(Me watching Friends)

Me: Joey you are funny but you're not good enough for your own spin off.

Brian: Hey Smoke, you're back.

Me: Yeah. I just got back, and I got bored.

Brian: Oh by the way Lane is shoved into a vending machine by Muscle Man.

Me: Oh great.

(Enjoy Ninjas in Avalor)

The Ninja have arrived at the docks and they see the pirates attacking the ships. "Let's take these pirates down!" Jay shouted and ran into battle.

"Classic Jay." Lloyd replied and the Ninja joined the battle.

Nya used the water as tendrils and grabs the pirates. Zane is dodging the pirates' swords and he throws his shurikens at the pirates. Kai took out his sword and locked his blade with the pirates. "This cargo belongs to us!" The pirate shouted.

"Wrong!" Kai shouted back and blocked the attack with his sword.

Jay and Cole both jumped in the air and both kicked two pirates in the face. "They're no Nindroids or ghosts, but pirates are a classic." Jay said.

"Can't talk! Still need to fight!" Cole replied. Lloyd took out his katanas and fought off the pirates.

But a teenage girl, around 15 years old, fair skinned, has deep aqua blue eyes. She has short blonde hair and faint freckles across her cheeks, wearing a deep bluish-green bodice with strong green lining and decorated with flowers at the bottom, that go over a white top. She wears a brilliant green skirt with a deep bluish-green strip that goes around the lower part. She has black boots and wears around her waist a dark red belt, she has a choker necklace decorated with three turquoise gemstones dangling from the front neck, Around her left arm, Naomi wears a braided cord bracelet with similar gemstones on her necklace.

She was watching the fight and she was confused to see Ninjas fighting pirates. "Ninjas in Avalor?" She asked.

Lloyd threw green energy balls at the pirates and knocking them down. "I'm gonna blow you all down!" Lloyd shouted.

Kai punched a pirate in the face, and Cole throws the pirate at a crate. "Argh!" A pirate groaned.

Lloyd punched the last pirate down and they all groaned. "Ninjas win!" Jay shouted.

Zane noticed some guards heading towards the Ninja. "Um guys we have a problem." said Zane.

The guards approached the Ninja. "Hey guys, um we mean you no harm." said Jay.

"Whoever you are? We must take you all back to the castle." said one of the guards.

"We'll explain everything to your king or queen." said Lloyd. "You don't have to worry."

"You mean the crowned princess." Gabe said as he walked in the scene.

"Crowned Princess?" Kai asked.

"It is when a princess or prince is underage to be a king or queen they are put in position with a royal council." said Zane.

"Thank you Mr. Roboto." said Kai.

"Anyway let us talk to the crowned princess." said Lloyd.

"Ok follow me. The rest of the guards will round up these pirates." said Gabe.

The Ninja folllowed Gabe to the castle, but they were being watched by a crow.

Shuriki observed the Ninja fighting from her cave and scowled. "I knew that they would follow me here. Now they'll ruin everything!" Shuriki paced back and forth.

"But I need to find those pieces back before those Ninjas get their hands on them." Shuriki said and all of Avalor will be mine once more!" Shuriki laughed evil.

The Ninja all entered the castle and they were amazed by the sight of the castle. "This place is amazing." said Nya.

"I agree you don't see this in Ninjago." said Zane.

"So where's this crowned princess?" Cole asked.

"She is right here." Elena said as she entered the throne room. "I am Princess Elena of Avalor."

"Princess Elena, we are the Ninja. We mean you and your kingdom no harm." said Lloyd.

"That's good to hear green Ninja." Elena said.

"Oh I'm Lloyd Garmadon. Leader of the Ninja, this is Kai, Nya, Jay, Cole and Zane." Lloyd introduced himself and the rest of the team.

"So what brings you all to Avalor?" Elena asked.

"We were following this woman that stole the golden armour." said Cole.

"Who is this woman?" Francisco asked with Luisa by his side.

"Allow me." Zane said and showed a hologram of Shuriki which caused Elena and her grandparents to gasped.

"So you know her?" Jay asked.

"That is Shuriki." said Luisa.

"Shuriki?" The Ninja questioned.

"She took over my kingdom and killed my parents." Elena sighed. "It's a long story."

(Me and Brian are trying to get Lane out of the vending machine)

Me: This happened to James before, but he had fish stuck on his head.

Brian: Oh and didn't Bulkhead had a bucket on his head.

Lane: Get me out of here.

Me: Ok hold still. (Holds a chainsaw and cuts down the vending machine)

Lane: Thanks. I guess you're vending the rules. (Laughs)

Brian: You're welcome by the way.

Me: I'm going back to watching friends.

Brian: Mind if I join you?

Me: Yeah sure. You readers please review.