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What can she do?

Sitting on her usual seat in her limo, as a cheering audience roars with happiness from her victory, Sadness leaned her head back, not caring at all about everyone throwing all sorts of flowers on the limo to congratulate her, and paparazzi snapping their cameras to get a photo of her. She didn't care at all. Tony is gone...and so is Jessica.

What can she do?

She thought about what would happen if Tony was still here. She would actually be waving at the crowd of cheering and flower-throwing people, and smiling for a photo from the paparazzi. She would've felt safe with the guards all around the limo, keeping watch. But she felt absolutely zero happiness right now. Her love of her life and her best friend was gone.

What can she do?

The limo was taking her to the convention, because, according to the headmistress, she has to do her "victory speech". She lost her closest people and she has to do a speech? At this minute? Sadness lay her head on her knees, huddled together, and started crying quietly. She lost him. It couldn't be true. Everyone was gone...and Sadness was the only champion left. She was the Queen of All Minds...but with no king.

What can she do?

Sadness felt someone massaging her shoulder gently. The headmistress was kneeling by her in comfort. Sadness liked the headmistress. She was very understanding and plus, her massages felt good. Sadness mumbled a "thanks" and continued leaning her head back in grief. She suddenly felt the limo stop, which meant that she was at the convention. Her heart started beating. She still had tears on her eyes and she did not want to look like a crybaby on stage. She wiped her eyes quickly and took a deep breath, before a servant opened the door for her to exit.

What can she do?

There was a crowd of people. Everyone was literally in silence, starring at Sadness. There were a couple of people that gave her flowers, in which she accepted politely but sadly. Most of these people were talking photos of her. There were security guards walking with her to the stage. Sadness was finally seeing herself holding a microphone, with thousands of people staring at her.

"Hello...everyone," Sadness greeted, beginning her speech. "I...I want to thank you for everyone who supported me...during this event. There has been a lot of crazy times and...scary moments." She looked down before continuing. "I hate thinking about what happened to the other three champions: James Hill, Jessica Reyes, and Tony Anthony." Saying Tony's name, Sadness felt tears rushing up her eyes. She couldn't cry! Not in front of everyone! She did hear a few girls sobbing but she didn't care.

There was suddenly a screen, for both the audience and Sadness to see, that said "The Fallen". It showed three pictures of the dead champions. It then showed just James. Sadness knew that she had to talk about him.

"James was a fighter and a hero," Sadness explained. "He was an amazing man, although I have only talked to him once. I have heard good things from his family and I have always imagined a great bonding between me and him." She was in silence for a moment, until a picture of Jessica appeared.

"Jessica..." This was when she started getting teary. "She was my best friend. We were very close and she was the most nicest person I met. She was a great person and she didn't deserve any of this." There was more silence until finally, it was the big moment. A picture of Tony showed up. And by looking at him was when the tears came out.

"And Tony..." Sadness sniffled. "...Tony..." She covered her face with her hands and started quietly crying. The headmistress put her arm around her. "You can talk when you're ready, Sadness," she said in comfort.

"Tony...he...he was th-the love of my life..." She could hear more sobbing from the audience. "I don't know if an-any of you guys know this but...Tony and I were a c-couple..." There were some people that murmured to others. The security guards stomped their feet to have everyone be quiet, in which they obeyed.

Sadness continued. "He was the b-best boyfriend...I...I could ever h-have...He would always make me smile and...he...he was going to be my k-king..." Sadness paused again. "There is someone that I knew all of my life that loved Tony with all of her heart and I..." She started crying. "I felt awful for taking him from her...I know that person is watching this speech back at home and I just wanted to tell her to..." She sighed. " To stay gold."

The audience started clapping sympathetically. Sadness nodded in response. The headmistress started speaking. "We would like to congratulate the Queen of All Minds: Sadness the Emotion." There was a servant holding a crown. He gave said crown to the headmistress, and she turned to Sadness. Sadness was about to bow for the crown when she suddenly saw someone familiar hiding behind a shelf.

Sadness realized who it was.

Sadness grabbed the microphone and said, "Hello, Audrey Thomas."

Everyone gasped and turned to where Sadness was looking at. She could tell Audrey gave up because she ran for her life, with the security guards chasing her immediately. She was no match to the security guards, because they tackled her right at the spot. They were grabbing her by the ear and was taking her to the courthouse.

Everyone cheered for the guards as Sadness smirked and turned back to the headmistress. She smiled and bowed, allowing the headmistress to place the crown on her head.


Now Sadness was back in the limo, on her way home. She didn't know what to do. She had to have a king but...her king was already gone. Who would possibly accept to be her king? Who is someone that she would be happy with?

Tony was both of those things. But there was someone else that was both of those things too...

Sadness gasped. She knew exactly who to ask.


