I found something I wrote forever ago and it made me happy, so I wanted to share it! =D I should totally pick up this challenge again, it's been ages~

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"When I get my hands on you I'm going to-" The rest of Lassiter's sentence was lost beneath the layers a growl as he raised a gun, pointed it at Spencer and pulled the trigger. Shawn moved out of the way just in time, smashing a hammer over Lassiter's head and sending his character flying off the map with a colorful bang.

"SPENCER!" Lassiter roared, tossing the controller. "Will you stop using that stupid hammer? It is the cheapest move in the game!" He pressed the A button, making his character drop from the glowing portal and jump right back into his intense fight with Shawn's character.

Gus's brow furrowed as he tried to get his character into the battle but kept getting locked out of the fight. "Shawn, could you give me a chance to-"

"Oh, and I suppose getting three Invincibility Stars in a row isn't cheap?" Shawn snapped back at Lassie, ignoring Gus. "And we agreed that if you got on of those you had to wait it out and NOT attack the other players!"

"That was an accident!" Lassiter huffed.

"Shawn, I need to get into-" Gus tried again.

"And so's this!" Shawn flicked the controller's joystick, tossing a Bomb-omb in Lassiter's face and causing him to die - again.

"Oh, that is IT Spencer! We're playing one life, NO items, and then we'll see who's the better player!" Lassiter stopped the game and went back to the settings while Shawn rolled his eyes.

"Oh please, I'm the Super Smash Master. There's no way you could beat me without using your precious Stars."

"Hey, could you just listen to me for a sec-" Gus stopped and turned around when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Shawn and Lassiter, on the other hand, took no notice.

"Well I have proper training," Lassiter retorted. "Justice will prevail, be it in the gritty, dirt-in-your-face real life or in a popular children's video game!"

"You're on!" Shawn said. The next match started with a flash of red and Shawn's fingers immediately attacked the buttons on the controller, half not paying attention to what moves he was actually using. Lassiter was doing the same until Gus's character dropped in between the two, did a sweeping kick the sent both of them flying, then used a complicated chain of attacks that killed both players instantly. And, just fourteen seconds after the game had started, it was over.

". . . What just happened . . .?"

Shawn and Lassie turned to look at Gus . . . and saw Juliet, controller in hand, while Gus stood next to the couch with his mouth open in a silent "o".

"I grew up with brothers," Juliet shrugged, like that explained everything. "Can we play something else now?"

Stunned, Lassiter and Shawn shared a look.

"This game doesn't take that much skill anyway," Lassiter said, and Juliet just rolled her eyes.

I hope you enjoyed that~! I think I just had a blast writing it XDD