NOTE: UNFINISHED WORK AHEAD, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. This part posted purely for archival purposes; [...] marks truncated sections.

The problem with pyrokinesis, Saguru thinks, is the dearth of ways to disable rather than kill, or at least seriously injure.

Mass destruction? Easy. Saguru has literally lost count of the number of training dummies he's accidentally charred beyond all recognition, but he knows it's in the high hundreds.

Saguru eyes the multitude of trenchcoat-clad figures on the rooftop – impressive, that Kid of all people has warranted such levels of firepower, but also damn it – and rates his chances of being able to (a) take a sufficient fraction of them out at once while (b) leaving the building relatively unscathed and (c) enough of them alive to interrogate and preferably arrest the living daylights out of, since Kid himself is obviously not a viable witness and Saguru's not even supposed to be here himself.

"I don't suppose you have any brilliant plans, Kid?"

Kid laughs airily, though it's betrayed by tension in the set of his shoulders. "Don't be ridiculous, tantei-san, all my plans are brilliant."


In front of him, Kid's posture shifts slightly, and Saguru catches a murmur just loud enough for him to hear. "Take out your earpiece."

Saguru does, trying to make the motion as surreptitious as possible, and is about to ask why when all hell breaks loose.

Or, to put it more precisely, a dark shape appears several feet above them on the roof, followed by several bursts of sound – gunshots, Saguru realises, and in the light of muzzle flashes the shape above resolves into two vaguely familiar figures –

Saguru has just had enough time to register the visibly crackling aura surrounding Edogawa Conan before it snaps out in a wide arc of electricity, and the sudden screech of radio feedback fills the air.

It's difficult be certain in the dim light, but Saguru thinks he sees several of Snake's men loosen their grip in surprise – and Kid, never one to miss an opportunity, sends a strong gust that knocks the guns right out of their hands even as Hattori Heiji disappears again, with Edogawa in tow.

The whole sequence takes no more than eight seconds. Hattori teleports in beside them as the last of the bullets that hadn't gone completely wide at the duo's appearance clatter to the ground, slowed by the combination of electromagnetic fields and air currents.

(Saguru has heard of Kudo Shinichi's electrokinetic abilities, of course – the Tokyo police is rife with tales of it, from the mundane to the more farfetched rumours of Kudo being able to stop a bullet cold. What Edogawa has demonstrated is a bare fraction of that power, but even Saguru himself would've been hard pressed to pull off such a wide-area effect at that age.

Kuroba hadn't been exaggerating matters, clearly.)

Saguru snaps himself out of his thoughts just in time to catch the tail end of a disgruntled mutter from Edogawa. " – could've just taken them out directly, you know."

"You're not supposed to be doing that anyway," Hattori answers chidingly as he sets the elementary schooler down behind himself. "Or your Neechan will have my head and ya know it."

Saguru takes in the sight of Edogawa glaring almost mulishly at the Osakan detective and asks the first of many questions on his mind. "Hattori-kun? What are you doing here?"

"I just happened to be in town, of course. What d'ya think?" Hattori snaps at him.

Saguru considers the probability of Hattori being capable of teleportation jumps between cities on short notice, and comes to the conclusion that –

"I didn't say that I had no contingency plans, tantei-san, I just needed them to believe that," Kid says with distinct amusement in his voice, and continues before Saguru can answer. (Or, more possibly, strangle his head clean off.) "We'll make sure to include you in any secret plans next time, don't worry. Give us… three minutes' head start, tantei-han?"

"One minute will do, Kid," Edogawa cuts in, tone still vaguely irritated. "Stop treating me like a child."

Kid grins and nods. "Two minutes it is, then. See you later, detectives!"

Then he picks Edogawa up much like Hattori did – earning a squawk of protest in return – before launching himself off the roof with a jaunty tip of his hat.

And Saguru feels the breath stop in his throat, because he knows Kuroba's limits and they do not extend to keeping himself airborne while carrying the extra weight of both Kid's gear and a child –

His frantic look over the edge, though, shows Kid braking his freefall with the help of truly ridiculously amounts of electricity arcing out towards building's frame, which is… really something, though Saguru doesn't get to figure out what before the sharp report of gunfire shows that Snake's goons are up at it again.


Saguru eyes the Osakan with considerable trepidation – little wonder that no one had clued him in beforehand, if his escape plan is supposed to be Hattori Heiji. "If you splinch us, Hattori-kun, I will not hesitate to reduce you to ashes."

The other detective merely quirks an amused eyebrow at him. "What d'ya think this is, Harry Potter?"

"Hattori-kun, do you ever feel like – "

" – our respective powers are some cosmic joke?" Hattori snorts. "Hell, do I ever. Though that's gotta mean the universe has the same crap sense of humour as you then."


"So what's going on, Hakuba?"

Saguru almost stops mid-movement out of sheer disbelief. "Did you really come here without knowing even that much?"

"Yeah?" Hattori's reply sounds almost quizzical. "Ku – I mean, Conan-kun told me that he needed help over here, so I teleported part of the way and got an express train ticket for the rest, since last-minute bullet train tickets are a real pain anyway. Briefing didn't go much beyond 'someone is taking potshots at Kaitou Kid', but I'm assumin' you have at least some idea as to why."

"I'm impressed that you have any faith at all in my abilities," Saguru says dryly, pinching the bridge of his nose. "How much do you know about Kaitou Kid?"

"Only that he's got too much time on his hands, and judging from that display earlier he's most likely an aerokinetic." Hattori shrugs. "I work homicide, Hakuba, not thefts."

Saguru is briefly tempted to argue that he does in fact know a fair bit about the set of currently wanted serial killers despite the reverse being true of himself, but drops the thought in favour of expediency.