It felt like a long time until Sadness has finally made it home. She didn't know if she should be looking forward to seeing them or not. She took a deep breath and entered her home.

The first person that she saw was Disgust. They were both staring at each other with that same look: grief.

It seemed like forever with the staring. Their love was gone and Sadness could see how much tears Disgust shed, because of all of her eye makeup running down her cheeks. It looked like Disgust shed more tears than Sadness did.

But then, it was when they both let the tears out. It was the first time they ever did something like this...

A hug.

It was a very soft but big one. Disgust wasn't a big fan of hugging people but this was the perfect time to actually do it. Sadness felt Disgust's tears falling on her sweater, which she could careless about. This was the biggest moment Sadness and Disgust have ever shared.

"He's gone..." Disgust whimpered. "He can't be gone...Bring him back..."

Sadness and Disgust were now staring at each other, still in tears. "I'm sorry Disgust...I'm such an idiot...I took him from you..."

"Are you kidding?" Disgust said raising her eyebrows. "Sadness, you deserved Tony way more than I did. And...that speech..." She grabbed her shoulders gently. "Sadness, you're amazing..." She was weakly smiling at the blue emotion. "But, hey, you won, Sadness. Look at that crown on your head. It makes you look powerful."

Sadness chuckled. "Thank you," she mumbled.

Disgust nodded as the other emotions came out. They immediately did a group hug, with Sadness in the middle. Everyone, even Joy, was in sympathy of the teardrop. The blue emotion felt green arms around her neck, yellow arms across her chest, a purple hand rubbing her back, and red stubby hands around her shoulders.

"Thanks guys..." Sadness sniffled. "I'm happy that I won, but not that Tony and Jessica didn't win with me..." She sighed and stopped the hug. She stood up and faced a certain red emotion. "Anger...I need to talk to you...for a minute."

Anger stood up and followed Sadness to her room. Sadness shut the door and now it was just her and Anger. Sadness sighed. "Tony was supposed to be my king...but...now that he's gone, I...I need to ask you this." Sadness gently took his hand, which is the proper to propose a king/queen, and asked, "Will you be my King of All Minds?" It just came out like lightning.

It was time for the awkward moment. Anger was staring at Sadness with total speechlessness and shock. He then covered his mouth with his hands, like a girl meeting her favorite celebrity. It felt like forever that Anger was staring at her. He finally said, "Wha...wha..."

Sadness weakly smiled nervously. "Um...do you want to?"

"Sadness, I..." Anger said. Sadness suddenly saw in Anger's eyes that he was going to do something that he has never done before.

"It's okay, you can cry all you want," Sadness said.

"I...I'm not gonna cry," Anger lied.

"I can tell you're going to," Sadness smirked. "But, um, do...do you want to?"

Anger stared at Sadness and this was when it happened. He let all of the tears out as he said, "Sadness...I would love to be your king..."

Sadness smiled and they both immediately hugged each other, with Anger crying on Sadness' shoulder. She couldn't believe it: she actually made Anger cry!

"...Thank you..." Anger sniffled.

"You're welcome," Sadness replied. They were now staring at each other happily until they heard squealing from the control room. She could tell the emotions heard her proposal.

They exited out of the room and the minute they did, Joy tackled them to the ground in a massive hug.

"OKAY OKAY JOY GET OFF OF ME!" Anger said with irritation. Sadness smirked at him and Anger did a playful glare at her.


"Wow, good job you guys," Fear smiled.

"You guys can just kiss already," Disgust grinned. "I can tell from your faces that you like each other."

"No, we-" He was interrupted by the lips of Sadness pecking him on the cheek. Anger may be red-colored but Sadness could tell he was blushing madly. He looked at the blue emotion and grinned as the emotions started cheering like crazy.

"KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!" everyone yelled.

The king and queen were now staring at each other lovingly. They felt their faces getting closer.

Everyone was fangirling now.

They felt themselves get closer and closer until...

They did it.

They felt their lips touch as everyone started roaring and screaming, jumping up and down. Even with all the noise, the kiss seemed pretty calm to Sadness, but it was just like with Tony: it felt like she was dreaming. They were now staring at each other, with Sadness' hands on Anger's shoulders, and Anger's hands rubbing on Sadness' arms.

"Wow," they both said at the same time.

"I GOT THIS ALL ON CAMERA!" Joy screamed, actually holding a video camera. "THIS IS GONNA BE ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!"

"Joy, no..." Anger was gonna walk up to her but Sadness gently grabbed his arm.

"Let her do it," Sadness said. "Everyone needs to notice the King of All Minds."

Anger smirked at her and motioned for her to come here. They did another soft hug with a peck on the lips. Sadness couldn't believe it again: Anger was her king and her boyfriend!

If Sadness had a mind just like Riley's, she would've gotten the best core memory ever in her life.