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Day 1: Masquerade~

Lucy looked down and smoothed out the wrinkles in her dress. She hummed softly and looked around the ball room. Her father decided to throw a ball in the honor of her turning 18. It was something she wasn't she would do for herself, way to extravagant. She had a sneaking feeling her father was just doing this to find her a husband. She knew the Heartfilia family was losing money.

Her father was going to have to make her marry some old rich guy just for their money. She sighed and looked back at her ball gown. She had to admit it was beautiful, it was like the ocean. Whenever she moved it was like waves. The top of the dress was a deep,almost black blue and fade down until the ends were a baby blue. It was one thick strap and had little embellishments of stones into the fabric, shining in just the right lights. Her hair was pulled up in a elegant messy bun, holding the strings of her gem mask to her face. It has intricate swirls that intertwined with each other, only exposing her eyes and lower face.

Her father called her attention over to him. He was standing their with a very handsome man with blonde spiky hair. He looked to be a little older than her. He was tall, even taller than her father and rather wide. His muscles were obvious, even through a suit. As she walked closer she kept studying the man. She could see his hair was a darker shade of blonde then her hair, more of a gold. He had a scar on her face, making her rather curious how he could have gotten it. Finally he looked up to meet her eyes. They reminded her of the calm skies before a fierce storm. Lucy somehow got the feeling that you could see a rather violent storm in his eyes. His face was mostly covered by a simple black mask though.

She curtsied deeply when she walked up to the men. Jude heartfilia's eyes were judging everything about her when she moved. "Lucy, this is Mr. Dreyar. Grandson of Makarov. He was very interested in meeting you" her father said bluntly. Lucy nodded and looked at the man "Nice to meet you Mr. Dreyar, it's a pleasure to see you at my party."

The man studied her and offered his arm to her "let us dance ms heartfilia". She blushed but nodded, wrapping her arm with his as they walked out onto the ballroom floor. Once in the center she put her hand in his and her other on his upper arm. She couldn't quiet reach his shoulder. She felt his big hand firmly placed on her waist and they began to waltz around the ballroom. She let him lead and she expertly followed the steps she practiced since she was a little girl.

"Your father tells me this is a party to find you a husband" He said gruffly, looking above her head,not actually at her. She shook her head and looked down "Unfortunately so" She sighed as she was twirled in his arms. She could feel the eyes of the people around them watching closely. She was rather confused why they would all be watching them.

He nodded "I understand, my grandfather is trying to make me find a wife" Lucy looked at him curiously. "It seems he found me one though." He said while looking down, meeting her eyes. She tilted her head in confusion before it clicked. "So my father and your grandfather arranged for us to be married I see?" He nodded in confirmation and dipped her low. "I am supposed to be giving you a ring tonight, they're waiting for it" He whispered in her ear.

She blushed brightly "tonight?" she mumbled and her step faltered but he easily covered with her. "Are you nervous?" He asked when he straightened them up. She couldn't help but nod. He sighed "I'm terribly sorry but it could be worst. At least I'm not an old man right?" he tried to joke with her. She only bit her lip and looked away "I don't even know your name. I know nothing about you and yet I am to be engaged to you."

She was turned away when she heard him "Laxus". She was turned back around as their dancing continued "Huh?" She asked confused. Usually Lucy was very bright, known for her intelligence but right now her mind was just too rattled with so many thoughts. "My name is Laxus" he said again. The music stopped and they stopped back in the middle of the dance floor. Her stomach dropped when she realized Laxus was now in front of her on one knee.

"Lucy Heartfilia, will you please do me the honor of becoming my wife" He asked as he produced a box from his pocket. He opened it to show a beautiful golden ring with a stone that was a clash of yellow and blue. She gasped and could feel the tears running down her face. She had no control over them. "Yes" She whispered, knowing she would do a great dishonor if she didn't say yes. He gave what was a clearly fake smile. He slipped a ring on her finger and stood up.

He grabbed her around the waist and dipped her "I'm sorry about this" He said before leaning in and smashing their lips together. She gasped against them but could only hear people cheering for them. She looked around to see people in ball gowns and suits with masks cheering for them. He grabbed her hand, intertwining their fingers. "Wave" he mumbled and she did as she was told.

The rest of the party was filled with dancing, cheering, congratulations from people, and her never leaving his side for a moment. She had to admit, he wasn't a monster. Honestly he could have been so much worse, she just couldn't believe her father married her off the moment she turned 18.

They wouldn't be married right away of course, there was still a wedding to plan. She just didn't know how she was going to deal with it all. Soon the party was over, the guests all gone except for her, Laxus, her father, and Makarov, Laxus' grandfather. His grandfather was actually very sweet, she wouldn't mind being his family.

She finally got to sit down. She groaned in pain and took off her heels, letting them fall to the ground. "Lucy!" Her father yelled and she shot up. He scolded her "You must still act like a lady" He frowned. Before she respond, Laxus stepped in "Lucy, why don't I escort you to your room"

She sighed but nodded. She picked up her shoes but there was no way they were going back on. She was in a big ball gown, no one would realize she wasn't wearing shoes. She linked her arm with Laxus and started walking up the stairs of their manor. Soon she was to the outside of her door. She turned to him and he looked a little awkward."uh goodnight" he rubbed the back of his neck. She nodded softly "Goodnight Laxus" She smiled softly.

She turned to her room but a hand on her shoulder made her stop. She went to turn back to question him when their lips met again. He smirked at her before turning away. He threw his hand up in the air and half-ass wave as he walked down the hall. Her hand went to touch her lips in shock, she could have swore she felt electricity.

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