Chapter 3 ...

Captured ...

Itachi was amazed and slightly pissed taken by surprise by falling from a cliff to be captured by Ise, and Ise was looking holes at him, she looked pissed she had just walked back in and then put music on Sat down and was quiet. ...

Day 1 ...

Itachi was woken up with water on his face it was cold she took him to the bathroom and told him to clean up he did and he ate then the music came on, and just starred at him then looked away

Day 6

Itachi was getting fed up now Ise rarely if at all talked to him or looked at him, he was bored

A month in to his captured ...

It was mid afternoon when she came in wearing shirts and a top her hair tied up and two drinks in her hand she untied his hand and gave him a drink.

He drunk it

"why did you kill them ,what did you get out of it.?

Itachi looked like a deer caught in headlights and said " to test my power "

" don't tell lies" She looked at him her big purple eyes starring at him as if she could see into his soul

It was unnerving and felt like lead in his head

" you can read minds " itachi looked at her

"yes" She smirked

"then you now"

" yes and no I want to know your emotions regarding this your thought process," said Ise

"why" said itachi

"because you killed your clan, you killed your family etc you killed them to stop a war but your now starting a war with my parents for peace, peace is an illusion the only thing your get is quiet."

Hum signed itachi

" I hope you get your dream a sasuke your brother can get one stronger enough to hurt you for your own piece of mind when your ready i show you my lide as she took his empty glass and left the room.

Itachi looked strangled distrub regarding the information she had on him.

Month 5

Itachi watched from the bed as Ise got changed she was beautiful and underneath the cold hard steel she was kind,loving and loss she wanted answers she wanted something he could not tell what

She looked at him then and smiled. And walked out he remember when leader called him on his ring and he told him he was being held prisoner by his Ise and getting to know her. Leader had not like that at all. But had allowed it.

Month 6 and free ..?...

Itachi found Himself walking towards Base she had shown him her life, it reminded him of the containers of the tail beast they were to get, she let him go after all this time she wanted to still get revenge, on her parents, but she wanted to get answers she had changed a little. As he walked to leader office he had a lot to say...?.

Itachi your free said pein looking at him so report what happen ...

Itachi looked at him as he remember what she had said

All you seemed to do is follow the leader and their only human to they make mistakes if you had thought better of it you would know that there were other options, for your clan you could of moved to another village talked to the damyio, but what's done is done she had left then. ...

Your Ise wants answers she wants you to hurt the way she is and he carried on as he explain the 6 months of his kippnapping, ...

After that went to lay down...

Leaving pein and konan in their thoughts...

5 months

Konan was in her room when an owl came though the door she looked around as the owl hang her leg out, she saw a small scroll on it and took it and read it.

Kaa San

I need your help could you come please


This is a porkey just say home and it will take you to me please,

At that she went to see pein in his office and told him where she was going and then got ready and left

" home"

And she was gone.

And arrived at her daughter s she saw the small cottage and knocked on the door it was pretty

Ise opened the door konan was shocked

There was her Ise pregnant and nearly due Ise bust into tears and in 13 years hug her child.

"it's all right Ise, it's all right" konan wrapped her hand around her Ise waist and help her in and shut the door.

2 months later

Push honey " as Ise pushed and then laid back on the bed as a cry was heard

Ise you have a son

As lse looked on as konan handed her son and she cuddle him, looking down she saw what had brought her back from breaking down complete and being loss in the darkness she owned itachi one, her son,

Konan watch mother and child bond and was glad that she had been able to bond with her child she was a grandma now.

"so what's his name Ise"

Ise looked at her mum then her son

" light his name is uchiha light, because that is what he is my light" She kissed and I will always keep him save.

Konan finally had her Ise and light she would help her more they would be a family again.

Light was born the 1st of November he looked like his daddy with the softer features of his mum, he was gorgeous, itachi never knew,

Pein came to visit his grandson and stayed for a few weeks and bonds developed and it was peaceful, he held his grandson and was in awe of him,

Pein came for his Frist birthday and konan was always helping her Ise and light konan and pein learnt to smile and we're happy.

It was our happy ending and we never wanted it to end.?...

"kaa San take light and go I love you both" konan held light as he cried and Ise was fighting a hundred death eaters they had found her and so had the light side as well all wanted her dead she had to save her light and mum she fought them and gave her mum a porkey and protected them just as a green light reach light and konan saw her daughter protect her son and her eyes glassed over and she fell konan shouted home and she was gone .

They fell on the floor in the living room of ame as lights scream she looked up she looked like she had been fighting, as she looked up pein was there she gave light to pain. Pein looked around

Where's Ise "

" Ise dead " and konan fainted as all the others just watch as pein held a toddler in his arms that cried for his mother.

Everyone was there all watching what was going on and a certain itachi was looking at the toddler and rubbing his for head.

Thanks for reading my muse. We will be getting to the real story now on how it hot to this point.