So this is a thing I was inspired to do by the song Ah, It's A Wonderful Cat's Life sang by Ashe and Seka. If there is anything that doesn't make sense, or if there's any problems with consistency please ask. I'm still working out all the details for this story and the world it's taking place in. Jeez, who would have thought the first story I had for this fandom wouldn't even be my OTP..? I'm gonna leave a complete(?) list of this story's warnings at the end of this chapter, but I'll probably change that as the story goes on.

Anyways… Here's the story.

Kagami Taiga is sitting in his room, trying to study for his upcoming test when he suddenly hears a loud bang from outside his room, the fluffy black, orange, and white ears perking up and flicking towards the window with a view of the alleyway two floors below. Setting aside his Advanced English textbook Taiga makes his way to the window, looking out to see what had caused the disturbance. He sees a guy about his age and size, wearing a dark hooded jacket covering most of his tanned skin. His short, inky blue hair and matching blue-black ears slimmer and a bit pointier than Kagami's, though, were on full display. He gave off an air of confidence, the the smirk on his stupidly attractive face only adding to it. Kagami slides open the window, bracing his forearms on the sill, and leaning his upper body out. "Oi! Aho! What the hell are you thinking making so much noise so late?" He shouts out to the guy walking just below the window he was leaning out.

"Who the hell are you calling aho, you baka?"

"Hey! Who the hell's a baka? You're the one making so much noise! People are trying to sleep you know!" Kagami shouts out at the dark blunet.

"You're the baka! You're yelling too!" The dark skinned teen yells back. Kagami sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose before reopening his eyes, looking down at the other boy.

"What are you even doing out there? It's late."

"None of your business, priss." He responds after scoffing, like hell he was gonna tell this baka that he was on a sensitive mission for the man he worked for.

"Fine, whatever you say aho. So long as you can shut your stupid mouth."

"Oi! I already told you, you're the baka! You're the one yelling!" He says, speaking much more quietly, though still loud enough to be heard by the redhead with split eyebrows.

Kagami clicks his tongue and turns his head away. "That's just 'cause I wasn't sure if you'd understand any language other than hotheaded aho." Kagami bites out. "A-Anyways… It's like three in the morning in the middle of winter. Do you want to come up and maybe warm up or something?" The redhead offers, not too worried about letting the guy in. Yeah he was lurking around an alleyway in the middle of the night but he didn't seem like the kind of person who would injure someone without good cause.

The tanned male blinks up at the split brow baka. What the hell? What was this guy thinking? Or did he just believe in himself enough to take out a stray, a pureblood? Sure the guy was a bit far to be sure but he didn't smell like a stray… "Dude, I know I'm sexy. Hard to resist, ya know? I get it. But you really shouldn't just invite strangers into your house."

"Hah?" Kagami asks, not quite realising the implications of his own words until they were made clear by the blunette. He gasps, face becoming as red as his own hair and his voice raises to a shout again. "Aho! That's not what I meant! Just… It's cold, I wouldn't want to be out there for long..." The redhead rubs the back of his neck. "So you wanna come up or not?" He repeats his question, crimson eyes intense as he looks at the other teen.

"Eh, I guess." He shrugs before judging the distance to the redhead's window. "You might wanna move..." He says, readying himself to jump.

"What? There's no way you'll make that!" Kagami says even as he takes a couple steps back in compliance to the blunette's request. He couldn't help his, very manly, shriek of surprise when the tanned teen suddenly appears in the window, his hands gripping either side of the frame as he pulls himself in. "What the fuck aho?" He screeches once the blunette had managed to shimmy himself all the way through the window. Kagami takes just a moment to breathe in the new scent that this guy brought in. He had the overpowering scent of a cat but also there was leather and cinnamon and the aho's personal scent below that. Warm and woodsy. This guy smelt too strongly to be one of those turned, a pet, or mixed blood. He was definitely pure stray. "Ah, what's your name?" Kagami asks as he shuts the window behind the blunette who was now glancing curiously around the bland room. Nothing but a bed and a dresser with a couple of photos on it.

"Aomine." Kagami snorts quietly as he gestures for the other teen to follow him. "What the hell's so funny baka?" He asks, glaring daggers into the redhead's back.

"Ahomine." Kagami snorts again before falling into a fit of laughter and leaning against the kitchen counter to keep his balance.

"Shut up, baka!" Aomine growls and when Kagami catches his breath again, he makes his way over to the fridge and takes out the leftover curry he had made earlier.

"Want something to eat?" He offers, holding out the food to punctuate his words.

