Time for more Mario & Sonic crossover stories! This one is a brand new saga, so it intersects with Mario and Sonic Galaxy Heroes as their other ancestors. Because they're brand different people, that's why I will describe almost every single character physically again in this first story of my saga only. This is of course a FanFiction remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga with Sonic characters added in.

However, my remakes of the Mario & Luigi RPGs will have certain rules: in all of these remakes, the maximum number of main characters joining the party is 5. Of course, some points of my stories will feature more than five characters, but only for the minority of times this will happen. Of course, the first four members are Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails. But what about the fifth one?

That's where the interesting thing comes in: the fifth member will always be a female character, who will work like the guides for our heroes (but that doesn't mean they will replace the other guides). Their looks and appearances will change for each title, and they will play important roles through my stories; they're like the key characters in the stories.

I really hope you'll enjoy this new saga just like many of you enjoyed Galaxy Heroes. And don't forget to review as always!

Let's enjoy with the Superstar Saga story first! ;)

Chapter 1: Stolen Voice

In the Mushroom Kingdom, fireworks were exploding above Peach's Castle as a welcoming party; the Goodwill Ambassador and her assistant both from a faraway kingdom called the Beanbean Kingdom had arrived. They were walking towards the princess, who was sitting on her throne, while passing by the Toad guards wearing white robes and holding trumpets. The Ambassador's assistant was carrying a treasure chest on his arms, which probably was the gift for the princess.

The beloved ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom was a young, sweet woman around in her early 20's with a soft, oval face with large blue eyes and dark blonde eyebrows. She has long, flowing, golden-blonde hair with both V-shaped and fringed bangs, and a single two thin locks framing her face. Her outfit is a floor-length pink gown with puffy sleeves, a high collar, deep pink panniers at the waist and a ruffle of the same color at the hem, with a sapphire brooch, set in gold on her chest. She donned white evening gloves beyond elbow-length on her arms and deep pink high heels on her feet. She also wears a golden crown with two rubies and two sapphires on her head, and on her ears, round earrings of the same color as the brooch.

Her name is Princess Peach. She is a classy, kind, clever and sociable princess with a warm heart and acts unselfishly. She even shows concern and compassion towards her friends and even some of her enemies. Overall, Peach deeply cares so much for her beloved friends, especially the Mario Brothers.

Peach then stands from her throne to hear the Ambassador's speech.

"I wish to improve my kingdom's ties with the Mushroom Kingdom." The Ambassador stated as she bowed down. "I bring a gift from Queen Bean."

Then, her assistant walks towards Princess Peach, showing her the chest. However, as soon as Peach approaches the chest and was about to open it, a strange-looking spring toy popped out of it. The toy opened its mouth and sprayed out some sort of green smoke that covered Peach's whole face, causing all of the Toads to go in shock.

"Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!" the Ambassador suddenly let out a cackle, and reveals her true form as green-skinned witch wearing a purple robe and a pink dress with a puffy collar. The witch raised her arms and lightning was casted inside the castle and even caused the walls to go into a rainbow limbo.

The Toads ran off immediately before the 'assistant' reveals his true form as well: a short green-skinned figure wearing a red robe and round spiral glasses. The figure does a big grin as a special type of helmet falls onto his head and its mouth-shaped vacuum sucks up the smoke that was covering Peach, and it revealed that she was trying to shield her nose from the horrible smell.

Soon, Peach's movements started to become slow, and she eventually faints.

"Eeeyah ha ha ha ha!" the witch cackled again.

Having accomplished what they wanted, the witch and the figure left the castle and into the dark sky.


It was a fine morning outside of Toad Town. At the outside of the Mario Bros' house, we can see someone whistling the Luigi's Mansion theme song while he was peacefully hanging up clothes on the clothesline. He was a slim and tall man of around 25, with a thin face, bright blue eyes, short dark maroon hair, a long round nose and a black smooth mustache. His clothing was a long-sleeved green shirt that tucks under a pair of white gloves with a noticeable collar at the neck, dark blue overalls layered over the shirt with yellow buttons, dark brown work boots with tan bottoms that reach above his ankles, and finally a green cap with a green 'L' insignia adorning his head.

This man was none other than the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom's young brother, Luigi. He was always known as a coward person, who gets scared very easily. He is also extremely worrisome and is considerably self-conscious. But on the good side, he sometimes overcomes his fears and acts brave when necessary, such as when someone he knows is in danger, like his brother. For him, his brother is the most important person in the world.

Soon, he was done hanging the other set of clothes in the clothesline, and speaks for himself:

"Ah, finally! Another set of clothes hanged! I just love how everything here in the Mushroom Kingdom is peaceful and quiet, so I can smell the breeze and hear the birds singing. Now to hang the other set, and…"

Just then, Toad came rushing towards Luigi in a panic state. "Huh? Toad?! What's the matter?" Luigi asked in confusion; why was Toad panicking so much?

"E-E-E-EMERGENCY SITUATION!" Toad shouted freakily.

"What? What are you talking about?" Luigi asked again, still confused.


"Um, no…" Luigi shook his head nervously. "Anyway, I'm kinda busy right now. You should tell this to my brother, he's right inside."

Toad then dashed inside the Mario Bros' house, but that also caused Luigi to spin out after he ran past him.

"Whoooooaa!" he screamed as he was spinning before falling to the ground. "Golly, that speed sure reminds me of a certain someone…"

"MARIOOOOO!" Toad called once he was in. Since nobody responded, he begin to search through the whole house in every room. He found nobody in any of these rooms.

