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The first thing Harry felt was the cold. Bone chilling, blood freezing cold that ignore the feeble layers of clothing he wore and stretched its icy fingers deep inside him. He accepted it. He revelled in it.

The cold would never harm him.

Then Harry noticed the snow, stretching out as far as the eye could see, painting the hills and distant tree lines in cleansing white. Standing shakily he looked around, eyes bright and curious even as a small part of him questioned how he managed to get from his cardboard to an unknown location.

The thought was dismissed.

He was away from his relatives, in a place of snow and ice and cold. Like a dream world. So he didn't care about the small details like how he got there.

Maybe he had fallen asleep without noticing.

Turning his empty eyes to the sun rising above a distant tree line Harry began the long trudge towards shelter, barely noticing that his bare feet never once sank into the snow.

He never expected them to, filled with a kind of childish belief that the snow and ice and cold would never intentionally harm him.

Especially in his dream.

In a way he was right.

So Harry walked on, bare feet walking over the snow as though it was as hard as rock, ignoring the small voice in his head that said he should be panicking, should be looking for a way back, should be doing anything except calmly walking towards an unknown location in an unknown land in temperatures that should have left him hypothermic by now.

Ignoring it all he continued towards the trees with a kind of exuberance, almost joyful tone in his steps that was far from the normal dragging on his feet.

He didn't know how but he was no longer in his relatives, he was surround by snow and cold and now he just needed to find somewhere to sleep to heal his bruised and battered body. If it was a dream he may as well make the most of it.

Moving at a constant pass, faster than he would normally move, driven by the knowledge that this was a dream, but still hampered by his beaten and bruised body that somehow followed him even into his own mind, he reached the tree line in a matter of minutes.

And stopped.

Something was wrong, the eerie sense that he shouldn't be here, that he was in danger, the desperate feeing that he needed to escape. He crushed the feeling. This was supposed to be his dream, nothing was meant to be able…


His thoughts were interrupted by an earth shattering, ear splitting roar, full of fury and malice and unspeakable, uncontainable hatred for all creation.

His body froze, terror shooting through him, trying desperately to move, to run, to escape, to do anything to get as far, far away from the origin of that roar as possible. Harry spun, shattering the terrors hold on his body and turning to flee, ignoring his aching body as he turned tail.

The earth exploded, snow and dirt exploding outwards as a massive, armoured, clawed hand slammed into the snow he stood on mere moments ago, trees snapping and buckling as an immense form slammed through them even as Harry tumbled head over heel into the open fields beyond the tree line.

Suddenly, he wasn't so sure that this was a dream.

Struggling to his feet once more, studiously ignoring the pain of his already battered body and spinning around as he scrambled away, turning to look at his aggressor just in time to see it stepped clear of the tree line.

Harry's mouth dropped open and he froze with eyes wide as he looked at the monstrous behemoth before him.

It was massive, standing on two armoured legs at well over thirty meters tall, the terrible lovechild of a dragon and a beetle.

The creature's bulky form was covered from head to toe in a thick, white carapace, a massive hump on its back and claws as large as him on each fingertip. A long, blue antennae like structure hung down from each side of it armoured head, reaching past it gaping, tooth filled mouth.

The creature lifted one of its arms up above its head and Harry suddenly remembered that it was in fact trying to kill him and that he couldn't get up fast enough.

The arm swung down and Harry closed his eyes tightly, fear flooding every fibre of his being as he realised he was going to die, he was doing to diediediediediedie and he don't want to die but he was going to anyway and he was going to diediediediediediediediediediediediedie and he wanted to live!

An echoing crunch rang out through the snowy fields, the sound of something large and solid slamming into something equally large and solid.

Harry began to uncurl from the foetal position he had taken, squinting up in the direction of his attacker as he realised he was, in fact, alive and not a bloody smear on the ground below the snow.

His eyes snapped open wide as he stared up at the sight before him.

The behemoths arm had been blocked mere metres away, pushing fruitlessly against a three metre thick wall of solid ice that had sprung from the snow below.

A broken laugh escaped Harry's mouth as he realised that he had been saved, that he was going to survive.

The wall of ice shattered, dissolving into the snow below.


The word burst from his mouth before he could stop it as the beast swung its other massive hand towards him without anything to stop it.

Harry stumbled back, resisting the urge to scrunch shut his eyes instinctively, cursing the ice wall for shattering, cursing the beast for attacking him, the world that lead him to this situation. He needed another ice wall, something to help him, anything that could stop the incoming death. Was that too much to ask?

Something tugged at the core of his being.

His eyes snapped wide as another, equally large wall of ice materialized before him mere moments before the creature's carapace covered hand slammed into it with a loud crunch, sending a massive crack down the middle of the ice wall. The ice held and the beast stumbled back with a roar of frustrated rage.

