Italics indicate thinking

Bold is for attacks

Camilla's POV

"Crap I wasted way too much time in that weird premonition with Blanc." I hissed "Captain Yami is gonna kill me, this is not cute at all! Huh?"

I looked up and saw the floating rock base was starting to glow.

"Well that can't be good." I growled as an eerie darkness wrapped around the stone and the castle "There's so many powerful magic signatures coming from up there, this is gonna get ugly."

I kicked off the ground with a boom and jumped forward.

"Captain Yami are you alright?" I asked.

"Oh, you made it back." He hummed "Good job."

"I didn't really do anything." I laughed "Just something…weird was happening. Anyway, what now, I feel a lot of people coming this way."

"It's gonna be tough, Finral had to bail out." He growled.

"KAHA!" Captain Jack laughed "This is getting exciting!"

What should we do…?

I felt another huge spike in power as a massive black hole appeared and the Raging Bull appeared.

"The base?!" I yelled.

"What the hell…why can't my base do that." Jack grumbled.

"So they finally made it." Captain Yami laughed.

"It's not the cutest entrance in the world." I sighed "But it'll do."

"What took you so long?!" Noelle yelled from across the castle.

Her magic is different now…good job Noelle.

"HMM?!" I saw the Raging Bull blast some of the elves out of the sky but that wasn't what drew my attention "This magic is…GRRR!"

"What's got her all pissy?" Captain Jack asked.

"RAAH!" I blasted over at the speed of sound and landed on the Bull as part of it vanished "RADES!"

I pulled my hands back ready to send him flying with a clap.

"What are you doing here?" I growled.

"I'm here for Licht." He growled "We'll settle are problem later."

"Why would I ever…trust you?" I clenched my teeth "You disgusting murderer!"

"Miss Camilla!" Asta yelled "He's just-."

"SHUT UP!" I screeched "I don't care!"

I took a few quick breaths and looked back.

"You brought him here, he's your responsibility." I said "I have bigger fish to fry, cuter fish too."

I looked back towards the floating rock as a series of mirrors appeared around me.

"YAAAAAAA!" I screeched and shattered them "GAUCHE!"

I stared down the elf that was in his body, they even had an elf Marie with them.

"Captain Yami!" I yelled "I've got this!"

"That's the spirit!" he smiled "Surpass you limits and do you job!"

"YES SIR!" I yelled "The rest of you stay out of my way and help the captain!"

"Getting all fired up won't amount to anything human." The elf warned.

"Hey wanna do me a favor and get the hell outta that body." I said flashing in front of him at the speed of sound "You're making it really ugly."

"Drowa…" the little girl mumbled.

"Do it Eclat." He said.

"Mirror Eye Magic: Reflect Iris!"

A reflection appeared in the mirror and suddenly I was frozen in place.

It's paralyzing magic?!

"Eclat's eye magic binds anyone that looks into her eyes, your moments and magic have been sealed." Drowa smirked.

Someday Marie will be a great mage…I need to make sure she reaches that day!

"Now Die." The mirrors started to glow.


"A Monster?!" Eclat suddenly backed away.

Suddenly a distorted face appeared in the mirrors and shattered them.

"Do not stop here Camilla!"


"I don't know what trick you pulled, but die!" Drowa aimed all his mirrors at me.

"You already ruined my hair once." I said shifting around the attacks "I won't let you mess up any more of my super cute look. Sound Magic: Banshee Blast!"

I sent out a sound blast to make him move.

"What are you trying." Drowa growled "You won't win human, you're friend's body will soon be mine."

"No matter what you try, I know all of Gauche's tricks." I smiled "He always does this stuff that makes me mad, stuff that gets in the way, he's a gross weird siscon but…"

I looked at him "I can't help but think he's cute you know?"


"NOT YET!" I screamed back "He let his body get possessed by you and it ruined my hair, I'm gonna make sure that idiot pays me back big time!"

"I'm not out of tricks you know, you don't stand a chance." Drowa warned.

"We'll see about that." I glared.


"HMM!" I stared right at her.


"My eye magic, why won't it work?!" Eclat yelled "Who…who are you?!"

"I'm sorry, but could you leave Camilla out of this?" a ghostly figure appeared in front of the girl blocking the view "She's got a nice heart, so…treat it well okay?"

"That ring?!" Drowa growled seeing Camilla's necklace glowed "It's some kind of…protection enchantment!"

"GAUCHE!" Camilla slammed her fist into the elf's face "WAKE UP!"

"Camilla…thank you for all the time we spent together, but don't stay hung up on me forever." A voice whispered to the girl "Please…open your heart for another."

"Marco…" she closed her eyes and touched her chest "I know you're always looking out for me wherever you are…"

"She's…no ordinary human." Drowa gasped "Does she even realize what she is?"

"A Soul Talker…"

"Sorry about kicking you ass like that." Camilla looked down at the elf "But…I'm not ready to say goodbye to another guy just yet."

"Human…" Drowa said "You are…GAH!"

He looked behind Camilla and saw the distorted image of Blanc standing there.

"She hasn't awoken that power yet." The woman said "She doesn't need to know what she is…now elf!"


"HA!" Blanc shouted and exorcised both elves.

Camilla's POV

"Blanc?" I saw the Banshee appear "You're still here?"

"Hmm…" she looked back "I've used my abilities to expel these weakened souls from your friends. The world is changing rapidly Camilla, you must become more cautious, our bond is growing but that does not mean I will always be able to save you."

"Fine…I don't know what's happening lately." I glared at her "But when we sort this stuff with the elves out I want answers."

"We shall see." She slowly faded out of my vision "You must hurry…He is coming."

"Gauche!" I ran over when I saw the body moving.

"Huh?" he sat up "Marie?"

"She's fine." I smiled.

"I'm just glad you're not hurt." She cried hugging me "But your pretty hair is all…WAHH!"

"You and Gauche are okay so it's fine." I said touching the side that got blasted off "I'll grow it back."

"It's not fine!" Gauche yelled "You almost died."

"Oh, caring, now are we?" I smiled poking his forehead "That's kinda cute. Stop trying to be so stubborn and cool would you."

"Hmph…" he almost seemed like he was pouting "Thanks Camilla."

"Yeah no problem." I said "I just wanted to say maybe after this is over we could-WAH!"

Suddenly a massive wad of cotton fell out of the sky.

"Dammit you guys!" I pulled myself to the top "Haa…"

I looked at them all "You're all such idiots you know that."

"Yeah but we're your idiots." Vanessa laughed.

"You're all alive and you're all here." I said standing up "Don't relax just yet you know, this is an order!"

"Oh she's actually issuing orders now!" Zora laughed.

"I am the Vice-Captain." I smiled "Now hurry up and get your strenght back and then we're going after the Captain and finishing this!"

"Yes Ma'am!"


"Hmm?" Vanessa rubbed her eyes when looking at Camilla "Hey Rouge is it just me or…"


She saw a tall woman standing behind Camilla, but her figure was blurred like it was hidden in a fog.

"There's someone there…"

"Hmm…" the woman turned and smiled at Vanessa "Don't worry about it, this doesn't concern you Witch of Fate."


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