(Me watching Futurama)

Alistair: Hey man. What's going on?

Me: Futurama.

Alistair: Cool, hey Marinette and Adrien just called and they found some weird eggs in a hotel.

Me: That sounds weird.

(Enjoy Ninjas in Avalor)

Elena explained to the Ninja about Shuriki, she killed her parents and ruled her kingdom with fear. "That's horrible." Nya gasped.

"It was." Elena replied. "But that was when a young princess named Sofia free me from her amulet."

"Wait a minute? You were in the Amulet of Avalor?" Jay questioned. "As in the same Amulet that Sofia wears around her neck?"

"You know her?" Francisco asked.

"She's a friend of ours and we've been through a lot." Lloyd replied.

"Quick question. How long were you stuck in that Amulet for?" Jay asked.

"41 years." Elena answered.

"That's a very long time. Hey Zane how come you didn't notice Elena when you scanned the amulet of Avalor?" Kai asked.

"I do not know. I guess that the magic must of shielded her." Zane said.

"Yeah that's a good answer I guess." Cole replied.

"But we'll help you find the Golden armor." Elena said.

"Well it's in pieces." Lloyd stated.

"We'll still help you no matter what." Elena said. "Armando will show you to your rooms."

Armando has showed the Ninja to their rooms and Lloyd was the last one to be shown to his room. "Here's your room Green Ninja." Armando said.

"Thank you. Sorry I don't have any coins to tip you." Lloyd said.

"There's no need for that my friend." Armando said.

Then Lloyd's badge rang and answered it. "Hello?" Lloyd said.

"Lloyd, are you and the others okay?" Garmadon asked.

"We're fine dad." said Lloyd. "Um Armando, can I have some privacy?"

"Of course." Armando replied and walked away.

"Lloyd, where are you?" Garmadon asked.

"Listen dad, we're in Avalor in the Royal fantasy universe. We met the crowned princess of Avalor and the person who robbed the vault and took the golden armor." Lloyd replied.

"What's his name?" Garmadon asked.

"Actually it's a woman named Shuriki." Lloyd stated.

"A woman?!" Garmadon exclaimed.

"Her name is Shuriki, she's a dark wizard that took over this kingdom for 41 years until Sofia freed the crown princess from her Amulet." Lloyd explained. "But Elena defeated her and she ran away."

"But at least the golden armor is not in her hands." Garmadon said.

"Actually the golden armor got broken into four pieces. Thanks to me." Lloyd sighed.

"Son, do not blame yourself. Your thoughts can lead to actions, your actions can lead to consequences." said Garmadon.

"But I just made it harder for us to find the pieces." said Lloyd.

"Lloyd our actions can lead can either lead us on a good or bad path, but we don't know where the path will lead us, but that is part of the journey." Garamadon said.

"Thanks dad." Lloyd smiled.

"You're welcome Lloyd, remember to keep up with your training and be prepared for anything." said Garmadon.

"You got it dad." said Lloyd.

"Talk to you later." said Garmadon and hung up.

"Our actions can lead us on a good or bad path." Lloyd repeated what his father said. "What could it have to do with my destroying the golden armor?"

Jay is walking down the hall and he noticed a little girl with tanned skin girl with a slender figure and amber-brown eyes, long dark brown hair tied back with a bright blue ribbon. She's wearing bright blue dress with short puffy sleeves decorated in flowery patterns. Her skirt measures up to Isabel's knees and tied around her waist is a blue bow, wears white tights and black shoes with blue bows.

She was working on a wardrobe with gears and a lever. "Hi there." Jay greeted.

"Oh hi, you must be one of the Ninjas? I'm Isabel." said Isabel.

"I'm Jay. Is this your invention?" Jay asked.

"You mean the Presto changer. It helps you get change real quick." said Isabel.

"That can help a lot of people. I'm a inventor too you know, I made a glider." said Jay.

"A glider?" Isabel asked.

"I'll explain." But before Jay could explain he slipped on a oily rag and fell into the presto changer, and the dresser closes on Jay. Then the presto changer opens up and reveals Jay wearing a purple dress and some make up.

"It as set on her." said Isabel.

"Aw man how can this get any worse." said Jay.

Just then Cole opened the door. "Hey Jay, you want to do some training?" Cole asked and then he sees Jay in a dress and bursted into laughter. "Or a tea party!?" Cole continued laughing.

"It's not funny!" Jay shouted.

"It is." said Cole and took out his phone and took a picture of Jay wearing a dress.

"Give me that photo!" Jay shouted and tried to run but he's wearing high heels.

"See you soon lady Jay." Cole said and walked away.

(Me and Alistair enter the hanger and get in the Rogue Shadow)

Me: They better not be alien eggs. Like Xenos.

Alistair: I seen the new alien movie and I know what you mean?

Me: That was dull, boring and the characters were stupid. Besides Adrien told me there were no facehuggers in those eggs. Besides they were green.

Alistair: Should we call for help?

Me: No time. You readers please review.