A deity of pure light who looked over all universes watched the events of the Vytal Festival on Remnant, as well as the ending of the lives of 4 heroes it had grown quite fond of over the years and found itself unable to stand by and allow things to transpire as they had. Looking back at the dying heroes, it came up with an idea. "Yes... These travesties will not come to pass. You all can make sure of that..." It said, using his powers to set back the clock on Remnant, then turning his attention to the heroes...

It was over. Dante had been sealed in the demon realm after jumping in to finish off Argosax. With no way back, Dante decided to take on his greatest foe, Mundus and finish the job he started many years ago. He found and did indeed destroy the Dark God, but it took every ounce of his remaining strength and as he limped away after the monster faded from existence, he dropped to his knees, placing his hands on the ground to keep himself up. However, he failed to do even that, falling to his side and rolling onto his back. The wounds he'd taken from the Demon Lord did not heal like they should have and blood poured from Dante's open wounds. "Well, at least it's over now. The demon's will be scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off without someone to lead them. Lucia... Nero... Lady... Trish... You can rest easy for a while..." Dante said, before letting out his last breath, the light leaving his eyes as his soul left his body, his life finally coming to an end, a blinding white light being the last thing he saw.

"This is not the end, Dante. There is still more you can do." A voice said as a white light enveloped Dante's body, before dispersing, having apparently absorbed the body and faded.

On Remnant, a woman with white hair was in a hospital, attempting to give birth to twin children. After a few moments, the girl was born and given to the nurse, he boy being born shortly after. They were cleaned and put in blankets, before being handed to their mother, who finally recovered. "A girl and a boy. They're so beautiful." She said.

Suddenly, the door opened, Jacques Schnee entered the room with his daughter Winter, the two of them approaching the woman, who held their new children and siblings respectively. "You did it, darling." He said as he looked down at his new son and daughter.

"They're so cute..." Winter said, looking up at her mother, before looking down at her sleeping siblings.

"Do you have any names in mind, my dear?" Jacques asked.

"I like Weiss for the girl. I think it fits." The mother said, looking down at her new baby daughter. She then turned her attention to her infant son. "Now, what shall we call you?" She asked softly.

"I think Whitley is a good name for the boy. It's a good, proper name." Jacques said.

However, the scrunched look on his wife's face gave him the answer before her mouth did. "Ugh. No, I don't like that name." She said, before looking to her eldest daughter. "Winter, do you have any ideas for a name for your little brother?" She asked, turning the boy enough for his sister to see without waking the child.

The eldest child thought for a moment. She thought the name should start with something besides a W, since hers and her new sister's name already started with the letter. Then, she decided since W is the 4th letter from the end of the alphabet, perhaps her brother's name should start with the 4th from the beginning: D. Almost instantly, the rest of the name formed in her head. "I know! What about Dante?" She asked.

Her parents looked at her, before letting the name ring through their ears and look at each other. "I quite like that." Jacques said.

"I do as well. Dante Schnee. It's decided then." The mother said (side note: anyone else annoyed we don't know Weiss' mom's name yet? We know the full family, names and all of the other 3 members, but not her mother. Get to it, RT!)

The years would pass pretty normally for a rich child, Dante often playing with his twin sister, the two of them having a naturally close bond as twins. Although the boy kept it to himself, he would from time to time have strange visions of monsters unlike any Grimm he'd ever seen in books or heard of, as well as people he'd never met in his life fighting the monsters alongside what looked like himself if he were older. But he dismissed these visions, thinking they were just that: visions and nothing more. And if one asked the boy about being a Huntsman and fighting the Grimm, even though it was clear that seemed to be the path his older sister Winter would choose, the boy wanted nothing to do with it. "There are other people out there who can do it. Leave it to them." He'd say. He was decently well-manored and sociable to the class he was born into, but he would still show a more mild form of his attitude from his previous life on occasion. This would all change one fateful day, however...

During an interview with the Schnee family at their home, when Dante and Weiss had grown to the age of 14, security had been slightly lowered during the day. But slightly lowered was all it took for the White Fang to attack in an attempt to assassinate the family of the company most criticized for faunus abuse and mistreatment. They were in the entrance hall of the mansion with the interview crew, when suddenly, 3 members of the notorious terrorist group burst into the room from the main entrance, another 2 coming from a parlor room behind where the family currently stood and and 10 more coming from the stairs above, 5 of them jumping down while the other 5 stood and aimed their guns down from above. One larger and more muscular member who had to have been the one in charge of the group (one of the ones who had burst through the main door) walked up to them and aimed their gun at the family. "You will all die for how you have treated the faunus." He said, first pointing his gun at Jacques, but then turning and pressing the gun to his wife's head. "First your woman, then your kids, then you." He said.

