Harry repressed a groan as he looked over the test that the fop gave out. 'Yes I can see what I valuable education I am getting at Hogwarts Rey.' he told the archangel sarcastically.

'How was I supposed to know the teacher this year was also going to be a total sham.' she tried to defend, 'the odds seemed pretty slim.'

He rolled his eyes as the man revealed what was underneath the tarp a group cornish pixies. "Do not underestimate the dangers of such creatures."

He felt disappointed in his classmates when the cage opened they all forgot their training and ran for cover. He hated to admit it but the fop had a point, never underestimate an opponent because they seemed harmless. Of course he immediately lost any and all respect Harry might have gain for him the moment he bailed on them as chaos descended on the classroom.

"I'll leave this to you all then." Lockhart said racing up the stairs to hide in his office. When Hermione froze all of the Pixies the class sighed in relief only to begin panicking as the pixies unfroze and began to wreak havoc once more. Hermione frowned and waved her wand and repeated the spell. "Immobilus!" she called once more the pixies froze only for a second later the pixies to be released once again. She frowned and looked around the room her eyes landed on Harry who was untouched in all the chaos, the pixies sense of self preservation greater than their need for chaos. In his hand was his wand, she glared at him. He held up his hand and pointed at the door to Lockhart's office. With a wave it opened and with another gesture he had several pixies flying in to give the teacher hell. Lockhart tried to run out the door but the Pixies slammed it closed.

the door to the classroom finally opened and the fifty or so pixies flew out of the room to cause chaos. Seconds after that the halls erupted into panicked screams as the pixies flew into classrooms.

The rest of the day he came across various scenes of chaos such as when the Pixies hoisted the other blond fop that was a student into the air by his underwear and placed him on top of a spike that was just outside the great hall. Harry had offered the little mousy brown haired boy who was always trying to get a picture of him, two galleons to take as many pictures as he could and spread them around the school.

The boy had been quite enthusiastic about it even going as far as to recruit the weasley twins to help out. Who coincidently had made friends with a small group of pixies, something that when the teachers had seen made some of them break down crying at the thought of a group of pixies collaborating with the mischievous duo.

But perhaps the strangest thing he had seen was Luna calming sitting down talking to the pixies while one braided her hair. "Hello Harry, Hello Harry's angel." the girl greeted with a wave. "How are you today?"

"Good you?" he asked taking a seat next to her causing a few of the pixies to scoot away from him in fear.

"It's going very well I do like Professor Flitwick's classes." she answered before addressing one of the pixies. "He won't bite." she said, the pixie said it would rather not risk it shooting him a fearful look.

"You're not risking anything I'm not going to hurt you." he said with an amused smile and the pixie seemed surprised that he understood it.

"You understand them?" Luna said tilting her head to the side.

"I speak every language. Benefits of my friend." he said tapping the side of his head.

"Oh it must be nice to have friends." Luna said absentmindedly as she returned to chatting with the Pixies.

But his eyes narrowed at that statement it had been nearly two weeks since classes began the thought that she had no friends was strange. "Oh come on there must be some people who your friends with?"

She seemed to think about it for a moment before shaking her head. "No." She told him as if it was just a well known fact of life. "They seem to have a lot of nargles though and seemed very upset when I told them so." She told him. "I don't think they know how to get rid of them as they only seem to be increasing. They didn't seemed to happy when I told them that either. I think the Blibbering Humdinger have been attracted to by the nargles though." Luna said as the pixie doing her hair finished. "Oh thank you it's lovely." she said with a smile to the pixie who chattered away with her fellow pixies pointing at the hair and whispering.

But Harry ignored that. "Why do you think the Blibbering Humdinger have been attracted by the nargles?" He asked eyes narrowing.

"Because blibbering humdingers often take things that aren't theirs and my stuff has been disappearing recently. I have asked the other students and they think the blibbering humdinger have been taking my things as well." She said obviously pleased that they believed her about the creature.

'Think I should let them know why they don't mess with my friends?' Harry asked Rey.

'By all means do so.' Rey said. 'To rob and bully a child because you find them to be a bit unnerving is cruel.' Humans of this area even those with magic find something or someone who doesn't agree with their views or have strange ideas and they label the crazy and bully them till they conform.

The next day Harry walked right up to Luna as she sat at the ravenclaw table noting that everyone seemed to be sitting away from her. Sitting down next to her he threw his arm around her shoulder. "Hello Harry and friend." she greeted with a smile.

"Hi Luna." Harry said, "how you doing today find any of the stuff the blibbering Humdingers took?" he asked while shooting the rest of ravenclaw a dirty look, several students paled at that look and he made a mental note of who.

"No but I'm sure they will return it eventually. They don't tend to keep things for long." she said, the rest of the meal he sat next to her listening to talk about various creatures some of which he thought may not have existed but didn't say anything. Raguel explained it as seers have trouble understanding what they see so it was possible her mind channelled it into beings she believed and let her think they were the creatures.

