?

Bulkhead: (Looks at Sari) Um, yeah, I can show ya where he is...

The group then went over to where Omega Supreme is, as the group ran in silence, and then they reached the Throne Room and saw Omega Supreme floating in the air, with the ramp open as Ultra Magnus and the thousands of Autobots stood inside Omega Supreme.

Ultra Magnus: (Stands in the ramp) Optimus Prime! We need to move now!

Optimus: We're coming!

Bumblebee: (Walked slowly as he gave Sari to Minerva) Here, take Sari to the ship, I need a moment.

Minerva: (Gets Sari as she nodded) Of course.

Minerva went in to go inside, while Bumblebee just went onto his knees, with the rest of the group to stop and turn to him, while everyone else turned to Minerva, who carried Sari inside as she placed her onto a Berth.

Flareup: (Turns to Minerva) Minerva?

Warpath: (Turns to Minerva) Minerva, hey are you okay?

Minerva: (Turns to Flareup and Warpath) Mom... (Hugs her parents) Dad!

Flareup: (Hugs her back) Hey, what's wrong?

Warpath: (Hugs Minerva back) Are you okay sweatsparks?

Minerva sobbed in her parents' shoulders, while Ultra Magnus walked over and saw Sari, noticing there was no movement from her, and she wasn't breathing gave the Magnus a hint already as he closed his Optics in sorrow, while Optimus' group turned to Bumblebee, who was looking down at the ground.

Ironhide: (Turns to Bumblebee) Bumbler, we need to go.

Bumblebee: (Shakes as he looked at the ground) I can't believe it... Sari's gone.

Optimus: (Kneeled down to Bumblebee's level) I know...

Bumblebee: (Turns to Optimus) This is Prowl all over again! Why did she have to die?

Optimus: (Placed a hand on Bumblebee's Faceplate) Bumblebee, I know this is hard, because this is hard for all of us too, but-! (Suddenly gets stabbed in the waist) AHHH!

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) DAD!

Bulkhead: What the Scrap?!

Ratchet: (Turns around sees Megatron standing in front of them) Megatron!

Megatron: (Growled angrily) If I die here, I am taking you all with me! (Aims his Cannon at the controls and blasted it, causing impenetrable metal windows to pop up, blocking the Autobots' escape)

Brawn: (Gets a metal window popped up in front of him) What the Pit?! (Punched at the metal windows, but it did not have effect to it) I can't break this thing open!

Ultra Magnus: (Uses his Hammer to destroy the metal window, but it did not go without a scratch) Our weapons are not working against this!

Sentinel: (Uses his Shield to scratch the windows) Come on! We have to get in there!

Omega Supreme: Ultra Magnus, I am sorry, but I'm looking over the Trypiticon's status, and we have two minutes before it explodes!

Ultra Magnus: (Closed his Optics in defeat) Everyone back inside! We need to leave, now!

Minerva: But our friends are still in there!

Ultra Magnus: I'm sorry, but we don't have a choice, we have to leave right now! Omega Supreme, pull us out of here!

Omega Supreme: Right away.

Omega Supreme pulled in the off ramp and flew away from Trypiticon, as it started to fly in the air towards space, while inside the Throne Room, the Autobots stood in front of Megatron as he glared at each of the Autobots.

Megatron: (Glared at the Autobots) You Autobots have been a thorn at my side for far too long!

Optimus: (Groaned as he got up on his feet) Megatron, we're not in a mood to fight you right now!

Megatron: (Growled) I don't care what mood you are in! I care about you all burning with me!

Bumblebee: (Growled and yelled) You wanna fight! Here's a fight! (Charged at Megatron)

Optimus: Bumblebee no!

Megatron: (Swiped Bumblebee away) Get off you pathetic little weakling!

Ironhide: (Turns into Steel and punched at Megatron) Try picking on somebot your own size! (Gets punched in the face and then thrown into the ground) UGH! (Gets up, only for Megatron to grab him by the neck and lift him up in the air) GUK!

Jazz: (Moves in and throws his Nun Chucks at Megatron) Yo, back off! (Gets lifted by Megatron and pinned against the wall) OOF!

Rodimus: (Activates his Crossbow and shoots at Megatron) Get away from our friends!

Megatron: (Turns to Rodimus) You want them so badly? (Throws Ironhide and Jazz at Rodimus) Go get them!

Rodimus: (Gets Ironhide and Jazz thrown at him) AH! (Falls to the floor)

Ratchet: (Grabs a piece of debris with his Magnets and throws them at Megatron) I just had enough of you already!

