I am not very religious so while this does include angels, heaven, hell I will A) not shit on other religions in fact I may insult christianity more than any other religion B) I will not be cramming religion down your throat, yes there is some religion in It I mean he hosts an archangel so obviously there will be a little, but he is not going to be spouting proverb every six seconds C) just because it is an archangel does not mean he won't have challenges remember this angel has been trapped in hell for thousands of years and it has had it's grace ripped out of it several times to power the riders it's power is almost nothing right now.

Will crossover into comics and other shows the movie is only used as a basic premises. Imagine that the second half of the first movie never really happened so he got his powers realized they were dangerous and uncontrollable than fled Roxanne because he was scared for her than the second movie happened.

The angel didn't know how long It had been down there, in hell ever since the demons dragged It down. It had gone to defend It's post as the guardian angel of the city as It was besieged by demons. Only to realize It was a trap to late, as soon as It laid eyes on the leader of the city It knew It was a trap. The sin in his soul had become so much like a demon. As soon as It entered the room the guards slammed bloody hands on the ground completing the circle of runes that than imprisoned. It knew the runes immediately only a fellow angel could have made these runes and only a fellow angel could have powered them, It recognized the grace in the angel It was the grace of the fallen one. Had It's sibling truly fallen so far as to attack their own kind, they knew It had fallen from the grace of their creator but to betray them in such a way and give demons and mortals away to trap them.

It had wondered how long It would remain trapped mortals had no weapons to harm It and not even the fallen one would be foolish enough to give demons weapons powerful enough to kill an Archangel. It had thought that eventually the prison would break that, maybe the ruler would treat It like some kind of prized pet. But it was far worse than mere humiliation the demons entered the city unopposed caring chains made for the sole purpose of binding It, and only It, on any other being angel or demon they would have been normal chains but for the Angel they had been made for It to imprison It. as It was dragged down into hell It cried to out to It's siblings for help but a barrier stopped them from making it there in time. As It was dragged down into hell, It's last sight of the mortal world was of It's siblings coming down with the wrath of Heaven itself and completely destroying the entire city.

Over the next several thousand years It was tormented endlessly, causing It agony beyond mortal comprehension, It felt It's grace get torn out and placed into a mortal, the mortal went after anyone the Mephisto sent him after in exchange for the power of the imprisoned angel. But it was not without influence over It's own power the first time it looked at a truly terrible being the Angel sent him into a blood rage killing any and all sinners nearby.

Soon It made sure this was the main purpose of the rider making an overpowering desire to hunt down everyone who had sinned no matter how small, to make them pay for their crimes. Than a day came when one of It's riders gave up the power of the rider returning It's Grace unexpectedly before the demons noticed It shattered the weakened chains that held It down It and killed the demons that had been around It. as much as It would love to lay waste to Hell and slaughter all the demons here It knew It was too weak to do much. Instead It began to flee but it quickly found It didn't know the way out It had never been to Hell outside It's prison and Hell had been specifically made so no being could escape and while there were weak points it didn't have time to find them. Just as it seemed the demons were going to recapture It and return to torturing It, a prayer reached.

Please I beg to which ever being this feather belongs to save my son if it takes my soul so be it, just save him. A female voice begged. Ingenious by using a feather of an angel the woman had manage to reach an angel trapped in hell. No doubt the feather was from back when It was captured. Using that prayer as escape point the angel fled, It cried out in agony as a demon's weapon dug into being but It pushed on ignoring the pain. It doubted It would ever get another chance for escape. Just when it seemed It wasn't going to make it a burst of grace surged through It allowing it to escape. When It enter the mortal world for the first time in eons, It found Itself in a strange building with many objects that confused It but it's attention was drawn to a vile mystical with a soul as dark as any demons. It was holding a magical focus of some kind to the head of a small infant boy a green jet of light slowly leaving his focus, well at least from the perspective of a being could think faster than any mortal creature.

