Author's note: So yeah, I'll be posting side stories and stuff. Mostly other people's POV on Stella, but I'll post some scenes from Stella's childhood and other things too! Drop a request and I might write it. No guarantees but I'll try my best! Please enjoy the Kingsglaive's view on Stella!

Episode Kingsglaive

When Princess Stella Lucis Caelum started training with the Kingsglaive a few months after its founding, most did not know how to treat her. After all, she was the princess of their Kingdom and yet here she was slumming it up and training just as hard as any Glaive. She was nowhere near the spoiled princess they had expected when they first came to Insomnia. When she started hanging around after training sessions, making fast friends with Nyx, Crowe and Libertus, they only thought she was different for someone bearing royal blood.

When Princess Stella started talking to the others within the Kingsglaive, they did not know what to make of it. They would have understood her friendship with Nyx and Crowe. The two were among the ones to adapt to their new powers loaned from the King the fastest and easiest. There was a bit of confusion as to why Libertus, who still puked when warping occasionally at the time was included in the small group she had gathered for herself, but ultimately put it to his connection to Nyx.

But the Princess persisted. Insisting on getting to know everyone within the Glaive. She wanted to get to know them, to listen to their stories and their woes. She wanted to be there for them, to comfort and support them when everything seemed too much. She wanted to be more than just a princess to them. She wanted to be their comrade in arms even when she could not fight alongside them. She wanted to befriend them.

Slowly, very slowly, some of the glaives opened up. Some were more accepting to befriending the warm and kind princess who fussed over them after every mission and bugged them about their birthdays so she could get them presents. Others were more reluctant but ended up being dragged into impromptu lunches consisting of cup noodles topped with behemoth meat anyways. Before they knew it, they were greeting her as enthusiastically as she did them.

As Niflheim grew bolder and stronger and started taking more and more territory from Lucis and subsequently their homes, Stella worked just as hard to ensure the people of their homes always had a chance to come into Insomnia or Lestallum. As years went by, the Kingsglaive started noticing that despite their homes belonging and suffering under Niflheim rule, the residents were still being properly taken care of with regular drops of food and necessities by Hunters.

At first, they had simply thought Lucian Hunters had taken it upon themselves to help their fellows that had been conquered by the enemy. But one day, one of the Glaives overheard the Crownsguard's Marshal, Cor Leonis grumbling about the Princess sneaking out of the Crown City to commission Hunters to deliver those drops.

Gratefulness overcame them, along with a sense of confusion and wariness. What could a princess of the Lucian line gain by doing such things? Was she planning on winning their loyalty this way? It wasn't until Crowe had glared at them to near death when she heard the conversation concerning the topic did they find out why.

Princess Stella was just that caring about all those that lived in Lucis. She took her duties as Princess to the throne seriously and did all she could with the limited power she had and then some to ensure the best possible for her people that were in need. Poverty levels around Lucis lowered, more Havens were popping up, outposts were being lit up with energy powered from Lestallum's Exineris Company, less people were dying in the night.

Then Nyx told them of one of the promises she made to herself. Her promise to reclaim the homes of her people, of the people of Lucis from Niflheim's grasps. Her vow to herself to protect those who look to the Lucian royals for guidance and protection. There were still some that were skeptical but most of the Glaives were ardently behind her just for her self-imposed oath.

After Niflheim's sudden retreat and subsequent visit from an envoy, Princess Stella got swamped with work. Occasionally, they would see her running around the Citadel guarded mostly by the Crownsguard. When the announcement of the treaty came, they didn't know what to think. Was this the end? Was all the fighting they had done for nothing?

Nyx, Crowe, Libertus and Pelna Khara were steadfast in their support, obviously knowing something that the rest did not know. But none of them pried. Despite the growing trepidation and distrust against the Princess, all of them knew that sometimes while Princess Stella was loose in information she wasn't supposed to tell them, she would still tell a few. Whom she told were never the same people, though Nyx, Crowe and Libertus were the ones she told the most. And even that was because they were the ones to spend most of their free time with her.

Even so, resentment and distrust ran high as the treaty signing drew closer. Even if everyone could see her distraught when Crowe died and Libertus quit. And then, orders came to deploy and rescue Lady Lunafreya and prevent a Niflheim fleet from flying onto Insomnia. As they finished gearing up for the mission, Princess Stella appeared before them, breathless from running all the way from the Throne Room.

If most of the Kingsglaive were honest, while her speech and promise was inspiring, it wasn't really things they didn't know about her. By now, the glaives all knew of her conviction on reclaiming Lucis. It was when she asked of them to come home.

Home. Something that most of them had lost when Niflheim invaded their towns and regions. Something that they had thought would take years of fighting that didn't even guarantee they would reclaim them. Something that they had thought they didn't have.

But they did.

Princess Stella was their home. She was the light of their lives, always holding out a guiding hand with a happy grin and endless fretting. She had given them a home away from the home they had lost. That and nothing else solidified their wavering loyalty and respect to the Princess of Lucis. A promise to come home. Home was where the heart is and their heart was their when several of their own turned traitor against them, that loyalty proved itself in gold when a few traitors turned into double agents, their princess's words ringing in their minds.

The Kingsglaive may have been founded by King Regis. But their loyalty was to Princess Stella.