Megatron: (Gets debris thrown at him) Silence, you Old fool! (Grabs his other Sword and swings it at Ratchet)

Arcee: (Activates her Lightsabers and clashes with Megatron's Blade) Get away from my boyfriend! (Gets picked up by Megatron) OH!

Ratchet: (Widened his Optics) Arcee!

Megatron: Die you old Femme! (Throws Arcee to the wall)

Arcee: (Gets thrown into a wall) AUGH!

Ratchet: No! (Runs to her, only to be picked up by Megatron) GAH!

Megatron: (Glared at Ratchet) Time to join all of your fallen friends from the last War!

Bulkhead: (Moves towards Megatron) Get off of him! (Tackles at Megatron)

Megatron: (Gets tackled by Bulkhead) UGH!

Bulkhead: (Punches Megatron's Faceplate) You stop hurting my friends right now! (Gets kicked by Megatron) AHH! (Falls to the floor) OOF!

Megatron: (Activates his Cannon) I just had enough of you Autobots already! (Aims his Cannon at Bulkhead)

Cade: Hey! (Shoots his gun at Megatron) Back off!

Megatron: (Turns to Cade and disarms him) Just what makes such an insignificant creature like you think you can oppose me?

Cade: (Stands back) The kind that's going to rebel against you, that's what! And if you think we're going to surrender, you're wrong! We got through disrupting your plans, we can get through you! This is our Planet, this is our home, and we will keep fighting you no matter what you throw at us! So go back to wherever you came from and don't come back!

Megatron: (Looks at Cade) Heh... Such nice way to display your last words human. (Aims his Cannon at Cade)

Optimus: (Moves towards Megatron) No! (Swings his Axe towards Megatron, cutting one of his Cannons off)

Megatron: (Gets his Cannon cut off) AHH!

Optimus: (Drops his Axe and starts hitting Megatron so many times) Your reign of terror ends here Megatron! It's over!

Bumblebee: (Jumps on top of Megatron) Here! Take this! (Activates his Stinger and stabs Megatron's Faceplate)

Megatron: (Gets his Helm electrocuted by Bumblebee's Stingers) AHHH!

Optimus: Bumblebee, get off of him, now!

Bumblebee: Relax! I got this! (Gets grabbed by Megatron) WAH!

Optimus: Bumblebee!

Megatron: (Uses his other Cannon and aimed at Bumblebee's Helm) Stand back Optimus Prime, or else your Son gets it!

Optimus: (Activates his Blasters from the Powermaster Upgrade) Put him down Megatron!

Megatron: No! Either you destroy me now, or you put down your weapons, and your Son dies! Choose!

Optimus stared at Megatron, then at Bumblebee, who struggled against Megatron's hold, before slowly lowering his hands, until he fired a shot, as a blaster fire moved in slow motion and went right through Megatron's Pede, as he let go of Bumblebee from the pain.

Megatron: AHH! (Grabs his Pede)

Bumblebee: (Falls to the floor) OOF!

Optimus: (Picked Bumblebee up) You okay?

Bumblebee: (Nodded his Helm) Yeah, I'm fine!

Rodimus: (Gets up) Nice work Prime!

Ratchet: (Turns to Arcee) Are you okay?

Arcee: (Nodded) Yeah, but we need to go! We have only a minute and a halfleft before this place explodes!

Bulkhead: (Sees the environment getting destroyed) Yeah, I can see that!

Cade: Please tell me you guys have escape pods on this place!

Jazz: There are! There's some escape pods still online, if we head there, we could get out of the ship and go into Earth's orbit in no time!

Ironhide: Let's go!

Everyone made a move to exit the Throne room, as Megatron slowly got up, growling.

Cade: (Turns around and sees Megatron getting up) Uh guys, he's still alive! Megatron's getting up!

Bulkhead: Yeah, what about it?

Rodimus: He'll chase after us, no matter where we go!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Optimus) Dad, what do we do?

Optimus turned to Megatron, then at Bumblebee, as he began staring right into his Son's Faceplate...

Flashback, over 100 Stellar Cycles ago.

The Spacebridge Repair crew started to work on getting rocks moved out of the way, as Bumblebee shot at some rocks, unaware of his leader staring at him, with Optimus having this curiosity within him as Ratchet walked next to him.

Ratchet: (Walks next to Optimus) What did that Minibot do this time?

Optimus: (Shakes his Helm) Nothing Ratchet, I was just thinking...

Ratchet: (Raises a brow) About what?

Optimus: I don't know... He just seems familiar to me...

