So almost every chapter has shown what a great father Laxus is or/and the issues that Lucy and Laxus have with their father. I actually had this first half written over a year ago as just a something I wanted to use for a future story. It is a bit light hearted and more humorous than what has been in this story so far. It was inspired by something I keep seeing on Tumbler. This has been an awesome LaLu week.

Best Father Ever and Assassination

Laxus had few memories of his father that were good, most of them just blurred images. Then his father had become a cold power obsessed maniac. Laxus had wanted his father's love and acceptance that he would have done anything. He had tried to prove his worth with the Fantasia event. He had lost the real family he had.

His father had only ever used him. It had taken him forever to realize that everything his father did came from his own desires and selfishness. Everything was about gaining something and had alterative motives. He wouldn't do anything that made him seem weak. He definitely wouldn't be doing what Laxus was going, hell he would be too embarrassed or see it as weak.

Laxus knew Lucy had her own issues with her father. He had used her as little more than a tool. A thing to be bought and sold, something he could use to get what he wanted. When he wasn't using her he would toss her aside and ignore her.

In a way Jude had been like Ivan, but there was one big difference. Jude had realized his mistake and tried to change, he had actually cared about Lucy. Tragically he hadn't been able to make up for the past because they had gotten stuck on that fucking island. Still at least he had made an effort and actually changed, Ivan never would.

Laxus stood in the line of the local store, the woman in front of him making eye contact once and giving him a kind smile. As he placed his two items upon the belt the young clerk smirked and looked at him. Laxus gave him a warning growl and a look that told him if he said a word he would be in pain.

He felt no shame in what he was buying, but he knew it looked odd. A big man like him buying such items was rather odd. Laxus smirked to himself. He was the man, best father in the world. The only person who would get embarrassed or squeamish was a boy and he was no boy, he was a man.

"That all sir?" the young man said.

Laxus nodded. He grabbed his bags and pulled out his lacrima phone. Lucy and Alex had gone on a mother son mission, leaving him and Layla alone. They had enjoyed their time together. They had trained, watched movies, and talked. He even took her to that little ice cream shop she loved so much. Then something had happened last night that stopped everything.

Layla had gotten really bad cramps and her period had come early. His daughter was only eleven and he wasn't prepared for this shit. He had thought she was too young, but Lucy had laughed and told him she was in the right time range. She had gotten it for the first time last month and Lucy had used the last of the tampons last week. The cramps were so bad that right now she was at home; she didn't want to leave her bed.

This left him with the job of getting her tampons and pads. He had also called Lucy who said that she had made an appointment with a doctor a week ago and had set Layla up for birth control. He insisted Layla was too young for birth control, but Lucy said that it would help her.

"Hey Imp, I got the stuff you need." He told her. "You want me to pick up chocolate or ice cream from the shop? Maybe some cookie dough?"

"No, I'm fine." He heard Layla mutter. "Did you get the kind mama and aunt Mira buy?"

"I know they are the brand your mother buys, but I'm not sure what brand Mira buys." Laxus sighed.

"Mira gives them to the girls, they are the same brand," Layla told him. "She hides them places she knows the girls mainly hang out at in the guild."

He would need to have a talk with Mira about that. Though it did explain why he saw Igneel with a tampon in his nose.


"Yes?" Laxus asked. Sometimes he wished he could lightening teleport when he was on the phone.

"You're the man."

Laxus smiled. "Yeah, I'm the man. Love you."

"See you soon."

Laxus hung up and lightening teleported to the front of the house where a dog could be heard barking. He hoped Layla would find a guy who wouldn't be too proud to buy his girlfriend. She needed a man, when he finally decided that she was ready to date. Only the best for his little girl.

A fucking year, that is how long it took them to locate Ivan and his guild. Even with Flare's help things had taken so long. But it had been worth it. Lucy glanced at her fourteen year old son as he summoned Virgo to attack one of the few members of Raven Tail left.

She had to admit that the attack on the Raven Tail guild was going great. They were just finishing up with the main members. Soon all that would be left was Ivan. Even the other guilds had helped out, sending some of their strongest members.

"That's the last of them," Minerva smiled as she came over. They heard thuds coming from upstairs where Ivan had fled when this all started.