His hope that merely being seen next to her would cause the bully to die down didn't work, while some students did hear what he said most didn't take him to seriously and it seemed with someone who believed Luna about her creatures she began to talk about them more.

At first it seemed to have stopped and had for a few weeks grinded to a complete halt when Miss Norris was petrified most students to scared and worried to do anything of the like. Harry himself had been attacked by a rogue bludger but had shot it before it could do any real damage but one of the student had been petrified on their way back from hospital wing after getting several cuts from the bludgers impact of the quidditch stands. Of course rumors were abound about why the bludger did so the most common one was that the heir wanted to remove the wizard who destroyed the previous dark lord before Harry stop him. For a while everything seemed quiet going smoothly until christmas break there was a minor incident with the student blond fop who had begun strutting around like he owned the place and began bullying other students but Harry put a stop to that. when he tried to tell Harry he should be careful and show some respect or else the heir would get him, Harry had just knocked him down a absent minded back hand sending the boy scurrying to Snape to cry. He gotten into a bit of trouble but even Snape knew he desire to see Harry expelled wouldn't work as a threat, it had taken a lot to get him to come and they didn't think he would have a problem with just walking out school if he was expelled.

After returning from christmas break Luna had found plenty of her stuff missing and more than that what was left had been hexed apparently some student had decided they had enough of 'Loony' lovegood and Harry swore if he found out who made up that nickname he would put a bullet in the person.

Harry found Luna walking around in the cold without her shoes sometime during midday. "Luna where are your shoes?" Harry asked he didn't know whether or not they had been taken or if she just kicked them off because she decided she wanted to walk around barefoot both were very likely.

"It seem something has taken them." she said as if she had just noticed her shoes were missing. Which given how absent minded she could be was possible. "I think it was the nargles they like shoes very much."

"Are your feet cold?" He asked and Luna seemed to consider that before nodding.

"Yes it is a bit nippy out I suppose." Harry repressed a growl and drew two quills from his pocket before transfiguring them into a pair of Luna's usual shoes. "Oh thank you." she said slipping into them. "They are very warm." She noted, it was then Harry noticed the slight shiver the rippled through her without hesitation he pulled off his cloak and threw it around Luna shoulders.

"You don't have to take off your cloak for me." Luna said but even as she did so she leaned into the warmth of the cloak. "Woah!" she let out cry of shock as Harry lifted her into the air and placed her on his back.

"Relax." he told her. "You must be tired from walking around in the cold all day." Luna yawned and merely rested her head on his shoulder.

'Softy.' Rey teased. 'Under that big mean I do what I want exterior you are just a big softy.' he often put out a don't mess with me vibe even growing up though that may have been because growing up there were so few people he could trust.

Harry walked up to the knocker for Ravenclaw tower which came to life as soon as he walked up to it.

"What belongs to you but others use it more than you do?" the knocker asked and he rolled his eyes this was supposed to be a riddle that only the house of the wise could answer. Ravenclaw must have had one hell of an ego.

"Your name." he answered and the door swung open. A few people glanced up when he entered before looking back down to their books only to do a double take when they realized who had entered.

"You are not allowed-" an older student began before he cut him off.

"Where is the second years girls dormitory?"

"Second floor." he answered on instinct before trying to scold him again but Harry just kept on walking. The stairs blared in alarm and flatten as he tried to walk up.

'Keep going.' Raguel told him and he did surprising them all was the fact that he manage to continue walking despite the fact that the stair had also been equipped with anti sticking charms. 'Child's play.' Raguel said as they walked up to the second floor. 'I have done the same with a riders vehicle allowing them to ride on water and up vertical surfaces.'

Harry reached the second years dorm and pulled out his wand. "Point me Luna Lovegood's bed." his wand spun before pointing at the bed on the left closest to the door. He walked up to the bed and began to pack up Luna's stuff even as other students walked in and tried to stop him.

"You can't just walk in here and take other people's stuff." one student said pointing her wand at him.

"I can't" he said with a tone of surprise. "I thought that was the rule of ravenclaw take other people's stuff who's going to stop you?'"

Harry finished packing up Luna's stuff he walked to the door and the students moved out of his well aware of what happened when someone got in his way. He walked down the stairs back to the common room and straight to the door before stopping.

"One more thing." He drew his wand waved it in a wide arc and several students ducked as the visible wave of magic passed over them. But when they looked down they saw nothing had changed.

Luna felt the spell wash over her and lifted her head off his shoulder from her nap. It was also only now the students saw her as her small form and his large cloak had covered her completely. "Hmm what's going on?" She asked bleary eyed as she began to wake up.

"Just dealing with the nargles." Harry told her patting her on the head.

She yawned and nodded. "Be Careful they have sharp teeth." She warned before laying her head back on his shoulder and going back to sleep.

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