Ratchet: Well, if it's personal, maybe you outta go talk to Bumblebee about it. (Walks away)

Optimus walked to Bumblebee, but that was until he ran off to Bulkhead, he dropped his Sparkling's necklace to the ground, with Prime taking notice.

Optimus: Bumblebee, wait! (Walks to the necklace and picks it up) You dropped your-!

He didn't finish his sentence because he looked at the necklace and gasped silently, looking at the colors of the necklace, which were Red and Blue, Yellow and Black, as he looked at Bumblebee, realizing just who he is as a small tear flooded down his Faceplate, until a giant rock fell on top of Bumblebee.

Bulkhead: (Sees the rock falling on Bumblebee) Bumblebee, look out!

Bumblebee: Huh? (Gets the rock falling on top of him) AHH!

Optimus: (Widened his Optics) Bumblebee! (Runs to him)

Prowl: (Walks to the commotion) What's happened now?

Bulkhead: There was this accident that just happened, that rock came out of nowhere!

Ratchet: (Looks over at Bumblebee) He's fine, nothing fatal.

Optimus: Ratchet, why is his Optics closed?

Ratchet: Because he's knocked out cold, went into Stasis Lock because of that surprise he went through.

Prowl: You could also say he was quite startled from it.

Optimus: Get him to the Medbay pronto!

Later, Bumblebee was placed on a Berth as Optimus sat on a chair, with Ratchet walking in the room.

Ratchet: (Looks at Bumblebee) You know, I did say he's fine Prime, I don't know why you're in here.

Optimus: Before he went unconscious, he dropped his Sparkling's necklace, I'm here to give it back to him.

Ratchet: And here I thought it was because you knew from someplace, by the way, did ya figure it out already?

Optimus: ...I thought I did, but it was nothing, he just reminded me of someone with his colors.

Ratchet: That does happen a lot. (Turns around) Alright, then I should leave now, and when he wakes up, tell him to look up and move out the way next time!

Ratchet left the room, as Optimus got out the Sparking's Necklace, and placed deep inside his Chest Compartment, and closed it, right on time as Bumblebee started to wake up.

Bumblebee: (Groaned as he blinked his Optics) What happened?

Optimus: (Smiled) You took quite the hit back there, with a giant rock falling on top of you.

Bumblebee: A rock? (Widened his Optics) Oh the rock! (Groaned as he rubbed his back) That explains why my back is sore!

Optimus: Yeah... (Turns to Bumblebee) Hey Bumblebee, do you... Know anything about your parents?

Bumblebee: (Raises a brow) What do you mean?

Optimus: Just, a curious question, that's all.

Bumblebee: Well... (Fiddles with his fingers) A long time ago, a Mech named Blackbird took me in, because my parents suddenly just dropped me off at an Orphanage for something that happened to them recently.

Optimus: (Closed his Optics) Yes, I heard what happened to Blackbird afterwards, I'm sorry you had to witness that.

Bumblebee: (Shakes his head) No worries, I got placed back in the Orphanage again, no biggie, but why are you asking me this right now?

Optimus: Well... It was because you dropped your Sparkling's Necklace, don't worry, I placed it back inside your Chest Compartment, it's buried safely so it won't drop anytime soon.

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) Oh, well... Thanks Boss Bot!

Optimus: No problem, and Bumblebee. (Placed a hand on Bumblebee's hand) Just so you know, that necklace is more important that you realize, so no matter what, you have to keep with you at all times, promise?

Bumblebee: (Looks at Optimus) I uh... I promise Boss Bot.

Optimus: Good... (Pats Bumblebee on the back) Now, I think we should get going, everyone's waiting for us to get back to work now.

Bumblebee: (Groaned) That's just great.

They both started to leave the Medbay, as Optimus looked at Bumblebee closely...

Flashback ends.

Bumblebee: (Looks at Optimus) Dad, what are we going to do?

Optimus: (Turns to Bumblebee as he blinked) Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: Yeah? (Gets hugged by Optimus) What the-? Dad?

Optimus: (Hugs Bumblebee tight) I love you so much, I just needed you to know that.

Bumblebee: (Hugged his Dad back a little) Dad, I love you too, but why-!

Suddenly, Optimus pushed Bumblebee back and then went to the panel to shoot at it, causing the door to be closed shut, as everyone else outside was shut out, leaving Optimus the only one with Megatron.

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics) Dad?! Dad, what are you doing?!

Ratchet: Prime?! (Walks to the shut door) Prime, what do ya think you're doing?!

Optimus: You all need to go, now! (Activates his Axe) I'll hold off Megatron! You just get yourselves back to Earth safely, now!

