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Final Chapter: The End of Traveling

The double doors creek open, the five heroes stepped out of the darkness from behind them and with determined looks on their faces, they made to the throne, where Bowletta was sitting on. She grinned at them and spoke:

"You've done well to make it here! I should have expected as much from the superstars of the Mushroom Kingdom and the speedy team of Mobius!" she jumps off from the throne and creates an earthquake once she landed on the floor. "Unfortunately for you, those who desire to disrupt my plans have very short futures! After conquering the Beanbean Kingdom, I intend to make the Mushroom Kingdom and Mobius mine as well!"

She spits out fireballs out of her mouth, startling the heroes. But this also made the room much more hotter, and the heroes were starting to sweat from the heat.

"My new country has no need for old superstars!" Bowletta grinned evilly. "It will do just fine with only one: the Great Bowletta!"

She breathes fire at the heroes, but they jumped over them. After that, Bowletta shot some fire orbs that stood in place right in front of her. Mario and Luigi took care of the fire orbs with Cyclone Bros and attacked Bowletta afterwards with Chopper Bros.

Suddenly, Bowletta's body turned dark and red, looking the same as Bowser when he does his Mega Strike in Mario Strikers Charged, and sends out giant shooting stars of five different colors: red, green, blue, yellow and pink.

The red ones went for Mario, the green ones went for Luigi, the blue ones went for Sonic, the yellow ones went for Tails and the pink ones went for Flora. All of them managed to knock each of their colored shooting stars back at Bowletta, dealing more damage to her.

Bowletta was still dark even after the attack ended, so Mario and Tails combined their hand powers with mixing fire and wind, in which a torch materialized and its smoke and flames were sent by the wind towards Bowletta, and they blew off her dark texture.

This gave a chance for Flora to attack her with her Seed Bomb attack, leaving her dazed, giving another chance for Luigi and Sonic to finish her by combining their hands powers to create the giant block of ice controlled by the leash of electricity and they made it smash over Bowletta's head.

"GAHH!" Bowletta gagged. "NO! Cursed Mario Bros and Team Sonic! Not again…"

"You know what they say: good always triumphs over bad!" Sonic grinned.

All of a sudden, a Time Bob-omb came out of nowhere and snuck behind the unaware heroes before taking them out. Fortunately, Flora managed to escape it, and was shocked seeing the four friends downed.

"Guys!" she cried out.

"EEYAH HA HA!" Bowletta cackled. "Fools! You let your guards down! Even with all your fancy attacks, you can't beat me!"

Flora watched in horror as Bowletta stomped her way towards the heroes.

"Farewell, you four losers!" she smirked. "It's time you took a nice, relaxing break…IN MY BELLY!"

Bowletta breathes in as much air as she could and to Flora's surprise, she inhaled the unconscious Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails!

"NO!" Flora called out in desperation. "Mario… Luigi… Sonic… Tails… It can't be…," she whimpered silently. "I guess… I guess it's time I put my plan into action!"

Inside Bowletta…

Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails regained consciousness, but they were all feeling very weak and they could be easily KO'd in one hit. They struggled to stand up as they heard Cackletta's voice:

"Are you still conscious? Ugh. You're a persistent team!"

They walked up ahead and were now face to face with Cackletta in her spirit form, more specifically known as Cackletta's Soul.

"I shall dispose of you quickly, and then eat you for lunch!" she blabbed on after cackling.

Cackletta's Soul begins firing an energy orb from her mouth and send it at Mario. Despite being weak, Mario was able to destroy the orb with his hammer. Unfortunately, the heroes didn't have the strength to attack.

"That bomb REALLY gave a beating to us…" Sonic groaned weakly.

"We are way too weak… And I don't have any healing items for us… Is this the end?" Mario whimpered while panting, since he was forced to use his hammer for defense.

Just then, a sparkling pink ball of light came flying down towards the heroes and it spoke, with its light flashing in sync with its words:

"Mario… Luigi… Sonic… Tails… Can you hear me?" it sounded like Flora's voice.

