It was a dare that lead her deep into Mt. Ebott and deep into snow. My gosh it was cold out here. Ariel had been on a trip with some of her college friends while on summer break. A friend of hers had talked a bunch of them including her into visiting this ski lodge up on Mt. Ebott, and she decided that she only had one life so she might as well have some fun now.

On their second night at the ski lodge her buds had decided to play a game of truth or dare and being that some of her friends knew she had a huge crush on Bobby, who was also with them on the trip, she knew that at some point they would ask her to say who she likes, so she stuck with dares just to be safe.

This dare however had her climbing much further up Mt. Ebott than tourists were supposed to due to danger signs. Legend has it that many people who have climbed too far up the mountain or go too deep into it will never return. This is true as people have come to this mountain on trips and end up getting lost. Ariel's mission was to travel into the mountain and find a skull of a missing person or some kind of proof that she had traveled deep into the mountain.

On the one hand she had always been the kind of girl to stay on the safe side of things due to all the crime shows she watched as a kid. She was a firm believer in bad things happening in reckless situations than good ones as portrayed in adventure books. But being too safe had caused her to feel like she was missing out in life, so here she was traveling into a cave she found up the way.

The opening was huge and icy. She was a bit worried that the ice picks on the ceiling would fall on her, but she kept walking. All she needed was proof of her being there, that's all. The flashlight she had gotten out was going out and it was dark. Within a few seconds it went from light to dark and she was terrified, because as soon as it did she started hearing voices.

It sounded like moaning or whispers.

"Uhhh…" she whimpered in fear. Her voice was shaking in the darkness.

A moan was heard in the distance and she decided to hightail it out of there only she turned and tripped over something, a rockm a creature, she didn't know. Down she fell. For a moment her mind was reminded of 'Alice in Wonderland' since she seemed to be falling for forever. Until finally she reached the ground, knocking her unconscious.