It almost struck out immediately to smite him but it was stopped by a single memory, one that reminded it of who It really was. The memory of one It's riders It's last rider giving up the power of the rider not in an act of vengeance like so many past riders but as an act of justice. It turned and ignored the mystical and moved in front of the baby, it stepped into a nearly invisible circle which held it's feather, It smiled at the smallest surge of grace that rushed from the feather back to It even after all these years it held a small portion of It's grace. The angel let the spell impact it expecting it to do nothing after all it was an archangel mortal soul magic could not harm it. But It had forgotten one thing after so many years in hell it wasn't even a shadow of It's former self not even the shadow of a shadow the spell impacted It draining most of It's grace that It had remaining. Weakened and exhausted it could do nothing as the circle began to shrink and converge on the child dragging It along with It before It lost awareness it felt Itself enter the child and even as weakened as It was It was able to block a fragment of the mystical from attaching Itself to the boy.

Years past while the angel slumbered restoring It's lost strength, it would take decades maybe even centuries before it's full power returned. Occasionally It would let loose some of It's grace to heal the boy remove hunger those such things may have cost it some of it's power but it was quickly restored the best to describe It's reserve of power right now would be a broken cup it had cracks all over and any water you put in was almost immediately lost except for a small amount that remained. Slowly the cracks would heal allowing more water to remain but that would take a long time.

The boy was six when the angel awakened once more it was far more powerful than it used to be but still barely a shadow of shadow of it's former self. The angel went through the mind of it's host and found his name was Harry something he only knew because his aunt took him aside on the day before school began and made him say it a hundred times. It also learned many things about the era it was in. by a rough estimate it had been at least four thousand since it had been imprisoned. Though It knew time was a tricky thing down in Hell a single second up here could be a decade or a minute down there could be a century up here whatever worked best for torment.

The angel called the boy into his own mind that night when he went to sleep. The boy stared at the angel or at least the form It had taken to communicate with him. It had thought long and hard on what form to take, in the end it decided to go with a form similar to his mother, knowing that would give the most favorable impression even if the boy remembered little, children instinctively reach out and found comfort in their parents or those who appeared similar.

Harry was having a strange dream he found himself on a big open field with a lot of grass yet no trees or city in sight. "It's called an open plain." a kindly feminine voice behind him said. He turned around and saw a pretty lady with red hair dressed in white. But after a moment of staring he saw past it and stumbled back.

The angel was confused, why would he- of course! He played host to angel for his entire life of course he could see what It- she really was how she really appeared. She felt shame while not the most prideful of angels it hurt to have a small child run in fear because of her appearance. It looked terrible as years in Hell had not done her any favors.

Harry saw her sadness and felt guilty many people judged him because of how he dressed and what his relatives said before getting to know him. He walk forward and gave her a small hug. "I'm sorry." he mumbled into her dress.

The woman smiled and returned the hug relishing in the innocent gesture that was a hug. It had been so long. "It's okay little one." she said before bending down so she was eye to eye with him. "Do you know who I am?" she asked with a smile. Harry shook his head no, but she wasn't surprised that he was unaware of her she had been slumbering for most of the time she had been in him.

She had thought about how to introduce herself to him. Telling him the full story would most likely scar him for life. So she went with a basic I am your guardian angel.

"But than why have you only shown up now!" he shouted glaring at her, he had not been happy he had been sad and hungry and hurt an-and and she never showed up for any of that!

"I was hurt protecting you when you were a baby." she told him, she put a single finger on his scar. "This was made when I saved your life from a very bad man."

"He hurt you?" the boy asked feeling guilty, she had been hurt protecting him and he was being rude.

"Not very much it was a group of other bad men who hurt me." she told him not really elaborating.

"I'm sorry." he apologized looking down. "It's my fault isn't it." she frowned at his self reproaching attitude no doubt a product of his poor living conditions.

"No in fact if it wasn't for you those bad men would still be hurting me." she told him pulling him into another hug one which he eagerly returned.

"Now do you have any more questions for me?" she asked with a smile.

The boy thought for a second before he asked. "What's your name?"

She paused it had been so long since she had said much less heard her own name demons often called her angel to mock her knowing that names had power and to be nameless was to be powerless.

"My."she took a deep breathe. "my name is Raguel." she said with a smile.