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So anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy this first chapter! Again, I am very excited with this story! Read on, my readers! :D


It was a typical but dark Sunday night for the Andersen's at San Francisco. The stars were shining in the black night sky, as owls were heard in the distance of their hooting. Cold wind was whispering to the trees, bushes, and flowers. It was just a normal but perfect night for a school night.

The emotions were getting ready for a deep sleep after a hard day at work as usual. Fear had Dream Duty that night - making him groan with annoyance - but fortunately for him, he had to start it a little late, because before the emotions could even go to the break room, they heard the recall tube pop out. It wasn't the recall tube for memories to pop and show to the screen - it's for people who want to leave or enter. But this time, it must've been someone entering.

The emotions were curious, as they saw a tall, purple, female Mind Workers. She looked like she goes to the gym 24/7, because she had a lot of muscles, and even a six pack. She was wearing a tank top that read, "The Mind Games". She was also holding a clipboard and was wearing red lipstick and had her hair up in a bun.

"Good evening," the lady said.

The emotions just stared and waved at her, still in confusion as to why she's here.

"I'm Audrey Thomas," the lady introduced. "and I'm the manager of the 1st annual Mind Games."

"The...The what games?" Joy asked.

"The Mind Games," Sadness explained. "It's basically when two boys and two girls have to do these tasks...I think..."

"No no, you're absolutely right, blue one," the girl called Audrey said pleasingly. "The Mind Games is when four champions - two males and two females that are chosen from a big jar of cards - do a series of dangerous obstacles. Those champions have to try to survive and the last champion - or champions - standing wins the games. When the winner finishes the games, surviving, the winner - whether male or female - is going to be the Queen or King Of All Minds. But the hard thing is, the queen or king has to choose a partner to be his or hers king or queen."

"Whyyy are you telling us this?" Anger asked suspiciously.

"I would like to consider the five of you to sign up as a champion for this event," Audrey suggested.

"WHAT?!" Fear shrieked. "No way am I gonna die from something like this! I'm out!"

"Okay, fine with me," Andrey said causally. "What about you four?"

"Obstacles? Getting dirty? One word: No," Disgust rejected.

"Why are you trying to have us sign up if we have a girl to take care of?" Joy asked.

"Well...just wanted to let you guys know, just in case if any of you guys wanted to give it a try," Audrey said.

Sadness saw Anger. To her shock, he looked like he was actually thinking. She expected him to just reject her...for many known reasons.

"You know...I think I may want to give it a try," Anger muttered.

"Really?" Audrey beamed.

Anger sighed. "Hand me the clipboard. I'm giving it a go."

"Wonderful!" Audrey said. "But remember that you may not be one of the chosen ones."

"Yeah, yeah, I know," Anger rolled his eyes.

"A-Anger, are you sure you want to do this?" Fear asked with concern. "I-I mean, what if-"

"Don't start, beanpole," Anger glared.

"Now, what about you, blue one?" Audrey asked. "Do you want to sign up?"

"Well...I don't know..." Sadness looked down.

"Aw, c'mon, it'll be great for people like you," Audrey smiled. "I gotta be honest, you would look great as a champion."

The emotions looked bewildered now, but not as much as Sadness was. Why would Audrey think that? She doesn't know how weak Sadness really is.

"I...I don't really want to..." Sadness said, looking down again. "I wouldn't be really good at it..."

"Are you sure, blue one?" Audrey asked.

"It's Sadness, and yes, I'm sure...sorry..." Sadness sighed.

"It's cool, blue one- I mean, Sadness," Audrey grinned. "But thanks for signing in, um...name please?" Audrey looked at Anger.

"It's Anger," Anger (obviously) answered.

"Cool," Andrey said. She nodded. "I hope you guys would consider coming to the Mind Convention tomorrow night to see who the champions will be for this event. Goodbye."

She jumped up the recall tube.