"Flora…?" Mario breathed.

"I came here to help you all. As the guardian of the Beanstar, I called it over to me to grant my desires: to restore all of your health and empower your hand powers."

"Hold on… How come you're able to grant desires if the Beanstar is asleep?" Tails asked.

"You see… Before we went inside to fight Fawful, I secretly called back the Beanstar and told Amy to use her voice to awaken it. Now, let my desire be granted!"

Then, a light green aura surrounded the four heroes as they felt warmth and power surging inside.

"Wow… I feel much better now! Thanks, Flora!" Sonic thanked.

"It was my pleasure. Now, I'll leave the rest to you. Everyone in the Beanbean Kingdom are counting for you. Even me and all of your friends. Save our kingdom from the clutches of Cackletta once and for all! So punish her for good! Good luck!"

With that said, the pink light orb flew upwards and disappeared. Cackletta's Soul wasn't handling the patience and growled:

"What are you four, lazy fools waiting for?! TAKE THIS!"

She made her arms stretch and prepares to latch them at the heroes. Luigi decided to counter them with his thunder power, but for his and everyone's surprise, he generated a giant electrical force field around him and his friends, and when Cackletta's Soul's arms reached for the force field, a lightning bolt struck both hands.

"YEOW!" Cackletta's Soul flinched.

"Whoa! Did I just do that?!" Luigi said surprised.

"Flora wasn't kidding about empowering our hand powers!" Sonic exclaimed.

"If that's the case, let's use them to our advantage!" Mario grinned.

"Yeah!" Tails cheered as he shoved his fist into the air.

Cackletta's Soul snapped her finger, creating a series of flames and small tornadoes that rotated around the heroes. They managed to jump over them, but Cackletta's Soul snapped her finger, this time creating orbs of electricity, sending them towards Luigi, and ice orbs, sending them towards Sonic. Luigi managed to destroy the electric orbs with his hammer and Sonic stomped the ice orbs.

Tails then uses his empowered wind powers, creating a huge tornado that sucked in Cackletta's Soul's arms in and also dealt damage to her head because of the tornado's improved range.

With no arms to attack the heroes, Cackletta's Soul sends out more of those colorful energy balls at the heroes. This time, the balls teleported and appeared over the heroes' heads in the blink of an eye, so they had to act fast in order to destroy them this time. She then tried to fire laser beams from her eyes by stopping time. Unfortunately, all of them were at the ground when she stopped time and they were hit by her laser eyes.

"GRR! This is getting annoying! I better get rid of her head immediately!" Sonic growled.

Willing to get rid of her head quickly, Sonic used his empowered ice power as he was doing a Homing Attack at Cackletta's Soul's head, and he was surrounded by a giant snowflake, destroying the head. Now the only thing that remained in Cackletta's Soul was her chest with her heart exposed.

"Time to end this! Go, empowered Firebrand!" Mario shouted.

With the empowered fire power, Mario ended up doing…the Mario Finale, his Final Smash from the Super Smash Bros series, where he creates two large fireballs from both palms that traveled horizontally in an almost zig-zag pattern. This attack dealt great damage to Cackletta's Soul that it exploded.

Back in the castle…

At the same time when the heroes defeated Cackletta's Soul, Bowletta was starting to act strange. Flora watched in amusement as Bowletta gagged:

"Gahhhh! What? Huh? HEY! What's happening to me?!"

She then barfed out Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails before collapsing to the ground.

"EEYARGH!" she screamed in defeat. "It can't be! Impossible! I… No… How could I… And to this filthy little team! HOW COULD I LOSE?"

"Sonic already told you; good always triumphs over bad." Flora said. "Now, good bye, Cackletta. May you never show up in our kingdom ever again."

Then, Cackletta's dying Soul came out from Bowletta's mouth and vaporized. With Cackletta's Soul out of Bowser's body, he was back to normal, but still unconscious.

"Well, at least Bowser is back to normal now." Mario said.

"Hey!" Peasley's voice came from behind them.

They went up to him as he swings his hair and the screen turning white before speaking:

"Cheers to the superstar group!"