Rodimus: Optimus, we're not leaving you!

Optimus: Rodimus, you need to get them out, now! While you have a chance, go! (Turns around and charges towards Megatron)

Bumblebee: (Sees Optimus walking away) Dad no! (Bangs on the door) Guys, come on! We need to get him out of there!

Arcee: There's no time! We have a full minute until Trypiticon explodes!

Ironhide; (Turns Steel and bangs on the door) Hot Rod, what do ya wanna do?!

Rodimus: (Looks at the door and closed his Optics) We need to leave, now!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Bumblebee) No! My Dad's in there! We have to save him!

Cade: Yeah, we can't just leave him!

Rodimus: I know, but he left himself in there so we can have a chance to escape! (Turns to Bumblebee) I'm sorry, but we have to go, your Father would've wanted you to go!

Bumblebee: (Closed his Optics) But we can't just leave!

Bulkhead: Bumblebee, we gotta go, now!

Jazz: We got 50 Nano Clicks!

Rodimus: (Picks Bumblebee up) Come on, let's go!

Bumblebee: (Struggled in Rodimus' hold) NO! (Looks at the door) DAD!

The group left the Throne room, as Optimus walked towards Megatron, as the Tyrant has his Sword drawn out.

Megatron: (Glared at Optimus) This is the end Optimus Prime...

Optimus: (Glared at Megatron) You're right Megatron... (Extends his Axe's handle) It is the end.

The two began to fight each other, as sound started to turn off, the remaining Autobots left started to run towards the escape pods, with Bumblebee trying to struggle in Rodimus' hold before he gave up and started to run with his friends, as Rodimus let him go, and they stopped by the escape pods.

Rodimus: (Activates his Comlink) This is Rodimus Prime speaking on an open channel! (Sees everyone going inside the escape pod) If anyone can read me, we are departing from Trypiticon through an escape pod! (Gets inside) Is everyone ready?

Jazz: (Works over the escape pod controls) Just getting this thing to work!

Ratchet: We have 15 Nano Clicks now!

Cade: Hurry it up!

Ironhide: (Pressed the launch code, and then the escape pod is activated) We're good to go!

Rodimus: LANUCH IT!

Suddenly, the escape pod jettisioned itself out of the Trypiticon Prison, which was now floating above Earth's Atmosphere, as Bumblebee looked out of the window and saw the Prison going under several booms, until a big explosion was made, causing a ring to be formed around the boom, as it started to effect the escape pod's stability.

Bulkhead: (Felt the Pod shaking) Ugh! Are we dead?!

Arcee: The escape pod is having a shockwave from the explosion, it's making us move towards Earth at a faster rate!

Cade: (Holds onto Bumblebee) Should we be hanging to something?!

Rodimus: For a very rough landing! Everyone brace yourselves!

The escape pod started entering the Atmosphere, as it was being pulled down to the skies of Detroit, the Pod itself heated up, and then fell right onto a city street, with the Pod making several impacts through, crashing into several cars into it stopped, making it's impacted mark onto the spot, as everyone sat inside the pod groaned.

Rodimus: (Groaned) Is everyone okay?

Ironhide: (Gets out of his seat) We ain't dead, so we're good.

Jazz: (Gets up) We outta get out of here now.

Ratchet: (Tries opening up the door) Ugh! It's jammed shut!

Bulkhead: (Stands up) Why don't I give it try? Stand back.

Bulkhead moved to open the door, only for the hatch to open from the outside, as Brawn stood on top of the escape pod, looking at everyone inside.

Brawn: (Looks inside and laughed) Well look who it is!

Ironhide: Brawn! My brother from another mother!

Bulkhead: Good to see ya Brawn!

Brawn: Good to see you too! Now get outta there! (Extends his hand)

Rodimus: (Grabs Brawn's hand and gets out of the pod, as thousands of Autobots gathered around) Is it over? Are Cons gone?

Brawn: What do ya think? (Gets Ironhide out) After Megatron said he'd blow his army to kingdom come, they all ran off like doggies being let out of their leashes! (Gets Arcee and Ratchet out)

Arcee: (Falls onto the ground, as she looked around, with the sun raising from the horizon) It's quiet.

Ratchet: (Looks around as he got out) It's all over now.

Kup: (Walks to the two) Don't ya mention it. (Hugs the two) C'mon here!

Chromia: (Runs through the crowd) Ironhide!

Ironhide: (Turns around and sees Chromia) Chromia!

Chromia: (Turns to Ironhide and smiled) Oh you Orange steeled Autobot! (Runs and jumps onto Ironhide hugging him) You're Online!

