It was nearing two o'clock in the morning, and Polly couldn't sleep. She'd tossed and turned the entire night, memories tumbling in her mind. She'd sometimes feared, all those years ago, that it had been dreadfully obvious that she had been in love with Ben, but he – nor the Doctor or Jamie – had ever given any sign of noticing her affection. It was only now, late at night, when sleep evaded her, did Polly allow herself the luxury of re-living her time with – her time in the TARDIS.

It had been nearly eleven years since they'd last seen each other, the engagement broken off. She was, Polly reminded herself, happily married to Christopher, and had been for the last eight years. He was, she assumed, still travelling the world on his ship. Perhaps he'd captain his own ship, sailing the seven seas on no one's orders but his own. She hoped that, wherever he was, Ben was happy.

Her midnight musings were interrupted by a large snore beside her. Christopher's hand reached out, obviously unconsciously wanting her in his arms. Polly smiled sadly, lying down, her back to her husband. She loved him dearly, that much was true, but it wasn't the same love that she'd felt for Ben Jackson. Still, she thought, it wasn't fair to hold them to the same standard. She and Ben had seen so much together, had experienced the best and the worst that time and space had to offer. It wasn't Christopher's fault that he hadn't seen the amazing things that she had seen, that he could never understand the universe the way she did. She and Ben had met when they were young, and then they'd seen the stars. Not many couples could say that. Though sometimes she dreamed that he was laying beside her, she loved her husband. But that didn't mean that she could never dream about what might have been.