LaLu week again. Why does it always have to fall on finals? Same problem as last year where I'm not sure when I'll be able to post but I promise I will finish this. I have all of them written out and just have to type them up. I used all the definitions of masquerade for this and I think it is my weakest of the week. I don't own Fairy Tail. This does go with last year's entry.

Let's Go Masquerading

"What do you think shrimp?" Cancer asked holding up a mirror.

Lucy looked at herself with a smirk. Her once long blond hair was now black and in an up do with locks falling down to frame her face. There were blue and white flowers in her hair as well. She had on a blue ball gown with white lace trim, the gown falling off her shoulders slightly.

Every few years there was a special festival held in the town of Sidna. This festival was held because the moon was at its largest. Tonight was the final night of the festival, where they had a masquerade ball outside. Lucy had managed to convince Jason to let her cover the festival and ball. While she would admit she had alterative motives.

She placed her blue and white mask that only covered her eyes on her face. Leaving her quiet in she went out to join the festivities in the town square. Children ran around laughing in their masks. Adults danced, drank and conversed as they hid behind their temporary faces.

Lucy hated this entire pretense but she knew that it was a necessary burden. Jason would flip if he found out she had been hiding such juicy gossip from him. Not to mention what would happen if certain old team members found out…Erza would be angry. Makarov might even appear from wherever he seemed to be hiding. Everything would be blown out of control if she dropped her façade. It was hard enough to keep her secret relationship hidden when Jason talked about who Laxus was caught with. Of course she never revealed to him that it was just her masquerading as someone else.

"Don't you look lovely," a deep voice whispered into her ear.

She smiled and turned to face her lover. He had on a black suite and mask, but anyone would be able to tell that it was him.

He bowed and smirked, "Care to dance?"

"It would be a pleasure," she giggled.

He led her to the dance floor as soft music played. She had to admit this was a lot for them to go through for a date, but being with him was worth it. She laid her head onto his chest. She knew they both hated this façade, but they also knew it was necessary.

"Are you going to be at the Grand Magic Games?" she inquired. She was hoping that they could steal some moments away with all the excitement going on during the games. Or maybe they could reveal that they were dating during that time so there would be some other big news to distract everyone.

Laxus shook his head. "It doesn't feel right competing under another guild's name."

Lucy knew how he felt. Looks like they were going to be keeping this masquerade up for a little longer. "Looks like we'll have to make plans to meet up after."

"So explain this to me again." The blonde asked as she watched her twelve year old twin brother go through her closet.

Layla couldn't go on missions at the moment because she had injured her arm in a recent mission and Wendy wasn't at the guild today. So she was stuck at home. James Justine had stopped by to keep her company. A few minutes Gale, Igneel and Alex had run into the house and up the stairs.

Layla being curious had gone up stairs only to find her brother going through her closet.

"We have a job, but it requires us to masquerade as girls." Alex explained pulling out a scarf.

"And did they raid their sister's closets?" Layla growled. She didn't like people going through her things even her twin. What kind of mission made a twelve year old boy dress like a girl anyway?

"Paige's clothes are too small for Gale, so we went through his Levy's clothes." Alec sighed.

"Whatever," Layla sighed in frustration as she heard the door ring.

When she opened the door she found green eyes tan skinned boy.

"I knew you were messed up BS but shit," Viper chuckled walking in.

"This coming from a snake," Layla growled closing the door. "Dumb and dumber are going on a cross dressing mission with Alex."

"Please tell me you have a camera." Viper chuckled flopping down on the couch.

"I thought you might show up," James said as he entered carrying a tray of tea with three cups.

Layla went to the counter and grabbed the camera with a smirk. "I hope this is just as good as the time Natsu tried to pretend to be Erza."

An hour later three young men came down the stairs and Layla snapped her picture. Cancer worked wonders.

Igneel's hair had grown out to his shoulders. He had on a high collared red dress that clashed with his hair and white boots. Bright pink lipstick and eyeshadow was on his face. Gale looked just as bad with his silver turtle neck sweater dress, bright red lipstick and silver eyeshadow. The only one that didn't look half bad was Alex. His hair was longer and in a high pony tail. He had a long black skirt, green shirt and matching green scarf.

"Did you guys shave your legs?" Layla asked raising an eyebrow. She hoped they hadn't used her razor.

"Please tell me you are burning those clothes." James said with wide eyes.

"With the Arsonist that's a given," Viper chuckled.

"It's just us tonight Imp so what-" Laxus began as he entered the house. His eyes fell upon the three boys and he raised an eyebrow. "What have I told you boys about being here without adult supervision?"

"That is what you're concerned about?" Viper snorted.

Laxus glared at the little snake and then sighed as he walked by Alex. "Do whatever makes you happy son."

Alex's mouth fell open the three on the couch laughed.

"Next time we dress after we leave," Gale growled.

The twins are back. Hope you guys enjoyed.