Ironhide: (Grabbed Chromia and hugged her) You're alive too! Thank Primus! (He and her start to kiss)

Bulkhead: (Climbs himself out as Bumblebee pushed him out) Excuse me, coming through! (Falls out of the Pod, and landed on several Autobots) Oops, sorry.

Bumblebee: (Climbs out of the pod and looks out) It's over... It's all over now...

Cade: It is? (Climbs out) Oh man, about time!

Tessa: (Runs out to Cade) Cade!

Cade: (Turns to Tessa) Tess! (Hugs his sister) Oh, you have no idea how glad I am to see you!

Glen: (Runs to the group) Hey, you guys are okay!

Maggie: Cade! (Hugs Cade)

Leo: (Blows out some air) Man, that was intense!

Elita One: (Groaned as Sentinel helped her) Bumblebee!

Bumblebee: (Turns to Elita One and Sentinel) Mom? Sentinel?

Sentinel: Hey, you're okay!

Bumblebee: (Walks to the two and hugged them) You're okay too!

Elita One: (Hugs her son back) We are Bumblebee, we are!

Ultra Magnus: (Walks to the group) Excuse me, Rodimus Prime, where's Megatron? Should we out on alert?

Rodimus: You don't have to sir... No one has to anymore, because Megatron's been destroyed!

Hot Shot: Really?! Oh yes! Megatron's destroyed!

Jetstorm: (Reversed back into himself and high fived Jetfire) We did it!

Jetfire: (Smiled) We won!

Jazz: (Turns to the Twins and smiled) Good to see you guys are alright!

Jet Twins: (Turns to Jazz) JAZZ! (Both moved to hug him)

Everyone around cheered as they all heard Megatron's death, as Ultra Magnus smiled at everyone, until he turned to look at Optimus, but he noticed he was not around at all...

Ultra Magnus: (Turns to Rodimus Prime) Rodimus Prime, I'm sorry, but I'm left confused to where Optimus Prime is.

Soon, Rodimus, Ratchet, Arcee, Jazz, Bulkhead, Ironhide, Cade, and most importantly Bumblebee stopped and looked to the ground in silence, as Rodimus turned to Ultra Magnus.

Rodimus: (Turns to Ultra Magnus) Optimus Prime sir... I'm... (Turns to Bumblebee, who sat against the escape pod and hugged his knees) I'm sorry but... He didn't make it.

Ultra Magnus: (Widened his Optics) Oh I'm... (Lowered his Helm) I'm sorry to hear that...

Sentinel: Wait a minute, we're talking about Optimus here, right? He couldn't have-!

Bumblebee: It's true... (Looks up, his tears flowing down) He gave his life to fight Megatron, so we could escape, and... (Lowers his Helm down)

With that said, the group fell silent, as Elita and Sentinel turned to Bumblebee, and then hugged him, as he felt the hug from his Mom and Uncle, he then hugged them back, as he closed his Optics, Jazz sat down and face palmed himself, while Ironhide hugged Chromia tightly to him, Bulkhead sat on top of a car, and got out an old photo of the original 5, with him, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Prowl, and most importantly, a younger Sari, as Cade, Maggie, Leo, Glen, Tessa, and Shane sat next to him, with Ultra Magnus looking down at Bumblebee in symphony, and Ratchet and Arcee turning to the horizon, looking at the sun rising into the morning sky, as she leaned her Helm onto his shoulder, then held each other's hands while everyone else that were too busy to hear cheered at their victory, while Starscream floated in the air, looking down at the Autobots.

Starscream: (Touched his chin) So Megatron is dead hmm? (Smiles devilishly) Well, that's just good to know. (Turns to Soundwave, who was unconsicious) Now, let's go, "Friend", and tell our dear Decepticons on what happened to our insane leader.

Starscream then flew out of the city and into space, with Soundwave in his hold...

Later, at Sumdac Tower, the Professor heard a doorbell, and ran right down to see Cade standing along with Maggie, Tessa and Shane.

Prof. Sumdac: (Looks at the four) Ah, you must be Sari's friend! (Looks around) Where is she? Is she alright?

Cade: (Looks at the Professor) Doc, I um... (Turns to Maggie)

Maggie: (Nodded) It's okay.

Cade: (Nodded) Right... (Turns to the Professor) I'm sorry... Your daughter, Sari... (Blew a shaky breath) Your daughter was a hero... And she saved so many lives, including Earth's and Cybertron's, and she uh...