"Sure." Aomine accepts, only slightly begrudgingly, as he realizes that he is indeed hungry. Heating up the food, Kagami moves around the tidy kitchen to prepare tea. "What's your name?" He asks after a few moments of silence.

"Kagami Taiga." The redhead responds, taking the food from the microwave and stirring it around to evenly distribute the heat before placing it in front of Aomine whose head had snapped up, his intense navy eyes focusing on the other teen as he had moved closer.

"You… You're Kagami Taiga?" He asks, partially unbelieving and partially curious.

"Y-Yes..?" He responds uncertainly, looking up at the blunet. Maybe he shouldn't have let a stranger in after all.

Aomine picks up the fork supplied by Kagami, turning his attention to the curry. It looked good and smelled good but that meant nothing. He pokes at it delicately, picking some of the food up on the prongs and bringing it slowly to his face. He opens his mouth and places the small bit of food on his tongue, closing his eyes and lips as he chews. After swallowing his eyes open again to meet Kagami's, the redhead had begun fidgeting, playing with his fingers as he waited for Aomine to speak, to say something. "This is pretty decent Bakagami! I'm surprised!" He says, shoveling more food into his mouth.

"Wha-" Kagami cuts himself off, refusing to acknowledge the comment as he goes to pull the whistling tea pot off the stove. When Kagami turned his back on the blunet, Aomine put down his fork and took out his phone, sending a short message:

To: Akashi


Found him.

Picking up the metal utensil again, he starts up finishing the curry as Kagami places a cup of tea in front of him. Looking up at the redhead, he allows himself a little smirk, not voicing his thoughts that Kagami Taiga might be a little rough, but overall would make a good housewife.

"Thanks, Bakagami." He says before taking a sip of the tea, smirk still present on his face.

"What'd you just call me, Ahomine?" Kagami shouts, slamming his hands down onto the table.

"Calm down baka. It's too early in the morning for you to be screeching." Aomine responds calmly as his phone vibrates in his pocket.

From: Akashi


Alright, do nothing but keep an eye on him for now Daiki.

To: Akashi


Can do.

After returning the phone to his pocket, Aomine looks up to find a grumbling Kagami sipping at his own cup of tea.

"Did you get kicked out?" The redhead asks once he calmed down again. He knew it wasn't his business what the blunette was doing out so late but he was curious. He wanted to know.

"Hah?" Aomine speaks without thinking. "Why the hell do you think that? Baka."

"Oh, I dunno. Because you're creeping around outside at three in the morning..?" Kagami responds, voice dripping with sarcasm.

Daiki blinks at the tiger, realizing that was a perfectly reasonable response. "Is it really any of your business?" He shoots back, knowing he can't give away why he was wandering around outside Kagami's apartment.

"I guess not… But if you don't have anywhere to stay, I have an empty guest room..." His voice trailed off into a whisper but thanks to his elevated senses, and slightly twitching blue-black ears, the panther could hear him. Aomine sets the fork on the now empty plate and looks at Kagami just a bit strangely, raising an eyebrow. Before he can respond though, the tiger picks up the empty dishes and stalks back toward the kitchen.

To: Akashi


He Invited me to live with him.

What should I do?

From: Akashi


Stay. This is a good opportunity to gain his trust. We need his cooperation.

To: Akashi


Yes, sir!

Getting up from his spot at the table, he walks toward the sound of running water. Pushing past the door, he finds Kagami with his back turned, tail swaying slightly and ears flicking back to follow the sound of Daiki's footsteps. "You know… You shouldn't offer strangers a place to stay. But since you asked so nicely… Sure. I'll stay with you. So long as you can keep your hands to yourself, tiger.~" He says the last bit as flirtatiously as he can, setting his tanned hands on Kagami's hips and leaning in to whisper into his ear. He can feel the shudder go down the redhead's spine as the plate crashed into the sink and the orange and black striped tail wrapped around one of Aomine's legs. He could hear a quiet gasp before Kagami whirled around, face red with anger and embarrassment as he shouts at the blunette.

"Shut the fuck up, Ahomine!"

I'm really sorry if the end of this chapter feels forced, but I couldn't find a way to end this without feeling forced and I didn't want to give you a wall of text… Again, if you have any questions about the consistency or anything at all, go ahead and ask. I'd be happy to answer anything! I'm really sorry, again, if this seems OOC. This is the first story I've written for this fandom. And I was writing this at the same time I was typing up the latest chapter of Scouts and Scales. Soooo…. That probably didn't help…

Story Warnings: Boy x Boy, neko AU, possible mpreg, explicit sexual content, violence, possible character death, general douchebaggery, OOCness, possible mentions of and explicit rape/noncon, scientific experimentation, and also child abuse/neglect.