"Big brother! What have you been doing this entire time?" Flora asked.

"I have just finished rigging this castle with an explosive device! We must escape before it blows up and falls from the sky!" Peasley warned. "So make haste! I will meet you at the castle entrance!" he then leaves.

"The castle is about to blow up?! Oh, crap!" Sonic flinched.

"You heard my brother! We must get out of here immediately!" Flora informed. "Hurry!"

They wasted no time and made their mad dash out of Bowser's Castle. They reached the area where Blablanadon was standing.

"H-Hurry! We've gotta get out of this place! Now!" Blablanadon warned.

Mario and Luigi held on to Blablanadon's legs, Sonic held Tails' hands as he takes off by spinning his tails and Flora makes her cape into a balloon and they all flew out of the castle and towards the entrance of Beanbean Castle.

Back at the throne room, sooner after the heroes fled from the castle, Bowser started to wake up.

"…Whoa… Wh-Where am I?" he scratched his head in confusion. "Wh-What have I been doing?"

Suddenly, the whole place begun to shake; it seemed that Peasley's explosive device has reached its countdown limit.

From outside, we can see the airbone castle with its parts exploding before a huge explosion came from the inside. Then, the castle fell into the sea, and Bowser was sent into the air by a water spray before colliding…to the screen, cracking it and he slid down slowly as his castle sunk into the deep waters.


The whole group gathered at the Beanbean Airport, with Mario and his friends standing at the front of the pink airplane while the Beanbean Kingdom's royal family were in front of them.

"Take care, everyone!" Peach bowed. "Please come visit us in the Mushroom Kingdom someday!"

"Princess Peach, you have a fine group of friends. I am quite envious!" Queen Bean smiled as she gently waves her fan on her left hand, since she was holding a scepter on her right.

"Toadsworth!" Lady Lima cried out.

"Lady Lima!" Toadsworth cried back before they both shared a hug.

"Mario Bros! Team Sonic!" Flora exclaimed as she walked to them. "I must thank you all! Despite being a princess and having to guard the Beanstar, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this adventure. I had a lot of fun! My brother is also very thankful for you all. I'll be missing you very much!" she cried in tears of joy in her last sentence.

"Me too, Flora!" Luigi cried as well and he was skipping towards Flora happily until Peasley got in his way and was knocked backwards onto the ground, causing Flora to giggle cutely.

"So accept this gift from me to mark our parting!" he said as he ties up a large white gift with red ribbons on the plane's tail with a chain. Everyone, except for Luigi (since he was knocked down) wondered what could be inside that huge gift.

Once he got back on his feet, Luigi went up to Flora and hugged her while sobbing on her shoulder. Once he pulled off from the hug, Flora gave one final kiss on his nose before she went back with the Beanbean royal family.

Soon, Mario and his friends were inside the plane, having a conversation and laughing together. The screen slowly scrolls to the plane's tail, showing the gift tied up with the chain. Then, the gift's cap popped out, revealing that it was Bowser who was inside the gift, and he let out a sneeze.

We are now seeing the Beanstar flying on the screen before showing us the plane flying over the Beanbean Kingdom's landscape at afternoon, following up by the Hoohoo Mountains, where we see Blablanadon flying in the distance, then Teehee Valley, where some Toads from Little Fungitown, Prince Peasley and Princess Flora on the flying board waving goodbye.

As the sun begins to set, the plane was now flying over the ocean, and Cheep Cheeps were jumping out of the water. Once the plane reached Bowser's other castle, Bowser is dropped off at it and his minions welcome him.

Soon, the plane arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom at night, and as it flies above Toad Town, some Toad houses were sending out laser lights into the skies as a welcoming sign. Finally, the plane lands at Peach's Castle, and fireworks erupt.

Surprisingly enough, it is later shown that a movie of this whole adventure had been made, with the screen zooming out, revealing one of the rooms of the Yoshi Theater where all of the Yoshis that watched the movie were applauding.

"Thank you for reading this story!" the Beanstar said to us.

The End

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