At this moment, something inside Dante snapped as he saw the gun pressed against his mother's face. Images flashing through his head of a beautiful blonde woman he didn't know hurrying to hide what looked like his younger self and another boy who looked a lot like him, then the woman getting struck down by the monsters he'd seen in the visions. He snapped back to reality furious, everything from his past life returning to him, including the events of his first mother dying, something he wouldn't allow to happen again. Before anyone could react, Dante rushed forward and slammed his fist into the man's face, sending him skidding across the ground. "Shoot him!" The downed leader ordered, all of the White Fang members taking aim at the boy.

"Dante!" His sisters yelled together, reaching out towards their brother, but their father held them back.

Suddenly, Dante let out a long shout of anger (think: powering up in DBZ) as a large glyph appeared beneath him. Suddenly, instead of a white and blue Grimm like his sister would've expected, a massive claymore and two handguns rose up from the glyph. Ignoring the guns at the moment, Dante grabbed the sword and suddenly slid forward off the glyph, slamming it into a White Fang thug in front of him, sending the poor bastard back into a wall. On a normal person, that would've been fatal, but aura kept the attack from killing, still leaving the man unconscious. Dante then turned to the right, somehow spinning the sword vertically to send another enemy into the air, bouncing off the ceiling and falling back to the ground and throwing the blade at another thug behind him, bringing him down. The White Fang members who were on the stairs had been left in shock at the display, but were finally able to recover and began firing at Dante. The white haired boy rolled to his sword and grabbed it, using it like a shield to block the bullets, while creating a glyph at the guns he'd forgotten, sending them towards him. He grabbed them and returned fire at his attackers with impressive aim for someone who, until now, had never held a gun. The one's from the parlor advanced and fired at him at this moment, as well as more thugs pouring in and trying to fire at him, but to his family's amazement, particularly Winter's, as was the only member of her family with actual combat experience, Dante kept up his fire and even alternated, shooting the enemies to his left and even behind him, effectively firing in multiple directions. Soon, all the members of the White Fang who had attacked them were unconscious, spread out all across the room, making it easy for the police responding to the attack to collect them. Dante put the guns in his pocket and turned towards his family walking up to them, quickly being pulled into a tight hug by his mother and sisters while his father was still left in shock. "I was... so worried..." Weiss cried.

"Thank you, Dante... You saved my life..." His mother said.

"You saved ALL of our lives." Winter added.

Dante smiled at them, but looked at Winter in particular. "Thanks, sis. And you know that thing I used to say about not wanting to be a Huntsman?" He asked, pausing for a moment and taking a breath. "Changed my mind." He said.

"Then so will I." Weiss said determinedly. If her twin was going to risk his life hunting monsters, she would be there as much as she could to be there for him.

So for a time, Winter began training her siblings to fight. She started training both of them, but eventually she moved to only training with Weiss. She did enjoy spending time with her younger brother and helping him perfect his style, but it quickly became obvious to her that he was far beyond her, as he quickly developed staggering levels of skill with his sword, having a style that managed to be both effective, yet flashy and stylish as well. Plus it seemed like nearly every month, he was bringing a new weapon in to train with. First, a strange variation of nunchaku with 3 rods instead of 2, powered by Ice dust, then a set of gauntlets and greaves with Fire Dust, but what truly tipped the scale and showed Winter she had nothing left to teach her brother was when he brought in a guitar with lightning dust that also turned into a scythe. And still even more shocking to her was he managed to carry all of them at once, as well as his pistols, a shotgun, which he somehow figured out how to flail around like nunchaku and a sniper rifle with bullets that split apart, all without effecting his movements or speed.

But still, within 3 years, both twins were quite formidable, Weiss' skills easily allowing her to go to any of the prestigious combat schools and Dante's skills possibly on par with seasoned Huntsman. The two now only had to decide which school to go to. They didn't have one picked out yet, but they had decided they didn't want to stay in Atlas, as Dante didn't like the idea of the Huntsman academy and the military being apart of the same thing and graduating that school would almost guarantee you being enlisted in the Atlas Military. They also wanted to have a bit more distance between them and their father. While they did love him, it had been rather tough getting along with him since their decision to be a Huntsman/Huntress. However, speaking of him, it seemed to be fate when he called them into his office. "Yes, Father?" Weiss asked properly.

"This must be important for you to take time from your busy schedule." Dante said nonchalantly, sitting in one of the chairs in front of his father's desk, despite not being told or asked to sit yet.

"Come, Weiss. Sit." He said, gesturing to the seat beside Dante.

"Oh, right." She said, sitting beside her brother. "Now, what is this about?" She asked.

"It seems that the two of you have been accepted to Beacon Academy. It seems that you have every intention of going somewhere besides Atlas, so if you want to go, I suppose I can't stop you." He said.

The twins looked at each other and smiled, Dante finding exactly what to say at the moment while his sister was at a loss for words. "Jackpot."