Prof. Sumdac: (Widened his eyes in sadness as he realized it) Oh no... (Falls on his knees) No... Sari! (Starts sobbing) Oh no, Sari! My daughter!

He fell on his knees, crying in a mess, as the four looked at him in sorrow, as they placed their hands on his back, while Bumblebee stood in a distance, looking at the inside as he witnessed Professor Sumdac crying in his office, while Captain Fanzone walked to the Minibot.

Fanzone: (Scratched his bald head) So uh... How close were we this time?

Bumblebee: (Stares at the office) Very close to where all nearly died.

Fanzone: Oh... Well... Okay then... (Monique is seen walking to the Captain along with Sargeant Epps) Detective Rodriguez, do me a favor and take up the calls from the mayor and the press for me. (Turns around and leaves) I'm going home to my wife, hug her, and book us a nice fancy place in Florida, Hawaii, Dubai, anywhere from here so I can take a break.

Monique: (Sees Fanzone leaving) Sure thing Captain.

Epps: (Turns to Monique) Did he just tell you to do his work for you?

Monique: I guess that makes me Captain now. (Turns to Epps) And speaking of Captains, where's yours at?

Epps: He's somewhere in the city helping out with repairs, and I'm off duty right now, so...

Monique: At this rate, I can saw we're all off duty.

Epps: You could say that. (Looks at Monique) So, since we're both off duty, do you wanna grab a cup of coffee or something?

Monique: (Nods) After what we went through, I don't see why not.

They both left, as Bumblebee was left alone, looking at the office, while Ultra Magnus approached him from behind.

Ultra Magnus: (Walks to Bumblebee) Autobot Bumblebee.

Bumblebee: (Turns around and salutes) Oh, Ultra Magnus sir!

Ultra Magnus: At ease. (Turns to Bumblebee) Just to be curious, what did you know about your family?

Bumblebee: (Turns around) Enough to know that my Dad just died.

Ultra Magnus: And who was your Father in particular?

Bumblebee: (Turns to Ultra Magnus) You know that answer...

Ultra Magnus: (Closed his Optics) Right... I'm sorry...

Bumblebee: (Sits down) What do you want sir?

Ultra Magnus: (Walks next to him and sits down) You know, your Father... My Son... He was a great Bot, he had potential, plenty of it, and he was a much better Autobot than I ever was, and I ever since I expelled him from the Autobot Academy, I have deeply regretted to this day that he wasn't Programmed to be a Hero, because in the end, he truly was one...

Bumblebee: (Hugged his knees closer) Thank you... Um... Is there anything else?

Ultra Magnus: (Looks at Bumblebee) I'm afraid to inform you that your Mother is currently in the Cybertron Infirmary, because of her condition from being a Techno Organic for a long time, and your Uncle was demoted from his Elite Guard status, due to his confession to being the one with the idea to going into Archa 7.

Bumblebee: Anything else that I should know about?

Ultra Magnus: ...Your Father, he always wanted to be placed in the position in the Elite Guard, but perhaps it was never meant for him in the first place... Perhaps that position was meant for you.

Bumblebee: (Widened his Optics and turned to Ultra Magnus) You're, you're offering me to join the Elite Guard?

Ultra Magnus: You're Uncle's position was like I said, demoted, and even though you would get it, you wouldn't be a Prime of course, but you can still make a difference in that position, perhaps make your Father proud, just as he did for me so many times...

Bumblebee: (Looks at Ultra Magnus) And my friends?

Ultra Magnus: You can still be with them of course, since Earth is vulnerable to Decepticon attack, now Megatron is gone, but the question is, are you up for taking that position Bumblebee?

Bumblebee: (Looks at Ultra Magnus) ...Are you sure I would make Dad proud of me?

Ultra Magnus: (Nodded) He would be as proud as I am...

Bumblebee then moved to hug his Grandfather, who was taken by surprise, until he began to hug his Grandson back, and then later at Knock Out's Club, Rodimus was in the bar, looking over the TV as it displayed the damage from the attacks on Detroit.

Knock Out: (Looks at Rodimus) You look like you had a long day

Rodimus: Heh, tell me about it.

Knock Out: (Pours out a drink) Here. (Slides the glass to Rodimus) The Ghennixian brew, most expensive drink here and at Maccadam's on the house.

Rodimus: (Takes the drink) Thanks Knock Out.

Knock Out: Don't think it will be all the time. (Turns around and goes outside to take the trash out, until Steve popped out) AHH!

Steve: AHH! (Looks around) Am I dead?!

Knock Out: No, but are you with Megatron?!

