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A young teenage girl awoke in her room, the dawn was quiet and calm, kinda of like her. She sluggishly went about the morning routine, waking up, stretching getting dressed in a simple purple tunic and pants covered with the robe like sash of her squad, the Black Bulls. She tied her hair up into a somewhat unique style of three spiral drill like pig tails, her hair was spilt down the middle, the left side white and the right side black, each tail sported a unique color, the right one black, the left white and the middle a sort of cookies and cream colored mix. Lastly she opened a small box and took out a long necklace with a ring on the end and quietly put it around her neck.

In terms of body shape this girl was fairly uninspiring, not real curves to speak up, her chest was practically flat, her face was cute her features mostly attractive to a majority of people.

This girl is Camilla Hartnett, an Eighteen year-old Magic Knight in the Clover Kingdom.

"Yeah!" she clapped her hands and smiled "Let's make today another lovely day!"

Camilla's POV

"Good morning!" I cheered jumping down the stairs.

No one responded, the main hall full of the usual loud lot.

"Hey~ Morning Cammy." Vanessa slurred.

"Yes Good-GAH!" I coughed seeing that she was in her underwear.

"Haa…" I looked down at my own chest and then back at hers "Someday…YAH!"

I ducked as a searing ball of fire flew above head.

"Hey watch it!" I yelled at Magna "It took me a long time to make my hair look this cute! I'll be super unlovable if you burn it off!"

"You'd never be as cute as Marie." Gauche noted.

"I'm so much cuter than a little kid." I pouted "Although if my hair had gotten burned off probably not."

"You'd still be super cute!" Vanessa pinched my cheeks.

"I'll still be more loveable than you." I looked at her "Put a shirt on! Oh, where's the Captain and that cute new girl, Noelle, was it?"

"I don't know where the new girl is but the Captain Yami went to another recruiting tournament." Luck explained.

"I hope he makes sure this one isn't as cute." I huffed "I know why doesn't he just make it a man, that way I won't have to compete."

Another fireball flew by me combined with a lightning bolt.

"Okay I see…this isn't lovely at all." I glared at Magna and Luck clapping my hands together "Are you two dicks ready to die."

"For all your talk of cute this and cute that you've got a real potty mouth." Vanessa laughed.

"EHH?" I glared back at her "What was that you funbag slut?"

"Will you idiots pay attention?!"

"WAH!" I ducked down "Captain Yami! Wow you're looking as gruesome as ever!"

"Captain fight with me!" Luck begged.

"No spend your time with me~" Vanessa cooed.

"Let me go see my sister." Gauche sighed.

"It's great that you guys really like me and all but how about you shut the hell up!" he yelled.

"We're Sorry!" we all bowed.

"Haa…" he sighed and pointed at the boy next to him.

The kid was about my height, had messy creamy brown hair, he was wearing a bandana and his body looked hard and muscular which was strange for a boy of his size.

Ugh…he's not lovely at all.

"My name is Asta!" the boy yelled introducing himself "I'm from the village of Hage, as of today, I'm a member of the Black Bulls, I look forward to working with all of you."

"Well then try to get along." Captain Yami sighed.

"Sounds like you're from pretty far out there." Vanessa smiled walking up "but being from their and making it into the Magic Knights…how about I do something nice for you."

"Stop being a creep." I pulled her back "Besides you don't want to waste time with someone like him."

"What's that mean?!" Asta yelled "Just because I'm from the country doesn't mean-."

"It has nothing to do with the country or where you're from." I sighed "I just hate ugly unlovable things, and you are certainly an ugly unlovable thing."

Being from the way out…makes me think to back then…Marco…

"I don't know what you did to get Captain Yami to accept you, but until you have a robe like this." Magna gestured to his symbolled robe "I won't consider you a member even if you were the Vice-Captain."

"A robe I want one!" Asta begged.

"Oh you want one, that's good." Magna smirked "Then you're going to have to partake in the welcome ceremony then."


"Don't play that game with that ugly duckling." I sighed.