The emotions stared at the recall tube that Audrey just jumped in. They were pretty annoyed.

"She is so dumb!" Disgust yelled. "I can't believe she would try to have Riley's own emotions - us - do courses that could kill us!"

"But Anger, why did you want to do it?" Joy asked the red brick.

"Because I felt like it, okay?" Anger said loudly. "Don't start with this overprotective trash."

"We're not being overprotective," Joy said. "I was just curious. And I wonder why she kept trying to persuade Sadness to do the event but not us."

"Its the usual..." Disgust scoffed. "We got another special one in Headquarters."

Sadness looked at Disgust.

"Sorry, but it's true," Disgust said, looking away.

"But you guys, you shouldn't feel concerned at the moment," Joy pointed out. "We don't even know if Anger's gonna be chosen."

"Who said that I was concerned?" Disgust said.

"But what if Anger does get chosen?!" Fear panicked. "What are we supposed to do?!"

Joy sighed. "I give up..."


It has been another long Monday for the emotions. It was the time of night; the Convention. The emotions decided to go to support Anger.

"Just in case he gets chosen," Joy said to the others.

Riley had fallen asleep and sadly, no one couldn't be on Dream Duty. It made the emotions feel bad that she was going to have to handle the dreams that the Dream Productions studio gives to her.

The emotions were told that the Convention was a little near Imagination Land. They found a stage that had a glass jar with a bunch of cards inside it. There were security guards at the edge of the stage and an old woman who looked super rich, standing by the jar, smiling calmly. There were anxious people just staring at the woman, waiting for her to speak. And finally, there was the one and only Audrey, standing at the other side of the jar.

The emotions went to open spots to stand at. The woman put her hand up, gesturing everyone to be quiet. When they all obeyed, she began her speech:

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the 1st annual Mind Games. It is a pleasure to be the head of an event like this. Now, there is going to be four champions chosen from this jar, by my lovely manager, Audrey." She looked at the muscular woman, who waved at the crowd.

"Now," the lady said. "We all know this quote: 'Ladies first'. But just to switch things around, we are going to do the men first."

Anger looked extremely nervous, which is a feeling that he has never, ever shown in his whole entire life.

Audrey started to put her hand inside the glass jar and scrambled around the thousands of cards that were inside. She picked the card up, handed it to the headmistress, who smiled and nodded.

"Tony Anthony," the headmistress said.

Everyone started to clap, as a big, strong guy headed up to the stage. Disgust started to gasp with surprise and squealed loudly. Sadness could tell that she was a fan of him.

"Yes!" Disgust said cheerfully. "This just made my day!"

"Do you like him or something?" Anger asked.

"Like him? I LOVE HIM!" Disgust screamed with excitement. "He is so handsome, isn't he?"

Anger rolled his eyes with annoyance. But he was hoping that he could be chosen the second attempt.

Audrey put her hand back into a jar, and did the same routine as last time.

"James Hill," the headmistress read.

"No!" Anger said in defeat. He groaned and covered his face with his hands.

Joy patted him with comfort.

The guy called James Hill came up to the stage. He didn't have as much muscle as Tony did.

"Now, for the girls," the headmistress said. A new jar was carried by two security guards, which must've had the female names inside. The guards put the jar down between Audrey and the headmistress, and Audrey did her routine. The emotions just watched, not really that excited now that Anger, who was still groaning in disappointment, wasn't chosen.

The first card was pulled out. "Jessica Reyes," the headmistress read.

Everyone applauded as a girl who had a pretty good figure walk up to the stage. She smiled happily as she made it to the stage.

Audrey put her hand back in the jar, but the way she was moving her hand around was kind of weird, but the emotions focused on who was gonna be chosen.

Audrey handed the card to the headmistress.

"Ooh, interesting," the headmistress said.

Everyone became more eager, moving their heads closer to the stage, so they can hear.

"Sadness the Emotion," the headmistress read.