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Take me away prologue

Konan and pein had just lost thier friend yahiko and that night they loss him they slept together and konan was pregnant with pein baby, and had a little girl called Ise they keep the little girl away from everyone they were protective of her she was beautiful with dark red hair with her dad's eyes, and one day, an old man found her his name dumbledore, who took her and made her the saviour of the wizard ing world, when pein (nagato) found out they sent out ninja to find her still keeping the secert that Ise was there daughter, it would be many years later when Ise would come back.

Ise was given to James and lily potter by dumbledore and would be put under spells to make sure they sacrifice there self's for the greater good. Ise would be then given to lily family where she would become what she me became.

Ise potter was fourteen she been in raven claw and she was dark friendless and terrifying she veela beautiful without the creature boys and some girls drool over her she was smart and have advanced she had taken her owls and newts and also killed voldermort by making sure that all his soul had been destoryed before she took the cup and killed him, taking the cup back sne got her reavenge

she got on the train and went back to London where she we think straight to the Bank and done some shopping for clothes and books, and weapons she also add an edic memory and after going good though rites etc she remember pein and konan her kaa San and ton San, she hated and cared for nothing and wanted to hurt them.

She asked the goblins if there was any chambers were time meant nothing and for a fee she could have years in there and it would be a week in the real world. During this time she learnt shinobi skills such as fighting skills and some ninjustu, she remember where she used to live ame and decided to find her parents and hurt kill or make them stuffer as much as she had. But Frist on the dursleys were going to have a vist and die, she had after all killed a lot of hogwarts and needed a place to go. But she did buy music etc before she left.

Ise showed and dressed in tight trousers and a blood red corset and black leather coat her dark hair hanging down in waves her face pale with breathe taking features she was a head turning women that anyone, would shag. She wore long black leather boots with a knife in the front, she had weapons all over and her wand on her arm her things were in a truck around her neck disgusts as a necklace. And more money then she needed she was ready to find and kill her parents. Ise used a porkey to get to the element nationals

she ended up in tea country and laid low for a few months gatherings and spying for father Information, on where to begin her search for her parents. Listening to her music housework by jax Jones etc she started to comply a list she find out pein was her father as he had the rinngan and konan was the angel of ame cold and beautiful, and they were the leaders of the akatsuki and it was made up of s rank missing nin. And had underground bunks around also they were the leaders of ame. Ise decided to go and see her parents and say hi.

She made it to ame in about five days she stop of to get food sleep and change and went into the city of ame , but she went underground as she understood that it rained a lot there she did not want to get wet and then appeared in the office of pein. It was late and she hid her signature and also her magic wrapped around during her as well. She looked for evidence on where they were, she looked around and said "point me secert passage" the wand moved and she push something and a hole appeared congrats tou San good hiding place she closed it up again walking for a long time untill she come to a bigger room she notice was a cave she went in and said a spell nothing comeback so no one was here then she walked more into the cave seeing more turns and continue to move she found room lived in and bathrooms kitchen and living room with a study she also looked around taking in different information laying ate some food and went to the toilet etc she cleaned up she set traps and set up apparatus around so she could come and go form here and tea country.

Ise left but not before she set up a alarm for when someone would come in she left went to her house sheet brought outside tea and warded so no could enter. She slept eat it was a whole week until the alarm sounded she was eating got ready and left with her food and eat it in the living room while waiting for the person to come in. She finished her dinner just as she heard talking, she waited and did a silent spell there were 8 present she would wait and set the wards to go down non would escape, she hated them her parents, she would have her revenge until she heard them coming towards the living room one opened the door and we're all talking and playing around pein Frist though the door and he stopped not half way though everyone else waiting to get though konan

, "nagato" said konan

Nagato just was standing there konan pushed forward and then stop looking at the person in the corner of the room everyone else come in then to just watching the person in the room she was breath taking and beautiful noon words could decibe her looks or though her face held no emotion it was emotionless .

She looked at them she took a puff on her after dinner cigarette she just lite and just looked at her parents. Giving them a little evil smile she said " it's been a long time pein and konan or should I say tou San and kaa San" taking another puff her parents looked at her the rest were speechless this girl was the leaders daughter,

Ise said konan in a shocked voice

Turing to pein and konan deidara said what everyone was trying to say but Frist to say

"you have a daughter" "yes"said konan shaking out of her shock.

Ise threw her Ciggette on the floor jump up form sitting and step on it and stretch showing everyone else the corest she was wearing as well as her figure mums from behind were of they like to fuck it . And then she spoke again causing leader and konan shock and pein and the others to look at her. "Im not here for a social visit I am here to show the rents how fabulous my lifes been with and without them, showing her teeth I'm here to kill them but before that I here to cause them pein " she got out weapon a sword

the sword she used to kill the snake, and smiled it's good to be me as she charge then disappeared just to kick pein and then diapered again no one could see her she was fast, and the she hit konan, she looked at her parents.

"Do es not seem like your In the game rents maybe when we next see each other your have more fight in you bye" She disappeared just as pein add konan shouted wait But fell on death ears just as they finished a letter fell don't picking it up it said I am going ,to make your life a living he'll just like mine was... is.

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We be dark

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