Chapter 1

Hermione was going to stay with her uncle Tony after she was done with school.

Hermione POV

Hello my name is Hermione and this is my story.

I am about to start my 7th year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. My world was turned upside down. Before school started I found out everyone I know except the head master, Professor McGonagall, Tonks and Remus did not want anything to do with me. My so called best friends and family turned their backs on me. Earlier in the summer I found out from my folks that they did not want anything to do with me anymore. They said I was a freak and they hated me so after that I left to go to the Burrow to see if I could stay with them only to find out that even that they don't want anything to do with me. They said that only reason why they were nice to me before was because of the war and they felt sorry for me. They no longer wanted me around so I left. I was shocked and heartbroken. When I apperated away I broke down. I had never felt so low.

When I composed myself, I went to 12 Grimwald place to see if I could stay with Harry and his god father only to find out even they did not want anything to do with me. This betrayal hurt like a physical stab. I had always been there for Harry. I thought of him like a brother. The only reason they tolerated me was because they had pitied me. I was humiliated and was so upset I could barely apperate. I sunk down onto the dirty ally floor. I heard the noise around me but it was at a distance. I stared blankly at the brick wall in front of me. Was I cursed? Was this Voldemort 's revenge for me helping Harry? Suddenly anger filled me well screw him, screw all of them! After all I had done for everyone. I would start over somewhere. I would find real friends who appreciated me. I would change the world on my own. Everyone else be damned. When I got to Leaky Cauldron I asked Tom to give me a room for the rest of the summer. When I got up to my room I sent letter to Remus, Tonks, and my uncle Tony.

The first letter I sent off was to Remus and Tonks to see if they thought like the rest of them. I started the letter like this.

Dear Remus and Tonks

Hi it's Hermione

I just wanted to see how you guys are doing and to see if you guys wanted and thing to do with me. It seems like everyone I know doesn't want anything to do with me and I want to know if you guys will do the same to me. I don't understand what is going on. By the way how is Teddy? Hope you both are doing well.

love Mia

After I got done with their letter I sent one off to my uncle Tony to see if I could stay with him after I got done with school, and to see if I could come over for Christmas this year. I wrote.

Dear Uncle Tony

It is Mia I wanted to know if I could stay with you because of everything that has happened over here. It started with my parents they said I needed to leave and I could not get any of my clothing or anything but what I had on me or in my bag. I will get a job for the rest of the summer. I hope you will let me stay with you. I want to start over and I think moving is the best way. I need to let go of everyone here. They obviously never cared about me. I promise to not be a pest. I hope you will let me stay with you. I am staying in Britain to finish school so I won't arrive until next summer. Write soon.

love Mia

After I got done with the letter I went to Diagon Ally to go to Eyelops Owl Emporium. I picked up an owl for myself it cost me 20 gallons. I sent out my letters then I went to see if I could find a job. I first went to Florish and Blotts to see if I could get a job there. I had always been comforted by books. I loved the smell of books and the feel of them in my hand. Books made me feel like I could do anything. They provided comfort, escape, and knowledge. I went to see the store owner she was a nice old lady and she said I could get the job for the summer it would be 20 gallons an hour. It would be 6 days a week as she did not open on Sunday and I would start today.

She told me that I would have to shelve the books after I got that done I would go up front and work there for the rest of the day. After I was done working for the day I went back to the cauldron for the night. When I got into the pub I decided to order food. I needed to eat I had a bad habit of skipping meals. I would get too caught up in a book or too stressed. I had a ham sandwich and a butternut squash soup. After I got done eating I went up to my room and saw that my owl I had named Snow Storm was not back yet with a letter from anyone. There was an owl that I had seen before it was Tonks owl I fed it and took the letter it had for me. It said that they did not agree with everyone else. They told me they loved me like a kid sister and they would talk to the others to find out if they were kidding. If they were not, then they would not talk to them anymore. They were as mystified as I was to the cause of this behavior. They were horrified at the Weasly's, Harry and Sirius behavior. Remus said he would be having a stern talk to his friend and Harry. My parents at least I somewhat understood. My parents had evidently never really liked me being a witch. They had tried but I think me obliviating them was the last straw.

After I read that I got ready for bed feeling slightly better. In the morning, I would get more clothing before I went into work at the book store for the day. I had gotten money from the ministry as a reward for my part in the war. I was glad I had accepted it if I hadn't I would be homeless and starving.

Tony POV

The day started out like any other day. I was working in my lab updating my iron man suit when suddenly I saw an owl come to me. When it got to the window I let it in. I saw it had a letter from my niece asking if she could stay with me because of what happened there. The letter also said that her parents don't want anything to do with her and they called her a freak and they would not give her anything but what she had on her back and in her bag.

When I read that I got really mad at my sister and her husband for how they treating my only niece. How dare they!? Hermione could do magic that was a gift. An amazing gift at that. I had artificial powers while she had real power. After I re read everything then I sent my own letter saying that she could stay with me at the Tower and there were others that lived with me if she did not mind them. Before I sent the letter off I called Fury to talk to him to see if he minded if Mia could stay here. When he answered the phone, he asked me what I needed and I asked him if my niece could come and stay with me. Of course I would do what I wanted anyway but I tried to play nice. I told him all about the letter she sent me after I got done he said that it would be all right and he wanted to see her after she got done with school. He wondered if she would join S.H.E.L.D I said I would aske her in the letter I wrote to her.

He hung up the phone with me I got my letter and asked her what Fury wanted me to ask her then I sent it off with her owl. After the owl left I went downstairs to the living room to tell everyone that my niece was going to stay with us because of problems she was having over in London. They all said it was alright with them if she wanted to stay with us. After we got done talking we went in to the dining room to eat dinner. After we got done eating I went up to my room to sleep.