Lorelai Gilmore pulled herself off of the bathroom floor and walked slowly into the bedroom she and Luke had shared for the past two years since they had gotten back together shortly after her daughter Rory's college graduation party. For the past two years, things had been great. Spectacular, even. She had found her way back to the man who had always loved her, her daughter was blazing trails and making a name for herself in the journalism world, her own business was thriving. She was happy. So happy, that the world just had to throw her a curveball, apparently. She picked up her cell phone off of her nightstand and dialed the number to the diner, letting it ring for a few moments before her boyfriend's voice sounded through the line.

"Luke's." He said gruffly.

"Hey, it's me." She said in a shaky voice, sitting down beside the bed.

"Hey, you okay? What's wrong?"

"Yeah, I'm okay. Can you just, uh. Can you just come home please? When it's not busy. I'm sure it's the middle of the breakfast rush now but just when you have a second."

"I'll be there in ten."

"It's not, you don't need to run home. I'm okay." She said unconvincingly.

"Lorelai, whatever has got you this torn-up sounding is a hell of a lot more important to me than the diner. I'll be home in a second."

"I'll see you soon." Lorelai responded weakly, and the line went dead. She paced around her room until she heard the front door swing open, Luke's voice and the clomping of his boots on the floor coming with it.

"Lorelai?" He called.

"Upstairs!" She called back, biting her lip nervously. He swung open the door urgently, crossing the room to be next to her in two strides.

"Hey, what's wrong? Are you okay? Is Rory okay? You've got me worried sick here."

"Luke, breathe. Everyone is okay."

"Then what's got you so upset?" Luke asked, staring into her eyes desperately.

"I, uh. I have something to give to you. We haven't really talked about it, and it's big. If you don't want it, that's fine, and I understand, but I'm not getting rid of it. And that's final."

"Lorelaiā€¦" Luke said, trying to make sense of her nervous ramblings.

"Hold on, I'll be right back." She said, retreating into the bathroom to receive the pregnancy test she'd taken just minutes before. She handed it to him without so much as flinching, but Luke could tell by looking in her eyes just how scared she was.

"So uh, I don't know what all those lines mean, but I'm willing to bet you wouldn't be handing me this if it were negative."

"You'd be correct. And Luke, if you don't want this, I understand. I won't judge you for it. I get it. But I'm keeping it. I can't, not after everything I went through with Rory. I can do this on my-"

Luke cut her off by kissing her, not wanting to hear the rest of her sentence. "'Marry me." He blurted out.


"Marry me, Lorelai. God, your face right now just about killed me. Thinking I would leave you over this. Lorelai, I am never leaving again, you understand that? I will never so much as think about leaving. I want you to be as sure of that as humanly possible."

Lorelai smiled sadly and put a hand on the side of Luke's face.

"Do you really mean all of that?"

"Of course I do." He said, grasping her free hand in one of his.

"That's enough for me." She said simply.

"What?" He asked, confused.

"Luke, you and I don't exactly have the best track records with engagements or marriages, even. Just being with you is enough for me. Knowing that you're all in, that you aren't going to bolt when things get hard."

"I'm all in, Lorelai. I've always been all in." He assured her.

"Good. Does that mean you're happy about-"

"Happy doesn't even begin to cover it. I'm ecstatic. This is all I've ever wanted. To do it the right way from the beginning with the woman I love."

"It's definitely going to be different this time around." Lorelai agreed, looking at her lap. Luke tilted her chin up and kissed her again.

"What's going on in that pretty head of yours?" He asked, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear.

"It's just going to be different. Doing it all with a partner. I was pretty much on my own the first time. Chris never even met Rory's doctor or mine." Lorelai admitted, looking at her lap as if she was ashamed for what Christopher had done.

"It's not going to be like that this time." he promised her. "I'm going to be at every appointment. I'll take any damn class I need to take. I'm going to be the best man possible for you and for our baby."

"God, our baby. Gave me chills." Lorelai smiled up at him.

"Pretty freaking cool, isn't it?" He smiled back.

"Yeah. Pretty freaking cool." She agreed.

"What made you think you might be-"

"I was peeing a lot. I ate a piece of avocado toast yesterday, and I normally hate avocados."

"They're good for you."

"With Rory it was apples."


"I craved them. I kept them in my room it was so bad. I walked around with them in my purse. I crave healthy food when I'm pregnant."

"You mean all this time i've been trying to get you to eat healthy, all I had to do was knock you up?" He teased.

"Seems that way."

"Should have done this years ago," he murmured as he kissed her neck slowly.

"Don't you have a business to get back to?" She teased.

"And leave the mother of my child all alone? Caesar can handle it."

"Good enough for me."

"Like I could really go back there now," he smiled, kissing her again.