Iris gently plucked the flower from the earthy crack in the mountain. She lifted the purple and white blossom to her eye. Smiling, she tenderly placed the flower in the side pocket of her woven satchel. Suddenly, she heard voices in the distance, hunching down closer to the floor of the mountain ledge. Her Rainwing scales melted from pale purple to a stone gray, spotted with pure white, rock and snow. The same color as the mountain.

She slowly looked to the sky, the voices she had heard was a Skywing patrol. They flew leisurely across the mountain; eventually turning along the border of the frothing Diamond Spray Delta. As the Skywings became red specks in the distance Iris's scales began fading back into a soft purple.

She spread her wings a jumped off the ledge, descending into the forest below.

By the time Iris was tree gliding through the rainforest it had been night for a long while. She didn't like being out in the rainforest at night, the fact that a place once full of color and light can become so drained and dark in a few hours just didn't sit right with her.

As she was trying to ignore the darkness closing in around her, she saw a large lump in the distance. At first she thought it was a sleeping orangutan, it was a similar shape. The shadowy figure was resting on a tree branch, Iris alighted on the trunk of the same tree. Her eyes strained to see what it was in the pitch darkness, it was much too big to be an orangutan.

Suddenly a loud rippling snore came from the shape. Iris smiled, she recognized that snore; she had slept in the same hut as that snore for her entire life.

"JAMBU!" she roared joyfully, tackling her brother in a hug.

Jambu jolted awake, his solid black scales slamming into to purple with bright orange spots. He shook his head, as if clearing away the tiredness. "Iris! You're back! I was waiting up for you!"

Iris laughed, "Oh really? Do you call sitting with your eyes closed waiting up for me?"

Jumbu frowned, "Did I fall asleep?" He looked around, as if registering his surroundings for the first time. "When did it get so dark?"

Iris turned a sunny yellow, "Forget it, did anything exciting happen while I was gone?" Iris doubted notable things ever happened in the rainforest, but she knew her brother, everything was exciting to him.

Jambu brightened immediately, "Oh yes, so many things! Bromelaid found a new type of berry on the forest floor, it's white and feels like raindrops in your mouth. Coconut challenged Macaw to a sleeping contest; you know, who can sleep the longest. And guess-"

Iris held up a talon, "Tell me while we glide Jambu."

They jumped off the tree in synchronization, gripping the next branch with their tails and swinging themselves forward. Jambu prattled on about every single thing that had happened in the rainforest since Iris had left two days ago, and she in turn told him about everything that had happened to her. Jambu loved her stories.

"You know, you could come with me sometime." Iris said, secretly hoping he would say no. It's not that she didn't love her brother, but she was pretty sure Jambu would never make it outside of the rainforest.

Jambu looked taken aback, a stripe of acid green shot through his scales, "Leave the rainforest? Why? I still don't understand why you do it."

Iris shrugged, "It's your choice." She spread her wings wide and slowly soared down onto the wooden platform outside their shared hut.

Jambu landed next to her, "Loris made another batch of marmalade, I know you love that stuff. We can fly over there tomorrow and get some." He finished speaking with a yawn, his excitement wearing off.

"Goodnight Jambu." Iris said softly as her brother plodded off to his side of the hut. The hut was cut in half, each dragon had their own room. She went around the corner and entered her half. Iris's room was built the same as Jambu's, but that was where the similarities ended. While Jambu's room was a pile of soft leaves with random 'treasures' thrown around, Iris' room had shelf upon shelf of labeled jars and specimens, with a hammock in the corner.

Iris used to barely sleep in that hammock when she was younger, staying up all night painstakingly writing out little notes in her best handwriting, or teaching herself to read, or making star charts; Jambu finally had to give her a bedtime after he found her passed out in a pile of leaves and homemade ink. Of course the bedtime rule eventually faded as she got older and began venturing farther out of the rainforest, but Jambu still had to make her go to bed sometimes.

Iris hung her satchel on the hook by the door, and crawled into her hammock. She reached a talon to the ceiling and felt another claw brush hers. Something furry slowly crawled down her forearm, eventually wrapping it's soft arms around her neck. Iris held her sloth's claw, but felt a strange lump. Reaching under her hammock and feeling around in the darkness she grasped a jar. She lifted it up above her head, it was a jar full of glowworms.

Using them as a light, she pulled the lump from her sloth. It was a small parcel made of leaves. She reached inside and pulled out a minuscule piece of scroll, it read:

Meet me IMMEDIATELY, same place, same time.

Iris shot up out of her hammock, she quickly removed the sloth off of her neck and set her on a shelf. The note still gripped tightly in her hand she pulled the satchel off the wall, the dragonet rushed around the room throwing several strange items in the bag before rushing to the door.

She stopped suddenly, throwing the note towards the floor. Her jaw unhinged, not unlike a cobra, and two flecks of venom spewed from her fangs. They hit the piece of paper mid-air. Her scales dissipated into the night as she took to the sky.

The note dissolved before it hit the floor.

SO MANY MYSTERIES! But wich do we solve first?