Harry sat frozen on the snow, eyes wide. He had done that?

The wall began to crumble from the damage done to its structure, as the beast stepped regained its balance and slashed its right arm forward even as he instinctively focused on icy barrier, trying to force it to stay together.

Something tugged at his being once more and a brief wave of exhaustion flooded him. Before his eyes the barrier of ice began to repair itself, chunks of ice slotting themselves back into place as though it had never been broken just in time for the creature to slam into again, causing it to stumble back and let out a roar of frustration.

Harry staggered to his feet, hope bubbling up inside of him. He had a chance. He could survive.

Thrusting his hands forward he imagined spires of ice erupting from the snow and piercing the enemy before him. Nothing happened and he felt a briefest moment of embarrassment before he realised that it had regained its balance and was swinging again.

Instinctively reaching out once more he felt the sudden tug once more before sagging at the wave of fatigue that washed over him even as the creature's fist was stopped by another wall of solid ice which shattered into thousands of shards on impact.

Leaping back away backwards creature to put some distance between him and the creature Harry noticed with a muted horror that the wall had been weaker than the first and second barriers he had thrown up.

The beast let out another frustrated roar and began a full bodied charge towards Harry who thrust his hands out once more desperately reaching for the tugging sensation, once more trying to visualize the spire of ice bursting from the snow into the charging creature's chest.

A wave of exhaustion caused him to stagger slightly.

The beast thunder closer, intent on a bloody ending to the annoying pest below.

The Snow in front of Harry moved.

The beast thundered closer, a single earth shaking step away.

A spire of ice erupted from the snow, spearing forward and slamming into the creature's right hip, punching through the tough carapace and piercing out the other side, spraying purple blood everywhere and knocking it off balance.

The creature fell, shattering the ice spire and slamming into the ground mere metres to Harry's left, shaking the earth knocking him back in a massive plum of snow even as its momentum sent it sliding forward, carving an enormous trench into the snow covered hill.

Scrambling out of the snow and staggering to his feet Harry spun to look at the creature just in time to see it struggle to its feet and let out and earth shaking roar of pain and fury and turn back towards him, staggering in his direction with deadly intent and blood pouring from the gaping hole through its leg.

Reaching inside himself once more Harry thrust his hands out towards it again.

The tugging sensation appeared once more and a wave of fatigue sent him to his knees as a ten metre long spear of ice materialized above him and thrust itself towards the approaching beast's chests. The creature, having already seen the threat threw its right arm up and tried to bulldoze onwards, underestimation the force behind the spire of ice.

A sickening crunch rang out as the spear slammed into the beast armoured forearm and punch right through, forcing the arm backwards and causing the creature to stagger. Fighting for its balance the beast let out a deafening roar of pain as purple blood began to burst out from around the spear of ice logged in its arm, sizzling as it hit the snow below.

Harry stagger back to his feet, still slightly dizzy, and tried the same thing once again, thrusting his hand out violently.

The tugging sensation arose once more, bringing with it a sense of dizziness and a darkness around the edges of his vision that brought him to his knees once again even as an almost identical spear of ice materialized above him and shot towards the still off balance beast.

Seeing the danger the beast tried to dodge to the left with its good leg, catching the spear with its shoulder instead of a certain death shot to its chest.

The results could be seen as better or worse than if it had just let the spear hit and kill it.

The spire of ice slammed into the beast's shoulder driven by the force of desperation, punching through the carapace like all the previous attacks but with an added momentum that let it tear its way right out the other side, tearing off the beast's entire arm and sending it spinning to the ground in one direction, even as the beast fell to the ground in the other direction screeching of pain.

Trying to stand up with his knees buckling, a sadistic, crazed grin on his face, Harry brought his hands up above his head towards the struggling beast for one last attack.

He ignored the tugging sensation this time as the darkness began to eat away at his vision, his body buckling forward with fatigue and massive boulder of ice easily as big the beasts torso materialized above the creatures head.

With a soft thump Harry slumped down into the snow.

Moments later the boulder, no longer held up by his power, fell towards the beast as it struggled to stand from where it lay in the snow, slamming into its head with a sickening crunch as the creature's skull caved in, pauperizing it brain and sending purple blood splattering all across the snow around it.

Rolling limply on his back Harry tried to focus on taking deep breaths, fighting his fatigue and the darkness begining to consume the last dregs of light in his vision.

A light clapping filled the air, just barely reaching Harry's exhausted ears as he struggled to sit up, desperate to not be caught unawares.

Slumping into the snow when he realised he couldn't move he instead turned his head weakly towards the source of the slow clapping.

"Well done. I was expecting you to die for a moment there. You are a most interesting child aren't you."

Harry squinted towards the voice even as his brain final decided to that it needed sleep badly, catching a brief glimpse of dark blue hair before the darkness finally consumed his vision.


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