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Day 2: War

It had been one month since they had been engaged. The word spread throughout their country like wildfire. She was getting congratulations letters everyday, even presents. She couldn't really believe it. Laxus had decided to stay with them, learning about his son to be wife. She had to admit, he wasn't horrible. He listened to what she had to say, something no male had ever done before. He studied her as she did her normal activities such as reading, drawing, and writing. He mentioned that the Fairy Tail manor had quite a huge library that he was going to have to show her.

A little part of her was happy that he was actually taking an interest in her and making an effort. She felt like not many men would actually do this for her. He talked about his home a lot when he actually talked to her. He mentioned things like the gardens and a pool. How his home was always filled with people his grandfather would take it. He would adopt abandoned children, giving them a place to stay and study. In exchange they would train for his military, which the children would happily do. They were like a huge family and everyone was equal there.

Even Laxus was trained to be in the military, having his own team and becoming a S-class commanding sergeant. She was impressed he was actually such an important man and not just a rich brat. Lucy was actually getting excited to go see the Fairy Tail manor. It sounded so different from where she grew up. Laxus wouldn't reveal though how he had become so strong in the military or how he had gotten his scars. She could obviously feel his magical energy, she wasn't stupid. It was enough to command a room, it was no question her husband to be was powerful. Magic hadn't been allowed in their room since Lucy's mother had passed away.

Layla had been a strong mage, fantastic at her craft as she passed it down to her only child. Even though Lucy had magic, it was always kept a secret from everyone. Anyone who knew she could do celestial magic was instantly fired expect for a few people who were high up enough, such as her father's advisers. Lucy still practiced in secret, her mother left her notes that she studied. She even had a few keys that were her mother's. It wasn't much but her magic was the only thing left she had to connect her with her mother.

Without the years of practice she should have gotten, her magical presence with little to nothing. She wondered if Laxus could even feel it over the weight of his. She often wondered if she could practice freely once they were married. She didn't think he would stop her, but she could have been wrong. She studied Laxus curiously as they sat in the garden. Her father and him discussing matters she wasn't in the least bit interested in. She looked down at the sketch book in her hands, seeing the man before her on the pages. She captured his likeness down to the littlest detail. Even his stormy eyes looked like they were staring into her soul, much like the real ones do.

Suddenly the doors slammed open and in came a running man in a uniform. She noticed the crest on it was the one of Laxus' home. The man had long green hair, even longer than hers. He had piercing blue eyes with a freckle right under his left eye. He was handsome in an exotic way, she had never seen someone who looked like him. Even his uniform made him look sophisticated. She noticed he had a sword on his hip and looked like he shouldn't really belong on the battlefield. Lucy had a feeling that even though he looked soft, this man could take down armies with a blink of his eyes.

He was panting as he stood in front of Laxus, trying to catch his breath. He had clearly ran from where he came. Once he composed himself he stood before them "Excuse my interruption but Laxus you are needed home at once". The frown was clear on Laxus' face as he stood up. "Freed, what is this all about?" He crossed his arms across his huge chest and staring down at the man. Whereas most people would be intimidated by such a strong mage, Freed didn't even flinch. Laxus told her about freed, his right hand man. He was the squad leader of the thunder legion, the special team that was under Laxus' control. It made sense why Freed could not be taken to his knees just by Laxus' stare.

Freed rattled off quickly that Fiore had been attacked and his father needed him instantly. He was called out to battle. Lucy couldn't help but gasp as she realized he was being called to war. "That will be all Freed, I'll take my leave for home tonight" Freed nodded and bowed deeply. She stood up, holding her sketch book to her chest as she stared at Laxus.

"Jude, could you please excuse me and Lucy, I think we need to talk" Her father nodded and waved them off. Laxus walked over to her and gently took her arm in his hand. He guided her through the halls of her home as she stared down at her feet. She had never been in war, their household stayed out of it usually but she couldn't do that anymore. She was going to be married to the future head of Fairy Tail. She couldn't ignore political affairs anymore. There was no more hiding in her room as others were at war. Of course she cared for the people they ruled over, volunteering with them and helping when she could but that wouldn't fly there and she knew that.

Lucy was going to have to be involved in the bloody mess that was Fiore and the warring states. Before she knew it they were out in her garden. It use to be her mother's but responsibility was transferred to her. She didn't change anything with it though, loving her mother's taste in the finer things. He led her to the fountain and made her sit on the edge. He knelt down in front of her, taking her hands in his. He made her meet his eyes "Lucy" He whispered.

She bit her lip, not understanding why she was so sad. It wasn't as if they were married yet, or that she even loved him. And yet him leaving felt so wrong to her. Lucy was concerned of course of him getting hurt but he was strong and could handle himself. She cared for him, she would admit that to herself, liking herself in his presence this last month.

He sighed and pat her hand "This won't affect the arrangement, we'll still be married but I'm afraid I have to go fight. My grandfather called for me personally, he wouldn't do that unless it was important. She nodded and looked back down, avoiding his eyes and trying to blink away tears. "Lucy, will you return to fairy tail with me?" he asked and her head shot up. He held her eyes as he spoke "It would be good for my grandfather and the others. They would love to met you and honestly, I don't want to leave you here" He whispered the last part and she could have swore he blushed but by the time she blinked it was gone.

She stared into his eyes, watching the storm in his eyes swirl with an emotion she couldn't pinpoint. She nodded gently "Alright, I'll go with you" She whispered and she saw him give a cocky smirk before standing up. "Then we should go pack, the ride home will take a day's travel." She stood with him and nodded "I shall pack then" She gave a small smile and grabbed her notebook. As they walked back inside he started telling her about the people she would meet. "There is a girl there named Levy, she is around your age and an even bigger book worm then you. She is a strategist like Freed, only she works from the manor not the battle field. I have a feeling you'll become good friends." He trailed off talking about more people she would meet and she hug on his every word as they walked to her room.

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