Steve: Well, no! Not when Megatron's trying to blow us up!

Knock Out: (Sighs) Well you can relax, Megatron's Offline, and Trypiticon's destroyed, so you can take it easy.

Steve: Oh, okay. (Sighs in relief)

Knock Out: You got a please to go to?

Steve: Not really, why?

Knock Out: (Looks around) Why don't you work for me? It's simple, just hand out drinks, be the bartender, that's all.

Steve: Oh... (Stands up) Well I think I can do that!

Knock Out: Great, what's your name?

Steve: Well my name is 3714ST-! (Noticed Knock Out raising a brow) Oh you know what, just call me Steve, I think that's just simple.

Knock Out: Good to know, now let's go to the back of the Club...

As Knockout took Steve somewhere quiet, Kup walked inside and noticed Rodimus sitting down on the bar as he sat down on a stool.

Kup: (Sits next to Rodimus) Heh, I didn't take you for a drinking type of Bot Hot Rod!

Rodimus: I don't usually drink that much, but with the day I had-!

Kup: Hey, I ain't judging. (Gets a drink) With the day we had, me getting captured, seeing one of our friends shot, and me loosing a student, you could say everybody in this town has had a day.

Rodimus: (Turns to Kup) What are you doing here Old man?

Kup: What did I-? (Pauses) Uh, know what, don't care for the moment, I'm here to talk to you about your leadership skills.

Rodimus: Oh, you mean the part where I surrendered myself to Megatron and nearly had two Autobots beheaded, yeah, I could say I had done a really botched job at being a leader.

Kup: Actually, I was gonna say that you did pretty good with leading that Ultra Magnus wants ya to lead the Earth Bound Autobots here.

Rodimus: (Widened his Optics) What? But I-

Kup: Yeah yeah, I get it, but seriously, who else in your position didn't do what you did? Look, I talked to Ratchet and Arcee, and they said you were practically a pretty good leader, Primus, everyone in the group while I was captured even paid attention to what you said!

Rodimus: I don't know Kup... Two good people died because of me.

Kup: No, that wasn't your fault, it ain't nobody's fault. (Turns to Rodimus) Look, when you asked me for something about you being more than just backup, this could be it for ya, you could at least be the Bot that could at least make a difference. (Leans back) Now what do ya think?

Rodimus: (Looks at Kup) Alright... I'll do it.

Kup: (Raises his cup) Cheers then.

Rodimus: (Raises his cup) Cheers to you Kupcakes.

Kup: Oh Primus, you had to say it.

Rodimus: Hey, you're holding a cup after all.

Kup: Ahh, you Glitchhead.

They both drank their drinks, as later, Bumblebee was at the Yeager residence, talking to Cade and Tessa.

Cade: (Looks at Bumblebee) So you're going back to Cybertron again?

Bumblebee: I have to, I'm a part of the Elite Guard now, so I have to go up there, but don't worry, Bulkhead, Ratchet, Ironhide, and maybe Rodimus will still be here, along with Jazz and Arcee!

Tessa: But will you come back though?

Bumblebee: (Smiles a little) Yeah, you bet that I'll be back, but for now, you just go home, and be talking to your Dad, just like Minerva is talking to her Dad, and all the people on Earth and Cybertron that have their Dads.

Cade: (Folded his arms) Are you going to be okay though?

Bumblebee: (Nodded as he smiled sadly) Yeah, I'll... I'll pull through it.

Ultra Magnus: (Comlink) Bumblebee, it's time.

Bumblebee: (Activates his Comlink) On my way! (Turns to Cade and Tessa) You guys take care of yourselves, and tell Glen, Maggie, and Leo that I'll be gone for a while. (Turns around)

Cade: Bumblebee. (Gets Bumblebee's attention and formed a fist to lightly pound on his chest a couple of times) You take care.

Bumblebee: (Smiled as he formed a fist and pounded lightly on his Chestplate) You take care Cade.

With that said, Bumblebee turned around, Transformed into his Alt Mode, and drove away into the night, as the song, Hurt from Nine Inch Nails is played, Rodimus is seen in Knock Out's Club, along with Jazz, Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and Ironhide stood in the door.

Rodimus: (Looks at Jazz) So this new Bot that will be joining us, what's he like?

Jazz: You could say that he's, kind of a Springer.

Rodimus: Good to hear. (Turns to Ironhide) Ironhide.

Ironhide: (Clears his throat) Gotta go baby, talk to ya soon. (Ends the call and turns to Rodimus) Right, we're all set to go now.

Rodimus: Great, then we're all good.

Bulkhead: Lead the way Boss Bot.