It didn't matter we ended up outside for Magna's little test.

"All you have to do is block or dodge my attacks. If you can do that much I'll give you this robe." The other ugly fool said.

"Oh this'll be fun!" Luck cheered.

"Wipe that smile off your face." I sighed "Let's just hope this poor kid doesn't end up a burning pile of the floor."

"Alright let's go!" Asta took out his Grimoire, it was a nasty ugly black color, so much more unappealing than my pretty pick one.

"RAAH DIE!" Magna hurled a fireball forward.

Asta reached into his book and pulled out a huge black great sword.

What an odd magic…

"He's not reacting." Vanessa noted.

"Guess he's dead." I sighed "Well that's what he gets for being so ugly, just like I always say, ugly things should just rot like the crap they are."

Asta turned his sword and used the face of the blade to swat the fireball back.

"Oh~" I hummed "How cute he's fighting back."

Finral used his space magic to lessen the blow.

"My it's been a while since I had to save him." Finral noted.

"Why you… I almost died from my own attack." Magna coughed "You punk! You're pretty good! Sending my attack right back at me, you're pretty wild I like you!"

"How gross." I sighed "Still that was something."

"Here." Magna gave him a robe "You're officially a member of the Black Bulls, and as an extra bonus I'll show you around!"

"Right!" Asta ran off with him.

"The rest of us never got to introduce ourselves." Vanessa noted.

"HMPH!" I scoffed "Now that's not cute at all."


"So cute." I smiled at my reflection and made a heart with my hands "Still I wish there were more cute things around here besides just me and Charmy."

I twirled a lock of my hair in my hands and brushed my hand over my chest, the little ring tingling softly.

"Hmm." I smiled a bit and thought back to a few years ago.

"Someday I'll take you away from this place Camilla."

"There's no way someone like Marco would ever fall for an urchin like you."

"I heard a Magic Knight died on a mission yesterday."

"It's because of you, you ugly urchin!"

"Ha!" I snapped up and blinked "Thinking back about that again…it doesn't matter what they say, I am cute."

I felt a sudden spike in magical power and looked out the window, there were these spirals of water twisting and turning into a large sphere of water.

"Whoa!" Vanessa awed as we all got outside.

"Seems her magic is out of control." Captain Yami noted.

"There's a lot of it." I said "Noelle is at the center, just what is that bratty thing doing?"

"Look out!" Vanessa noted as a ball blast of water shot towards us.

"HMPH!" I pulled my hand up as my Grimoire fluttered open.

I snapped my fingers "Sound Magic: Snap Break!"

The water was hit with a blast of sound that broke it before it hit us.

"I'll deal with this ugly situation." I clapped my hands together.

"Slow down." Captain Yami sighed "If you do that you'll kill her. We can't fight her back with magic, but someone with nullifying magic."

"GAH!" Asta tripped and fell out of the base.

"Oh perfect timing." Captain smiled "Do something about that."

"What the heck am I supposed to do?!" Asta yelled "I can't fly or anything."

"Well then it's time to surpass your limits." Captain said throwing him into the air.

"HHRAAAA!" Asta slashed through the ball with one slash.

"Oh he pulled it off, lovely." I smiled "Perhaps he's not too ugly after all."

"You switched opinions fast." Vanessa laughed.

"Well like love I am a fickle beast." I hummed as Finral brought the two down.

"Nice job kid!" Captain laughed.

"Ah." Asta turned around to look at Noelle "That was some crazy magic power!"

"Huh?" Noelle looked up.

"I have no magic power so I'm jealous you have so much!" he gasped "If you trained to control it you'd be unstoppable!"

"Oh so that's the problem you've been trying to hide?" I asked "You're having trouble controlling your magic? We can take care of that for sure."

"Don't worry I'll show you the ropes of Magic control." Vanessa smiled.

"Here." Asta helped her up "Let's start our journey together."

"Well they certainly make for a cute pair." I hummed watching them "Perhaps this place will have something lovable in the end."


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