Italics indicate thinking

Bold is for attacks

Camilla's POV

"He's coming"

"Huh?" I stopped in my place and looked around "What was that?"

"Not the time to stand around!" Captain Jack yelled.

"Captain Yami keep going." I blinked "I…I'll catch up."

"Now you wanna split up?!" Jack yelled.

"Alright, but don't get lost and die or I'll kill you myself." He said.

"Yes sir!"

I know I heard a voice…

I looked around but I couldn't see any one, I used my magic to try and listen closer. I heard this screeching ripping noise, like nails on a chalkboard and it just kept getting louder and louder.

"Stop…what is this?!" I yelled as the sound was so loud it was giving me a migraine; it was like my vision was going white.

"He's Coming!"

"Who is he? I can barely hear you?" I hissed in pain.

The scratching screech got louder until I couldn't even see anymore, it was like I was standing in nothingness.

"Huh?" I looked up "What…where?"

"He's coming…" a voice said.

I looked up and saw a woman, she was in a long dress that clung to her body, her hair was long, a combination of black and white that mixed around like a cinnamon swirl. Her aura was very familiar but I couldn't place it at first.

"Oh…oh dear you're here?!" she gasped "Um…uhh…hi?"

"Are you one of those elves?" I glared.

"What heck no do I look like some elf to you?" she asked brushing her hair out of her face.

I noticed her skin was dark, her mouth had a row of shark like teeth and her eyes were rather empty and purple.

"The Banshee?" I gasped.

"That's me." She smiled.

"What are you? How did you bring me here?" I asked.

"Well it's complicated I don't really know myself." She said "I don't know a lot…I know my name is Blanc Rubella but not much else…I also know I'm a demon.


"Well no that's not right." She said "I'm like kinda a demon, okay you know how snakes and lizards shed their skin? I'm like that for a demon, I'm…leftovers they don't need."

She frowned a bit at that.

"I kinda understand but this whole thing sounds fricken crazy." I said.

"Yeah it's pretty wild, I got split off from the demon that I was and kinda somehow got absorbed into the magic book that became your Grimoire." She laughed "But back to the point before I can't reach you, He's coming Camilla."

"Who is he?"

"The one responsible for all of this, this war between Elves and humans…you must stop him, Demons cannot return to this world as they are now, they seek only death." She warned as her voice faded "You will know what to do when it's time…I am…here…for…you…"

Suddenly the white light faded and I was back in the middle of the town.

What is going on…?


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