The only room he hasn't checked yet was the bathroom. As he approaches it, he sees that the door was open with steam flowing out, and he could hear someone singing and humming the Super Mario Bros theme.

"Hmm… I hear humming…" Toad said in his thoughts.

He goes inside the bathroom, but then…

"EEEEEEEK!" he shrieked in a high-pitched voice as he saw something that was probably embarrassing for him to look at and came out of the bathroom, his face red as a tomato, and accidentally rams into a wall.

Out of the bathroom came out a man of around 26 with a white towel wrapped around his waist, covering his lower half. He had short brown hair and a long round nose just like Luigi's, but compared physically to his brother, his face was rounder, his eyes were in a lighter shade of blue and his black mustache was ragged.

He was of course Mario, the main hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario is known for being kind, cheerful, playful, courageous and headstrong, but also eager and sometimes cocky in certain occasions. He cares very much about his friends and especially his brother, and he really acts as a good big brother to Luigi, never ever leaving him behind and making sure nothing bad happens to him, since he already knows about his cowardice.

"Okay, what in the world is going on here?" he questioned. He walks by and saw Toad, still with a red face, lying on the ground, motionless. "Toad?"

He then jumps on Toad a couple of times until he finally got a response from him:

"P-P-Princess P-P-Peach… P-P-Princess P-P-Peach…"

Just by hearing these words was enough to make Mario panic a bit; he's already guessing that the princess might be in trouble again. He dashed outside to collect his clothes, possibly the dryer ones, from the clothesline.

But when Mario jumped into the clothesline, Luigi was caught in the middle of this changing process. After about 10 seconds, Mario was fully dressed in his normal attire. What he didn't notice was that his overalls were caught in the clothesline and Luigi has been tied by it in the process and was now being helplessly dragged by his old brother.

At Toad Town…

Sitting by the town's main fountain were two anthropomorphic animals. They were actually spending their vacation together in the Mushroom Kingdom since they came from another world called Mobius.

One of those animals was a blue hedgehog of around 15, with long spikes trailing down from behind his head, cat-like ears, and bright emerald green eyes. He was slightly skinny, with a bare tummy. His arms were peach-skinned like his muzzle and he was wearing short white gloves with folds, white socks showing only their folds and shiny red glossy sneakers with white stripes, gray soles and gold buckles.

He was the hero of Mobius, Sonic. He was basically known for his snarky and cocky attitude, but he was also energetic and easygoing. He has made lots of friendly relationships through his adventures, like Knuckles and Amy Rose. He cares a lot for his friends and gets along well with some of them. But there's one friend that he clearly show a lot of respect and both were very close to each other like if they were brothers like with Mario and Luigi.

This other animal was a yellow fox with two tails of around 8, with blue eyes and a white furred tummy. He was also wearing white gloves like Sonic's, white socks with small gray fasteners and red sneakers with white tips and gray soles.

His name was Tails. He's the closest of a brother to Sonic, who befriended him. He is known as a smart, kind and optimistic fox. As mentioned before, Tails and Sonic are very close to each other, just like how Mario and Luigi are very close to each other too. Coincidentally, they were friends with the Mario Brothers ever since their childhood days. Just like old times, he and Sonic would always pay a visit to the Mushroom Kingdom once a year.

The two were looking at the blue skies and hearing the singing of the birds. At the same time, Tails was looking on a letter in his hands, which was from one of their friends.

"It's nothing like hearing the sounds of birds and the fresh air of the Mushroom Kingdom, right Tails?" Sonic asked his best buddy.

"Yeah, but we still haven't checked this letter yet. You just wanted to leave on the Tornado and completely forgot about the letter." Tails remarked.

"Oh, whoops. So… What does it say?"

Tails then opens the letter and reads:

"It says: 'To Sonic and Tails, I and Cream had invited the rest of our and your friends to a vacation to the Beanbean Kingdom, in which we just took a cruiser from the Mushroom Kingdom's port. Why don't you come here to join with us? From Amy Rose.'"

"Writing letters as always…" Sonic snickered. "Say, I've never heard of this Beanbean Kingdom. I guess it's filled with beans… See what this means? Hey! I even made a rhyme!"

"Oh, Sonic…" Tails chuckled. "Well, how about we ask Princess Peach about the port?"

"Good idea, Tails."

They then made their way to the castle. But then, a Toad stopped on their track and almost bumped into them.

"Whoa! Watch where you're going!" Sonic warned.

"Oh… S-Sonic, I'm s-s-sorry…" the Toad apologized, still shaking in fear.

"Why are you panicking like that? Tell us what happened!" Tails pleaded.

"P-P-Princess Peach's voice is gone…" the Toad answered with stutter.

Those news made Sonic and Tails gasp in shock.

"Peach's voice is gone?!" Tails questioned in horror.

"Y-Yeah! It has been stolen by a weird witch and now Bowser is here to kidnap her!"

"*sigh* of COURSE Bowser would come and crash the party!" Sonic groaned and face palms.

"One of us has already reached the Mario Bros' house to warn them, so they should be at the castle right now." The Toad points at the castle.

"The Mario Brothers? Sonic! Mario and Luigi might need our help!" Tails told him.

"You're right, buddy. Maybe we can help them take down Bowser for once." Sonic replied.

They then rushed inside the castle.

To be continued…

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