Lucy ran upstairs to find a rune barrier, it was surrounding the office. Laxus was attempting to break the barrier as Freed and Rufus attempted to rewrite it so they could get through. Laxus had a panicked look in his eyes. Mira and Gajeel were having what looked like a heated conversation with James and Paige. Iggy and Gale were glaring at their siblings but at the same time they looked worried and disappointed. Rogue and Cobra looked rather anxious too.

Laxus had already informed everyone that Ivan was his to deal with. Lucy was worried he would end up killing Ivan, which she hoped he didn't. Despite all that the bastard had done to them Ivan was still Laxus' father. Laxus would always want his father's love and would be hurt if he killed his father.

"Laxus calm down," Midnight told him. "I'm sure they'll have Ivan's barrier down soon."

"This fucking thing is because of those two!" Cobra yelled gesturing toward James and Paige.

"The kids are in there," Laxus told them.

"Poison dragon's roar!"

"Shadow dragon's roar!"

"Lightening dragon's roar!"

All three young slayers sent their roars at Ivan from three different directions. None of them hit him as he used his dolls to block the attacks.

All the young slayers in their dragon force modes. They were only doing a little bit of damage to Ivan. Every time they got close his stupid dolls got in the way.

Layla lunged at Ivan, landing a few punches. Handling all three of them was harder than he probably thought. Layla couldn't let Ivan keep hurting her family. She wouldn't let anyone hurt the people she loved and who protected her.

"Foolish little fairy princess," Ivan chuckled. "Can't you see how strong you could be? Just leave behind those weak family members. Let me remove the lacrima inside Laxus and put it in you."

Layla growled. Removing the lacrima would kill her father and this bastard didn't even care. His own son! There was no use talking to him and trying to make him see reason. Ivan was too blinded by the desire for power. He didn't care who he stepped on to get what he wanted.

She remembered every visit her family made to the hospital. They gave her strength and love. They were everything to her and she wouldn't let him keep hurting them. Sure they may all fight but they were family. Sure she may want to kill Iggy, but he was family too.

Ivan wasn't family, not really. He didn't even deserve to be called her grandfather. Ivan was a cancer that had to be stopped. She couldn't let her father do it. He had some good memories of Ivan and in the end it would just hurt him. He would feel guilty about taking his father's life.

All three of the dragon slayers continued their assault on Ivan, fighting the way their parents had taught them. They didn't have much time left. Freed and Rufus would figure out the barrier they had James and Paige set up sooner rather than later. They had to end this.

"Poison dragon's sharp horn!" Viper yelled.

"Like children could defeat me!" Ivan laughed as he sent the three slayers flying back. They each slammed into something. Layla slammed into the wall; she heard a crack and felt pain in her leg. More injuries covering their already battered bodies. "Honestly, my son is even more foolish if he thought this would work."

Ivan walked closer to Layla and pulled out a knife. Layla tried to stand but her left leg was broken.

Viper jumped up and tackled Ivan. He then grabbed the knife and shrank it to the size of a tack. Ivan tossed Cobra into the wall next to Layla. He didn't even notice Layla touch her keys.

"Why Laxus married that weak little bitch is beyond me," Ivan spat as he stood back up. "Even if her magic is considered a lost magic, she is still weak and useless."

Layla laughed as Viper got up. "Strength is measured by the love we have and by kindness. You are so blinded by your delusions of power you miss the small things that you deem insignificant."

He didn't notice the light behind him, A girl with short pink hair stood there, on her wrists and ankles were chains. She wore a simple short white tunic and her feet were bare. She was Andromeda, the chained princess, a silver key Layla recently acquired.

Andromeda's chains wrapped around Ivan, making it so he couldn't move. "Princess Lucy helped defeat Zeref she is far from weak!"

Nightshade, who was wearing a black cat costume and standing in the corner, flew at Ivan, landing on his face and scratching him with all she had.

Ivan sent his dolls flying at Andromeda, causing her and her chains to disappear, though he didn't see the spirit wink at her young mistress. He then reached up and pulled the exceed off his face before throwing her. "Pathetic creature."

Viper helped Layla stand, her arm around his shoulder. Nightshade flew into Layla's free arm and Sky appeared on the side Viper wasn't standing on.

"Is Nightshade a good assassin?" Nightshade asked.

Layla nodded and smirked at Ivan.