Rodimus: (Smiled lightly as he turned to the door) Autobots... Roll Out! (Transforms into his Alt Mode)

Ratchet: (Transforms into his Alt Mode) I actually like the sound of that.

The Autobots then rolled out of the Club, as Optimus Prime is seen floating in space, damaged, but barely Online, as he drifted in space unconscious next destroyed debris, until a mysterious light enveloped around him, as he floated in the air towards the anonymous ship, while Bumblebee had driven to his destination, a small tear came out of one of his Headlights, as he Transformed into his Alt Mode and walked inside of Omega Supreme, with Ultra Magnus' hand placed around his back, as they moved to leave Earth, and then we turn to Cade, who gotten out of a shower and moved put on his shorts, to look himself in the mirror, and moved to a side mirror to get out his toothpaste and close the side mirror, only for strange, Alien symbols to pop out of nowhere, on his Mirror, his Bathroom, and even on his own skin.

Cade: (Widened his eyes as he looked at his hands) What?! (Looks around) What's happening?! (Feels an extreme headache) Ugh! My head!

Flashback, on the Trypiticon.

Cade was back inside the Trypiticon, as he looked around and saw himself looking around the room, until he turned around, and saw what looked like to be himself, and the four Autobots as they stood in front of the Allspark.

Flashback Cade: (Stands in front of the Allspark) Guys, something's up with the Allspark! (Voice is echoed)

Ratchet: (Turns to Cade) What do ya mean? (Voice is echoed)

Flashback Cade: (Tries to pick up the Allspark) I'm saying is-! (Allspark flashed into his eyes) AHH!

His scream was echoed infinitely, as symbols of Cybertronian construct started to implanted into Cade's eyes, as Cade continued to scream, Sari is then seen in the background.

Sari: (Smiled at Cade) You have that power too! (Voice is echoed)

Flashback ends.

Tessa: (Shakes Cade) CADE!

Cade: (Stopped screaming as he looked around, and looked at Tessa) Tess?

Tessa: Jeez, what's wrong with you? You were screaming!

Cade: I was?

Tessa: Yes! Why were you screaming?!

Cade: (Looked at Tessa) ...I got bit by a spider.

Tessa: (Dropped her worried brow into a WTF brow) Seriously?

Cade: Uh, yeah, I got bitten by a spider, I don't know what to-! (Gets smacked by a pillow) OW!

Tessa: (Smacks Cade with his pillow) You stupid geezeball, you made me think it was a Decepticon blasting us!, only to tell me you bitten by a stupid SPIDER?! REALLY?!

Cade: OW! Ok, stop hitting me with my pillow!

Tessa: (Drops the pillow) Next time, scream like a girl when you have a Decepticreep, or a freaking robber is the house! (Turns around) GOD! (Turns to Cade) What's next? You seeing stuff and going nuts? Yeah, what a story to tell! (Turns around and leaves the room)

Cade: (Chuckled nervously as he looked at his hands) Hehe, yeah, what a story to tell...

Cade looked at his hands, as at last, but not least, we turn to Sari, who was lying on a table, wearing a black Dress as she laid dead on a table, up until her eyes were flung open.

Sari: (Gasped in the air as she opened her eyes, and fallen down to the floor, gasping for air) What... What...?

?: (His Purple hands guided Sari) Easy young one... Your mind is broken, your memories, lost in the ashes of Trypiticon.

Sari: (Panted as she looked at the floor) Who... Who am I?

?: That you will soon find out, I promise you.

Sari: (Panted as she looked up at the mysterious figure) Who... Who are you?

?: (Leans his face towards Sari, his Optics Red, and his Helm was shaped to be in a nightmarish look) I am your Father, but if you wish, you may call me... (Smiles evilly) The Fallen.

Hey, did you guys really think I'd kill off two favorite TFA chracters that easily? C'mon, I killed Wasp off, but I'm not stupid to kill these two off!

Also, I am so sorry for being late, I meant to put this on Christmas Day, but then as I had started writing, I got into several mind blocks, and realized I had wrote longer than I realized.

Anywho, I hope you had enjoyed this bit, despite how long it is, and I have really enjoyed writing the 4th season of Transformers Animated, because now I'll be enjoying writing out Season 5!

Now, I know who else I want to be in the next Season, but please give me reviews on who you wish to see on the next season, and also how you thought of the last three Episodes that I have did!

So, now that I can stop talking, let me finish with me saying that Blackbird belongs to FRENZY, and I hope you all enjoyed my late Christmas Present, and have a Happy New Years!

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