"And why do you seem so happy?" Ivan growled. "Your pathetic spirit failed."

"You are so blind," Layla told him with a laugh. "The magic you deemed weak is what got us through your members and in here. My spirit didn't fail. That magic and the creature you deemed weak are what have defeated you."

Ivan laughed, took a step forward and then fell to the ground unable to move.

"Nightshade's claws had a special poison mixture of my own invention," Viper smirked. "Right now it is paralyzing you."

The door burst open. Laxus, Cobra, Brandish, Lucy, and Rogue rushed in ready to fight. Rogue was already in dragon force mode. Each of the parents looked around and then rushed to their children.

Laxus quickly scooped his daughter in his arms, holding her bridal style. "It's over papa."

Laxus looked at his daughter with wide eyes full of concern. Rogue fussed over Sky who was trying to calm her overprotective father down. Cobra looked at his son with pride as Brandish began reprimanding her son for doing something so stupid and dangerous.

"They poisoned him," Gajeel said upon entering. "We heard that, unless Viper or Cobra take care of the poison he'll die. That means they'll be arrested."

"They're children!" Lucy yelled moving in front of her daughter. Nightshade flew into Alex's arms.

"They attempted to kill someone bunny!" Gajeel yelled.

"Who said the toxin was deadly?" Cobra asked.

At that moment Ivan began to scream.

"There's the fear," Layla giggled.

"The poison just paralyzes him for a few days, it also has the nasty effect of making him hallucinate his worst fears for a few hours." Viper explained. "He isn't going to die unless it is a heart attack."

"He got off on intimidation and fear, we thought we would return the favor," Layla shrugged as she watched Ivan scream. "See how he likes being weak and helpless."

Brandish walked over and shrank Ivan. She then picked him up and placed him in a cage fireflies. "Too good for him if you ask me."

Hours later Ivan was in jail, still tiny. Wendy had healed everyone except the kids involved in Layla's plan. James, Paige, Viper, Sky, and Layla were in the infirmary. Layla was sitting on the bed with her leg in a cast. Freed, Gajeel, Cobra, and Laxus glared at their children. Their wives were outside attending to their other kids.

Layla had taken full responsibility for everything, explaining that it was her plan. The others argued that they had willingly gone along with it. She explained that she couldn't stand seeing Ivan torture the guild anymore and she wanted penance for what he did to Alex.

"You didn't include anyone else?" Gajeel asked. "Not even Gale and Iggy?"

They all shook their head.

"We were afraid they wouldn't follow the plan," Paige told her father.

"You put everyone in danger!" Laxus boomed.

"I had a plan," Layla yelled back.

"Her backup plans had backup plans," Sky agreed, she glared at her father. "Besides we volunteered."

"What if one of you had gotten scratched by the poison instead?" Rogue asked.

"We've been building up an immunity to it for most of the year," James said.

"That's what you've been doing in your room, mixing poison." Cobra smirked giving his son a look of approval.

"How long have you been planning this?" Laxus asked looking at his daughter.

"Since Alex got hurt, we've been building a tolerance since GG died. I know that Ivan broke his heart, even if he hid it. Ivan caused us all so much pain and it had to end. "We knew what we were doing and I was prepared to make sure everyone got out of there alive, even if it meant I didn't."

Laxus sighed. A part of him was proud of his daughter for coming up with such a well thought out plan and for taking responsibility for her team. "No missions for two weeks and none of you are being healed by Wendy. And stop training Nightshade to be an assassin."

"We aren't," Layla told him as they left the room. "She just insists that she could be."

GG was Layla's nickname for Makarov, meaning great grandpa. The exceed assassin thing is an idea I got from watching a group cosplay. Their idea was that since Fro kept getting lost and ending up at Fairy Tail they might as well make him a member and send him on jobs, some of which are assassination jobs (since Fro is already a member of another guild he can't be a part of Fairy Tail meaning they aren't technically responsible if he gets caught).

Ivan had to be taken care of and I didn't want to kill him. I always felt that Laxus already had his triumph moment against him and it only felt right to have Layla do it. For those wondering the order of events that happened during that thirteenth year of the twin's lives: Alex got hurt from Ivan, Makarov died, and then Layla became S class. The S class event happened in Shocking the Stars.